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                                           Grievance Procedure
                                           (For Staff Grades 1-5)

1.       Principles

1.1      It is expected that where a member of staff has a grievance they will raise this in the
         first instance normally with their line manager, with a view to resolving the matter
         informally. The objective of this procedure is to provide an opportunity for a member
         of staff to formally raise an individual grievance, when the normal and customary
         channel of discussion with their line manager is unable to resolve the issue. This
         procedure cannot be used to challenge decisions taken through the recruitment
         process nor can it be used to substitute or extend the appeal function in other
         procedures. This procedure will apply to grievances involving issues of perceived
         harassment and bullying (except in issues concerning equal opportunities).

1.2      A grievance must be raised under Stage 1 of the procedure within 3 months of the
         alleged incident which has given rise to the grievance, or within 3 months of when the
         member of staff could reasonably be expected to have had knowledge of the act
         complained of, whichever is the sooner. In exceptional cases, where it appears just
         and equitable to do so, a grievance may be permitted outside this time limit.

1.3      An individual’s grievance will be examined as quickly as possible with a view to
         resolution at as early a stage as possible. Where a line manager is the source of the
         grievance, or it is otherwise inappropriate for the person to deal with the matter, the
         grievance may be raised directly with the next line manager.

1.4      At all stages of the procedure the member of staff (and any person against whom the
         grievance lies) will be given the opportunity to state his or her case and have the right
         to be assisted by a representative of a recognised trade union or a University

1.5      The member of staff may normally request one adjournment on the grounds that they
         are unable to arrange representation for a hearing, or that on reasonable grounds
         they require more time to prepare their case.

1.6      Written records will be held of meetings relating to the issue.

1.7      Upon receipt of a written grievance, the appropriate line manager should establish the
         facts promptly. A clear written record should be made of the issues raised or
         discussed and an accurate record of action taken and the matters still in dispute
         should be made for the next stage of the procedure.

1.8      Where a disciplinary matter is ongoing and a subsequent grievance relating to that
         matter is raised the disciplinary process will normally take precedence. Where a
         grievance is lodged prior to a disciplinary process relating to the matter, then the
         grievance will continue to be heard, unless the disciplinary offence is of a serious
         nature. Where necessary, the Director of Human Resources will adjudicate on any
         such issue.

1.9      The procedure provides a mechanism to solve problems and no member of staff shall
         suffer any form of victimisation as a result of a grievance raised in good faith. Any

Approved by Senate : 12 April 2011                                                   Page 1 of 3
Implementation Date : 1 August 2011                                                  PD/06-11/23
         complaint of victimisation will be dealt with seriously, promptly and confidentially.
         Victimisation will result in disciplinary action and may warrant dismissal. Nothing in
         the procedure may be construed as diminishing the rights in law of a member of staff.

1.10     Anyone who is responsible for dealing with a grievance should receive appropriate
         guidance and support, including guidance in equality of opportunity as issues relating
         to discrimination may be identified under this procedure. They will also be provided
         with professional advice by a Personnel representative.

1.11     This Procedure may be varied, where the University considers that it is necessary, to
         ensure fairness. Any such change will be subject to consultation with the appropriate
         trade unions. The University reserves the right to digress from this procedure in so
         far as it may be inconsistent with its legal obligations as employer and/or the legal
         rights of the individual employee.

2.       Stage One:

2.1      Where a member of staff is aggrieved on a matter, the individual shall in the first
         instance raise the matter in writing with their line manager making it clear that they
         wish to invoke the first stage of the grievance procedure. The line manager will invite
         the member of staff to a meeting to discuss the issue and if the member of staff
         wishes, they may be assisted by a representative of a recognised trade union or a
         University colleague. The purpose of this stage of the procedure is to resolve matters
         without recourse to more formal proceedings. The line manager shall deal with the
         matter normally within 10 working days of receipt of the written grievance and record
         the outcome of the grievance. Where the grievance involves an equal opportunities
         matter, the grievance will be dealt with the involvement of the Equal Opportunities

3.       Stage Two:

3.1      If the matter remains unresolved, or if the member of staff remains aggrieved they
         must notify their line manager in writing who will confirm receipt of the grievance in
         writing, normally within 5 working days of being notified. Where the grievance
         involves an equal opportunities matter, the grievance will be dealt with the
         involvement of the Equal Opportunities Manager.

3.2      A Panel will meet to deal with the grievance normally within 20 working days. The
         line manager will notify the Personnel Manager who will arrange the Panel. The
         Panel will comprise of the next manager in line from the manager at stage one, a
         representative of the Personnel Department and one other manager. The Panel will
         consider representation from the member of staff and the line manager and any other
         information deemed appropriate. The member of staff may be accompanied at this
         meeting by a University colleague or a representative of a recognised trade union.
         After the meeting the member of staff shall be notified within 10 working days, of the
         University’s decision in response to the grievance, the reasons for the decision, the
         proposed action to deal with the grievance and the right to appeal.

         A member of staff intending to appeal shall notify the Personnel Manager in writing,
         within 10 working days (may be extended in exceptional circumstances) from the date
         that they were notified of the University’s decision, and should set out the grounds of
         the appeal.

Approved by Senate : 12 April 2011                                                  Page 2 of 3
Implementation Date : 1 August 2011                                                 PD/06-11/23
4.       Appeal

4.1      An Appeal Hearing will normally be held no later than 30 working days from the date
         on which the member of staff is notified of the University’s decision.

4.2      Appeal Panels shall be established by the Personnel Manager and shall consist of 3
         persons, none of whom shall previously have had any involvement with the case.
         The Panel will consist of the appropriate Head of School or Director or their nominee,
         the Personnel Manager (or nominee) and another senior manager from a different
         area. Where appropriate an Equal Opportunities Officer will be included on the
         Appeal Panel.

4.3      The Personnel Department will notify the member of staff in writing of the hearing and
         of their right to be represented by a University colleague or representative of a
         recognised trade union. At least 10 working days notice will be given of the hearing.

4.4      At the hearing, the Panel will, if it deems it appropriate, receive evidence from
         relevant witnesses, including the aggrieved individual, and hear submissions from the
         member of staff and the line manager(s). Without good cause, new grievances
         cannot be considered at this stage nor can evidence, which in the view of the Panel
         could have been made available at an earlier stage.

4.5      The Appeal Panel shall give a reasoned decision in writing which shall be provided to
         the member of staff. The Panel may uphold or revoke the original decision and will
         recommend further action, if appropriate, to the Director of Human Resources.

4.6      The decision of the appeal panel shall be final.

Approved by Senate : 12 April 2011                                                 Page 3 of 3
Implementation Date : 1 August 2011                                                PD/06-11/23

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