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									                   London Homelessness Outreach Network – Meeting Agenda – Sept 14, 2011

1) Introductions

      a. Camille, Nadine, Colleen, Shannon, Alexis, Abe, Daniel, Michelle, James

2) Review Purpose:

      a. We are a diverse group of individuals with diverse talents, but with a common desire to take action on
         issues around homelessness in London, Ontario. Recognizing the complexity of the issues, we seek to
         work at multiple levels, including policy, public perceptions, and personal relationships. Rather than
         creating infrastructure for the group, our desire is to partner with others, lending our time and talents to
         build upon the positive work already being done within our community.

3) Community Activities – Abe

      a. Davy Scarrow memorial – Thurs Sept 15, 11am, John Gordon Home

      b. October provincial election

                i. Platform for candidates

      c. Grit Uplifted – Call for submissions, 2nd edition

                i. Please put up posters for GRIT at agencies, talk it up with clients

      d. London Homeless Coalition – Monday Oct 3, City Hall, 10am-noon

4) Review of Current Projects:

      a. Grit Uplifted Magazine – Kelly

                i. Kelly is currently the driving force behind the magazine. We are trying to make the magazine

                     self-sufficient so that it can carry on effortlessly. We are building strong relationships with

                     agencies currently doing artwork so that submissions come in easily. A template of the magazine

                     has been made by Danielle Robb and we have access to this, so the layout, program, and

                     template can be carried on. The greatest need right now is money: it costs about $1000/edition

                     for printing. Is corporate advertising an option? Or can we have agencies buy the magazine for

                     $1 and have the agencies sell the magazine for $2? Camille suggested that perhaps agencies

                     could donate money, or purchase a spot to place their logo on the magazine. LIHC has an

                     account set up for the magazine. Kelly is doing a Tuesday and a Saturday writing group and is

                     looking for volunteers to help with those groups, particularly for the long run and who might be
             able to take over when she goes. The group meets Tuesdays 2-4 at LIHC, and Saturday 2-4 at

             Central Library.

b. Street-level Health Care – Abe

          i. A System mapping exercise taking place: involves everyone involved with street level and

             homeless health care to see what is being done and what is not. There is funding to do this, a

             consultant, and 53 individuals already participating. There will be an ask for people to put their

             name forward who would like to be involved in the next steps, particularly in reviewing overlaps

             and gaps. Sept 28th, at the Kinsmen arena, 8:30-11:30am.

c. Running Group – Alexis

          i. First actual run last week. Runs every Friday at 3pm, dinner at 5 pm. 2 youth ran, they enjoyed

             it, participation will grow as the runs continue. Met with LIHC to talk about promoting, they

             have offered to put up posters and talk it up. Greatest need: running clothes, socks.

d. World Homeless Action Day, Oct 10 – Abe & Jeremy

          i. Goal: spread the message about challenges of finding affordable housing in London. 9 year wait

             for social housing, average market rent is $612 for 1 person, OW housing allowance is $356.

                 1. 30 volunteers coming for the day, including someone with scaffolding. Pay it forward

                     productions, Metro, London Community News, Rogers, will be attending. The structure

                     will be 30 feet tall. Hudson Boatworks is providing boxes, 3M has donated duct tape.

                     There is now a website:

                 2. Looking for a faith group to serve a meal, cook a meal off-site, serve it on site… does

                     anyone have connections?

                 3. Public Figure invites: Louise Stevens, Joe Fontana, Ross Fair, Abe to approach the


e. National Housing Day, Nov 22 – Abe

          i. There will be an event put on by CMHC, the City, and the London Community Foundation.

             Details to follow.

f.   Mental health sub-committee ????
                    i. Tatiana has stepped down from this due to other commitments, and we are now looking for

                       people to take this sub committee over. Tatiana was looking at doing a “train the trainer” model

                       with people at places like the Coffee House. Shannon mentioned a music group as well, she is

                       interested but not able to commit at this time. Abe asked if it was worth having a separate

                       mental health meeting or leaving it for now until someone took the lead. Daniel inquired as to

                       the direction of the initiative. Abe responded that the direction is open. Michelle suggested we

                       wait until the mapping is done and then see where our strengths line up.

    5) Future Directions

          a. Other projects:

                    i. Smartphone Research Project: importance of digital divide on health and well being. The project

                       will distribute smart phones for people experiencing homelessness and teach them how to

                       connect. Glen Cairn would be the internet provider. Research would be: tracking usage, if

                       phones are being sold, used, etc. Funding proposal for Western due in Oct, for Community

                       Foundation due in Nov.

                    ii. Provincial Election: Do we want to give a message out around the election, and if so, how?

                       Perhaps a platform statement? Nadine suggested putting questions out for the candidates, like

                       Pillar has done in the past. Camille suggested that if we do that, it should be face to face with

                       the candidates rather than over email or publicly. We can put out a platform and share the

                       platform with the candidates OR gather information about the candidates’ platform. Camille

                       offered to help with speaking with the candidates. Abe will draft something and google-doc it to

                       the rest of the network. We will put together a platform and request meetings dates with

                       individual candidates. We will also ask them to respond publicly to a few questions.

                  iii. One year celebration of LHON: ideas? November? February?

    6) Next Meeting Date - November Wednesday the 23rd, 2011 at the Fox and the Fiddle 6:30 pm


     Shannon to ask a coworker about volunteering with GRIT UPLIFTED
   Public Figure invites: Louise Stevens, Joe Fontana, Ross Fair, Abe to approach the Mosque.

   Abe will draft something and google-doc it to the rest of the network.

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