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					                        LBG Steering Group
                        Terms of Reference

Purposes of the LBG Steering Group
(from LBG Member Charter, under Governance section)

The LBG is owned by its members, who agree significant matters of policy at the annual
meeting. The members of LBG represent both UK and non UK headquartered
organisations and report a mix of UK only and international data.

To help guide issues for discussion, a Steering Group meets four times each year. The
Steering Group represents a cross-section of members, who volunteer for a fixed term of
office, normally three years. Steering Group membership is open to all LBG members. The
     function of the Steering Group is to:
      Act on behalf of the whole membership to maintain and enhance quality and
         consistency in applying the LBG model, for example data to be requested for
         members’ annual returns;
      Support LBG with the international development of the LBG model and local
         benchmarking groups.
      Hold preparatory discussion of issues to be decided in Plenary;
      Provide a steer on operational matters which do not need full Plenary consideration;
      Taken as a whole, the Steering Group’s membership should achieve a balance
         across industry sectors, size, international reach and experience in applying the

Expectations of Steering Group members

Members agree to:

       Ensure that own member company data adheres to LBG guidance and policy and
        lead by example such as getting data assured.
       Reference LBG in external reporting where possible
       Recommend and decide on new areas of work but not necessarily lead on these
       Spread the word about the model which in turn should help recruit new members
       Encourage usage and wider take up amongst existing members and externally
       Support data collection process by submitting annual return data
       Work with LBG to improve and develop the annual return data
       Support LBG in the follow-up with members not reporting more than one year or not
        adhering to the LBG methodology

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Role of Chair

       Chair Steering Group meetings
       Chair LBG twice annual plenaries
       Be a sounding board between meetings for Corporate Citizenship
       The Chair will serve for 2 years in this role

Tenure of Steering Group member

       Group should consist of 10 members with a quorum of 4 to make a decision.
       Steering Group members commit to a 3 year term. After that time there is the option
        to be reappointed for a second 3 year term. After a total of 6 years, the member will
        be asked to step aside to allow for new leadership.
       It is understood that sometimes members may have staff turnover and/or other
        reasons they would not be able to serve out their term.
       The Steering Group membership should be representative of the overall LBG
        membership with all major sectors represented.
       Steering Group Members representing a particular sector should be aware of and
        have up to date contact details for the members within that sector
       Whilst it is likely that members would raise issues with their respective sector
        Steering Group member, any member of the Steering Group should be prepared to
        answer member questions or take member feedback to the Steering Group
       Members would be replaced by the LBG succession process noted below.
       Biographies and contact details of each member to be posted on the LBG website.

Succession process of Steering Group members

When new Steering Group members need to be recruited to fill any one of the 10 member
slots, the following process will prevail:
     Request for volunteers is put to the full membership in the newsletter for 2 months
     In parallel, Corporate Citizenship actively encourages volunteers, guided by the
         existing Steering Group, to ensure balance is achieved
     Biographies of the volunteers are circulated to the existing Steering Group as a
         recommendation for approval
     Final list of new members is put to the full membership in the newsletter or at the
         plenary for their approval

Steering Group meetings

Typically are held four times a year:
    Before and after each plenary
    Corporate Citizenship will coordinate the meetings and be responsible for taking
       minutes and distributing them to the Group

Approved by the LBG Steering Group May 2009

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