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					                                           Job Description
 Job Title:                Procurement Officer
 Department:               Corporate Finance
 Scale:                    UK Scale 4
 Job Family:               Professional Support
 Line managed by:          Support Services Manager

 Responsible for line
 Location:                 MAG HQ, UK

MAG: MAG is a humanitarian organisation clearing the remnants of conflict for the benefit of
communities worldwide. MAG is co-laureate of the 1997 Nobel Peace Prize.

Overview of role:

Provide a high quality procurement service and travel booking to MAG employees and overseas

Principal Responsibilities


Carry out procurement for MAG HQ and overseas programmes in accordance with approved policy and

Liaise with suppliers and service providers to ensure the timely and accurate completion of orders.

Arrange shipment of equipment to MAG’s field programmes, including organising and consolidating
consignments and issuing all required shipping documents.

Compile and distribute weekly procurement reports to MAG’s field programmes and communicate with
them in relation to any issues regarding procurement.

Maintain effective supplier relationships, achieving the best possible price, quality, service and terms for

Assist in the formulation, monitoring & reporting of supplier service agreements.

Participate in the end to end tender process, ensuring MAG procurement practice is followed at all

Work in collaboration with internal departments, suppliers, and the UK Export Control Organisation to
ensure all MAG equipment shipments are covered by the required UK trade control or export licenses.


Coordinate travel bookings for MAG Staff (and other personnel as required) in accordance with the
travel policy and guideline, liaising with MAG’s appointed travel provider as appropriate.

Ensure routings and fare types represent best value, are in accordance with approved MAG policy and
adhere to the Fly America Act.

Assist with the development and implementation of systems and processes that increase the efficiency
and effectiveness of MAG’s travel management.
Develop travel related management information reports, including cost and savings data and carbon
reporting for MAG’s ISO14001 commitments, liaising with the travel provider as appropriate.

Manage the booking of conference facilities for UK and overseas events.

Arrange travel documentation including passports and visas, liaising with embassies and country
programmes as necessary.

All HQ staff are expected to undertake the following general duties:

       Work within the framework of MAG’s core values, promoting its ethos and mission statement.
       Work towards achieving programme and/or department business plan objectives
       Ensure familiarity with and adhere to all MAG policies and procedures and keep informed of
        MAG activities

This is a non contractual document that can be varied from time to time as circumstances dictate. This
job description is intended to summarize the main duties and responsibilities of the post; this is not
intended to be a full and exhaustive list of tasks. All MAG staff are expected to demonstrate flexibility
and willingness to perform appropriate tasks when the need arises.

Some Job Descriptions may be supplemented by specific Terms of Reference.

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