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					                                      MARIA HOLST
Current (until 12/20XX):                                                     PERMANENT:
VanDenend College, Vella Hall                                          8888 Evanrest Way
2222 Buxton NE                                                          Jeffers, GA 30888
Jongsma, GA 30999                                                          (777) 888-9999
(222) 333-4444                                                       (444) 555-1111 (cell)                                      

A hospitable, motivated, and creative individual with cross-cultural experience seeks to assist the
staff of Comfy Cozy Bed and Breakfast with exemplary guest service, stellar cuisine, and superb
garden appearance.

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology (May 20XX)
VanDenend College, Jongsma, GA
    Honors student
    January 2007 course: Be Fit for Life—Bike Australia
    Studied Spanish, American Sign Language, and Dutch
    Six scholarships

Coast-to-Coast Bike Tour (Summer 20XX)
    Bicycled 4,000 miles from Seattle to Jersey City to raise awareness and funds
    Collected over $10,000 for the poor
    Led small-group meetings for interpersonal support

Resident Assistant (Fall 20XX–Spring 20XX)
VanDenend College, Jongsma, GA
    Contributed to personal growth and education of 40 college women
    Organized social and educational activities
    Participated in weekly dormitory leadership meetings
    Directed biweekly floor board meetings
    Mentored student leaders
    Interviewed candidates for resident assistant positions 20XX–20XX

Office Assistant, Language Department (Spring 20XX–present)
VanDenend College, Jongsma, GA
    Performed organizational and data input tasks for faculty

Excerpted from Quentin Schultze, Resume 101.
Agriculture Building Greenhouse Caretaker (Fall 20XX)
VanDellen College, Jongsma, GA
    Watered, weeded, and maintained the college conservatory

Counselor (Summers 20XX and 20XX)
Camp Hennink, Hendriks, GA
    Counseled girls between the ages of 8 and 16 for 9 weeks
    Taught water ballet, boating, fishing, archery, and wilderness survival
    Served as a Red Cross-certified lifeguard for daily free swims
    Assisted campers with special physical needs

Tour Guide (Summers 20XX and 20XX)
Candy Cookers Center, Glassford, GA
    Facilitated age-appropriate tours of chocolate factory
    Provided quality customer service as knowledgeable sales assistant
    Ensured inviting store appearance and availability of products

Flower Care Entrepreneur (Summers 20XX and 20XX)
Self-Employed, Glassford, GA
     Developed a client base through effective advertising and customer referrals
     Provided weekly garden care for summer residents
     Managed all scheduling and accounting

VanDenend College
    Completed 3-week service-learning trip to post-Katrina Louisiana (winter 20XX)
    Led “Celebrate the Block Fest 20XX” team
    Assisted with “So Cool Dorm Leadership—Partners in Community” program

Excerpted from Quentin Schultze, Resume 101.

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