Minutes of the Special Meeting of the members of the North Ilford Islamic Centre, 97 Kensington
Gardens, Ilford, Essex, held at 1.45PM (Bad-Zuhor) on the 19th Day of February 2012.

The meeting was presided over by Mr Jan Gul, trustee, with all the other members of the Board of
Trustees in attendance.

The chairman introduced himself to the members of the public

The chairman then reminded the public that the purpose of this meeting was mainly to consult the
regular musallis of the mosque in the future running of the mosque and in particular about
election/selection of a sub-committee/executive committee of the mosque trust.

The Chairman then took questions from the audience.

    1. Mr Mohammed Sadet welcomed the meeting and said it is a step in the right direction and urged
       the committee to look ahead rather than concentrating on the past.

    2. Mr Sayeed asked what form of committee is going to be formed; a sub-committee or an
       executive committee and went on to suggest that it must be an executive committee and not a

    3. Mr Yaqub Sorodi thanked Mr Iqbal Sheikh (Secretary) for calling the meeting however raised his
       concern that this was the first meeting called by the committee and wanted to know why
       meetings were not called more frequently and sooner.

    4. Mr Iqbal Sheikh corrected Mr Sorodi by saying that the meeting was called not only by him but
       by all members of the committee.

    5. Mr Sayeed suggested that the executive committee should have 7 members and went on to
       suggest that there should be portfolios for Finance, Education and Fundraising. He also
       suggested that the number of trustees should be reduced to ‘about three’.

    6. Mr Aftab suggested that the objective of the committee/trust first must be set and then it
       should go about meeting those objectives.

    7. Mr Asif raised his concerned that the mosque has been set up for some 4/5 years and there is no
       transparency in the way it is run; he wanted to know what power he will have if he becomes a
       committee member; he advised the committee to put ‘the house in order’; Mr Asif further
       suggested that a website should be hosted in the name of the mosque for members of the public
       to access information.

    8. Mr Ayub was also concerned that there was no transparency in the way the mosque is run and
       commented that it was run as if it was a ‘private club’. He also wanted to know if the members
       are going to be elected or selected.

    9. Messers xx (quite a few members of the public) wanted to know the time frame within which the
       next meeting will be held to which Mr Abu Baker replied that it will be held within the next 2-3
       weeks time.

    10. Mr Yaqboob raised his concern that originally there were 9 trustees in the board and further
        expressed his unhappiness by saying that 2 trustees had been removed from their positions and
        mentioned the name of Mr Mohammed Sadat as being one of them, to which Mr Chairman
        objected and demanded that Mr Sorodi withdrew his comment with regard to Mr Sadat since
        actually Mr Sadat resigned himself and he was not removed.

    11. Mr. Mohammed Sadat suggested that the use of the word ‘musallis’ should be deleted from
        official correspondence.

    12. Mr. Omer Iqbal made wide ranging suggestions and said that the committee members should
        make themselves more known to the members of the public; there should be more transparency
        in the running of the mosque; should arrange for more frequent meetings; allow more members
        of the public to participate in the running of the mosque; should decide on the issues of the form
        of the organization, membership of the organization, fees etc.

    13. Mr. Mustaq & Mr Aftab suggested that a copy of the constitution be posted on the Notice

    14. Mr Helal suggested a membership fee of approx £50 per annum.

    15. Mr Ashraf suggested that only qualified people should be allowed to join the committee
        therefore those interested should submit their CV to the committee for proper vetting .

    16. Mr Zaheeed Sheikh suggested that the committee should call for a meeting every 2 months.

There being no further business the meeting was closed.

Dated this 19th Day of February 2012.


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