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									               The Hindi Names for Precious Gemstones

  Names of Important Precious and Semi Precious Gemstones/Birthstones, Gemstone
                                   Names Hindi

There are so many people I have found who get confused when asking for gemstone (specially
the Indian community). The general population in India buy gemstones for astrological/vedic
use or as color therapy but I have found in 100's of occasions they not knowing the actual
names of the precious and semi precious stones. I would hate for anyone looking to wear a
birthstone out of faith or advice from an astrologer and later found its found out to be something
that was not advised.

Hope this list helps you all :-

      Amethyst - In Hindi "Katela" pronounced KATT-ELLLA

      Aquamarine - In Hindi "Beruj" pronounced BERR-UUJ

      Cat's Eye - In Hindi "Lahsuniya" pronounced LEH-SUNIYA. Represents Ketu in Astrology
       or Dragon's Tail(South Node).

      Citrine - In Hindi "Sunela" pronounced SUNN-ELLA

      Coral (Red Coral) - In Hindi "Moonga" or sometimes "Laal Moonga" pronounced LAAAL
       MOON-GAA. Represents Mangal in Astrology or Mars.

      Coral (White Coral) - In Hindi "Moonga" or sometimes "Safed Moonga" pronounced SA-
       FED MOON-GAA.

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     Emerald - In Hindi "Panna" pronounced PAN-NNA. Represents Budh in Astrology or

     Garnet - In Hindi "Gomedh" or "Gomedhikam" pronounced GOM-MEDH. Represents Rahu
      in Astrology or Dragon's Head(North Node).

     Ruby - In Hindi "Manik", "Manek" or "Manekya" pronounced MANN-IK. Represents Surya
      in astrology or Sun.

     Blue Sapphire - In Hindi "Neelam" pronounced NEE-LAMM. Represents Saturn in
      Astrology or Shani.

     Yellow Sapphire - In Hindi "Pukhraj", "Pokhraj" or "Pushparaj" pronounced PUKH-RAJ.
      Represents Brihaspati in Astrology or Jupiter.

     Pearl - In Hindi "Moti" pronounced MO-TI. Represents Chandra in Astrology or Moon.

     Diamond - In Hindi "Heera" pronounced HEE-RAA. Represents Shukra in Astrology or

     Iolite - In Hindi "Neeli" pronounced NEEL-E

     Turquoise - In Hindi "Firoza" pronounced PHI-ROZA

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