Pandemic Preparedness Planning

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					                      Pandemic Preparedness Planning
                          Special Attention to Avian Influenza (“Bird Flu”)
                    Recommended Implementation Plan
The proposed Pandemic Preparedness Plan for **** Corporation is intended to integrate with the
existing **** Corporation Crisis Management Plan. A special plan is needed because a Pandemic
differs from the previously considered potential corporate crises in that
      All ** locations would be similarly and simultaneously affected.
      The emergency would be unusually prolonged, i.e. 4 to 8 weeks.
      Community health care resources would be overwhelmed and could provide little
      Essential medications and hygiene supplies will quickly be exhausted.
      Governments may respond forcefully to panic with little regard for impacts on business,
          e.g. closure of schools and day care, closure of public transportation, rationing of critical
          supplies including medications and vaccines.

Recommended steps for implementation of the plan are as follows:
   1. Approval of proposed master plan by the Executive Committee
   2. Corporate Communication announces the existence of a ** Pandemic Preparedness Plan
      to **** Corporation (**) employees.
   3. Direct functional groups develop key sub-plans
           a. Corporate Communications
                     i. Establish arrangements for 1-800 telephone accounts plus Internet sites
                        to maintain communication with quarantined workers and others told to
                        work away from **** sites
           b. Human Resources
                     i. Develop emergency, temporary modifications to attendance policies in
                        case of quarantine
                    ii. Develop communication plans for -- employees working in other regions
                   iii. Develop communication plans for delegates from other regions working
                        within --.
           c. Medical
                     i. Establish site-by-site plans for an Employee Health Monitoring System
                             1. Site Managers Designates personnel to take individuals'
                                 temperature and administer brief health questionnaire at point of
                                 entry to the site
                             2. Site Managers designates one site employee to collect data
                                 health surveillance at point of entry to the site and report to
                                 Corporate Medical
                    ii. Provide protocols for distribution of anti-viral medications to all ** Medical
           d. Information Services
                     i. Request all Group Vice Presidents to identify jobs and the names of
                        incumbents in those jobs that can only be performed with the employee
                        on a **** site.
                    ii. Send the Emergency Distributed Workplace Survey to employees whose
                        current job may be performed off-site
                   iii. Information Technology to compile survey results and develop a
                        proposal for an Emergency Distributed Workplace Plan
           e. Site and Facilities Management
                     i. Develop plans for staffing of temperature and respiratory symptom
                        screening at entry points.
                    ii. Develop plans for increased frequency of cleaning and sanitizing of
                        public surfaces, especially, bathrooms and food-handling areas
    4. Purchase stockpiles
           a. Anti-viral medications, i.e. Tamiflu
                    i. Coverage for 50% employees following exposure
                   ii. Pre-exposure coverage for emergency, security and medical personnel
                       for 6 weeks
           b. Hygiene supplies
                    i. Disposible respirators, antiseptic hand cleansers, disposable gloves
                  ii. Disposible, oral thermometers for screening at entrances to sites
           c. Storage and distribution
                    i. Regional Security managers coordinate with Medical and identify
                       appropriate sites (mostly those with on-site Medical units), along with
                       appropriate secure storage location.
                   ii. Regional Security managers develop plans to securely distribute anti-
                       virals and hygiene supplies to sites without medical staff

Less urgent and beyond the scope of the current proposal is planning for disruptions to key
vendors, customers, shippers, and contract workers. Even with a completely successful internal
response, ** remains vulnerable to loss of essential services and labor from other companies
being less well prepared. ** Business Groups may wish to consult with the Legal Department
regarding what that should be requiring of their key business partners. Insurance may wish to
review business interruption policies to assure that disruption from a Pandemic is not excluded.

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