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                      December 2009 • Number 71

Fighting Hunger Together
Z acch, originally from American Samoa, came             She used the stamps to buy fresh chicken and          “Bless and be blessed” is their family motto. “I see
to Hawaii 15 years ago to find a better life. He         meat, eggs, bottled water and canned soups,           other people struggling,” said Zacch. “When we
did. He met and married Annette. They have four          corn, SPAM and spaghetti.                             hear about them, we give what we can.”
children: Joshua, 12; Rubyyevette, 11; Faith, 10
                                                         Thankfully, Zacch received a call from the            Despite their financial challenges, Zacch and
and Caleb, 7.
                                                         warehouse and returned to work in August.             Annette have plans for the future. Zacch is
The first time I met the family was in November                                                                setting up a custom apparel business and is
                                                         Though they now have a source of income, it’s
2008. Zacch was working in the warehouse of a                                                                  building a website for it. He’d also like to get
                                                         still not enough to cover expenses for the
local beverage distributor. Annette worked in the                                                              into the real estate business someday, but
                                                         entire month. It’s always that last week of the
cargo department of Aloha Airlines, but was laid                                                               training and classes means investing money they
                                                         month when money gets tight and they need
off together with hundreds of others when the                                                                  just don’t have right now.
                                                         food assistance.
airline shut down. That’s when two incomes
                                                                                                               “My dream is that I can be successful enough so
became one, and they lived paycheck to paycheck
                                                                                                               when my children grow up, they don’t have to
to cover utilities, car payments and living
                                                                                                               struggle as I have,” said Zacch.
expenses. That was the time when Zacch and
Annette realized they needed food assistance for                                                               Someday they’d also like to own their own
the first time in their lives.                                                                                 home. Living with other family members is
                                                                                                               good, but there’s nothing like having your own
They were referred to their church food pantry by
                                                                                                               place for your family to call “home.”
Zacch’s sister. The family were church members
for years, but weren’t aware of the food pantry                                                                Zacch and Annette also look forward to the day
until they needed it. Zacch and Annette asked for                                                              when they don’t have to say to the kids, “You
assistance and they received a food box to feed                                                                have to wait until we get the money.” Instead
their family. When the food ran out, Annette’s dad                                                             when the kids ask for something they need,
and sister helped by buying food for the family.                                                               Zacch and Annette can open their hands and say,
                                                                                                               “Here it is.”
That was a year ago. When I visited Zacch and
Annette again, I found the family was still facing                                                             “If we didn’t have the Foodbank, we would be
                                                        Zacch and Annette with their children from left:
challenges, but continues on with food assistance                                                              asking other people for assistance and depending
                                                        Rubyyevette, Caleb, Faith and Joshua
from their church pantry and support from                                                                      on family members,” they both admitted.
family members. They share a house with                  At the same time, the family is trying to save,
                                                                                                               “It’s a blessing to know people are helping with
Annette’s dad and sister.                                but things keep coming up. Just this month, they
                                                                                                               their donations and time to give to others in need,”
                                                         paid for Ruby’s class trip to the Big Island. And
“We never thought the Foodbank was for us,” said                                                               said Zacch. “Bless them for helping people improve
                                                         Annette always has to set a little aside for gas.
Annette. Zacch agreed but added, “But you can’t                                                                their lives.”
hold back because of selfish pride. You have to think    Annette continues to apply for jobs. She enjoys
                                                                                                               “Thank you,” said Annette. “But ‘thank you’ isn’t
about your family.”                                      “hands on” work that keeps her busy and
                                                                                                               enough” to express how grateful we truly are.
                                                         moving like she was in the cargo department at
Zacch said since we last spoke, that he was laid
                                                         Aloha Airlines. She’s hoping to find something
off at the warehouse from May through July
                                                         similar. She also keeps busy supervising activities
2009, when the company cut back employee
                                                         for the kids on Furlough Fridays.                           ANNUAL FOOD DRIVE
hours due to lack of business. Faced with no
income, Zacch and Annette had a talk with her            Both Zacch and Annette are active with their                KICKOFF BREAKFAST
father. He understood their situation and agreed         church. Zacch is a “Praise and Worship” leader                 Thursday, January 28, 2010
to help by paying their share of the utilities.          with the music ministry, in charge of setting up                    8:00 – 9:15 a.m.
                                                         sound equipment and performing songs during              Hilton Hawaiian Village, Coral Ballroom
Zacch applied for unemployment. But the checks
                                                         the services. He plays keyboard and electric bass          Please send your RSVP or regrets by
they received were only enough to cover car
                                                         as well.                                                       Tuesday, January 12, 2010
payments and gas. Annette realized they were in a
tough situation and applied for food stamps to           Annette is a leader with the children’s ministry,
                                                                                                                              Phone: 954-7870
supplement the produce, baked goods, dairy               guiding the kids through prayer time, bible              or email:
products and frozen foods they received from the         studies and other activities.
church pantry.                                                                                                  Register online at
                                                                    CHECK-OUT HUNGER
OFFICERS                                                            November 2, 2009–January 11, 2010
Chair                         Linda Chu Takayama
                              Attorney at Law
                                                                   P lease join Kraft Foods in Hawaii this holiday season to “Check-Out Hunger.”
                                                                    Campaign donations last year totaled over $180,000
1st Vice Chair                Noel Trainor                          statewide to feed Hawaii's children, seniors
                              Savoy Consulting, LLC
                                                                    and families in need during the holidays.
2nd Vice Chair                Roger Godfrey
                              Community Volunteer                   • For just $2.81 you can feed a child
Secretary                     Mark Felmet                              breakfast for a week
                              Senior Vice President,                • For just $12.43 you can feed a
                              First Hawaiian Bank                      senior lunch for a month
Treasurer                     Ralph Nakatsuka                       • For just $16.84 you can feed a
                              Vice Chairman & Co-Chief
                              Operating Officer,                       family dinner for a week
                              Territorial Savings Bank              Making a donation is easy. Just look for
President                     Dick Grimm                            the bright green coupons at check stands
                              Hawaii Foodbank
                                                                    in a participating store near you:
DIRECTORS                                                           • Safeway Food & Drug (Statewide)
Cindy Bauer                           Jade Moon                                                                  At check out, please tear off the coupon of
Surfing the Nations                   Community Volunteer           • Times Super Markets (Statewide)
                                                                    • Don Quijote                                your choice and hand it to the cashier. The
Rick Blangiardi                       Michael Navares
KGMB & KHNL                           United Airlines                                                            amount will be added to your grocery bill, as
                                                                    • Fujioka's Wine Times, Market City
Stanley Brown                         Gary North                        & Mililani                               a donation to Check-Out Hunger.
ConAgra Foods                         Independent Consultant
                                                                    • Kokua Market Natural Foods Co-op                 Your donation will not only provide
Brian Christensen                     Barry O’Connell
The Pint Size Corporation             HFM FoodService               • KTA Super Stores, Big Island                     nutritious meals in a time of need, but
Chuck Cotton                          Sheri Rolf                    • Tamura Superette, Waianae                        spread holiday cheer to the hungry in
Clear Channel Radio                   Rolf Advertising              • Tamura's Fine Wine & Liquors,                    Hawaii. Mahalo for your loyal and
Hawaii                                Daryl Sato                                                                       generous support of Check-Out Hunger
                                                                      Kaimuki & Aikahi
Sarah Fargo                           Advantage Webco Hawaii                                                           over the past 16 years. Happy Holidays
Community Volunteer                                                 • Tamura's Market, Hau‘ula
                                      Mary Sellers                                                                     from our ohana to yours.
Dennis Francis                        Bank of Hawaii                • Tamura's, Wahiawa
Honolulu Star-Bulletin &              Gerald Shintaku
Hoagy Gamble
                                      Kraft Foods Hawaii
                                      James Starshak
                                                                    WELCOME TO THE BOARD!
L.H. Gamble Co., Ltd.
Michael Gold
                                      Carlsmith Ball, LLP
                                      George Szigeti
                                                                   O members to2009, the Hawaii Foodbank Board elected Pastor Joe Hunkin, Jr. and to the Hawaii
                                                                      n April 23,
                                                                                  serve three-year terms each. Both have made valuable contributions
                                                                                                                                                     Ed Treschuk
HMSA                                  Better Brands
Pastor Joe Hunkin, Jr.
                                                                    Foodbank and are dedicated to continued service in fulfilling the Foodbank mission.
                                      Ronald Taketa
Lighthouse Outreach                   Hawaii Carpenters Union,
Center Assembly of God                                              Pastor Joe is the                                  Ed has a long history with the Hawaii
                                      Local 745
Larry Ishii                                                         senior pastor at the                               Foodbank, serving on our board from 1991 to
                                      Wayne Teruya                  Lighthouse                                         2002. Since then, he has continued to be an
American Savings Bank                 Teruya Brothers
Steve Johnson                                                       Outreach Center                                    active supporter of the Foodbank through his
                                      Mark Tonini
Kazi Foods Corp. of                   Hawaii Foodservice            Waipahu (LOC).                                     contributions at Safeway, Foodland, Better
Hawaii                                Alliance, LLC                 LOC is a longtime                                  Brands and as leader of the Food and Beverage
D.K Kodama                            Ed Treschuk                   member agency of                                   Coalition for the Annual Food Drive
Sansei Seafood Restaurant             Foodland Supermarket, Ltd.
& Sushi Bar                                                         the Hawaii                                         campaign.
                                                                    Foodbank. The
                                                                                                                       Ed is back at Foodland as Director of Liquor
       December 2009 • Number 71
                                                                    agency serves the
                                                                    people of Waipahu
                                                                    and beyond            Pastor Joe Hunkin, Jr.
                                                                                                                       Operations. You'll see him each year on Food
                                                                                                                       Drive Day leading the Change Angels at
                                                                                                                       Foodland Market City. In 2009, Ed and the
                                                                    through its food pantry and community food
                      EDITOR                                                                                           “angels” collected $7,170 to help feed the
                      Lori Kaya                                     distributions through the Ohana Produce
                                                                                                                       hungry in Hawaii.
              CONTRIBUTING WRITERS                                  Program. LOC currently hosts a distribution
   Tiffany Hilton-Quezada, Mike Kajiwara, Lori Kaya                 three times a week serving over 650 families a
 The Foodbank Review is the newsletter of the Hawaii
 Foodbank. The publication serves to thank our donors and
                                                                    In addition, Pastor Joe oversees a homeless
 inform the public about Foodbank events and volunteer
 opportunities. If you do not wish to receive a copy, please        shelter, accommodating over 100 people a
 contact Bill Moore at 836-3600, ext. 223 to have your name         night. Those at the shelter are clothed, fed and
 removed from our mailing list.
                                                                    receive counseling on job placement, securing
                  Hawaii Foodbank                                   housing, starting a savings plan and planning
       2611 Kilihau Street, Honolulu, HI 96819                      for the future so they may transition out of
        Ph: 808.836.3600 • Fax: 808.836.2272
                                    the shelter and lead independent lives.            Ed Treschuk (center)

   2                                                                                                                                           FOODBANK REVIEW
                                                                WARD CENTERS HONOLULU CITY LIGHTS TROLLEY TOURS
                                                                Now through December 30, 2009 (except December 24 and 25)
                                                                WARD CENTER
                                                                Take the entire family for a fun-filled
                                                                trolley ride of the dazzling Honolulu
POUND FOR POUND CHALLENGE                                       City lights through Downtown Honolulu!                                            See Christmas lights between Ward
Pledges accepted now through March 30                           Warehouse, Downtown and City Hall.
                                                                Nonstop trolley rides are approximately 30
General Mills, NBC's “The Biggest Loser,” Feeding
                                                                minutes long and depart nightly from Ward
America and the Hawaii Foodbank have partnered for
                                                                Warehouse, except December 24 and 25. Tickets
the Pound For Pound Challenge!
                                                                are $4.50 per person, with children 3 years old and under FREE when
Sign up and pledge your weight loss goals at                    accompanied by an adult. Presale tickets are available now (until sold out) For every pound you pledge                at Ward Center from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. at the Ward Warehouse
to lose, General Mills will donate 14 cents to Feeding          common area near T&C Surf Designs. Limit 10 tickets per person. Cash or
America to purchase one pound of food.                          checks accepted. All net proceeds will benefit the Hawaii Foodbank.
At the end of the Challenge, Feeding America will     
distribute funds to the Hawaii Foodbank and other
food banks in its nationwide network. The more
pledges the Hawaii Foodbank receives, the more funds            SHAVE ICE BOWL
we will have to feed the hungry in Hawaii. Our goal is          Saturday, February 27, 2010
for Honolulu to be one of the Top Ten Challenge                 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
cities and win one of ten, $10,000 prizes in addition to        HO‘OMALUHIA BOTANICAL GARDEN, KANEOHE
pledges received.                                               Registration Fee:     $30 per player or
Make your pledge to lose weight and improve your                                      $75 for a team of three
health today. Encourage family and friends to do the            Hole Sponsorship: $50
same through the program's “Pound for Pound Plus”
fundraising program starting January 5, 2010. The               Join the Honolulu Disc Golf Association and the Hawaii Foodbank for the
Pound for Pound Challenge is a great opportunity for            annual Shave Ice Bowl. If you have ever enjoyed throwing a Frisbee, you
everyone to do something good for their health and              will love Disc Golf! Bring a friend or form a team and play a round of 12
do something good for the community.                            “pole holes” at one of Hawaii's beautiful botanical gardens, Ho‘omaluhia.                                         836-3600 ext. 244 or

HAWAII FOODBANK                                            HAWAII FOODBANK 6TH ANNUAL GOLF CLASSIC
6TH ANNUAL GOLF CLASSIC                                    REGISTRATION FORM
Friday, February 12, 2010                                  Company Name: ___________________________________________________________
Putting Contest – 9:30 a.m.                                                         (Print as it should appear on all collateral materials.)
Shotgun Tee Off – 11:30 a.m.                               Contact: ____________________________________ Phone Number: _______________
HAWAII PRINCE GOLF CLUB                                    E-Mail:____________________________________________________________________
Join the Hawaii Foodbank Hotel                             EAGLE SPONSORSHIP          $3,500*       x    _____________ = ______________________
Coalition for a day of golf to help
                                                           BIRDIE SPONSORSHIP         $1,750*       x    ____________ = ______________________
feed Hawaii's hungry! Your
sponsorships and entry fees will                           THE WORKS                  $695*         x    _____________ = ______________________
help feed the hungry in Hawaii.                            INDIVIDUAL ENTRY           $200*         x    _____________ = ______________________
The tournament will feature a
                                                           HOLE SPONSORSHIP           $175          x    _____________ = ______________________
Closest-to-the-Pin contest, Lucky Draw Tickets,
door prizes and buffet dinner. Entry fee is $695 for                                  Company: _________________________________________
                                                                                                        as it should appear on sign
a three-person team which includes a hole
sponsorship. Fees for individual players are $200          DINNER                     $50           x    _____________ = ______________________
each. Both packages include automatic entry in the         DONATION                      Cash _________             Door Prize         Golfer Goody Bags
Closest-to-the-Pin contest, goody bag, Lucky Draw
tickets, lunch, dinner and beverages. Register             Total Amount Enclosed:     ___________________________
online at                           Registration is payable to: Hawaii Foodbank, Inc., ATTN: Golf Classic
836-3600, ext. 244                                                                     2611 Kilihau Street. Honolulu, HI 96819

DECEMBER 2009                                                                                                                                              3
  The Hawaii Foodbank 14th Annual Patriots Celebration
D ecember 7, 1941, was “a day                                                                             The Hawaii Foodbank was honored to
  which will live in infamy.” The island                                                                  have Senator Daniel K. Inouye, our
  chains throughout the Pacific Ocean,                                                                    first Patriots Celebration honoree, as
  including the Philippine Islands,                                                                       speaker. Senator Inouye is the third
  suffered simultaneous attacks by                                                                        most senior member of the U.S. Senate
  Japanese forces. Philippine nationals,                                                                  and has a distinguished legislative and
  Filipino-Americans and the United                                                                       military career. He served in the 442nd
  States military answered the call of                                                                    Regimental Combat Team in World
  justice. Despite numerous casualties                                                                    War II, and earned 15 medals and
  during battles, limited resources and                                                                   citations, including the Congressional
  the humiliation and misery of the                                                                       Medal of Honor. Senator Inouye is the
  Bataan Death March, together these                                                                      Chairman of the Senate Appropriations
  forces eventually triumphed in the                                                                      Committee and of the Senate Defense
  liberation of the Philippines.                                                                          Appropriations Subcommittee.
  HONORING HAWAII'S WWII                                                                                 After decades of advocating benefits
  ARMY VETERANS                                                                                          for Filipino Veterans, the American
                                                                                                         Recovery and Reinvestment Act of
  The Hawaii Foodbank 14th Annual                                                                        2009 authorized a one-time payment
  Patriots Celebration on July 2, 2009,                                                                  to compensate these brave men for
  honored Hawaii's World War II                                                                          their service. Senator Inouye expressed
  Filipino-American United States                                            gratitude for his comrades, finally recognized for their service to
  Army Veterans. After a warm welcome by Emme Tomimbang,                     our country.
  Mistress of Ceremonies and President of Emme Inc., the
  processional of honorees began. Honorees comprised of 1st and 2nd          Maj. Gen. Antonio Taguba gave the evening’s keynote speech. He
  Filipino Infantry Regiment members, Philippine Scouts,                     was born in Manila, Philippines, raised in Hawaii and was later
  Recognized Guerillas and POWs were escorted to the Coral                   commissioned a U.S. Army officer. Maj. Gen. Taguba served in
  Ballroom by Hawaii Foodbank Board members, volunteers and                  command and staff positions from platoon level to General
  JROTC Cadet Scouts.                                                        Officer rank. His service tours included assignments in the
                                                                             continental United States, Republic of Korea, Germany, Kuwait
  The “Star Spangled Banner” and “Hawaii Pono‘i” followed, sung by           and deployment in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and
  the “Ambassador of Aloha,” Danny Kaleikini. Deputy Consul                  Operation Enduring Freedom. Taguba's father was in the 45th
  General of the Philippines, Paul Cortes, sang “Lupang Hinirang” the        Infantry Regiment, Philippine Division of the Philippine Scouts
  Philippine National Anthem. Then the traditional Missing Man               and survived the Bataan Death March. Maj. Gen. Taguba spoke
  Tribute was delivered by Colonel Ben V. Acohido, U.S. Army                 about the history of these men who “fought with uncommon
  (Retired). He asked guests to “raise our water glasses in a silent toast   valor and fearless determination to help defend the freedom we so
  to honor America’s POW/MIAs and our efforts to account for them.”          richly enjoy today.”

  Saturday, August 29, 2009 - The Annual            Our walk would not have been possible
  Hunger Walk sponsored by the Harry C.             without the support of the Lighthouse
  & Nee Chang C. Wong Foundation and                Outreach Center, the Community Life
  the Hawaii Foodbank was held at the               Resource Center and Safety Systems
  Frank Fasi Civic Center Grounds. A total          Hawaii for providing equipment and
  of 57 agencies pulled together and raised         sound. D. Otani Produce, Dole Food Co.
  $101,045.83 to fight hunger on Oahu!              Hawaii, the Institute for Human Services,
                                                    Kau Kau Wagon and the Partners in
  Thank you to all the agencies for the hard
                                                    Development Foundation for food and
  work of their staff and volunteers as well
                                                    refreshments. Hug Me Bears for manning
  as the walkers for coming out and
                                                    the children’s booth. And Johnny Kamai,       The title of Hunger Walk “Top Fundraiser” was awarded
  supporting our event. A special thanks to
                                                    New Hope Leeward, Good Samaritan              to Once a Month Church, which raised $15,155.00.
  Kutmaster Spaz, event emcee; Dick
                                                    Worship Center and Palama Settlement          Ron Valenciana (center) accepted the award from
  Chadwick from First United Methodist                                                            Kristine Duong, Agency Affiliations Assistant (left). As
                                                    for the great music and entertainment
  Church for the opening prayer and                                                               Top Fundraiser, the agency also has the honor of being
                                                    throughout. Mahalo to all on another          added to the Perpetual Trophy Award held by Roxanne
  Stephanie Gailey from YWCA, Oahu for
                                                    successful Hunger Walk!                       Stark, Director of Agency Affiliations (right).
  the energizing warm up!
   4                                                                                                                             FOODBANK REVIEW
The 4TH ANNUAL CANstruction®

S aturday, August 15, 2009 — Nine teams       Choice Award.” Votes were placed by
from Hawaii’s leading architectural, allied   donating one can of food representing one
design and construction firms gathered at     vote. The People's Choice winner —
the 4th Annual Canstruction® competition      “TUNeA toot-Toot Can deliver Aloha!”
at Pearlridge Center Uptown. After months     (train) by Parsons Brinckerhoff. In
of planning, it was time for the teams to     addition, team Belt Collins and their “USS
“canstruct” their designs entirely out of     Arizona Memorial” was awarded the “Most
canned goods and nonperishable food           Pounds Donated” award with a donation of
items. A total of 33,223 pounds of food       6,104 pounds of food.
were used to build the structures and
                                              The Hawaii Foodbank thanks the following
donated afterwards to the Hawaii Foodbank
                                              firms for volunteering their time, talents
to help feed the hungry.
                                              and resources for another successful
A team of jurors comprised of prominent       Canstruction® event:
members in the community was given the                                                            Jurors’ Favorite: “Pound Out Hunger” by Fung
                                              • Belt Collins
                                                                                                  Associates, Inc.
difficult task of choosing the winners.       • Fung Associates, Inc.
Competition was fierce for the chance to      • InSynergy Engineering, Inc.
place in one of five winning categories:      • Kiewit Building Group
• Jurors' Favorite: “Pound Out Hunger!”       • Kober Hanssen Mitchell Architects
  (Poi Pounder) by Fung Associates, Inc.      • KYA Design Group
• Structural Integrity: “C-A-N You Say        • Parsons Brinkerhoff
  Shaka Braddah” (Shaka) by KYA Design        • Urban Works, Inc. & Group 70
  Group                                       • WATG
• Best Use of Labels: “50 Years of Aloha”
                                              A special mahalo to event sponsors AIA
  (Aloha Shirt) by WATG
                                              Honolulu Chapter, Pearlridge Center,
• Best Meal: “USS Arizona Memorial” by        Makana Communications, HonBlue and
  Belt Collins.                               C&S Wholesale Grocers. Many thanks to
• Honorable Mention: “Shave Ice:              Canstruction® jurors Roy Bann,
  Hawaii's Favorite Snack for 50 Years” by                                                        Best Meal: “USS Arizona Memorial - A Canstruction
                                              Architectural Designer, Design Partners,            Tribute” by Belt Collins
  InSynergy Engineering, Inc.                 Inc.; Joett Colgan, Director of Marketing,
Winners will move on to the international     Honolulu Design Center; Mike Darcey,                 raised over 160,000 pounds of food
competition and vie with teams from over      Vice President, Darcey Builders, Inc.;               over the past four years to help feed the
130 Canstruction® competitions held in        Nadine Kam, Features Editor, Honolulu                hungry in Hawaii. Mahalo.
the United States, Canada, Australia, New     Star-Bulletin and Peter Vincent, AIA,
                                                                                                   Please join us next year on Saturday,
Zealand and Columbia.                         principal of Peter Vincent Architects.
                                                                                                   August 28, 2010 for the “Kids Can!”
The community also voted for its favorite     One CAN does make a difference. With                 5th Annual Canstruction® at
“canstructure” for the coveted “People's      your generous support, Canstruction® has             Pearlridge Center, Uptown.

 Structural Ingenuity: “CAN You Say Shaka     Best Use of Labels: “Think Outside of the Can” by   Honorable Mention: “Shave Ice: Hawaii’s Favorite
 Braddah?” by KYA Design Group                Fung Associates                                     Snack for 50 Years” by InSynergy Engineering, Inc.

 DECEMBER 2009                                                                                                                                         5
                                                                                                                                                MAHALO TO OUR DONORS

FIGHT HUNGER HUI                  Mr. Stephen M. Mora              Environ Control, Inc.              Ms. Mary E. Sellers               Ms. Anna Brandes                  Mr. Joseph De Santos
Monthly Donors                    Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Moss, Jr.      Ernst & Young, LLP                 A. Shaver                         Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Brown        Mrs. Mary DeCosta
Ms. Diane E. Adkins               Mr. William Don Myers            Evans K. and Marianne Kibler       Sidney Stern Memorial Trust       Brown’s Plumbing & Solar          Ms. Corazon F. Deguzman
Mrs. Helene S. Allen              Ms. Lorna S. Nagamine               Whiting Fund                    Mr. Paul Smith                    Mr. & Mrs. Ricardo M. Burgos      Lea G. Del Castillo
Mr. & Mrs. Elbert G. Arakawa      Mr. & Mrs. Clifford Nakamine     Feeding America                    St. Jude Church                   William & Milda Burkhalter        Phyllis Dendle
Mr. Martin M. Arinaga             Dennis Nakauye                   The Feinstein Foundation           St. Timothy’s Church              Mrs. Doris M. Burnette            Ms. Iris K. Derego
Mr. & Mrs. Alden I. Avery         Joseph & Linda Oba               Ms. Eleanor J Fernandez            Star of the Sea Church            Mr. & Mrs. H. Richard Burson      Mr. George L. Desruisseaux
BAE Systems Spectral Solutions,   Mr. Jeremiah K. Oldfather        First Hawaiian Bank                State of Hawaii                   Business Network International,   Mrs. Gracelyn Devega
   LLC                            Mr. James Opiana                 First Insurance Co. of Hawaii,     Stephen B. Hard Foundation           Inc.                           Ms. Mila Garcia Dinges
Mr. Ira V. Bailey                                                     Ltd.                                                              Buzz’s Original Steak House
                                  Ms. Barbara M. Ornellas                                             Territorial Savings Bank                                            Discover Financial Services
Ms. Katrina A. Beglinger                                           Foodland Super Market, Ltd.                                          Joy P. Cabildo
                                  Dr. Carolyn S. Pang                                                 Mr. Wayne T. Teruya                                                 Dr. Dian A. Dooley
Ms. Sue Beitia                                                     G.J. and Ellen Watumull                                              Mr. Robert D. Cahn
                                  Ms. Judy Q. U. Park                 Foundation                      Tesoro Hawaii Corporation                                           Doris Duke Management
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Bishop           Ms. Judith A. Perry                                                 The Deerbrook Charitable Trust    Narciso & Emma Calvo                 Foundation
                                                                   General Growth Properties, Inc.
Mr. Greg D. Boorsma               Nancy & Charles Pettiford                                           The Honolulu Advertiser           Mr. Alexander J. Campbell         Ms. Jana M. Dove
                                                                   General Mills
Ms. Heather Bowles                Mrs. Carole Picciotto                                               The Lunch Bunch/Carval            Ms. Barbara J. Cargill            E.A. Buck Insurance, Inc.
                                                                   God’s Country Waimanalo
Marcia & Wythe Braden             Ron & Iris Poepoe                                                      Catering                       Mr. & Mrs. William P. Carpenter   Mr. & Mrs. Alan F. Eckel
                                                                   Mrs. Shirley B. Gould
Mr. & Mrs. Norman Brand           Mr. J. William Potter, Jr.                                          The Schuler Family Foundation     Mr. & Mrs. David M. Carr          Dr. Fortunato V. Elizaga
                                                                   Grant Thornton, LLP
Ms. Barbara J. Brodhead           Marjean Pressimone                                                  The Seto Foundation               Castle Medical Center             Mr. Scott R. Ellefsen
                                                                   Mrs. Doreen L. Griffith
Mr. Mel Cariaga                   Residential Choices, Inc.                                           Tim Bostock Productions           Mr. Daniel J. Castor              Ms. Vanessa K. Escajeda
                                                                   Harry and Jeanette Weinberg
CARIS                             Restaurant Yoshiya                  Foundation                      Mr. Philip J. Trifilo             Dr. Ann B. Catts                  Ms. Joyce L. Esposito
Mr. & Mrs. John A. Carter III     Mrs. Patricia Robb               Harry Chow Wong & Nee              TriWest Healthcare Alliance       Central Pacific Home Loans        Estate Administrative Services
Ms. Blossom M.H. Chang            Mr. & Mrs. Fred H. Royce, Jr.       Chang C. Wong Foundation        United Airlines                   Richard & Lissi Chadwick          Ms. Bennette Evangelista
Dr. Christine Chee-Ruiter         Mr. & Mrs. Clayton Saito         Hawaii Carpenters Union            United Truck Rental &             Mr. & Mrs. Allan K.L. Chan        James D. Evans
Mr. Charles W. Chocklett                                           Hawaii Hunter Education               Equipment Leasing, Inc.        Karen L. Chang                    Exacta Sales, Inc.
                                  Mr. Dennis Sanford
Capt. Patrick Collins                                                 Program                         Mr. & Mrs. Dennis H. Vaughn       Ms. Karen M. Chang                James F. Fahey
                                  Mr. Michael W. Sankovic
Mrs. Cam Cunningham                                                Hawaii Military Communities        Waipahu United Church of Christ   Mr. & Mrs. Robert Chang           Admiral Thomas B. Fargo and
                                  Rabbi Peter Schaktman
Mrs. Dorothy J. Dale                                               Hawaii Operating Engineers         Mr. Glen Takeshi Yasue            Mrs. Vena J. Chang                   Mrs. Sarah Fargo
                                  Mr. Stephen W. Seward
                                                                      Industry Stabilization Fund                                       Mr. John M. Chapman               Fathers of The Sacred Hearts
Ms. Catherine E. Davis            Mr. Norris S. Shito                                                 CENTURY CLUB
Mr. Chris Debnar                                                   Hawaiian Electric Industries       $100 to $999                      Faye & Philip Chase               Col. A.L. Faustino
                                  Mr. James R. Slentz                 Charitable Foundation
Kris DeBode                                                                                           A Charitable Foundation           Mr. Roman Chavez                  Mr. Mark H. Felmet
                                  Ms. Deanna Spooner               Mr. Roger Heman
Ms. Doris Domingo                                                                                     A Place in Time Inc.              Ms. Asha Chekuri                  Mr. Anthony Fernandez
                                  Mr. & Mrs. Daly C. Stevens       Hicks Family Charitable
Dr. Dian A. Dooley                                                                                    Ms. Cassandra J. Abdul            Mrs. Lilly T. Chen                Filipino Assemblies of the First
                                  Ms. Lily Sui-Fong Sun               Foundation                                                                                             Born
Ms. Jana M. Dove                  Mr. Richard Tam                  Hilton Grand Vacations Club        Mr. & Mrs. Wilmer S. Abis         Mr. & Mrs. Ralph B. Cherry
                                                                                                                                                                          Finance Factors Foundation
E.A. Buck Insurance, Inc.         Mashyawlin Ling Ma’ili           Hilton Hawaiian Village Beach      Danilo and Mary Ablan             Ms. Lisa Cheung
                                                                                                                                                                          Mr. Keith A. Finkboner
Mrs. Diane F. England                Kianakaua Tate                   Resort & Spa                    Jim & Pat Abts                    Chevron Corporation
                                                                                                                                                                          First Hawaiian Bank
Marlette L. Fernandez             Mr. & Mrs. Anthony R.            HMA/Summerlin Life & Health        Mr. Spencer Adams                 Mr. Dennis Chi
                                     Tepedino                         Insurance                                                                                           Daniel J. Fischberg, M.D.
Ms. Karian Flyer                                                                                      Dr. Amefil Agbayani               Mr. & Mrs. Garret R. Chi
                                  Ms. Naomi Toyooka                Holy Trinity Catholic Church                                                                           Mr. & Mrs. Dennis I. K. Fong
Mrs. Cheryl L. Fontes                                                                                 Ms. Teresa Anne Aiello            Mr. Steven Chichi
                                  Edmund & Gail Tuthill            Honolulu Country Club                                                                                  Ms. Lori M. Fong
Ms. Frances C. Fox                                                                                    Hank & Carol Akimoto              Ms. Carol A. Chinen
                                  Mr. & Mrs. Jeffry S. Wallace     Honolulu Star-Bulletin &                                                                               Mr. Louis Fong
Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Galik                                                                             Mrs. Helene S. Allen              Ms. Charlene L Ching
                                  Wanna Hula                          MidWeek                                                                                             Ms. Sandy Fonseca
Mr. Donald E. Gately                                                                                  Mrs. Margaret Almony              Mr. & Mrs. Spencer W. K. Ching
                                  Joan and Perry White             Hope Chapel Koolauloa                                                                                  Mrs. Cheryl L. Fontes
Mr. Kevin K. Genovia                                                                                  Altres, Inc.                      Mr. Godfrey WK Ching
                                  Ms. Cindy Winegar                ILWU Local 142                                                                                         Ms. Clara L. Foo
James & Laura Giddings                                                                                American Carpet One               Ching’s Punaluu Store
                                  Ms. Harriet Woods                Jean & William K.H. Mau                                                                                Foresight Leadership
Mrs. Shirley B. Gould                                                                                 American Express Company          Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan K. Cho         Development, LLC
                                  Mrs. Laraine S. Yasui               Foundation
Michael Graham                                                                                        John & Roxanne Andreoni           Yangrae Cho                       Ms. Candace M. Foster
                                  Mr. Ronald M. Yokota             JKim Ventures Inc.
Vincent & Kerry Guerreiro                                                                             Ms. Yvonne M. Angut               Stephen C. Chock                  Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Frazier
                                  Mr. & Mrs. Harold I. Yonashiro   Ka Hana o’ Ke Akua
Mr. William P. Hamblet, Jr.                                                                           Mrs. Mary Theresa Annis           Mrs. Jeanne M. Choo               Friends for Jeri Jeffryes
                                  Mr. Isami Yoshihara              Kaiser Permanente
Charles & Lois Hanohano                                                                               Aqua Hotels & Resorts, LLC        Mr. David S. Chou                 Friends for Michael Magaoay
                                  Mr. Gerald Yoshikane             Ms. Veronica R. Kaneko
Mrs. Eleanor C. Henderson                                                                             Ms. Joyce Arakaki                 Mr. & Mrs. Stephen S.F. Choy,     Friends of Clarence Nishihara
                                  Mr. Teikseng Yu                  Peter & Jill Kashiwa                                                    Ph.D.
Ms. Carol L. Hong and Mr. W.                                                                          ARINC                                                               Friends of Robert Bunda
   B. Moffett                                                      KFC-Hawaii                                                           Ms. Lila Chun Chrystal
                                  HARVEST CLUB                     KGMB 9                             Ms. Emmylou Armstrong                                               T.G. & S.L. Frost
Mr. Michael M. Howard             $1,000 or More                                                      Mr. Geminiano W. Arre, Jr.        Ryan & Bliss Chun
                                                                   Kirio & Co., Inc.                                                                                      Mr. David Fujihara
Ms. Susan Ikehara                 Actus Lend Lease, LLC                                               Mrs. Helen Asato                  Ms. Eileen Chun
                                                                   Kosasa Foundation                                                                                      Mr. Raymond Y. Fujii
Ms. Laura Ing                     AIG Hawaii Insurance                                                Atlas Flooring, LLC               Mr. Patrick E Chun
                                                                   Kraft Foods Hawaii                                                                                     William T. Fujimoto
Ms. Mary Beth Johnson                Company, Inc.                                                    Marvin & Audrey Awaya             Stephanie M. Chun
                                                                   Lighthouse Outreach Center                                                                             Mr. Michael T. Fujioka
Mr. James T. Jones                Akimeka Technologies, LLC                                           Mr. Raleigh S. Awaya              Mr. Theron Jon Chun
                                                                      Assembly of God                                                                                     Mr. Dennis Fukushima
Steve & April Kachilla            Alexander & Baldwin Foundation                                      BAE Systems Spectral              Mrs. Twyla Chun
                                                                   Lin & Ella Wong Foundation Inc.                                                                        Mr. Brent K. Funakoshi
Ms. Dianne Kaniaupio              Aloha United Way                                                       Solultions, LLC                Mr. Dennis L. Chung
                                                                   Macy’s Hawaii                                                                                          Irwin & Janis Furumoto
Ms. Jo Ann C. Kocher              ALSCO                                                               Mr. Ira V. Bailey                 City Financial Tower
                                                                   Macy’s Foundation                                                                                      Ms. Carolyn J. Galdeira
Mr. Richard D. Kornowski          American Marine Corporation                                         Ms. Mado Elizabeth Baldwin        Mr. David Clark
                                                                   Macy’s West                                                                                            Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Galik
Mrs. Jane Laninga                 Mr. Joseph Ancheta, Jr.                                             Mr. Catalino Balmilero            Richard & Terry Clifton
                                                                   McDonald’s of Hawaii                                                                                   Mr. Fred K. Gamble
Toni & Stephen Lathrop-Lee        Ms. Nancy C. Ayotte                                                 Friends of P. Ban                 Mr. Greg Clute
                                                                   Microsoft Giving Campaign                                                                              Emy & Jerry Gamiao
Leahi Swim School, Inc.           Bank of Hawaii                                                      Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Barker       CNA Foundation
                                                                   Muslim Association of Hawaii,                                                                          Sheryl P. Gardner
Ms. Carrie L. Leonard and Mr.     Becker Communications, Inc.         Inc.                            Ms. Carol Ann Barretto            Pume Cobb-Adams
   David N. Kimball                                                                                                                                                       Gary Sohler Associates, Inc.
                                  Mr. Ronald J. Boersma            Navatek, Ltd.                      Mrs. Patricia S. Begonia          Dr. John Cogan
Ms. Jacqueline J. Levandoski                                                                                                                                              Mrs. Marjorie N. Gaza
                                  Bronster Hoshibata               Once a Month Church                Mrs. Sheree Belshe                Mr. Selwyn J. Collins II
Mrs. Courtney Lin                                                                                                                                                         Mr. Kevin K. Genovia
                                  Ross Brown                       Mr. George W. Owens                Mr. & Mrs. Gregory A.R.           Mr. Kenneth A. Conner
Miss Juliana Lo                                                                                          Benjamin                                                         Ms. Judith A. Gerard
                                  Bubba Gump Shrimp Company        Pacific Office Properties                                            Ms. Shirley Connors
Miss Sonnya Londono                                                                                   Ms. Belle K. Bernatowicz                                            Mr. Willam C. Gibson
                                  Calvary Chapel Pearl Harbor      The Pacific Resource Partnership                                     Mr. & Mrs. Charles I. Cook
Ms. Bette C. Long                                                                                     Bethel Chapel                                                       Mr. Delmar Gilbert
                                  Cavanah Associates Inc.          Mrs. Willa A. N. Papandrew                                           Mrs. Kleona B. Corsini
Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Loveless                                                                         Better Brands                                                       Mr. Frederick J. Gilbert
                                  Central Union Church             Mr. & Mrs. Alton Parkes                                              Mazeppa K. Costa
Mrs. Chloe H. Martin                                                                                  Big Island Granite Co.                                              Ms. Jo Gilbert
                                  Charley’s Taxi                   Parsons Brinckerhoff Foundation                                      Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. Cowan
Mr. Thomas P. Mastin                                                                                  Mr. Peter Bihari                                                    Dr. Alfred S. Gima
                                  Stephen & Mildred Chong          Parsons Brinckerhoff Quade &                                         Mrs. Janine Crain
Mr. Albert Matsushige, Jr.                                                                            Margaret Birnie                                                     GlaxoSmithKline Foundation
                                  Commercial Plumbing, Inc.           Douglas, Inc.                                                     Ms. Janille Deue Cross
Mr. & Mrs. Richard S.C. Mau                                                                           Gerald & Christine Blass                                            Ms. Bonnie G. Gollero
                                  Cutter Automotive Team           Pearl Harbor Memorial Chapel                                         D&J Specialties
Mrs. Dorien McClellan                                                                                 Blessed Sacrament Church                                            Ms. Renee R. Gomes
                                  Ms. Kathryn Daisey               Pepsi Bottling Group                                                 D. Otani Produce Company
Ms. Pauline Meheula                                                                                   Mrs. Eva I. Borden-Kanoho                                           Ms. Rachel Goo
                                  Davies Pacific Center            Pier Management Hawaii, LLC                                          Ms. Sally J. Dahlquist
Mr. & Mrs. Victor Meyers                                                                              Dr. Michael Bornemann                                               Ms. Ronda K. Goo
                                  Mr. Jason Del Mundo and Ms.      Private Sector Hawaii                                                Mr. Kevin Daisey
Bruce & Cyndee Mirante               Jamie Yoshida                                                    Mr. Brian J. Bowers                                                 Ms. Sherlyn Franklin Goo
                                                                   River of Life Mission                                                Khang Dao
Gary S. Miyamoto                  DHX                                                                 Ms. Jamie Boyd                                                      Mr. Daniel M. Goya
                                                                   Road Builders Corporation                                            Judith & Ray Datzman
Moanalua Gardens Missionary       Doubletree Alana Hotel Waikiki                                      Mr. Robin F. Boyd                                                   Mr. George W. Grace
                                                                   Royal Hawaiian Movers                                                Ms. Catherine E. Davis
   Church                                                                                                                                                                 Michael Graham

  6                                                                                                                                                                        FOODBANK REVIEW

Stephen & Mary Graner               Mr. George Kajiwara              Mr. Wilbert Liu                   Carol & Richard Naone            Mel & Irene Sahyun                 David & Katherine Tallman
Tim and Devon Guard                 Mr. Ryan Kakugawa                A. Kehau Llanos                   Ms. Lois Young Nelson            Ms. Elaine H. Saigusa              Mr. & Mrs. Pak Hang Tam
Ms. Christine M. Guiyab             Ms. Grace B. Kam                 Mr. & Mrs. Vonn Logan             New Life Realty                  Mr. & Mrs. Clayton Saito           Raymond J. Tam
Mrs. Dorothy L. Gulden              Fred & Alice Kamemoto            Ms. Florence K.O. Loo             Mr. Ernest K. Nishiki            Ms. Florence Saito                 Mr. Richard Tam
Mr. Jeff Gumble                     Ms. Cynthia Kamikawa             Ms. Lana Lorenzo                  Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Nishimura     Ms. Michele Saito                  Ben and Jan Tamura
Mr. David J. Gustafson              Mrs. Joyce Kamimura              Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Loveless     Ms. Victoria Noa                 Mrs. Bonnie T. Sakai               Mrs. Annie M. Tanaka
Ms. Arline L. Haili                 Gayle A. Kamisato                Love’s Bakery                     Ms. Irene M. Nomura              Ms. Jacie Sakai                    Mr. & Mrs. Calvin K.S. Tang
Hale o’ Honolulu                    Ms. Elizabeth T. Kampfer         Ms. Catharine M. Low              Gary & Barbara North             Ms. Joyce Y. Sakai                 Mr. Rodney T. Tanji
Mr. & Mrs. Elroy H. Hamada          Ms. Neal K. Kanda                Mr. Rey G. Luber                  Ms. Tina Marie Northern          Philip & Jeanette Sakai            Mr. Brian I. Tanoue
Ms. Althea A.N. Hanohano            Sharon A. Kaneakua               Lynn K. Fujimoto, D.M.D. (F)      Alan T. Nunokawa                 Ernest & Janet Sakuma              Russell & Dale Tanouye
Mr. & Mrs. George D. Hao            Mr. Arthur T. Kaneshiro          Macy’s Hawaii                     Miss Nancy T. Nunotani           Mr. Melvin Sakurai                 Mashyawlin Ling Ma’ili
Laurie J. Harris                    Ms. and Mr. Betty F. Kaneshiro   Mrs. Karen H. Maeda               Oahu Transit Services, Inc.      Ms. Pilar R. Salas                    Kianakaua Tate
Mr. Michael D. Hartenstein          Mr. James S. Kaneshiro           Ms. Sarah J. March                Ms. Laura K. Oba                 Mr. & Mrs. William I. Samaritano   Laura & Frank Taua
Ms. Kathleen N. Hashimoto           Howard & Audrey Karr             Mr. Raymond S. Marks, Jr.         Mr. Wayne K. Ohashi              Gladys Sanchez                     Mr. Harry F.H. Tenn
Mr. Kenneth M. Hashizume            Mrs. Vicki Lynne Kasal           Ms. Kimberley J. Marlor           Ms. Lisa K. Oi                   Sand Island Business Association   Mr. & Mrs. Anthony R. Tepedino
Hawaii Anesthesia Group, Inc.       Dr. and Mrs. Daniel H.           Mr. Bruce K. Marrino              Mr. & Mrs. Richard H. Okamoto    Mr. Michael W. Sankovic            Ms. Cynthia Y. Teruya
Hawaii Baptist Academy                 Katayama                      Mr. Larky Marumoto                Mr. & Mrs. Sidney H. Okamoto     Mrs. Vivian Sasaki                 Ms. Luisa T.T. Texeira
Hawaii Cedar Church                 Kaumakapili Church               Mrs. Dorothy D. Mason             Sada Okumura, M.D.               Timo A. Satola                     Mr. Michael T. Thayne and Mrs.
                                    Mr. Eli H. Kawai                                                                                                                          Wanda S. Ortiz-Thayne
Hawaii Food Industry                                                 Ms. Michelle M. Mason-Doo         Ms. Kathryn Omine                Ua Sawatpanich
   Association, Inc.                Gary Y. Kawamoto                                                                                                                       Thurston-Pacific, Inc.
                                                                     Mr. Stuart M. Ball, Jr.           Nick & Deb Ondrasik              Mr. Carl J. Schlack, Jr.
Mr. Junie Hayashi                   Ms. Janet H. Kawano                                                                                                                    Mr. & Mrs. Joseph R. Tibayan
                                                                     Ms. Laverne L. Matanane           Ms. Barbara M. Ornellas          Schlack Ito Lockwood Piper &
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick C. Hayashi       Mr. Jonathan Kea                                                                                       Elkind                          Emily C. G. Tom
                                                                     Matson Navigation Company         Ms. Judy Osada-Yasue
Mrs. Eleanor C. Henderson           Jeannette & Andrew Keane                                                                            Ms. Rachel Schochet                Mr. & Mrs. Steven A. Tom
                                                                     Ms. Roberta L. Matsuda            Ralph & Janice Oshiro
Mr. Thomas E. Herman, Jr.           Ms. Naaleialoha J. Keaunui                                                                          Mr. Ralph Schroeder                Ms. Bertha M. Tomokiyo
                                                                     Ms. Lila C. Matsumoto             Cmdr. and Mrs. Robert H. Owen
Hickam Officers’ Spouses Club       Mr. & Mrs. James W. Keenan                                                                          Mr. & Mrs. Timothy F. Schroth      Ms. Naomi Toyooka
                                                                     Orleen Mau                        Pacific Transfer, LLC.
Ms. Merle Nobue Higa                Mr. Lucky L. Kekahio                                                                                Seal Masters of Hawaii             Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Tozier
                                                                     Mr. & Mrs. Richard S.C. Mau       Ms. Deborah Ann K.I. Pang
Tracy T. Higa                       Mr. & Mrs. Allen Kekuawela                                                                          Ms. Marilyn K. Secretario          Mrs. Rosalinda L. Trepanier
                                                                     Bruce and Carlene Mayes           Mr. Michael W.H. Pang
Francis & Sandra Hino               Ms. Anne C. Kelly                                                                                   Sedona                             Trinity Missionary Baptist
                                                                     Ms. Cara Mazzei                   Helen W. Paris                                                         Church
James & Karen Hirai                 Mr. & Mrs. Alex V. Kendrick      Mrs. Dorien McClellan             Ms. Bernell B. Parker, RN        Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Segawa
                                                                                                                                                                           Torao & Wanda Tsujimoto
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Hirao            Mr. Fred Kenison Jr.             Frances McClurkin                 Ms. Christy A. J. Passion        Mr. Roy A. Seu
                                                                                                                                                                           Robert & Jeanne Tsushima
Mr. & Mrs. Gary D. Hisaoka          Roger & Annette Kent             Don & Vesta Mckee                 Ms. Rodina F. Patterson          Mr. Stephen W. Seward
                                                                                                                                                                           Mr. David Tupper
Ms. Zale M. Hisashima               Mr. Anthony H. Kepano            Mr. Lee McMillan                  Ms. Catherine H. Payne           Mr. & Mrs. Kent Sharrar
                                                                                                                                                                           Mr. Brian K. Uechi
Ms. Mary L. Ho                      KFC-Hawaii                       Ms. Joan Meagher                  Mr. James W. Pearce              Ms. Karyn S. Shaunnessy
                                                                                                                                                                           T. Uechi
Dr. and Mrs. Reginald C.S. Ho       Jeong Suk Kim                    Mr. Peter Meagher                 Peniel Pearl Gates Church        Mr. & Mrs. Gerald A. Shealey
                                                                                                                                                                           Mr. & Mrs. Wesley I. Uemoto
Ms. Vivian Q.O. Ho                  Ms. Kris M. Kim                  Mr. & Mrs. Mark M. Mekaru         Mr. & Mrs. Craig A. Pennuto      Howard & Ethel Shima
                                                                                                                                                                           Mr. & Mrs. Fred S. Uemura
Ms. Tameron Hodges                  Mr. Kurtis Kimura                Merck Partnership for Giving      Pepsico Foundation               Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Y. Shintaku
                                                                                                                                                                           Mrs. Jade L. Underwood
Ernest & Su Hohu                    Mr. Milton B. Kimura             Ms. Jean L. Merlet                Mr. & Mrs. Peter Pereira         Mr. & Mrs. Derrick K. Shiraki
                                                                                                                                                                           United Airlines
Mr. Ken Hollingsworth               Mr. Leo W. King                  Ms. Beverly A. Miller             Thomas & Gordynne Perkins        Mr. & Mrs. David R. Shirley
                                                                                                                                                                           The United Way
Mr. & Mrs. John Hom                 Ms. Jane F. Kishida              Ms. Barbara F. Mills              Ms. Judith A. Perry              Mrs. Jane S. Shiroma
                                                                                                                                                                           United Way of Chester County
HomeStreet Bank                     Mr. W. M. Kleinenbroich          Mr. John J. Minard                Peterson Properties of Hawaii,   Kerry & Michelle Shiroma
                                                                                                                                                                           United Way of Southeastern
Ms. Shelley A. Hong                 Mr. & Mrs. Herbert J. Knudsen    Ms. Catherine Minor                  LLC                           Wayne Shiroma                         Pennsylvania
Honolulu Army Recruiting            Mr. George M. Koga               Mrs. Merle S. Miura               Nancy & Charles Pettiford        Mr. Alvin M. Shishido              Leslie and Annie Usui
   Company                          Kokua In Kind                                                      Lucille W. Pfaltzgraff           Mr. Oliver Shumaker
                                                                     Allen & Sue Miyahara                                                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Jerry M. Uyehara
Ms. Melanie K.H. Horikami           Mr. John Komeiji                                                   Mrs. Mae M. Pimental             Ms. Susan M. Slavish
                                                                     Gary S. Miyamoto                                                                                      Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Vanairsdale
Ms. Lorena Horiuchi                 Mr. Aaron Sean Komo                                                Charles & Trudy Pimentel         Ms. Mildred F. Smith
                                                                     Mr. & Mrs. Vernon K. Miyamoto                                                                         Mrs. Dao Tieu-Tran Vela
John and Ellen Humphrey             Steven & Estrellita Komura                                         PM Realty Group                  Mr. Wilbur A. Smith
                                                                     Mr. Glenn Y. Miyashiro                                                                                Verizon Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. William C. Huntoon       Ms. Mary Kondo                                                     Ron & Iris Poepoe                Geraldine & Ed Sniffen
                                                                     MLH Hawaii Foundation                                                                                 Terry P. Volk
Ms. Julie A. Iezzi                  Mr. Marc A. Kowalski                                               Mr. & Mrs. Jon Polokoff          Mr. & Mrs. Michael D. Sober
                                                                     Mr. Ricky M. Moad                                                                                     Voyager Auto Sales
IFPTE Local 121                     Mrs. Dorraine K. Krahulik                                          Samuel G. Pooley                 Mrs. Josefa N. Sokia
                                                                     Moanalua Elementary School                                                                            VW Club of Hawaii
Ms. Donna S. Ige                    Kryske Training                                                    Mrs. Vayne Pregill               Mr. & Mrs. Masuko Soneda
                                                                     Moanalua Gardens Missionary                                                                           Mr. Andrew Wachtenheim
Ms. Janice S. Ige                   Kusao & Kurahashi, Inc.             Church                         Mr. & Mrs. Ellis D. Price        Patrick & Nancy Sonoda             Mr. & Mrs. James Arthur Wagner
Ms. Michele M. Ikeda                Ms. Harriet Y. Kusunoki          Mr. & Mrs. Louis Montayre, Jr.    Primeflight Aviation Services    Mr. Leonard J. Sorese              Ms. Mary Kay Wagner
Imagine Nation Books, Ltd.          L.H. Gamble Company, Ltd.        Mrs. Lisa Montoya                 Propark, Inc.                    Mr. Dale Spaulding                 Waikiki Community Center
Mr. Mitsuo Imai                     Christie G. Lamping, M.D.        Mr. Eric J. Moon                  Mrs. Jocelyn Quan                Ms. Diane R. Spindle               Ms. Linda K Wakatake
Ms. Jean R. Imamoto                 Mr. Bernard E. LaPorte           Mrs. Mary Jane Moore              Ms. Lucy E.M. Quisquirin         St. Michael’s Church               Walter P. Thompson, Inc.
Mr. George J. Schmelzer             Mr. & Mrs. Walter J. Laskey      Ms. Melissa H. Moore              Radford High School              State of Hawaii                    Ward D. Jones, Attorney at Law
Ms. Julia Sia Ing                   Mr. & Mrs. Daniel B.T. Lau       Mr. Stephen M. Mora               Rainbow Sales and Marketing      Mr. Thomas Staton                  Mrs. Patricia C. Wassel
International Church of the         Juliana Lau                      Maria & David Moreno-Roy          Mr. Scott Richard Raleigh        Mr. & Mrs. Daly C. Stevens
   Foursquare Gospel                                                                                                                                                       Ms. Barbara Watanabe and Mr.
                                    Lot and Peggy Lau                Russell K. Morgan                 Clyde M. Ramsay, Jr.             Mrs. Louise S. Stevenson              John Chun
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond A. Irie
                                    Mr. & Mrs. Russell Lau           Mr. Renny E. Morgia, Jr.          Mr. Ira G. Ratner                John & Elizabeth Stickney          Waterfront Plaza
Island Air
                                    Mr. & Mrs. Walter T.Y. Lau       David Y. Morikawa                 Mr. Ronnie H. Reeves             Ms. Jaynie I. Stone                Michael L. Watkins
Mrs. Suzanne S. Isonaga
                                    Errol E. Lee                     Mrs. Jane S. Morris               Capt. Kai T. Repsholdt           Students of Profit for Progress    Ms. Kim W. Weaver
Ms. Marsha E. Ito
                                    Mr. & Mrs. Irwin K.M. Lee        Ms. Betty Jean Morrison           Residential Choices, Inc.        Jeffrey & Nancy Sue                Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Weber
Mr. Tracey T. Ito
                                    Representative Marilyn B. Lee    Mr. & Mrs. Allan Kula Mossman     Reverend Abraham Akaka           Ms. Marilyn M. Sue                 Mrs. Virginia B. Weichert
John & Margaret Jacquette              and Mr. Samuel S.H. Lee                                            Ministries Foundation
                                                                     Mr. Chester M. Mukai                                               Mr. & Mrs. Gerald K. Sumida        Mr. Jerome D. Whalen
Kevin & Claire Jaeger               Mr. Seth Leibson                                                   Mrs. Mildred S. Richards
                                                                     Ms. Lynn N. Muneno                                                 Mr. Brian N. Sunada                Ms. Heather Williams
Mr. Charles Jettner                 Mr. Thomas L. Leineweber                                           Dr. Robert Richmond
                                                                     Gary & Naomi Murakami                                              Lu-Ying Sun-Eng                    Ms. Shirlene I. Williams
Mr. D. Chad Johnson                 Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Lelepali                                          Mrs. Esther H. Ringor
                                                                     Masami Murakami                                                    Surfers’ Church                    Ms. Carlynn M. Wolfe
Mr. Gary K. Johnson                 Jeanne & Kurt Lemon                                                Risk Solution Partners, LLC
                                                                     Ms. Estelle W. Murphy                                              Mr. & Mrs. Willis Symonds          Mr. Dennis Won
Mr. John D. Johnson                 Mrs. Tina Leong                                                    Mr. & Mrs. Rodney K.W. Rivera
                                                                     Mr. & Mrs. Richard K. Nagashima                                    Ms. Jeanette Taam                  Mrs. June Won
Mr. John J. Johnson                 Mr. George C.K. Leong, Jr.                                         Mr. John A. Robinette
                                                                     Mr. Michael Nagel                                                  Tails of Aloha                     Charla Wong
R. Johnson                          Ms. Dolores M. Lepley                                              Ms. Alice K. Robinson
                                                                     Ms. Lyn Nagoshi                                                    Ms. Deborah N. Taira               Mrs. Estelle C. Wong
Ms. Trina T.K. Johnson              Steven and Cathy Levinson                                          Ms. Mary Rogde
                                                                     Mr. Alvin Naguwa                                                   Ms. Nancy S. Taira                 Francis M.P. Wong and Barbara
Mr. & Mrs. Walter A. Johnson, Jr.   Mr. Peter C. Lewis                                                 Rolfing Works Hawaii                                                   C. Wong
                                                                     Mr. Michael K. Naito                                               Ms. Noella A. Takai
Judy and Robert Joseph              Ms. Helena L. Li                                                   Roman Catholic Church in the                                        Mr. Gregory E. Wong
                                                                     Mr. & Mrs. Raymond T. Nakai                                        Mrs. Natsue O. Takano
Mr. John Jubinsky                   Mr. John Lilleberg                                                    State of Hawaii                                                  Mr. James W.Y. Wong
                                                                     Dennis & Susan Nakaishi                                            Mr. Gary Takata
JW Marriott Ihilani Resort &        Ms. Kristin M. Lim                                                 D. Haigh Roop                                                       Ms. Jamie Wong
   Spa at Ko Olina                                                   Sam & Jolene Nakamatsu                                             Mr. Kevin Kenji Takata
                                    Wenli Lin                                                          Roosevelt High School                                               Ms. Linda Pui Yee Wong
Kris & Maria Kadzielawa                                              Ms. Katherine Y. Nakanishi                                         Ms. Sally T. Takemori
                                    Gregg & Dee Ann Ling                                               Ms. Alison C. Rowland-Ciszek                                        Ms. Paula Wong
Mr. Herbert K. Kahakua                                               Mr. Carl Nakao                                                     Ms. Sachiko Taketa
                                    Mr. John J. Link                                                   Royal Contracting Co., Ltd.                                         Mr. T. David Woo, Jr.
Ms. Susan Kahawai                                                    Ms. Laura F. Nakasone                                              Ms. Marina L. Talisayan
                                    Ms. Dorothy L. H. Liu                                              Mr. & Mrs. Anthony R. Russo                                         Woody’s Chicago Style
Ms. Rose K. Kahiapo                                                  Dennis Nakauye                                                     Ms. Muriel Robello Talisayan
                                                                                                       Bogdan Rustyn

DECEMBER 2009                                                                                                                                                                                               7
                                                                                                                                               MAHALO TO OUR DONORS

Vincent & Faye Wozniak             Ms. Luann Casey                 Joel & Michel Grotstein             Mrs. Wendy M. Kurosaki
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew T. Yamamoto      Ms. Iris Caswell                Mr. & Mrs. Ciril G. Guisadio        Misuk Kwon                                                             HBO &
John & Cheri Yamamoto              Ms. Ealliz Chin Hsia Chan       Mr. Cirilo R. Guisadio              Mrs. Margaret Labenia                                                  Oceanic Time
Ms. Lynn T. Yamamoto               Ms. Patricia E. Chappell        Ms. Darnette Guzman                 Patrocinia G. Laca                                                     Warner
Ronald & Judy Yamamoto             Mr. & Mrs. Marvin E. Char       Ms. Della N. Hable                  Ms. Cindy M. Lam
Mr. Vernon K. Yamane               Mr. & Mrs. Richard H.W. Cheng   Dorothy Susan Hall                  Mrs. Linda Y. Lambrecht                                      Mahalo to those
Mr. Edwin T. Yamashiro             Ms. Mei Cheo                    Mr. Jason W. Hanawalt               Mr. & Mrs. Russ L. Larson                                    who made the
Mrs. Elaine Yamashita              Mr. & Mrs. Rex K.K. Cheung      Charles & Lois Hanohano             Brian Y. Lau
                                                                                                                                                                    Hawaii HBO
Mr. & Mrs. Henry T. Yamashita      Ms. Madeline M. Chiba           Mr. & Mrs. Tetsuo Harano            Ms. Anita Lau-Kalua
Ms. Sheila S. Yamato               Mr. Michael T. China            Ms. Frances R. Hardy                Ms. Janet K. Ledbetter                                       Premiere of “By
Mr. Paul N. Yasuda                 Chinese Lutheran Church of      Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Harrison       Mr. Brian F. Lee                                             the People: The
Mr. & Mrs. Michael S. Yasui           Honolulu                     Mr. Alan K. Hashimoto               Ms. Colleen Lee                  Election of Barack Obama” a special evening for
Mr. & Mrs. Donald S. Yasutake      Ms. Cecilia P.V. Ching          Mr. & Mrs. Harold S. Hashizume      Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Lee
                                   Mr. Clayton Ching                                                                                    the “Obama Ohana.”
Mr. Alan Yee                                                       Mr. Steven S. Haugan                Ms. Masako Lee
Mr. Allan N.L. Yee                 Ms. Helen Ching                 Mr. & Mrs. John W. Hawkins          Ms. Reina A. Lee                 • David Castro, Director of Corporate Affairs
Mr. Bryan J.Y. Yee                 Mr. Robin R. Ching              Mr. Gerald K.C. Hee                 Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Lee              & Regional Public Relations, HBO
Mrs. Constance Yee                 Ms. Sylvia Chock                Ms. Jean S. Hee                     Ms. Agnes M. Leinau              • Nate Smith, President, Oceanic Time Warner
Ms. Lily Y.H. Yee                  Gordon & Vivian Chong           Mr. Manfred Henningsen              Mr. Clayton Leong                • Mayor Mufi Hannemann
Mr. Marvin Yee                     Kelvin Chong                    Mrs. Paula M. Hibbs                 Ms. Kathleen K.M. Leong
Mr. Raymond M. Yonamine            Mr. Rodney S. Chong             Mrs. Joy S.A. Higa                  Mr. & Mrs. Richard Leong
                                                                                                                                        • Willie K.
Mr. Bert K Yorita                  Patricia K. Chun                Mrs. Merle S. Hinazumi              Ms. Jacqueline J. Levandoski
                                   Carlton Chung                                                                                        Attendees donated 718 pounds of food and
Mr. & Mrs. Katsumi Yoshida                                         Thomas & Doeann Hines               Ms. Lisa A. Limon-Fraser
Ms. Rene Yoshida                   Ms. Eloise Kuuleionaona         Mr. Francis H. Hirashiki            Judy and Dennis Lind             $232.00. HBO also presented a $5,000 check to
                                      Coachman                                                                                          the Foodbank.
Mrs. Lanette K. Yoshioka                                           Ms. Kristie N. Hirota               David & Nancy Lisignoli
                                   Mr. Peter T Coleman Jr.
Harold & Irene Yoshizaki                                           Ms. Gail R. Hirozawa                Mr. & Mrs. Gilario D. Liwanag
                                   Ms. Dorothy C. Cooper
Mrs. Ann M. Young                                                  Mr. Earl N. Hisatomi                Mrs. Hope M. Lopez              Keith Nagata                      Leroy & Primrose Punua
                                   Ms. Alice H. Cripps
Donald & Judith Young                                              Mr. Gregory Ho                      Ms. Cynthia L. Luebbers         Mrs. Lorie Ann Nagata             Mr. & Mrs. Adolfo Rafer
                                   Mrs. Miki M. Crisp
Hung Lum Young                                                     Mr. John Hochroth                   G. Luke                         Ms. Kelly F. Nakahara             Randall M. L. Yee, AAL, A Law
                                   Ms. Tina Cross
Mr. & Mrs. James E. Young                                          Mr. & Mrs. Russel Honda             Mr. & Mrs. William C.W. Lum     Mr. & Mrs. Ronald M. Nakai           Corporation
                                   Millicent A. Cruz
Stan & Janet Zisk                                                  Mrs. and Mr. Karen K Hong           Ms. Arlen Taguchi Lung          Mrs. Dora T. Nakamaru             Ronald & Lisa Rapozo
                                   Mr. & Mrs. Ward P. Cullen
                                                                   Ms. Shirley M. Hord                 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Lynch                                           Chatchawal Rattana
ANNIVERSARY CLUB                   Mr. John J. Dancik                                                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Gary H. Nakamatsu
$50 to $99                                                         Mr. Rex Robert Hovey                Mrs. Diane C. MacDonald         Dennis & Arlene Nakamoto          Mrs. Liliane Reasor
                                   Ms. Kristie J. Davis
Ms. Barbara J. Abe                                                 Ms. Christina T. Hulihee            Mrs. Jo-Ann A. Machida          Ms. Cheryl M. Nakamura -Dung      Jane & James Redmond
                                   Ms. Alice K. Decosterd
Mr. Rudy Agcaoili and Ms.                                          Mr. & Mrs. John Hung                Mr. Gary H. Manago              Mr. & Mrs. Goro Nakamura          Mrs. Carlton Rehr
                                   Mrs. Raquel Deguzman
   Linda Osakoda                                                   Ms. Maria Theresa Silva Hunt        Mr. David P. Manthei            Mr. & Mrs. Russell Nakamura       Ms. Laura Reichhardt
                                   Mr. & Mrs. James R. Delmonte
Mr. John A.K. Ah Chong Jr.                                         Mrs. Lana Huntington                Ms. Heide Mar                   Mr. & Mrs. Dennis M. Nakashima    Charles F. Reindollar
                                   Mrs. Elisa I. Delos Santos
Mr. Peter Ahlo                                                     If Can, Can                         Miss Alice E. Martensen         Norman & Bonnie Nam               Mr. & Mrs. Alan L. Renninger
                                   Leegayle Denton and Anna M.
Ms. Joan C. Aiu                       Campbell                     Stacey A. Imamura                   Mrs. Gina L. Marting            David and Marlan Nashiwa          Mr. Ron Richards
Ryan & Nola Akee                   Mr. Noel E. Des Jardins         Michael & Sharon Inake              Mrs. Dawn K. Marugame           Network For Good                  Mr. & Mrs. Domingo Rilveria
Mr. & Mrs. Harry K. Aki, Jr.       Ms. Jo Ann Dillabaugh           Mrs. Jacqueline Ingamells           Mr. Joseph R. Masiero           Oanh T. Nguyen                    Mrs. Erma C. Riodil
Mrs. Lea E. Albert                 Mrs. Katherine M. Doctorello    Mr. Kenneth Y. Inuma                Mrs. Diane K. Masuda            Mrs. Deena N. Nichols             Mrs. Patricia T. Rodrigues
Mr. George Almeida                 Norman S. Doi                   Mrs. Laura Y. Itokazu               Mr. Harold Miroslav Mateja      Mr. Norman Nicolson               Louis & Josette Rosof
Maura C. Alvaro                    Mr. & Mrs. David K.H. Dung      Ms. Helen N. Iwatani                D. Matsumoto                    Mrs. Joan U. Nihei                Sook Ross
Ms. Tammy Antonio                  Mr. & Mrs. Benedict T. Duong    Mr. Kenneth N. Izuo                 Ms. Gwendolyn L. Matsunaga      Ms. Myra M. Nip                   Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Sakai
Anuenue School                     Ms. Michele F. Durant           Mr. Damien Jacklick                 Mr. & Mrs. Harry H. Matsuno     Ms. Linda E. Nishiki              Ms. Regina Sakamoto
Santiago & Teresita Aquino         Mrs. Carmen Dusza               Mrs. and Mr. Shirley L. Jackson     Ms. Shirley C. Matsuura         Mr. Wayne S. Nishimoto            Randolph & Stephanie Sakauye
Ms. Dorothy F. Aragaki             Mr. Kendrick G. Dwyer           Mr. Thomas F. Jackson               Ms. Carol Lynn McAllister       Mr. & Mrs. Ronald M. Noguchi      Mr. Michael Sakurada
Mr. Edward F. Arca                 Ms. Esther E. Dye               Ms. Kristina P. Jenness             Mr. & Mrs. Ricky D. Mefford     Mr. Jerry K. Nomura               Ms. Peggy L. Sale
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy R.              Ms. Lurline Dysart              Ms. Marian A. Jewell                Ms. Diane L. Melvin             Ms. Diane Oda                     Ms. Nelia M. Samson
   Armstrong                                                       Mr. Raymond M. Joao                 Mr. Nestor Mercado              Mr. & Mrs. William M. Oda         Ms. Lilia Santiago
                                   Mr. Craig Emberson
Ms. Nicole Arnold                                                  Ms. Mary Beth Johnson               Mrs. Georgette A. Meyer         Mr. Stephen Odo                   Ms. Eva P. Santos
                                   Ms. Laureen M. Enoki
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Arnold                                        Ms. Nancy A. Johnson                Mrs. Myrna Miguel               Ricarte and Delma Ofilas          Tony & Flo Scanlan
                                   Ms. Ernestine K. Enomoto
Ms. Mildred Arucan-Masunaga                                        Mrs. Virginia Jordan                Ms. Sachi Miki                  Ms. Suzanne Ogawa                 Ms. Martha Scheller
                                   Mrs. Elena C. Equila
Ms. Patricia Atienza                                               Ms. Suzanne K. Kahoohanohano        Mr. & Mrs. Andrew J. Miller     Mr. James T. Okabe                Ms. Kayla Schlaich
                                   Ms. Shelly J. V. Esmeralda
Mr. George E.K. Awai, Jr.                                          Mr. & Mrs. Henry K. Kanahele, Jr.   Ms. Jacquelin N. Miller         Ms. Tiffany M. Okada              Mr. Darrell Schuetz
                                   Mr. & Mrs. Alberto Espino
Ms. Tina A.H. Awakuni                                              Yoneko Z. Kanaoka                   Ms. Susan Miller Lee            Ms. Amy Okamoto                   Craig & Estrella Seese
                                   Mr. Peter Farstrup
Jeaneen P. Baggett                                                 Mr. & Mrs. Kirby Kane               Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Minder        Judy & Blake Okimoto              Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Segovia
                                   Ms. Mildred L. Fernandez
Mrs. Virginia P. Bail                                              Ms. Marlene T. Kaneshiro            Mrs. Ginger L. Miner            Brian and Mary Okimoto            Gregg A. Shimomura, M.D.
                                   Mr. Richard Fernandez
Sai Ping MAT Bajinting                                             Mrs. Charity Kanetoku               Mr. Charles Andrew Mitchell     Mr. & Mrs. Norman H. Okimoto      Randy & Susan Shimotsu
                                   First Unitarian Church of
Clifford M. Balmilero                 Honolulu                     Mr. & Mrs. Samuel C. Kaomea         Dr. and Mrs. Mark R. Mitchell   Ms. Wanda Joy Okita               Mr. Calvin Y. Shiroma
Bank of the Orient                 Mrs. Jan Marie L. Fraga         Mr. Clyde T. Kashimoto              Mr. James G. Mitton             Ms. Barbara O’Nale                Ms. Mary Jo Silbernagle
Mr. Benji Bautista                 Paulette L. Franklin            Kauluwela Elementary School         Ms. Carol Miura                 Mr. & Mrs. Dean Ornellas          Nicolette L. Silberstein
Mrs. Carmen C. Bearis              Jonnie Frazier                  Mr. & Mrs. Ray L. Kawaguchi         Mr. Lawrence F. Miwa            Doreen V. Otaguro                 Mrs. Alison Simmons
Ms. Healani M. Beck                Ms. Jan L. Fried                Ms. Shirley Kawashige               Ms. Betty S. Miyachi            Mr. James H. Ouchi                Mrs. Joan Sindiong
Lionel & Mitzie Bernson            Mr. Raymond Fujii               Mr. & Mrs. Yasuhiko Kawawaki        Ms. Jeri K. Miyashiro           Ms. Gwen Pacarro                  Ms. Susan K. S. Siu
Mr. & Mrs. Max L. Besenbruch       Mr. Gordon M. Fujimoto          Mr. David W.C. Kea                  Ms. Sharon L. Miyazaki          Ms. Lori Pacarro                  April R. Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Charles F. Blair        Mrs. Lauren Allison Fujimoto    Ms. Odetta Puanani Kealoha          Mr. Darryl M. Mizusawa          Mrs. Delia Puyaoan Pagaduan       Mrs. Shirley M. Soma
Ms. Maria B. Bonquin               Ms. Bernice Fujiwara            Ms. Connie Chong Kee                Ms. Gladys L. Monroe            Ms. Diane M. Paiva                Mr. & Mrs. Song
Mr. Nahaku Brown                   Ms. Mildred H. Fujiyama         Dr. and Dr. Bruce J. Keller         Ms. Patricia Ann Lloyd Moore    Ms. Gail K. T. Pang               Ms. Ingrid E.K. Spillner
Gerald & Anita Bruce               Ken & Sandra Fukuji             Ms. Aileen T. Kikuchi               Morgan Stanley                  Ms. Janelle Ann Pang              Michael B. Staal
Mr. & Mrs. Jon J. Bryan            Ms. Florence Garza              Ms. Marianne M.O. Kimura            Art and Val Mori                Victor and Lillian Parina         Ms. Patricia Storino
Ms. Leilani Bunag                  Ms. Mary Jean Giannelli         Mr. Randall M. Kimura               Mrs. Janet Y. Morikawa          Ms. Susan F. Pauley               Malo A. Sua
Mr. & Mrs. James M. Burgoyne       Shinye Gima                     Ms. Jean King                       Mr. Chase T. Morita             Mr. Gregory A. Pearson            Ms. Kimiko Sugamura
Mrs. and Mr. Raquel V Cadiz        Girl Scout Troop 275            Mrs. Cora S. Kinney                 Ms. Susan K. Morita             Ralph & Debbie Phillips           Mr. Robert I. Sumiye
William & Milaflor Caliedo         Ms. Cecile Goo                  Richard & Barbara Klemm             Ms. Mae Moriwaki                Mr. & Mrs. Charles J. Pignataro   Ms. Wanda Suster
Mrs. Angeline I. Camello           Dr. Cyril K. Goshima            Mark D. Kobayashi                   Mr. & Mrs. Michael F. Morris    Mrs. Francisca Pilar              Mr. Wayne M. Suzuki
Mrs. Dolores A. Canas-Almaraz      Ms. Eleanor Y. Goto             Ms. Martha L. Kozlowski             Mr. Howard Y. Murai             Mrs. Cynthia K. Poe               Mr. & Mrs. Fred J. Tadda
Marcelina R. Carlos                Mr. Clarence L. Gouveia         Mr. Glenn Krause                    Dean M. Murakami                Gene & Maxine Pollock             Mr. Kiley Tahara
Dr. Paul J. Carry and Mrs. Linda   Mr. Christopher J. Grandy       Mr. David Krumie                    William & Connie Muse           Mr. Robert J. Porter              Ms. H. Joann Takahashi
   Carry                                                           Mr. Dexter C. Kubota                Ms. Lori L.K. Nadalini                                            Mr. & Mrs. Erik Takai
                                   Mr. & Ms. Reynaldo D. Graulty                                                                       Ms. Josephine K. Prescott
Ms. Pam R. Carvalho                                                Ms. Diane M. Kunimura               Ms. Jill Nagamine                                                 Mr. & Mrs. Rodney Takakawa
                                   Ms. Cecilia Graybeal                                                                                Mr. Saint T. Pule

  8                                                                                                                                                                       FOODBANK REVIEW

Mr. Fred T. Takakuwa            GIFT DONORS                              In honor of Joel Tsuchitori
Mrs. Gale A. Takamiya           Gift in support of James Corliss, Race      Mr. & Mrs. David K. Tsuchitori
Mr. Roy R. Takamune               for Hunger                             In honor of Mrs. Norma M. Uyeda
Ms. Georgia Takasane              Anonymous                                 Mr. Dennis Uyeda
Mrs. Joyce T. Takata            Gift for Evan Louis Weber                MEMORIAL DONORS                          Macy’s “Come+Together” Campaign
Ms. Keli Takenaga                 Mr. James W. Pearce
                                                                         In memory of Dolores B. Alania           Congratulations to the staff at Macy's on the completion of
Ms. Karen K. Tamayose           Gift for Marcie Muehlke & Brian             Mr. Maximo C. Alania, Jr.
                                  Yellen’s Wedding                                                                their first nationwide “Come+Together” campaign. In Hawaii,
Ms. Audrey N. Tanaka              Anonymous                              In memory of Aunty Louise
Vuong Tang                        Mr. Seth Leibson                          Ms. Sandra J. Thornton                “Come+Together” collected monetary donations for the
Mrs. Kathleen M. Tanji            Mr. Andrew Wachtenheim                 In memory of Roburt Avola
Ross & Joyce Tanoue                                                         Rolfing Works Hawaii                  Hawaii Foodbank through the “World's Largest Dinner Party,”
                                HONOR DONORS                             In memory of Thomas & Annie Beck         the sale of “Shop for a Cause” tickets, a culinary event with Top
Ms. Victoria T. Tarantino
                                In honor of Mrs. Shizue Akiyama             Ms. Cynthia L. Luebbers
Ms. Gayla N. Tarumoto              Judy & Blake Okimoto                                                           Chef contestant, Spike Mendelsohn and a fashion show
Mr. & Mrs. Hugh J Taufaasau                                              In memory of Jose Caban, Sr.
                                   Mr. & Mrs. Kevin J.Y. Unemori            Ms. Jo Ann C. Kaneshiro               featuring the latest trends for Fall. Though campaign totals for
Mr. Justus F. Taylor            In honor of all the Hawaii Foodbank      In memory of Joseph Camplone
Emiliano and Jean Temblor          volunteers                               Anonymous
                                                                                                                  Hawaii have not been released, Macy’s will donate matching
Mr. Jesse H. Terpstra, Jr.         Mr. Larky Marumoto                                                             funds to provide 10 million meals across America.
                                                                         In memory of Erwin C. Carranza
Ms. Patricia Ann Thielen        In honor of Arnold Chun’s 70th              Mrs. Erma C. Riodil
Ms. Susan H. Thies                 birthday
                                   David and Marlan Nashiwa              In memory of Anna Spencer Castro
Ms. Carole H. Toguchi                                                       Anonymous
                                In honor of Paul Ban
Vance R. Tokumoto                                                        In memory of Pam G.S. Chang           In memory of Gerry &           ConAgra Foods                    Macy's
                                   Mr. Spencer Adams
Ms. Michelle W.L. Tom              Anonymous                                Anonymous                             Mabel Santiago              Corner Stone Dairy               Mars Petcare, USA
Mr. Myron K. Tom                   Friends of P. Ban                     In memory of Robert and Fannie Choy      Ms. Jackie J. Kekahuna      Costco Wholesale                 Matson Navigation Company,
Ms. Gayle L. Torres                Ms. Pam Ginoza                           Philip & Cynthia Young             In memory of Mr. Michael       Cytosports, Inc.                    Inc.
Ms. Amy Tousman                    Mr. and Ms. Reynaldo D. Graulty       In memory of Hyun Chung                  Santos                                                       Mead Johnson and
                                                                                                                  Mr. Michael Sakurada        D. Otani Produce Company
Mrs. Alice S. Toyooka              Ms. Stephanie L. Hisatake                Mrs. Jo-Anne L. Nakamoto                                                                              Company, Inc.
                                                                                                               In memory of James R.          DFS Galleria
Mr. Daniel R. Tranzillo            Ms. Shirley M. Hord                   In memory of Jay Patrick Durant                                                                       Meadow Gold Dairies, Inc.
                                   Mr. & Mrs. Ray L. Kawaguchi                                                    Silva, Sr. & Jr.            DISA - Pac Goods
                                                                            Mr. & Mrs. Tom Fanning                                                                             Muslim Association of
Mrs. Quinta L. Trow                Ms. Jean S. Kiyabu                                                             Mrs. Gwen M. Silva          Dole Food Company
                                                                            Ms. Balbi A. Brooks                                                                                   Hawaii
Mrs. Agnes A. Uemura               C. K. Miyakawa                           Judie & Richard Malmgren           In memory of sister Maria         Hawaii
                                                                                                                                                                               NAPA Auto
Mr. & Mrs. Alan Y. Ueno            Mr. & Mrs. Stanley T. Seki               Mr. & Mrs. Gerald M.K. Pang           Natividad, Dominador        Don Quijote, Inc.
                                                                                                                  Natividad                                                    Nestle Purina
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin J.Y. Unemori      Mrs. Bess T. Tanabe                      Ms. Patti C. Singlehurst                                          Finest Food Company, Inc.
                                   Mr. & Mrs. Pieper J. Toyama                                                    Anonymous                                                    Nestle, USA
Mr. Michael S. Unglesbee                                                 In memory of Teodoro Felix                                           First Hawaiian Bank
                                In honor of John Edmunds                    Mrs. Celine M. Felix               In memory of Connie &                                           Northwest Airlines
Mr. Ray A. Vandevender                                                                                                                        Five-O Marketing Services,
                                   Mr. & Mrs. Dennis H. Vaughn                                                    Harold Spear                   Inc.                          Oahu Vending and
Mrs. Trisha K. Vandevender                                               In memory of Goldberry                   Mr. & Mrs. Failautusi
                                In honor of Sam Edwards                                                                                                                           Amusement Company
Orlo G. Vedder                                                              Mr. & Mrs. Alan F. Eckel              Avegalio                    Food Pantry
                                   Anonymous                                                                                                                                   Office of Community
Ms. Pamela A. Velose                                                     In memory of Dora Edith Gouveia       In memory of Stanley           Foodland Supermarkets,              Services
                                In honor of Joan Hori                       Mr. Clarence L. Gouveia               Hochroth, your dad             Ltd.
Mr. & Mrs. Ricardo F. Venzon                                                                                                                                                   Palama Holdings, LLC
                                   Anonymous                             In memory of Thelma Momi Harris          Mr. John Hochroth           Fresh Foods Hawaii, Inc.
Mr. Ronnie K.A. Vesperas           Dominic & Naomi Chow                                                                                                                        Parsons Brinckerhoff
                                                                            Ms. Georgiana K. Yuen              In memory of Edwin M.          Frito Lay of Hawaii                 Quade & Douglas, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. William N. Villa        Ms. Leanne M. Hirata                  In memory of L. D. Hodges                Tanabe                      Fung Associates
Ms. Dora Villeza                   Mr. Tom S. Dye                                                                                                                              Pearl Harbor Commissary
                                                                            Anonymous                             Anonymous                   General Mills, Inc.
Lethiea L. Von                     Mrs. Terry M. Nakamura                                                                                                                      People's Choice
                                                                         In loving memory of Kaila Tsutukawa   In memory of Patrick J.        Golden State Foods -
Mr. Douglas A. Waite               Ms. Mabel K. Suzuki                      and Robert Eric Nadel                 Topolski                                                     Pepperidge Farm
                                   Ricky & Patty Tanoue                                                                                          Hawaii
Mr. Steve L. Wallschlaeger                                                  Anonymous                             Ms. Victoria T. Tarantino                                    Pepsi Bottling Group -
                                   Ms. Susan H. Tokairin                                                                                      Goodwill Industries of              Hawaii
Ms. Karen C. Watabu                                                      In memory of Herbert Isonaga          In memory of your                 Honolulu
                                   Ms. Alexis A. Weatherl                                                         husband, Jaime                                               Procter & Gamble
Mrs. Betty S. Watanabe             Phyllis Wilhoite-Nakasone                Mrs. Suzanne S. Isonaga                                           Gouveia A. Sausage
                                                                                                                  Texie V. Javier                                                 Distribution Company
Mr. Ronald K. Watanabe          In honor of Buzz and Millie Joao         In memory of Florence C. Kam                                         Hawaii Bankers Coalition
                                                                            Anonymous                                                                                          Punahou School
Bob & Marlys Werle                 Anonymous                                                                   IN-KIND DONORS                 Hawaii FoodService               Quaker Oats
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel E. White    In honor of Dutch and Patty Joao         In memory of Fannie C. Kaneshige      $1,000 or More                    Alliance
                                                                            Ms. Lori L.K. Nadalini                                                                             Ralcorp Holdings, Inc.
Mrs. Lei White                     Anonymous                                                                   Edward Enterprises, Inc.       Hawaii Hunter Education
                                                                         In memory of Lorraine Kaneshiro                                         Association                   Ruby Tuesday
Mr. Michael L. Wilson           In honor of Masayuki Kamaura                                                   Horizon Lines
                                                                            Mr. Arthur T. Kaneshiro                                           Hawaiian Express Services,       Russell Stover Candies
Mr. & Mrs. Francis K. Won          Michael & Sharon Inake                                                      Sounds to Go
                                                                         In memory of Lou Levitas                                                Inc.                          S&K Sales Company
Mr. & Mrs. Carrington Wong      In honor of Frances Kunimura                                                   Central Pacific Bank
                                   Anonymous                                L.L.K. Foo                                                        Hershey's Chocolate              Safeway Food & Drug
Kendall J. Wong                                                                                                Hawaiian Springs, LLC             Company
                                In honor of Rev. Lona Lyons              In memory of M/M Julian Magsayo                                                                       Salvation Army ARC
Dr. Leslie K.L. Wong                                                        Anonymous                          FOOD DONORS                    HFM FoodService, Inc.
                                   Mrs. Lana Huntington                                                                                                                        Sam's Club
Mrs. Vivian K. Wong                                                      In memory of Dawn A. Miura            1,000 Pounds or More           Hickman Egg Ranch
                                In honor of Ms. Steph Miwa                                                                                                                     Schofield Barracks
Mr. Scott K. Wong                                                           Brian & Joyce Miura                A.I.G. Hawaii                  Ho Farms                            Commissary
Mr. Tony C.T. Wong                                                       In memory of Carol Morita             Abbott Nutrition               Hormel Foods                     Sky Distributors, LLC
                                In honor of My Brother
Ms. Michaelle A.R. Yamaguchi       Ms. Louise Kim                           Estate Administrative Services     Access Logistics, Ltd.         HPC Foods, Ltd.                  Staney Lakatani
Ms. Eleanor T. Yamasaki                                                     Mr. & Mrs. Russel Honda            Advantage Webco Hawaii         Insynergy Engineering            Star Markets
                                In honor of Mr. David J. Pontes             Ms. Joan M. Miyake
Ms. Henrietta Yap                  Mr. & Mrs. Troy Manago                                                      Akamai Pacific                 James D. Swoish, Inc.            System 2000
Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Yap                                                       Dr. and Mrs. Edward J. Morgan
                                In honor of Remle Winand & Andy             Anonymous                          Aloha Products                 Joe Kim Chee, Inc.               Taiyo, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Q.L. Yee        Birk’s wedding                           Norman & Carol Young               Aloun Farm, Inc.               Johnson Brothers of Hawaii       Tamura Supermarket
Ms. Misao Yim                      Anonymous                                                                   American Savings & Loan        K&K Distributors                 Target
                                                                         In memory of Patrick H. Murata
Mr. & Mrs. Andy D.Y. Yip           Mr. & Mrs. William P. Carpenter
                                                                            Anonymous                          Amerisource Bergen             Kale's Natural Foods             Territorial Savings
Eleanor & Roy Yogi                 Daniel J. Fischberg, M.D.
                                                                         In memory of Elizabeth Muse              Company, Inc.               Kaneohe Bay Shopping             The Freight Merchant
                                   Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Frazier
Mr. Hiromu Yogi                                                             William & Connie Muse              Armstrong Produce, Ltd.           Center                        The Pint Size Corporation
                                   T.G. & S.L. Frost
Ms. Tricia Yokochi                 Mrs. Tina Leong                       In memory of Mary M. O’Bryen          Arnold Chun                    Kaneohe MCAS                     Times Super Markets
Mrs. Ethel T. Yoshimura            G. Luke                                  Anonymous                          Bank of Hawaii                    Commissary
                                                                                                                                                                               Trisha Nomura/Grant
Mr. Alan Yoshino                   Ms. Kimberley J. Marlor               In memory of Baltazar Oritz           Belt Collins Hawaii            Kellogg's Sales Company, Inc.       Thorton, LLP
Philip & Cynthia Young             Ms. Heather Williams                     Mr. Michael T. Thayne and Mrs.     Bisek and Company, Inc.        Chase Sales Distribution, Inc.   TRS Unlimited
Ms. Georgiana K. Yuen              Mr. & Mrs. Gary Q.L. Yee                 Wanda S. Ortiz-Thayne                                             Kiewit Building Group
                                                                                                               Bumble Bee Foods, LLC                                           Uncle Ben's, Inc.
                                   Hicks Family Charitable Foundation    In memory of Patricia                                                Kimberly Clark
BIRTHDAY DONORS                                                                                                C&S Wholesale Grocers,                                          Unicold Corporation
                                In honor of Voyager Corporation /           Anonymous                             Inc.                           Corporation
For the birthday of Chris          Voyager Auto Sales                                                                                                                          Urban Works, Inc.
                                                                         In memory of Vera Blanchard Picard    Campbell Soup Company          Kober Hansen, Mitchell
  Anonymous                        Voyager Auto Sales                       Mr. Alan R. Picard                                                   Architect                     Waimalu Supermarket
                                                                                                               Central Pacific Bank                                            Walgreen's
For the birthday of Mr.         In honor of August Schubert              In memory of Poco                                                    Kraft Foods, Inc.
  Arnold Chun                      Dr. Robert Richmond                                                         Chan's Market                                                   Wheeler Elementary School
                                                                            Ms. Suzanne Ueno                                                  Kumu Farms
  Shizue Ishihara               In honor of Catherine Sniffen                                                  City and County of                                              Whole Foods Market
                                                                         In memory of Prix Grimm & David          Honolulu                    Longs Drugs Stores
  Anonymous                        Saint Andrew’s United Life Church        Armstrong                                                                                          Y. Hata and Company, Ltd.
  Ms. Linda E. Nishiki                                                                                         Coca-Cola Bottling             Love's Bakery
                                In honor of Lorraine Talbert                Ms. Emmylou Armstrong                                                                              You Produce Company
  Mr. & Mrs. Erik Takai                                                                                           Company of Hawaii           LT Associates, Inc.
                                   Mr. David Flynn                       In memory of Mr. Greg Rosario                                                                         YRC Logistics Hawaii
                                                                            Ms. Veronica R. Kaneko             Completely Fresh Foods         M&M Mars Company, Inc.

DECEMBER 2009                                                                                                                                                                                               9
                                                                           BRONSTER CRABTREE & HOSHIBATA CHECK PRESENTATION
                                                                           July 9, 2009, Hawaii Foodbank — Margery Bronster, Attorney at Law (second
                                                                           right) presented three checks totaling $127,689.29 on behalf of the Circuit Court of
                                                                           Hawaii. The Hawaii Foodbank received $77,689.29, accepted by President Dick
                                                                           Grimm (second from left), the Legal Aid Society of Hawaii, $25,000 accepted by
                                                                           Nalani Fujimori Kaina (left) and the Jan Brenner Foundation, $25,000 accepted by
                                                                           Jan Brenner (right).

May 27, 2009, Foodland Market City — Foodland presented proceeds
from two fundraising campaigns totaling $57,950.70 to the Hawaii
Foodbank on Oahu, The Food Basket on the Big Island, the Maui Food
Bank and the Kauai Food Bank. Monies raised were from Foodland's
annual “Bag Up Hunger” campaign and a sales promotion with Unilever
products in April 2009. Presenting the check from left were: Jenai Wall,
Chairman & CEO, Foodland Super Markets, Ltd. and Dave Choate,              FASHION'S NIGHT OUT
Regional Sales Manager, Unilever. Accepting for the Hawaii Foodbank        September 15, 2009, Neiman Marcus — The
from center were: Dick Grimm, President; Linda Chu Takayama, Chair         theme was “Food and Fashion” as Doug Jago,
and Noel Trainor, First Vice Chair. Accepting for The Food Basket on the   Visual Presentation Manager and Judy Yu, Visual
right was: Nani Lee, Executive Director.                                   Stylist proudly stood with their creative food display
                                                                           for Ala Moana Center's “Fashion's Night Out.”
                                                                           Neiman Marcus, Chanel, GAP, J. Crew-on-the-
ANNUAL CHARITY TOURNAMENT                                                  island, Michael Kors, Nordstrom, Prada and
August 14, 2009, Honolulu Country Club – Mr. Tomio Taki, Honolulu
                                                                           other merchants encouraged customers to bring
Country Club Chairman and CEO (right) presented donations of $25,000
                                                                           canned food donations on September 10 to enjoy
each from the Honolulu Country Club Foundation to Polly Kauahi,
                                                                           exclusive in-store events. A total of 831 pounds of
Hawaii Foodbank Director of Development (left) and Trini Kaopuiki of the
                                                                           food and $250 were collected to help feed the
KHON 2 Lokahi Caring Project (second from left). Also on hand for the
evening banquet and ceremonies was the “Ambassador of Aloha,” Danny
Kaleikini (second from right).

                                                                           MCINERNY FOUNDATION CHECK PRESENTATION
SLAVA'S SNOWSHOW                                                           October 1, 2009, Hawaii Foodbank — The McInerny Foundation made a generous
August 18, 2009, Hawaii Theatre — Slava, the star of “Slava's              donation to the Hawaii Foodbank with a $100,000 check presentation to Dick Grimm,
Snowshow”                                                                  Hawaii Foodbank President (left) and Noel Trainor, Hawaii Foodbank First Vice Chair
presented $4,050 to                                                        (second from left). Foundation representatives Peter Ho, Bank of Hawaii President
Dick Grimm, Hawaii                                                         (second from
Foodbank President                                                         right) and Nate
(left) with Tim                                                            Smith, owner
Bostock, Director of                                                       and partner of
Tim Bostock                                                                Smith Wong
Productions (right). A                                                     Projects (right)
portion of ticket sales                                                    made the
from the show's first                                                      donation in
night on August 12                                                         response to the
benefitted the Hawaii                                                      growing need for
Foodbank. A canned                                                         emergency food
food collection was                                                        in Hawaii. The
also held at the                                                           donation will help
Hawaii Theatre box                                                         distribute 78,740
office through the                                                         meals to the
show's run.                                                                hungry in Hawaii.

10                                                                                                                                      FOODBANK REVIEW
H o Farms was established in 1992, on a
40-acre produce farm on Oahu’s North
Shore. Each member of the Ho family is
actively involved in all aspects of the
business, as they strive to raise produce of
the highest quality and freshness. It is
produce they are proud to serve to
Hawaii’s families, as well as place at their
own table.
Ho Farms is one of the few food safety
certified farms in Hawaii that makes a
conscious effort to minimize use of
pesticides and chemicals to reduce the
farm's footprint on Oahu’s ecosystem. The
results are naturally healthier and better     The Ho family proudly showing their signature tomatoes, Japanese cucumbers and eggplants.
tasting food.
The Ho family grows Japanese cucumbers,        communities on Oahu. “Fresh fruits and                is surplus product. In the past, any product
long squash, eggplant and long beans.          vegetables are an important source of                 that didn’t meet supermarket standards was
Their signature products are specialty         nutrition for the families, seniors, homeless         discarded, essentially wasting the carbon
tomatoes renowned for their sweet flavor       and disabled the Hawaii Foodbank feeds. We            footprint used to generate the product. Now
and crisp texture. Tomato varieties include:   sincerely appreciate Ho Farms’ support and            through our collaborative efforts with the
Baby Roma, Cherry, Golden Grape, Grape         commitment to feeding Hawaii’s hungry by              Hawaii Foodbank and their partners, the
and Kahuku Golden.                             donating their surplus produce to the                 energy used to produce our products is in the
                                               Hawaii Foodbank,” said Mike Kajiwara,                 hands of the needy.”
Over the past two years, Ho Farms has
                                               Director of Product Donations. “I can see
donated over 110,000 pounds of fresh                                                                 You can find quality Ho Farms products at
                                               and feel their generosity and compassion in
produce to the Hawaii Foodbank. Produce                                                              Costco, Down to Earth, Kokua Market,
                                               their hard work on the farm.”
donations are sorted then distributed                                                                Foodland, Malama Market, Tamura’s Fine
through the Hawaii Foodbank Ohana              “Our donations are made possible by the               Wine, Whole Foods and Safeway stores.
Produce Program. Last year, the program        community's support for local produce” said           You may also find them on occasion at the
distributed 1.8 million pounds of fresh        Neil Ho. “With local produce in demand,               Blaisdell and Kapiolani Community
fruits and vegetables to 23 underserved        there is a market, and with a market, there           College Farmer’s Markets.

A pril 30, 2009 — Employees of the State
Farm Insurance Companies raised a total of
$3,025 and 1,655 pounds of food from their
companywide food drive. Team competitions
were held between five Claim units in Mililani
and the Honolulu Operation Centers. The trophy winner: Team Spires with
561.5 pounds. Coming in second place was the Estimatics unit, Team
Honolulu weighing in at just over 500 pounds. All participating teams were
rewarded with an ice cream party. In all, State Farm employees increased
their food donations from last year by more than 800 percent!
Presenting the check and food to Hawaii Foodbank Director of
Development Polly Kauahi (second from right) were from left Carolyn
Fujioka, Director of Public Affairs Hawaii; Kaina Kauahi, State Farm Agent
Mapunapuna and Steven McGehee, Auto Claim Representative.

DECEMBER 2009                                                                                                                                    11
Nourishing Body and Soul
Jade Moon

                             Working with the Hawaii Foodbank             on the faces of those little kids in Waipahu. You are the reason many
                                is an interesting way to stay grounded.   of our at-risk elderly are able to carry on day after day. And you are
                                I discovered this once again as I         the reason many scared moms and dads are able to say to their kids,
                                followed a flatbed truck filled with      “Don’t worry, everything will be all right.”
                                nonperishable edibles around
                                                                          As a person who has not always had enough—food, money,
                                Waipahu. Watching the burly men on
                                                                          security—I can attest to the power of generosity. In my own life, I
                                board distribute food was a little
                                                                          was fortunate to have been on the receiving end of generosity. It
                                reality check for me. Each time the
                                                                          didn’t feel good at the time to be in a position of weakness. I
                                truck stopped and the children came
                                                                          remember feeling helpless, poor and scared. But today I can look
                                running, I got a little lump in my
                                                                          back and say it was the generosity of people who didn’t even know
                                throat. The kids were followed by the
                                                                          me that gave me hope. It gave me strength at a time when I needed it
seniors, some with canes or leaning on strollers. Then the moms and
                                                                          most. It made me determined to survive, succeed and earn a place in
a few dads joined the little crowds circling around the truck, peering
                                                                          life that would give me an opportunity to give back.
at the offerings as if they were gold.
                                                                          As we plan our holidays, we are also examining our shrinking
And they were right. The value of canned corn and boxes of cereal
                                                                          budgets and diminishing expectations. But let us remember to add a
couldn’t be measured solely in dollars and cents. For the people in
                                                                          little something to our list for people who are even worse off than we
these depressed communities, food is a precious gift. A reason to be
                                                                          are. These times are hard for so many. But they don’t have to be
happy, a way to keep little bodies fueled and older bodies strong
                                                                          impossibly bleak, especially for the children.
enough to stay healthy. Food in this context is more than bodily
sustenance; it is nourishment for the soul. What the Hawaii Foodbank      The Hawaii Foodbank is my way of giving back. I love that so many
offers these people is the promise that they are not forgotten, that we   of you feel the same. Let’s carry on the good fight and help feed
will be there for those who fall behind during difficult times.           Hawaii’s hungry.
As we enter the holiday season I am hoping for a couple of things.        Mahalo to all of you, our Hawaii Foodbank donors and to the people
                                                                          who work so hard to make the Foodbank successful. We cannot do
First and foremost, I look to you, our Foodbank loyalists, to continue
                                                                          any of it without your kind, loving and generous hearts.
your excellent and generous support. You are the reason I saw smiles

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      PA I D
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  Non-Profit Org.                                                                                 2611 Kilihau Street
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