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									Windows 7 Migrations
Lessons Learned

Thomas Berger – Architect
Worldwide Consulting Solutions
September 2011
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Proper assessment is key to a
    successful migration.
Hardware Assessment

• Specs of existing hardware
• Do you want to keep or
  replace existing desktops?
 • Run Windows as-is + Citrix Plug-in
 • Repurpose
 • Replace with Thin Clients

• Keep in mind:
 • Manageability
 • Performance (i.e. HD Video)
Software Assessment

• Which apps are installed /
  used (!!)
• Win 7 compatibility
• App dependencies
 • In between (helper apps)
 • Backend

• Foundation for app strategy
Installed Applications

• Benefits
 • Most common
 • Used by most people
 • Largest group of applications
 • Requires fewest components

• Risks
 • Application integration conflicts
 • Only usable in virtual desktop
 • Visible to all users
Streamed Applications

• Benefits
 • Overcomes application integration challenges
 • Useful with many application sets
 • Can use applications
   inside/outside virtual desktop
 • Update application profile,
   seamless distribution

• Risks
 • Minor infrastructure requirements
 • Does not support all apps
 • New operations model
Hosted Applications

• Benefits
 • Useful for applications requiring locked
   down configuration
 • Application front-end close to back-end
 • Greatest scalability / Best TCO

• Risks
 • Requires live network connection
 • Terminal Services supportability
 • Large infrastructure impact
VM Hosted Applications

• Benefits
 • Continue to use apps only functional
   on Windows XP
 • Utilize the Windows 7 appearance
 • Last chance deployment option

• Risks
 • Major infrastructure requirements
 • Requires network connection
Application                                                                                       Technically
                      Base                  Anomalous              Resource Intensive
Categories                                                                                        Challenging
                                         Unique custom built                                   Large, complex apps
                                                apps                                          with many moving parts
              Common apps needed by                                  Have heavy system
Description         all users                                          requirements
                                                                                                 and dependencies
                                         Uncertified Terminal
                                          Services support                                       Frequent Update
              Microsoft Office (Word,
                                                                      CAD/CAM, data
Example         Excel, PowerPoint,
                                                                                                Epic, Cerner, SAP
              Outlook), Adobe Acrobat
                                        Virtualized on Desktop /   Virtualized on Desktop /
Delivery        Installed on Desktop
                                           Installed on Server      Installed on Desktop
                                                                                                Installed on Server
Delivery                                 Installed on Desktop        Installed on Server
Lessons Learned
Internet Explorer

• Biggest issue
• Many applications incompatible with IE 8 (IE9)
• Unsupported by Microsoft to run IE6 on Windows 7
• Assessment tools do not pick up web-based unless user
• Options
 • Use Windows 2003 XenApp hosted IE 6
 • Use VM-Hosted applications from Windows XP and IE 6
User Assessment

• Assess current user pattern
  and requirements
• Important tech specs
 • CPU
 • Memory
 • I/O footprint
 • Graphical intensity

• Requirements (i.e.)
 • Offline
 • High security
Not everyone Needs a Hosted VDI Desktop
                Hosted   Hosted VDI   Blade PC   Streamed   Virtual Apps   Local VM
User location
Local           Y        Y            Y          Y          Y              Y
Remote          Y        Y            Y          N          Y              Y
Mobile          N        N            N          N          Y              Y
Desktop Hardware
Old             Y        Y            Y          N          N              N
New             N        N            N          Y          Y              Y
Specialized     N        N            Y          Y          Y              Y
Controlled      Y        N            N          N          Y              N
Secure          Y        Y            Y          N          N              N
3D graphics     N        N            Y          Y          Y              N
Published Desktops with XenApp
• XenApp might be sufficient for many users
• A W2K8 R2 server can pretend to be a Windows 7 desktop

• Blog “How to deliver a cloud desktop using XenApp 6” has all details
Things that can break your
VDI infrastructure

• Improper resource allocation / Hypervisor scalability
• Lack of optimization
• Not considering user settings
Hypervisor Scalability

• XD on XenServer, Hyper-V and vSphere is all about the
  same in terms of user density
 • Architecture and features can be slightly different

• Remember to “save” 1 core* and ~1-3 GB of memory* for the
  hypervisor itself
• Don’t use memory over-commitment unless you really know
  what you’re doing!
• Plan networking end-to-end
 • Bottlenecks, SPoFs
Hypervisor Scalability

          It’s all about IOPS and disk latency!

•Check out Storage Planning Guide:
  Resource Allocation
User Group Operating             vCPU             Memory               Avg IOPS             Estimate
           System                Allocation       Allocation           (Steady State)       Users/Core

Light         Windows XP      1                768MB-1 GB          4-8                      10-12
                        Do NOT give virtual desktops more resources than needed
                              1                                    5-10
              Windows 7 When “over committing”1-1.5 GB have load peaks in mind
                                               resources                                    8-10
Normal        Windows XP      1                1-1.5 GB            8-14                     8-10
              Windows 7       1                1.5-2 GB            10-15                    6-8
Power         Windows XP      1                1.5-2 GB            14-25                    6-8
              Windows 7       1-2              2-3 GB              15-30                    4-6
Heavy         Windows XP      1                2 GB                25-50                    4-6
              Windows 7       2                4 GB                30-60                    2-4

    • Windows XP base image
      • Uniprocessor HAL: give 2 vCPUs and hypervisor won’t utilize
      • Multiprocessor HAL: use 1 vCPU and waste resources while system tries to align processors
                                       DVD Maker

         Visual Effects
                           System Restore
Media Center
                     Menu Delay          Games

  Desktop Cleanup          Services

Last Access Time Stamp     IIS
Windows 7 Optimizations

• Many applied during VDA
  installation process
 • CTX126969

• Possible to run
  TargetOSOptimizer manually
 • C:\Program Files\Citrix\TargetOSOptimizer

• Most important are:
 • Scheduled defrag
 • SuperFetch (IOPS)
Windows 7 Optimizations

• There is a myriad of desktop optimization guides available
• Good guides are:
 • Citrix XenDesktop Design Handbook (
   • Windows XP / 7 – Optimization Guides
 • CTX124239
Lessons Learned
Mouse Lag

• Mouse shadow
  requires rendering
• Disable shadow to
  improve mouse
  response time
Lessons Learned
Image Quality

• Default compression settings results in less than perfect
  graphics (i.e. Win7 background logo „JPEG artifacts“)
• Disable sub-sampling (slightly increases bandwidth)
• XD4: HKLM\Software\Citrix\PortICA\Thinwire\
 • EnableSubsamplingOnHighQuality (0 disables, 1 enables)
 • EnableSubsamplingOnMediumQuality
 • EnableSubsamplingOnLowQuality

• XD5: Extra Color Compression - Policy
Lessons Learned
Anti Virus

• AV scanning has massive performance impact
• Follow CTX127030 - Citrix Guidelines for Antivirus Software
• AV vendors offer VDI specific agents (i.e. McAfee MOVE)
User Settings

• Always consider user profile settings
 • Windows XP (Version 1 type), Vista / 7 (Version 2 type)

• Two good approaches:
• Migrate the settings once using i.e.
  Sepago Profile Migrator
 • Migrates Windows configurations and applications settings

• Run cross-platform profiles using i.e.
  Citrix Profile Management
…important as well
Familiarize yourself with Windows 7

• New licensing (KMS / MAK)
 • PVS supports KMS and MAK
 • MCS supports KMS (see CTX128580) but not MAK

• New security features (i.e. UAC)
• Everything is PowerShell now
 • (Most of the Citrix products have a PoSh SDK)
Train your Support

• New OS = confused users. Ensure Support can help.
 • New Windows 7 features / new file locations / etc
 • XenDesktop Support tools (if new the VDI)
Lessons Learned
How to Train (incl. users)

• Lunch/learns               • Banners/posters
• Departmental training      • Kiosks and live demos
• eLearning                  • Two min tips and tricks video
• Welcome to Windows 7 kits • Mac vs PC parodies
Lessons Learned
One Image

• Great goal, but unrealistic
 • Applications
 • Hardware
 • Business requirements

• Your goal:
 • Strive for 1 image
 • Plan for more than 1 image
          Write Cache


                        App cab                                    SAN, NAS
Virtual Machine                   Decompressed
                                   Rade Cache
                                                                        App Stream

            XenServer                             XenApp
                                                           File share
          Write Cache


                              Decompressed     SAN, NAS
                               Rade Cache
Virtual Machine

                                                    App Stream

            XenServer    XenApp
                                       File share
 Optimizations – Lessons Learned
          Write Cache


                               Persistent Cache                           SAN, NAS
Virtual Machine                                   Decompressed
                                                   Rade Cache
                        Logs                                                   App Stream

            XenServer                                    XenApp
                                                                  File share
A Successful Migration
Migrating to Success

• Focus on the
 • Assessment Phase
 • Proper hardware allocation       • Learn from
 • Operating System optimizations     mistakes/challenges
 • Application integration          • Change processes if required
 • Personalization delivery
 • Support                          • Get help
• Focus on easiest use cases
        Webinar Blog

Additional Information
• White Papers
 • XenDesktop Design Handbook
 • XenDesktop Experience Newsletter
 •On the Web
 • Virtualize My Desktop:
 • Email Questions to:

• Webinars (
 • Desktop virtualization for the SMB
 • Windows 7 Migration with Virtual Desktops
 • 1,000 Virtual Desktop Users in 90 Days

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