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					                Meeting minutes
Meeting:                     National Client Panel
Date held & location:        20/01/2011       County Thistle Hotel, Newcastle
Minute taker:                Emma Holliday
People who came to the meeting:
Tim Bird, Rob Corker, Rob Chapman, Richard Burton, Richard Faulkner, Neal Tobbell, Christine
White, Nicole Padfield, Andy Jones, Danielle Bullock, Rachael Byrne (Chair), Sally Parsons,
Irmani Darlington, Ronika Cunningham, Emma Holliday (Minutes),
Chris Cunnane, Karen West, Kerry Jones, Donna Chadburn
June Hudson (Involving You Steering Group), Nicola Grant, Mark Fletcher


1.   Introductions and Warm up

     Brief introductions were given by the group and June Hudson from
     the Involving You Steering Group was welcomed to the meeting.

     The warm up for the session was led by Sally Parsons, the
     objective of which was to get the group to recognise who are the
     louder and quieter members so that everyone has a voice. The
     group were split into three smaller groups for the rest of the

2.   Minutes of last meeting
     Matters arising:                                                     Emma to check the
                                                                          site twice a month
         The Client Panel Team internet site has finally been set up.    and print out all
          The password for accessing the site was given out and the       relevant documents
          details to access the site can be found in a document that      and discussion
          has been given to all members of the group. It was              posted on it and
          discussed that it might be possible for the IS helpdesk to      post it out to all non-
          offer technical support to the group if necessary.              internet users in the
         The group agreed that the administration for the meeting        group.
          had been better than it had previously been and thanked
          Emma Holliday for this.                                         Chris Cunnane to
         Two documents that had been discussed at previous               deliver his piece on
          meetings- ‘What can I do if its not working our with my link-   Performance
          worker’ and the Client Promise have been re-worked and          Monitoring at the
          will be reviewed later in the meeting.                          next meeting.
         Irmani gave an update on the progress of Personalisation
          that was discussed in the last meeting and informed the         Irmani to put a link
          group that there have now been 8 pilots set up and 5 more       to the

            to start. It was discussed that there may be the possibility of   projects on the
            a half day workshop on Personalisation for the Panel.             Team Site.
            Irmani asked the group for some questions to put in a
            Frequently Asked Questions Document. The responses
            from the Panel are;
           What interaction between the staff and the clients will there
            be when planning and rolling out this scheme?
           Will there be involvement from clients other than those in
            the Client Panel?
            What is personalisation and how will it affect us?
           How are opportunities for personalisation options going to
            be communicated?
           What if personalisation doesn’t work?
           If staff funding is being cut, how will the extra services be
            able to work?
           How soon will personalisation be put into place?

     It was noted that the personalisation offers will need phrasing
     differently for different groups of clients and that the support for
     choosing the options will need to be in place, with key workers
     being able to explain these choices.

         All Pay cards will be discussed later in the meeting by
          Ronika. As will the 75th birthday celebrations for Home.
         Rachael confirmed that the Client Panel members will be
          able to stay on the Panel for 2 years.
3.   Feedback from the joint meeting on the 7th December 2010                 Create a document
                                                                              to clarify what each
     On the 7th of December 2010 the Client Panel attended a joint            group does;
     meeting with Customer Panel, Viewpoint Team, Executive Team              The Viewpoint team
     and Board. This was an opportunity to get to know each other and         to be present at the
     to be able to make recommendations to be able to work better             March Meeting.
     together. The questions posed to the group were,
          What did you feel about the event?                                 Emma to send this
          What do you want to see happening in the future?.                  feedback to Rachael
                                                                              Byrne by
     Please see attached report                                               25/01/2011
5.   Update from Marketing
                                                                              Comms to attend
     Mark Fletcher, Interim Director of Communications, brought some          the next Client
     of the documents that the Client Panel have been working on.             Panel meeting to
     These are the ‘What can I do if it’s not working out with my link-       take photos of the
     worker?’ document, the Client Promise document and the Client            Client Panel.
     Promise postcards. The Panel said that the Link-worker document
     was perfect and that they were really pleased that the work Rob          Who is now sending
     Corker, Richard Burton and Neal Tobbell had done on the                  out the complain
     document had been used and not changed at all.                           about link worker
     The Client Promise document was not as far on in the design              Bolton to send out
     process and Mark asked the Panel for their feedback on it. It was        final Link-Worker
     suggested that on the front of the post card there might be the          Document.

     phone number and the Home Group logo. It was also suggested                                     Comment [b1]: I think this should be in we did
                                                                                                     agree to call them.
     that if the information on the front side of the postcard were to be
     condensed that information would have to be lost, which would be
     counter productive. Once the post card is finished, one will go out
     to every client. It was suggested that there could be contact details
     on the reverse side of the post card. It was suggested that the use
     of multiple fonts on the document made it look messy. The Panel
     would like some of the members of the group to be featured on the
     front of the document instead of the stock photos which are
     currently being used.

     Tim suggested that it might be a good idea to be able to enlarge        Emma to call each
     the postcard so that it is available to staff to put in services as a   panel member for
     poster. It was noted that currently there are 537 different services    feedback on this
     all with their own leaflets and it would be beneficial to have one      document on
     leaflet that can just be altered for each service.                      03/02/2011

     The Client Promise leaflet was presented to the group for
     consideration and Mark Fletcher noted that the document was a
     draft and not ready to be signed off yet. Danielle noted that having
     1 leaflet given to them when they move in would be more
     accessible for clients than being presented with a whole stack of       Emma to post a
     them. Rachael asked for feedback on this document to be                 copy of The Mag to
     compiled by the March meeting.                                          all clients after
     It was noted that ‘The Mag’ was only being received by about half
     Panel members which colleagues find worrying.

6.   What did we achieve in 2010?
     Ronika led the group in an activity aimed to remind them of all the
     fantastic things that they had achieved in the previous year. The
     Panel were each given a clue to the topic of an item they had
     discussed at some point in the previous year and were asked to
     guess what the clue was representing and put it on the calendar in
     the correct place. When the Panel were going through their
     achievements, Ronika gave them a recap of what the issue was
     and what had since happened with that item following the
     discussion. See report

     Rachael said that there will need to be recruitment for some new        Recruitment process
     members of the Client Panel as the numbers have dwindled from           to occur in March/
     the original 20 members. Ronika assured the panel that clients          April
     would be involved in the recruitment but Rachael suggested not
     the Client Panel but another group, such as the Involving You
     Steering Group or a team of clients based in Manchester who
     have been trained in the recruitment procedure.

7    Call Centre Telephone Numbers
     Nicola Grant, Director of Customer and Client Experience,
     presented a document to the group about the different options that
     we have to choose from for the telephone number for the customer

    and client call centre. There was an 0800 number which would be
    free to all people phoning but would cost Home around £120,000 a
    year. There was an 0845 number that would be free for Home but
    would cost the client 3.3p per minute. The final option was an
    0300/0345 number that would cost the client 1.8p a minute and
    cost the same from both land lines and mobile phones, this
    number would cost Home around £60,000 a year. The Panel voted
    for their preference and the vote was unanimously the 0300/0345
    number, which was in agreement with the Customer Panel. Nicola
    also asked the group for suggestions for the last 4 digits of the
    telephone number and the group suggested the following- 7575
    (for Home’s 75th birthday), 1936 (the year Home was founded) or
    4663 (which spells Home on the Keypad)

8   Roundup

    Nicole Padfield said she was happy with everything so far but
    would like to be offered more open doors and volunteering
    opportunities. Sally agreed to speak to Nicky about this outside the
    meeting.                                                               Arrange the meeting
    Richard Faulkner- noted that he was struggling with everyone           this way in March
    talking over each other. He said it might be better if the layout of
    the room was in a big circle rather than having 4 separate tables.     Ronika to find out
    He put himself forward for Home’s 75th birthday committee.             what is happening
    June Hudson suggested that it might be useful if one member of         about clients on the
    the group was in charge of keeping all members of the group quiet      committee
    in the meetings so that people wouldn’t be able to talk over each
    Danielle Bullock had nothing to share
    Tim Bird had recently had his My Way Forward review and noted
    that this document could do with updating. It would be nicer if the
    document was more client friendly. Rachael said that there is a
    plan in place to make the document electronic. Tim suggested that
    the document needs to be simplified. It was concluded that
    feedback should be collected from link workers about being on the
    other side of My Way Forward and that the document needs to be
    reviewed with Learning and Development being involved.
    Tim said that it might be interesting to have some link workers and/
    or service managers present at a Client Panel meeting.
    Neal Tobbell felt that there was too much time wasted on warm-
    ups and icebreakers and that he felt the time would be better used
    diving straight into the agenda items, he also felt that the agenda
    could do with reworking so that time wasting could be eliminated..
    He is glad we now have the Team Site up and running. He feels
    that it is worrying that there is talk of making my way forward
    electronic as there is a higher danger of its contents being hacked.
    Andy Jones agreed that there is time being wasted in the
    meetings and the instances when people talk over each other.
    Rob Chapman had nothing to share
    Richard Burton has become involved in his local G.A.P project
    and in a local gardening project. He said that he was very inspired
    by Karen’s speech in the previous meeting and this motivated him

    to become involved in some green issues.
    Rob Corker felt that the points he would like to make were
    covered in the comments made by Neal.
    Christine White would like the dates for future meeting resending
    to her as her copy was illegible.

9   Date of next meeting
    The next meeting will be held on 31/03/2011 at the MIC centre in    Emma to send out
    London.                                                             invitations to this
                                                                        meeting closer to
                                                                        the time.


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