Board of Directors Meeting
                           Minutes –June 16, 2012

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 12:32pm by Harriett Maines, president.

Establish Quorum: Board members present were Harriett Maines, Jerlayn Nowland, Kim
Conlee, Jim Schreiber and Dick Goddard by conference call. Also present were Judy Alligood
and Rob Sherno from management and owners Sandi King, Mo Vazquez, Bette Conlee; and
Drew Tutton, Brian McCaffery, Don and Lynne Short and Tom and Maureen Camphire by
conference call.

Approve Minutes: Minutes of December 6, 2011 Board of Directors meeting were approved.

Treasurer’s Report: The year to date budget was presented by Jim Schreiber. There is
$49,112.26 in reserves and we are under budget for the year to date. There were no
delinquencies. The report was accepted as presented.

Managers’ Report: see attached report

Old Business:
 Cable line is now buried
 Unit 12 and 25 now comply with flooring requirements.

New Business:
 Review Engineers Report:            Rob Sherno presented report prepared by Keystone
   Engineering. Every balcony and rail was surveyed and repair recommendations were
   detailed. Kim Conlee made motion recommending that concrete repairs be made in
   accordance with report and that management should obtain bids for these repairs as well as
   for sealing and painting entire building. Dick Goddard second. Board passed unanimously.
   Management was directed to obtain several bids for this project and to present them to the
   board at the next meeting at 1:30pm on July 14, 2012. If owners have specific balcony and
   railing issues, they should be directly to management. David has been able to repair
   several of the issues thus far.
 Sand Fence: Access and liability issue regarding current location of sand fence were
   discussed. Management will follow up with David Andrews on this issue.
 Boardwalk:        Management will direct David Andrews to make necessary repairs to
   boardwalk and to paint the walkway when possible.
 Sales Transfer Application Unit 19: Board reviewed and approved unanimously the sale
   transfer application for Unit #19.
 Palm Trees: Palm trees are scheduled for yearly trimming in July at a cost of $16 a tree.
 Grills: A new grill will be ordered to replace existing broken grill by gazebo. An additional
   grill may be ordered. Placement will be determined at a later date.
 Pet Registration: Unit 20 submitted pet registration for three dogs with the understanding
   that no more than two dogs can be in the unit at any one time. Kim Conlee made motion to
   approve. Jeralyn Nowland second. Board voted as follows: Kim Conlee, Jeralyn Nowland
   and Jim Schreiber, yes; Harriett Maines and Dick Goddard, no.

Adjournment: Meeting was adjourned at 2:10pm

Next Meeting: July 14, 2012 at 1:30pm

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