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                                    Ian Powell                          Bernie Kasza                  Andrew Scott
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                                            MINUTES OF AGM
                                 Held in the Mid Murray Council Mannum
                                                5th August 2005
Prior to the meeting Members were invited to a light lunch at the Mannum Football Clubrooms.

Following the Luncheon the meeting was held at the same venue.

NAME                        ORGANISATION                   NAME                  ORGANISATION
Barry Halse        Retired                          Andrew Scott        DC Mt. Barker
Peter Duffy        Mine and Quarry Service          Martin Pitt         Cavpower
Tim Richardson     NE ISUZU                         Mark Richards       DeNeefe Signs
Ron Moreland       CCB Life Member                  Rod Ellis           Tonkin Consultancy
Ian Powell         DC Mount Barker                  Ian Woolard         KI Council
Max Hart           City of Onkaparinga              Tom Pickering       Humes
Paul Wreford       City of Onkaparinga              Ian Hentschke       Alexandrina Council
Peter Foley        Gold Leaf Auto                   David Allen         Rural city of Murray Bridge
Trevor Heyer       Alexandrina Council              Tony Reynolds       Humes
Eric Rossi         Boral Asphalt                    Mathew Mc Mahon     PMP
Troy Carrigan      Boral Masonry                    Steve Tamlin        Creative Asphalt
Andrew Strauss     Mid Murray Council               Mathew McMahon      PMP
Ron Palm           Retired                          James Bryant        JB Civil Solutions
Graham Bowes       Broons Hire                      Michael Lange       The Barossa Council
Bernie Kasza       TAFE SA                          Adrian Forster      Regional Risk Co-ordinator
Peter Thomas       Adelaide Hills Council           Des Ford            Adelaide Hills Council
Goerge O’Connell   Hitachi                          Martin Waddington   DC Mt. Barker
Tom Pickering      Humes                            David Bendo         Emoleum
Andrew Abbott      DAAK Engineering                 Peter

       NAME                 ORGANISATION                   NAME                   ORGANISATION
Bob Gowling        City of Onkaparinga              David Mullins       Alexandrina Council
Brett Lang         Envirosweep                      Peter Bond          City of Victor Harbor
Darryl Schintler   DC Yankalilla                    Tom Faint           Dial Before you Dig
George Maslin      Alexandrina Council              Colin Henke         Retired
Rick Hilder        Boral Masonry                    Ashley Georgeson    Boral Quarries
Greg Hill          Mid Murray Council               Rod Fyfe            Geo Fabrics
Geoff Kluske       Rural City of Murray Bridge      Mark Grundy         City of Onkaparinga
Laurie Arruzollo   CMV Mitsubishi Trucks            Ralph Bugden        City of Onkaparinga
John Fernandez     Kangaroo Island Council          Ken Klante          Adelaide Hills Council
Mathew Allen       City of Victor Harbor            Glen Dean           Rural City of Murray Bridge
Simon Grenfell     Alexandrina Council              David Grear         Heatpac
John Cox           Outfront Products                Tony Cameron        Pioneer Road Services
Kym Greenhalgh     Pioneer Road Services            Chris Fels          CCB
Graeme Francis     DC Yankalilla                    Malcolm Chadwick    Metro Branch
Kirk Richardson    City of Onkaparinga              Lindsay Edwards     City of Onkaparinga
Danny Wild         City of Onkaparinga              David Mullins       Alexandrina Council

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\a7deb5ee-586d-43d7-b644-65128ac5a67f.doc                                                              1
David Banks       Alexandrina Council         Jason Stiles         DC Mt. Barker

Ian Powell welcomed all present and a special welcome to the new faces and special guests and thanked the
sponsors for the day. A special thanks to Ron Palm for setting up today’s meeting

Trevor Heyer Alexandrina Council
Andrew Abbott DAAK Engineering
Ron Moreland CCB Life Member
Mark Richards DeNeefe Signs
Peter Foley Gold Leaf Auto

Thank you to the following sponsors
    -    DeNeefe Signs
    -    CMV
    -    Gold Leaf Auto
    -    Strategic Planning
    -    Mining Quarrying Services
    -    Broons Hire
    -    Humes

moved P. Duffy                                       seconded A. Forster
That the minutes of meeting on the 6th May 2005 be taken as read.
Business Arising
   - Nil

                  FROM                                           REGARDING
G. Francis DC Yankalilla                   Nomination for Award
IPWEA                                      Plant & Vehicle Management seminar
Brento Wood DeNeffe Signs                  Membership application
David Semmler Strategic purchasing         Application for Sponsorship
CCB                                        Minutes and Agenda for next meeting
IPWEA                                      International Public Works Conference
Emoleum                                    Account Enquiry
Mat Pike AH Plant                          Award Enqury
D. Bendo Emoleum                           New Mailing Details
Advertiser                                 Add Invoice
Boral                                      Account Enqury
Lindsay Quinn Gold Leaf Auto               Other branch enquiry
Brenton Wood DeNeefe Signs                 Membership application
Iain Edgar DC Mt. Barker                   Membership application
Jim Tamlin                                 Retiring from the association

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\a7deb5ee-586d-43d7-b644-65128ac5a67f.doc                                             2
                    TO                                            REGARDING
Members                                     Agenda for August 05 meeting
Brenton Wood DeNeefe Signs                  Membership approval
Iain Edgar DC Mt. Barker                    Membership approval
Jim Tamlin                                  Letter responding to his retirement

Moved A. Strauss                                          seconded T. Pickering
That the correspondence be received

Business Arising
   - Subs Invoice
   - Membership New and existing
   - Charities
Moved P. Thomas                                    seconded T. Reynolds
That the Executive of this branch of the SALGSOA consider an annual donation to a charity of its choice

   -   Ron Palm’s retirement
   -   Metro branch AGM

President’s Report
   - See Attached

Moved R. Palm                                             seconded G. Bowes
That the President’s report be received..
Treasurers’ report to 30/6/05 tabled (see attached)
   - Malcolm Crout still to do audit, Next meeting audited report to be tabled
Moved E. Rossi                                         seconded D. Allen
That the treasurer’s report be received subject to the Auditor’s report.

Secretary’s report
   - Membership Listing update
   - Tabled photos of Study Tours CD’s available
   - Nominations for Award one received
   - CCB meeting 11th November at Barossa

No changes or alterations tabled

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\a7deb5ee-586d-43d7-b644-65128ac5a67f.doc                                           3
Election of officers
Ian Powell declared the positions of Vice President and Secretary vacant

Position of Vice President
Moved G. Bowes                                      seconded D. Ford
That Ron Palm be nominated for the position of Vice President

Moved T. Reynolds                                    seconded D. Bendo
That Michael Lange be nominated for the position of Vice President
Both were prepared to stand
Ballot taken from financial members
Michael Lange was duly elected
Ian Powell thanked Ron Palm for his input as vice president and invited Ron to attend executive meetings
Position of Secretary
Moved G. Bowes                                       seconded E. Rossi
That Bernie Kasza be nominated for the position of Secretary , there being no further nominations, Bernie
Kasza was duly elected

Position of Auditor
Moved R. Palm                                        seconded A. Strauss
That we await on the incoming treasurer’s report at next meeting and see if the present auditor is still available.
Additional Executive member
Moved P. Duffy                                       seconded E. Rossi
That Martin Pitt be nominated for the position of executive committee member , there being no further
nominations, Martin Pitt was duly elected
Annual Dinner Committee
Moved A. Forster                                     seconded A. Strauss
The following be on the Annual Dinner committee, M. Swanbury, M. Pitt ( Chairman),T. Reynolds, A. Scott,
and R. Hilder
Bitumen Committee
Moved E. Rossi                                       seconded T. Pickering
The following be on the Bitumen committee, J. Bryant, E. Rossi ( Chairman),R. Ellis, G. Francis, R. Fyfe, P.
Wreford, M. Lange, I. Powell, D. Bendo

Moved R. Palm                                         seconded G. Bowes
That the fees for the 2006- 2007 financial year be $50 for all members and associates

   - T. Pickering suggested $30 for members and $50 for Associates
   - A. Forster suggested as our finances are looking good that $40 be adequate for all members
C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\a7deb5ee-586d-43d7-b644-65128ac5a67f.doc                                                  4
   - E. Rossi suggested $40 for members $50 for Associates
Original motion lost
Moved A. Forster                                      seconded P. Thomas
That the fees for the 2006- 2007 financial year be $40 for members and $50 for associates members

Annual Dinner
19th November 2005 at the Whalers Inn Victor Harbor
Contact the Secretary
20 rooms have been booked
Contribution $20 per Head
Formal Invitation by the President to all financial Members
Golf Day
21st October 2005 Thaxted Golf Club
Contact Peter Duffy
$30 per head payment prior to event
Email to members highlight on committee
Sponsors already Invoiced
November Meeting
4th November 2005 at Yankalilla Council
Paul Williams the Contact
February Meeting
3rd February 2006 The Barossa Council
Michael Lange the Contact
May Meeting
5th May 2005 Victor Harbor
Mathew Allen the Contact
August Meeting AGM
4th August 2006 Mt. Barker
Jason Stiles the Contact

M. Lange spoke of the nominee and nominated Eric Rossi

Golf Day
Has been booked for Thaxted Park Golf course 21/10/05. RSVP’s required for the event to continue. Please
contact Peter Duffy or Bernie Kasza.

Trade Presentation
Gold Leaf Auto Industries Peter Foley
   - Emergency Lighting, sirens etc
   - Auto Electrical products
   - Arrow boards only one made in SA
   - Variable message boards
   - Traffic signals
   - Night lighting
   - 5 years in the business, based in Edwardstown
C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\a7deb5ee-586d-43d7-b644-65128ac5a67f.doc                                            5
Strategic Planning David Semmler ( digital presentation)
   - Toy Bags supplied
   - Formerly MAPS Group
   - Unlisted Public company
   - Tendering , negotiating, contracting for products. Price isn’t everything
   - Over 120 contracts. Prices, reputable suppliers and due diligence
   - 432 Members from Local Government, State Government Uni’s TAFE etc
   - Suppliers, quality, price, supply, compliance excess of 200 eg Shell, Bianco, Humes CBC
   - Suppliers get benefits too
   - www.cisonline.com.au ( Contract information services). Launch Tuesday 16/8/05
   - Straight buy for Council specific contracts

CMV Deferred presentation

Mining Quarrying Services Peter Duffy
   - Main Road WA Contract with Poly Con
   - Help in Road building and construction including Gravel Roads

Broons Hire Graham Bowes

DeNeefe Signs Deferred presentation

HUMES Tony Reynolds and Tom Pickering
Supplier of Concrete pipes and culverts to the Strategic Purchasing group

Ron Moreland Life Member CCB
   - At the last meeting of the CCB 4 persons from TSA attended and discussed Heavy Vehicle Access
     framework re B Doubles and Infrastructure. Suggested user pay options
   - Membership of CCB from Roxby to Lameroo to Renmark last meeting 55 members attended wealth of
     knowledge to be tapped into


Will be held on the 4th November 2005 at the DC Yankalilla, Paul Williams will be the contact person.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned and members were invited to attend a tour of the
Mannum Filtration plant followed by an evening meal and refreshments at the Mannum Football Clubrooms
                                                                Meeting adjourned

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              FROM                                            REGARDING

                 TO                                          REGARDING

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