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Carbon Disclosure Project publishes its fourth Supply Chain Report by 07Ox41g


									Carbon Disclosure Project publishes its fourth Supply Chain Report

Companies yet to realize significant emissions reductions across their supply chains
despite opportunity for cost savings, finds Carbon Disclosure Project and Accenture

Despite improving their own carbon performance, multinational companies are not
yet demonstrating significant emissions reductions in their supply chains, according
to the research published by Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and Accenture. The
report on 49 CDP member companies, including L’Oréal, Philips and Wal-Mart, and
more than 1,800 of their suppliers revealed that while 43% of responding companies
have achieved year-on-year emissions reductions, only 28% of suppliers have done

A New Era: Supplier Management in the Low-Carbon Economy is CDP’s fourth
annual global study of the preparedness of company supply chains for climate
change impacts. The gulf between company emissions and those of their suppliers
exists despite the fact that 39% of responding companies have realized monetary
savings from their own emissions reductions activities and over a third (34.5%) of
responding companies have benefited from new revenue streams or financial savings
as a result of their suppliers’ carbon reduction activities.

The report reveals that leading businesses are changing their operating models. It
shows a marked rise in the proportion of responding companies with climate change
strategies that incorporate procurement guidelines (90%, up from 74% in 2009 and
79% in 2010) and that 67% of responding companies include carbon management in
procurement policy.

The proportion of responding companies that claim they will deselect suppliers who
fail to meet formal environmental criteria within five years has more than doubled
from 17% in 2009 to 39% in 2011 and two thirds (63%) of responding companies are
also investing in training their procurement staff in supply chain carbon management,
a dramatic rise from 26% in 2009 and 41% in 2010.

Please find the CDP Supply Chain Report 2012 in the following link:

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