TM Meeting schedule 2011 by 1SteDC9k


									         KHIMJI TOASTMASTERS -Muscat Chapter
                                  Club No.1118594, Division-20
                          Wednesday 14th September 2011
                WHAT                                     WHO                  WHEN  DURATION
Meeting called to Order                 Sergeant at Arms- TM Jackson Achankunju8:00
Welcome Address                         President- DTM George Thomas                   4m
Toastmaster of the Day                  TM Samir Hukil                                 5m
Time Keeper                             TM Bhavana Dev
Word Master / Grammarian                TM George M. Thomas
AH Counter                              TM Ruksana Dutt
General Evaluator                       DTM George Thomas

                                       PROJECT SPEECHES

                 Topics                                 Speaker
Evaluation criteria- P1 Ice Breaker     TM Rajan Philips                        8:20
Project P1-Ice Breaker                  TM Jitendra Pandey                             6m

Project P1-Ice Breaker                  TM Nanthakumar .N                              6m

Evaluation criteria- ATM B7             CTM Devraratth Nambiar
Project ATM B7 Dramatic Speech          CTM Rizwan M. Jaldeen                          7m

Time Keeper's Report                    TM Bhavana Dev
Voting for the best Speaker

                                      TABLE TOPICS SESSION

Table Topic Master                      ATM Srikumar Pai.L                      8:45   15m
Time Keeper's Report                    TM Bhavana Dev
Voting for the best TT Speaker
Tea / Coffee Break                                                              9:00   10m

Joke Master                             TM Jackson Achankunju                   9:10   2m

                                      EVALUATION SESSION

                Speaker                                Evaluator
TM Jitendra Pandey                      TM Rajan Philips                        9:15   3m
TM Nanthakumar .N                       CTM Ninan Thomas                               3m
CTM Rizwan M. Jaldeen                   CTM Devraratth Nambiar                         3m
Time Keeper's Report                    TM Bhavana Dev
Voting for the best Evaluator

                                        CLOSING SESSION
Time Keepers remarks                    TM Bhavana Dev                          9:25   2m
Word Master's / Grammerian              TM George M. Thomas                            2m
AH Counters Report                      TM Ruksana Dutt                                2m
General Evaluator's Report              DTM George Thomas                              4m

Planning for the next session           VP Education ATM Srikumar Pai.L                5m
Award Distribution                      President- DTM George Thomas
Adjournment of the meeting                                                      9:45

              Thought of the day:" Man is the creature of circumstances" ROBERT OWEN
                    Proverb of the day:" Fine feathers do not make fine birds "

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