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									 Interoperable eID

                 Jan van Arkel
                co-chair Porvoo group
      co-chair Global Collaboration Forum on eID
           member of CEN 224 WG 15 ECC
         member advisory committee of Guide
                participant in Modinis
              member interop.eID group
          member eForum eID working group

   All groups with a vision and an agenda related to
interoperable electronic ID where Porvoo has some
               contacts and influence
  1                                                2 November 2006
Interoperable eID

Key message:

       electronic identiy is happening these days
       (but interoperabilty is not)
Vision: the cards from one EU country may be used in al other EU
Member states and for all MS services

Basic functions of electronic identity:
- Identification: name or a unique number
- Authentication: proof of who you are, PIN, Biometrics
- Electronic Signature: proof of consent in relation to a transaction

 2                                                               2 November 2006
US development

    - Real ID act

    - PIV card for 20 Million
      Government employees
    - mandated from Oct 2006
    - deployed before Sept 2008 deadline

3                                          2 November 2006
Asia development

                      Establishment of AICF
                           9 June, 2004
        Promotion of IC card infrastructure in Asian area
        Realizing safe and trustworthy IT society in the region

           One Card, One Asia                        Silk Road Card
          Development and promotion of an IC card standardization
          Pilot experiment and business support
          Cooperation and support to the IC card project in Asia region
          Effort of harmonizing the related regulation in Asia countries.
          Information exchange and enhancement of friendship

4                                                                            2 November 2006
 EU development

Austria 16 M
Belgium 4 M
Estonia 1.1 M
Finland 100 K
Italy   2 M+9.3M
Spain   300 K

Sweden 100 K

  5                2 November 2006
eIDM – roadmap

    2006                          2007                         2008                          2009                      2010

                                                                                 EU provisions:
                                                                                                    Federated eID
                                                                                 Recognition of
                                                                                  national eIDs
  Authentication                  Common eID         Equal Treatment of
  Model & Levels                   Framework           national eIDs

      eID             Definition of           eID Role          Personal Data
  Terminology             eID                Management        Ownership Model

                                                                          Long Term
                                           Recognition of                                                MS rules on
                                              eDocs                                                      eArchiving

         Permanent          eDoc Format                  Long Term
        Document ID          Standard(s)              Archiving Model

                                                                                                            2 November 2006

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