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									Mid Large Agency Alliance (MLAA)
Meeting Minutes - February 10, 2011

Time: 2 PM Eastern, 1 PM Central, Noon Mountain, 11 AM Pacific
Call in info: Dial-In Number: (877) 717-9268 / Conference code: 4324262106#

From: Co-Chair Edward Kaufman, CEO, BBBS of the North Bay and
      Co-Chair Angela Reed Padilla, CEO BBBS-Central New Mexico

Call Participants
Agencies Participating (CEOs and Fund Development staff)

BBBS of Central Iowa, Inc.
BBBS of the Mississippi Valley
BBBS of Central Illinois
BBBS of Central Indiana, Inc.
BBBS of Central Minnesota
BBBS of Greater Kansas City
Heartland BBBS
BBBS of the Midlands
BBBS of Greater Cincinnati
BB&BS of Dane County
BBBS of Burlington, Camden & Gloucester Counties
BBBS of the Capital Region
BBBS of Bucks County, Inc.
BBBS of Greater Pittsburgh, Inc.
BBBS of The Bluegrass, Inc.
BBBS of Mississippi
BBBS of East Tennessee
BBBS of Harrisonburg-Rockingham County
BBBS of Northeastern Arizona
BBBS of Tucson, Inc.
BBBS of Central New Mexico, Inc.
BBBS of Ventura County
Catholic BBBS
BBBS of Honolulu, Inc.
BBBS of Northern Nevada
BBBS of Utah, Inc.
Other Guests from BBBS of Greater Milwaukee

Agency Spotlight: Angela Reed Padilla- CEO, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central New Mexico
Additional Materials provided – see attachments

   Cover 7 county service area; largest agency in NM. Merged with smaller sponsored agency last year
   EOY 2010
       o $2.2 million total revenues in 2010
       o 1407 matches; 955 active in Dec (33% yield from recruitment)
       o 69% CB, will be increasing CB and decreasing SB

   Really working on diversifying revenues because we’re still about 53% publicly funded. Currently at 11%
    individual giving and v focused on increasing that %

   Practice to highlight (what we do a little differently …)

   Enrollment:
       o yield rate was very poor; lots of RTBM stuck in queues while continuing to interview
       o Replaced enrollment manager and added part time, outsourced volunteer enrollment specialists
       o Really drilled down on volunteer assessments

       This change paid off significantly. How it works:
       o Each outsourced specialist does 1-7 volunteers interviews a week; works odd hours; can conduct
          urgent interviews
       o In-house enrollment (staff) do pre-matching and matches. Staff include 3 PT enrollment assistants;
          2 CSRs, and one enrollment manager

   Planning/ Employee Assessment and Incentive Program
       o Set goals for year; holds everyone accountable
       o Use growth planner to calculate goals (from BBBSA)
       o Senior staff sits down with growth planner and reviews potential goals.
       o Start of year, we have full staff meeting to talk about all related benchmarks and define what they
           mean, e.g., closure rate. If we all don’t know what these terms are, we talk about them and why
           they matter; what it means to each person/position. This really helps as when you are having
           conversations about these issues throughout the year

       Employee assessment – each employee understands and provides input into ‘what do I need to do to
       meet my goals; my team goals; agency goals…’

       Each employee has development plan – they id what they want to do (conferences, leadership skills
       development, etc.). Managers help track, coach and move along.

       Manager Coaching: We use a manager accountability form to ensure that managers are effective with
       monthly coaching (doing what they need to do with employees that they supervise)
       For more information: Contact Angela. She can also refer you to Enrollment Mgr.

Discussion Topic: Best Practices in Corporate Partnerships
panel on some best practices in developing Corporate Partnerships. Materials provided- see attachments.

BBBSA national staff:
Amanda Leedy-Finnell and Stephanie Piechowiak. Both are Managers for Corporate Development for
BBBSA and manage National corporate relationships.

Corporate Partnerships, Nationally
         Ask: Is this company mission well-aligned with our mission?
         Ask: Is this company organized in a way to benefit us broadly, including affiliates?
         Ask: Can this company give $250K and above annually?

          KEY to good corporate partnerships/relationships – mutually beneficial, multi-faceted relationship
    National Partners
    o Generally have 3 year relationship
    o Not only about $ - we look for other ways to engage them. We want BBBS to become DNA of that
       company – we want everyone at company to think about BBBS as partner
    o Give companies an opportunity to determine ‘benefits’

          BBBSA went through an assets/benefits assessment in 2008-09 to determine what we can offer to
    corporate partners – sometimes we overlook what we have to offer (vendor partners, social media, etc.).
    Assessment attached.
           BBBSA uses Corporate partner optimization road map (also attached) to determine how we
    maximize our relationship. EX: Corp has an employee giving campaign – let’s figure out how we can
    connect to that. Helps us determine how we direct each relationship and whether we can expand
    relationship to include multi-faceted support

       o   Four ways to categorize our relationships with partners
               corporate funds – we’ll find out that we have a bank that has X$ to do an event; to invest –
                 so you get that first year. But then you do some research and find they also have …
               foundation, employee giving and/or employee engagement opportunities. We even have
                 tools to help them start a employee giving program.

    If relationship starts with employee engagement, we work with them to grow relationship from there

          In addition to these resources, see tools on Agency Connection
       o   Corporate Development section id’s national partners. Includes corporate partnership guide
           focused on making partnerships (and following the donor management model)
   BBBS agency CEO’s – best practices in Corporate Partnerships:

   Robert Jakubowski - Big Brothers Big Sisters of Burlington, Camden & Gloucester Counties

   o   Subaru has corporate HQ in our area. They don’t do a lot of local sponsorships and we didn’t really fit
       into their giving; almost gave up. We then had walk-a-thon and we got a few Subaru employees at
       walk; these folks told us that if you get 3 employees engaged as volunteers, you get a corporate gifts

   o   From there, got Subaru volunteers on our BFKS and walk committee. We now have 25 Subaru
       employees engaged in BFKS; we get matching dollars and additional corporate gifts – just keeps

   o   We now have champions pushing for us – stumbled upon this partnership but we’re now focused on
       engaging them in the way they wanted to be engaged

   o   Subaru turned to BBBSA with the Share the Love campaign – we think we helped!

   o   When BBBSA was selected as Subaru beneficiary, we got Subaru execs and employees to come into
       one of our partner schools in Camden (high needs) to do a mural – matches have worked on this for
       months. Found a mutual interest – met Subaru’s needs

   o   Now conducting our own Roundtables with Corp partners, like BBBSA. So far, only got ONE at
       meeting. However, it was SO positive that we want to do it again. Positive touch for Corps, too. It has
       definitely led to additional corporate donations

Dennis Brown, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Honolulu, Inc.

   o   Participated in Neiman Marcus BBBS promotion (store sold $50 gift certificates for $25 donation to
       BBBS). To promote, we used email blasts; Facebook and Twitter. Karen Mathis was also in town at
       this time and appeared in TV spots which helped a great deal. Staff/BOD put word out to colleagues,
       Bigs, Littles’ families, families/friends … Lots of positive feedback about this promotion.

   o   Had a kick-off reception - able to invite our major donors, etc. Also gave presentation at Neiman
       Marcus featuring former match and presenting impact that they had on each others’ lives. Employees
       got very emotional.

   o   $26K was raised in Honolulu. 50% goes to National; 50% goes to local agency (based on revenue
       sharing policy). BBBSA $ is used to benefit the whole network

       Follow up/Additional info and Comments:

       o   Lone Star got this NM partnership started but Stephanie can post/provide some ideas
       o   MLAA may decide to explore corporate partnerships further – as workshop at one of our in-person
       o   Challenge is regional relationships – would love to have help in managing these that can’t be raised
           to National level. BBBSA corporate managers can help connect agencies to discuss strategies.
   o   Some of these partnerships are tough to connect locally, i.e., Coldwell Banker. One suggestion is to
       reach out and thank your local branch of the company that has supported BBBS
   o   The Triple AAA baseball was very interested in partnering with BBBS of Northern NV. Some great
       movement, as it wants it to be part of bigger national activity, but then it got stuck. The way they are
       set up, they’re focused on working with a lot of NFP partners .. hard to implement single partnership

Other Updates

       Program and Governance Standards Revisions – Micheal Lawrence (Greater KS City) participated
          in Stakeholders call for MLAA/LAA. Described it as really good process; good call with very
          thorough discussion and lots of opportunities for input. A lot of MLAA member input was echoed by
          other groups. le. BBBSA was very responsive to our feedback.

       Angela suggested engaging Chief Program Officers in review when drafts go out to full network (there
          is a public comment period following stakeholders calls – please participate)

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