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					National Guard Bureau (J6/CIO)

   National Guard

                    Thomas H.E. Drinkwater
                       November 2005

• The National Guard Acquisition Career Management
• National Guard Overview
• State Active Duty
• Title 32 Status
• Title 10 Status
• Capabilities
• Acquisition Workforce
         The National Guard Acquisition Workforce

NGB Acquisition Career Management Officer/Advocate
   “Responsible for the care & feeding of the National Guard Acquisition
     Workforce to include ALL Army and Air Guard military, civilians,
     technicians, and M-Day Acquisition personnel”

 Certifying Official for Program Management, Information Technology &
  Acquisition Logistics Career Fields.

 Career management of the Acquisition Workforce
        Mentoring
        Career Counseling
        Course enrollments
        Records updates
        “Keeper of Stats & Data”

 IPT Member
        CAPPMIS
       The National Guard Acquisition Workforce
NGB Acquisition Career Management Officer/Advocate

   TF ALT & Contingency Contracting structure
   Acquisition Career Record Brief Updates
   Information Technology and Life Cycle Logistics Career Field FIPTs
   Facilities Engineer Career Field Assimilation IPT
   Board Member
       Competitive Development Group
       Acquisition Education & Training Experience
       Others as called
   Acquisition Personnel Demonstration Pay Pool Panel Member
   Subject Matter Expert on Defense Acquisition Workforce
      Improvement Act
   Chief, J6 Joint Human Capital Management Office
       J-6 ADSW Tour Manager
   CIO/J-6 Special Projects
                          National Guard Overview
•   The National Guard is NOT the “Reserves” but part of the Reserve
•   Colonial Militia: The National Guard is descended from the colonial militias which
    existed prior to the adoption of the Constitution.
•   Constitution: With the adoption of the Constitution, the federal government
    acquired authority to organize, arm, and discipline the militia, and to call the militia
    into federal service in order to execute the laws of the Union,
     – to suppress insurrection, and
     – to repel invasion.
•   Reserve: Additionally, federal laws passed in the early 20th century designated part
    of the militia as the National Guard and transformed it into a federal reserve of the
    Army, enhancing federal authority over the Guard in certain respects. (The Dick
•   State and Federal: As a result of this history, the National Guard is neither a purely
    state nor a purely federal organization. Rather, it is both a state and federal
                  The State-Federal Military
                        CONSTITUTIONAL UNION


                                           SEC Defense

                                SEC Army                    SEC Air Force
                               Chief of Staff                Chief of Staff

                                                Chief, NGB

Asst AG           Asst AG            Director,               Director,
ARNG               ANG                ARNG                     ANG
                             State Active Duty

• Under the Control of States: Normally, the National Guard operates under
  the control of state and territorial governors.
• Use of Guard by State: In response to disasters and civil disorders,
  governors can order National Guard personnel to perform full-time duty,
  commonly referred to as “state active duty.”
• Governor as Commander in Chief: When called up by the State, the
  National Guard personnel
    – operate under the control of their governor,
    – are paid according to state law,
    – can perform typical disaster relief tasks and
    – are not subject to the restrictions of the Posse Comitatus Act (that is,
      they can perform law enforcement functions).
                               Title 32 Status
• Paid by DoD but Controlled by Governor: Under Title 32 the Federal
  Government can call up National Guardsman to perform training or other duties.
   – Can be called up without his/her consent.
   – Receives the pay and allowances provided by federal law for military.
   – Operates under the control of state and territorial governors.
• Use of Guard by State: Normally the Guard is used in Title 32 in response to
  disasters and civil disorders.
• Features: When called up under Title 32, the National Guard personnel
   – operate under the control of their governor,
   – are paid according to Federal law,
   – can perform typical disaster relief tasks and
   – are not subject to the restrictions of the Posse Comitatus Act (that is, they
      can perform law enforcement functions).
                          Posse Comitatus
•   The Posse Comitatus Act prohibits the Army and Air Force from
    enforcing civil criminal law within the United States.
                                       Title 10 Status
•   Federal Status: National Guard personnel can also be activated in a purely federal status
    to serve in Title 10 within boundaries of the US:
     – For suppression of insurrection against a state government, at the request of that
     – For the enforcement of federal laws and suppression of rebellion against the authority
         of the United States
     – For the prevention of interference with state and federal laws, if that interference
         deprives a class of people of rights, privileges, immunities, or protections named in
         the Constitution
     – To repel invasion,
     – To suppress rebellion
     – To execute the laws of the United States.
•   President is Commander in Chief: National Guard personnel operate under the control
    of the President and receive federal pay and benefits.
•   Disasters or Civil Support: The President may also order National Guard personnel to
    federal active duty to support disasters such as Katrina or 9/11. In this case the National
    Guard personnel operate under the control of the President, receive federal pay and
    benefits, and are subject to the Posse Comitatus Act.
           National Guard Capability Overview
• The National Guard has nearly 3300 installations in over 2700
  communities and has been and is part of the fabric of the response to
• The Adjutant General (TAG) of each State reports to the Governor for
  State Missions and to the appropriate military commander when
  federalized by the President.
• In 25 States, the TAG is dual-hatted as the Senior State Emergency
  Management Official (SEMO) reporting to the Governor
• In 19 States the TAG is a cabinet level official equal to the SEMO; and
  in the remaining States there are a variety of arrangements.
• The National Guard is already a key player in Homeland
      National Guard Capability Overview (cont)

• In each State and territory, the National Guard has established a
  Standing Joint Force Headquarters (JFHQ) that includes not only staff
  from the National Guard as it relates to their Federal military mission,
  but also includes personnel from local, State, DOD, and Federal
  agencies to address Homeland Security and Homeland Defense issues.
• These JFHQs will support and be a key part of our information sharing
  between various stakeholders and provide a key resource in developing
  situation awareness in response to an emergency incident.
• All 2700 National Guard sites are tied together with
  telecommunications and data capabilities.
• 320 sites including all the State JFHQs are tied together by a larger
  broadband network with voice, video and data capabilities.
• Sites can be used for information sharing, training, and other purposes.
           National Guard Capability Overview

• As part of the National Guard’s transformation, the National Guard’s is
  in the process of expanding its capability to support and respond to the
  needs of the War on Terrorism.
• Congress has added to Title 32 a new chapter authorizing use of the
  National Guard by the Governors for Homeland Defense activities.
• The Chief of the NGB has transformed the Bureau into a Joint
  organization and reorganized the NG State Headquarters into Joint
  Force Headquarters, State.
• Additionally, the Chief has guided the development of a dual-status
  NG commander (Title 10 and Title 32) for use as Joint Task Force
  Commander who responds to two separate chains of command: one to
  the governor and one to the President. The dual-status JTF-State
  commander can command both Title 10 and Title 32 troops.

• The National Guard has been preparing for an enlarged role in
  disasters, civil support, and homeland security.
• Expect to see this preparation validated by studies and Congressional
  review regarding Katrina.
      The National Guard Acquisition Workforce

 Title 5 Civilians on NGB Joint Staff
 Title 5 Civilians in ARNGC
 Title 10 Military assigned to PM’s and ASAALT
 Title 10 Military on NGB Joint Staff
 Title 10 Military in ARNGRC
 Title 32 Technicians in the States - Dual Status
 Title 32 Non-dual Status in the States
 M-Day 51C’s in TOE units
 TTAD Officers and Enlisted
              National Guard Acquisition Workforce
                         The Numbers
MILITARY:                               116 (Need to identify Military Enlisted)
TITLE 5 CIVILIAN:                       107 (Need to identify Log & FE
TITLE 32 ARNG TECHNICIANS:              647*
TITLE 32 ANG TECHNICIANS:               289*
TOTAL                                   1159*
* FE and LOG ACF personnel need to be scrubbed
Potential 3555 Life Cycle Logistics spaces:
0346: 954
2001:   88
2003: 591
2005: 1921
2010:     1
             National Guard Military Acquisition Workforce

51A’s   (Program Mgmnt)                     10
51C’s* (Cont/Contingency Cont Officer)      43
51R’s (IT Officer)                          14
51T’s   (T&E Officer)                        1
51Z’s (Senior Acq Officer)                  15
NCO’S* (Contingency Contracting NCO’s)       9
TBD                                         24
TOTAL                                      116

* CCO’s and NCO’s in TOE units need to be further identified
        - Number will grow significantly
             National Guard Army Civilian Acquisition Workforce

0018    3            0801    1
0028    12           0808    2
0201    1            0810    2
0301    7            0819    1
0303    1            0830    2
0343    7            0856    3
0346    18           1102    7
0391    3            1515    1
0510    1            1640    1
0560    4            1910 10
0690    1            2003    7
TOTAL                       107 * FE ACF personnel need to be scrubbed
         National Guard Technician Contracting

                       Air                  Army
           8/03 1/30/04   4/30/05    8/03   1/30/04         4/30/05

1101’s     32     53      66         52            51           51
1102’s     73     73      77        232          232           241
1105’s     31     30      26         25            25            18
1106’s      2      2         1       24            25            20
Total:     38   158       170       333          333           330

                                            SOURCE: Monthly NGB-HR DCPDS Report
            The National Guard Acquisition Workforce
                    Military PM Assignments
 PM Distance Training Technology (NGB Program)
 PM National Missile Defense – GBRP (ARNG initiative)
 PM RCAS (NGB Program)
 PM Smoke
 PM WMD (Direct benefit to GWOT)
 PM Fixed Wing (Direct benefit to ARNG aviation)
 PM MHE (Direct benefit to ARNG units)
  FY 05 PMs:
 PM GMD-XBand Radar (COL Fellows)
 PM GPS (LTC Matthews)
 PM Trailers/Bridging (LTC Winberry)
 PM FCS (LTC Reynierse)
 PM WMD (LTC Smith)
     Army Field Support Brigade (AFSB)
    (Acquisition, Logistics & Technology)
                                   UEy           ++
Functional layout
Functional layout                              TSC
      not an
      not an                                                                   External                                                   DLA
 Organizational                                                                Support
                                                  +                                                                                       DCMA
       chart                                   AFSB
                                                            Contractor Coord Cell                                                             USACE

           Acquisition &                    Logistics &                                              Contracting
            Technology                      Sustainment                                               Support

                                                                                       Acquisition,                               Contingency
         FAST     PEO/PMs         MSC/SRA        LSE      LOGCAP                      Logistics and                                Contracting
         STAT    PMO Tms             FRAs        BLST
         Tms                                                                          Assumes      7 - 9 Bde Size Units/UEx                     UE X
                                                                                       Subordinate Unit Types                                                     HQ Structure

                            REF                                      x            x            x             x                x          x
                                                LARs               BCT     BfSB             SUST           AVN            ME          FIRES             MAIN       TAC 1          MCG
                                                                    MAN                                                                                              TAC 2

                                                                                                                                                                NOTIONAL UEx LSE
                                                                                                                 NOTIONAL AVN BDE BLST                    LSE CHIEF (MIL)              1

  Provides a single logistics
  Provides a single logistics
                                                                    NOTIONAL BCT BLST
                                                               TEAM CHIEF (MIL)
                                                               OPS OFFICER
                                                                                                             TEAM CHIEF (MIL)
                                                                                                             OPS OFFICER
                                                                                                                                         0 ##
                                                                                                                                                          LSE DEPUTY (MIL)
                                                                                                                                                          OPS OFFICERS
                                                                                                                                                          READINESS LAR
                                                                                                             AMCOM LAR #                 8 # (6 -8)

   POC for the Combatant
    POC for the Combatant
                                                               AMCOM LAR
                                                               CECOM LARs
                                                               TACOM LARs
                                                                                       1 * (0 - 1)
                                                                                   4 ** (3 -4)
                                                                                                             CECOM LARs
                                                                                                             TACOM LARs
                                                                                                                                                          JMC AMMO LAR
                                                                                                                                                          AFSC SUPPLY LAR
                                                                                                                                                          ADMIN SUPPORT
                                                                                                             DS to AVN BDE TOTAL 11 (9 -11)

   Commander at all levels                                     DS to to BCT Total 10 (8) -10)
                                                                 DS BCT TOTAL     10 (8                                                                   AMCOM LAR                    3

    Commander at all levels                                    * 0 AMCOM LARS for Inf BCTs
                                                               ** 3 TACOM LARs for Inf BCTs
                                                                                                              # 8 Heavy | 7 Medium | 6 Light
                                                                                                             ## Senior AMCOM LAR is Dual
                                                                                                                 Hat as OPS OFCR in Avn Bde
                                                                                                                                                          CECOM LARs
                                                                                                                                                          TACOM LARs
                                                                                                                                                          GS to UEx units Total    22

                                                                   BLST = Brigade Logistics Support Team                          Green is a new requirement / mission
                                           Army Field Support Brigades
                                                                                                                                                             • AMC Single Face to the Field
                      FY06                    FY06             FY07+                     FY06                 FY06
                                                                                                                                                             • Integrates Acquisition, Logistics, and
                    PACOM                  CENTCOM            EUCOM                  NORTHCOM               SOUTHCOM
                                                                                                                                                               Technology for UEy
                      UEy                     UEy               UEy                      UEy                    UEy
                                                                                                                                       AMC                   • Oversees LSEs supporting UEx and
                    USARPAC                 ARCENT            USAREUR                USARNORTH              USARSOUTH                                          BLSTs supporting BCTs.
                                                                                                                                Assigned                     • Provides Logistics Assistance
                                                          MULTI - COMPO
                                                                                                                                                             • Facilitates seamless logistics to UEy
       AC FLAG  TSC    AC FLAG TSC       AR FLAG           NG FLAG    TSC                                                           AFSB

2 Star         HAWAII
                                 KUWAIT            CONUS-
                                                   EUROPE           AMERICAS
                                                                                                                     CONUS(FP)       EAST
                                                                                                                                 AC FLAG                     • Coordinates all outside ALT support to
                                                                                                                           AFSBMULTI -COMPO
                      AFSB                    AFSB             AFSB
                                                                                                                                                               UEy/TSC from Army and Strategic
                      AC                       AC              AC
                                                                                        AC           AR         NG                                             Partners
                      DCP                      DCP    IRAQ     DCP      GERMANY
1 Star                        KOREA
                                                                                        DCP         DCP         DCP
                                                                                                                                                             • Provides Contingency Contracting
                      AFSB                    AFSB
                                                                                                                                                             • OPCON to TSC (or DCP)
                       AC     JAPAN                                                                             DCP
                      DCP     (Okinawa)         DCP
                                                                                                                                                             • Designed for optimum peacetime
                                                                                       BDE          FORCE GENERATION
                                                                                                                                                               support to the field and for rapid
                                                                                                (Assigned to CONUS TSC)                                        transition to war
   AFSB with TSC in Varying Levels of Conflict
           Low Scale Hostility       Ops
                                                                  Limited Conflict                                                                                        x
                                                              Ground - concentrated Ops                                                                                                                Functional Lay out,
                        +                                                     ++                                                                                Army Field
                       DCP                                                    TSC                                                                                                                      Not organizational
                                                                                                                                                              Support Brigade

         SUS BDE                    AFSB                                                                                                                                                                                         (Reach Back)
                                                        SUS BDE              TASMG           AFSB               Logistics                   Research,          Acquisition, Logistics,          Contingency                Life Cycle
                                                                                                                Assistance                 Development             Technology                   Contracting               Management
                                                                                                                Program                   Experimentation        And Contracting                                          Commands
                   Full Scale War                      TSC                                                     • Logistic Assistance    • Testing &          • Program & Product Mgrs
                                                                                                                                                                                         • Contracting Officers   • Integrated Materiel Mgmt Center
                                                                                                                 Element (LAO)                               • Contracting Officers
                                                                                                                                           Evaluation                                    • Contingency Contr.     • Item Managers
                                                                                                               • Logistic Assistance    • Field Assistance   • Procurement Analysts
                                                                         +                                                                                                                 Bns & Teams            • Readiness Centers
                                                                                                                 Representatives                             • Cost Analysts
                      DCP                              DCP                                                                                in Science and                                                          • Operational Readiness AnalysisTms
                                                                     AFSB              DCP                     • Contractors              Technology                                                              • Integrated Logistics Support Center
                                                                                                               • Logistics Civil
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  • Forward Repair Activities
          SUS BDE             AFSB         SUS BDE    TASMG       AFSB
                                                                                     SUS BDE                     Augmentation                  8 AFSB (7AC, 1NG)                                                  • Combat Vehicle EvaluationTms
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  • RESET Teams
                                                                                                                                       4 AFSB for Log DCPs in ARFORGEN                                            • Surge for special area
                    COCOM can tailor to meet the situational need                                                                              1 AFSB per TSC (4)                                                   of emphasis

                                                                                                                                          AFSB has DCP TOE & AUGTDA
                                                            8 AFSB Requirement
    Proposed TOE Personnel                                      80 Personnel
                                                                 48 Officers
                                                                  32 NCOs
8       X
                     MOS      NOMEN                          QTY        GRD

                     90A00    COMMANDER (CMD)                1           06
    CMD Section      51Z00    CH, ALT PLANS INTEG OFF(CMD) 1             05
                     92Z50    SENIOR LOGISTICS NCO           1           E9

                     51A00     SYSTEM ACQ PLANS OFCR            1       04
    Plans and Ops    51C 00    CONTRACTING PLANS OFCR           1       04
        ALT          51S00     TECHNOLOGY PLANS OFCR            1       04
                     51T00     T&E PLANS OFCR ((*RMK 50))       0*      04
    Requirement      90A00     LOG OPNS OFCR                    1       04
                     92A50     OPNS NCO                         1       E8
    10 Personnel
      6 Officers     92A40    PLANS NCO                         1       E7
                     92Y40     LOG OPNS NCO                     1       E7
       4 NCOs

                                         * Provided by ATEC
                  Proposed Contracting Design

                                     HQ         -
1 per ASCC                          PARC
                     II                II                 II
1 per TSC         CCU      3(8)      ARNG                        1/(8)
                                               2(8)    USAR
                                     CCU                CCU

1 per
                  UEx      7/(4)     UEx               UEx       3/(4)
Div/Corps        CPT Tms            CPT Tms
                                               8/(4)   CPT Tms

1 per BCT        CCT       30/(4)    CCT      42/(4)    CCT      19/(4)
2 per SUA         Tms                 Tms                Tms

                                    (ARNG)              (USAR)

            ARNG: 1 AFSB, 2 Bns, 50 BCT Teams +
            3 teams per Bn = 56 + 8 Uex Teams = 64 Teams
                National Guard Technician Contracting

Educational Levels              2003 Air 1/04 4/05 2003 Army 1/04 4/05
Blank                                    1     3              3      3
High School Diploma/Tech Cert    74     88    89    146     146    136
<1 yr college                     7     11     7     26      24     22
1 yr college                      6      6     7     14      14     15
2 yr college                      7      9     9     15      14     12
AA Degree                        11     10    13     15      17     14
3 yr college                      0      0     1      7       9     11
4 yr college                      1      1     3      6       5      4
BS/BA Degree                     28     28    33     79      80     93
Post BA/Prof                      1      1     1      4       4      3
Masters Degree                    3      3     4     15      16     15
Post Master’s                     0       0    1      1       1      1
Doctorate                         0       0    0                     2
TOTAL                           134     158   171   328      333   331
                      ARNG OFFICER CAREER PATH

                 Int. T-10          APM AQ
                                                    PM Board        PM Board
                   Tour           Developmental

Common Career Path

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27

    TOE                                                                S
O             CCO
          O                  C          MAJ                LTC         S       COL
B ASGMT A CMD A              G                                         C
     /    C   S
C             3              S
   Detail                    C
Common Career Path                                                         ICAF

          T-10                   Functional and
                                                                 05 CMD
                                                                    or     O5 CAP     CAP      OSD/ARSTAFF
      Functional                  Broadening                               Assign.   Assign.    CAP Assign.
                                   Experience      2nd Funct.      CAP
                                                     Area        Assign.

                                                   Acquisition 51 Career Track
       The National Guard Acquisition Workforce

NGB Acquisition Career Management Officer/Advocate
      - Mr. Thomas Drinkwater
      - Certifying Official for PM, Log, and IT
DSN 327-0163

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