2012 ASIS Monthly Board Meeting Agenda7Aug by 1SteDC9k


									                            Board Meeting
                           August 23, 2012
                         OCSO-Sector 5 Office

-Treasurer Report- Matt
 LEO Awards- Bills/Receivables Report- Outstanding Bills?

-Recap of July’s Meeting-Comments

-August Meeting

-Website Update…any current issues? (Award)
-Meeting Notices are sent out 3-4 times. Any current issues? (New Format)
-Number of reservations made on-line and emails for June’s meeting
-Restaurant notified with count, menu and deposit-Tuesday before call Joy
-August’s Guest Speaker- SAC of Secrete Service- Dennis Ramos Martinez
-Name Badges-Who needs them? Need List-Doug will order
-Member Appreciation Night- Hockey Game-Dates: Thursday, Nov 8.
-Elections Oct Meeting. Any nominations received?
-SOARS Awards-2013 For Jan meeting-Will send out forms/website
-Members going to National Confer? Need # for Foundation Dinner in PA

Committee Reports:

Scholarship Award- Arnold-Contact UCF-Set up interviews.
Education/Webminar- (Mall at Millenia??) (New List from National)
Awards-Matthew Simeone Award Public/Private Partnership-Greg
Community Service- Tish

New/Old Items

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