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									  Correspondence Course in Magic and the
            Western Mysteries
 of the outer court of the Brotherhood of the Eternal Light

Meditation Diary of
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for [enter period of time]

Location: [Click here to enter your location]
Email: [Click here to enter your email]
Status of Training: Member
Events: [enter Number of days in personal training ] (since the beginning of the training)
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Rituals: [Enter the Number of Rituals]
       [Enter the Rituals you have participated in.]
Online Course: [Enter the current unit and topic of the Qabbalah-Course ]
Other Activities:
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Spiritual Mentor: [Enter the Name of your spiritual mentor if you already have one.]

The red passages you must fill in only once, and/or if they change, while the yellow ones you
must change each time. Ideally fill in all red passages immediately and then save the
document with “save as” into the “templates file” and use it each time as a preformatted
document. Save it under the name “Name_Diary_Date”, by replacing date by the appropriate
date. E.G. “HenryNettesheim_Diary_2007_01_31.doc “ Before you send it change the date
into the date of the last entry.

Report of the last Event

If you participate in personal training you may add a report about your last event here!
(Including additions to your meditation or ritual report for that event.)

Meditation Reports

Date: / Meditation No.
Meditation Posture:
Meditation Subject:
Relaxation and physical sensation:
Later realisations:
Candle Exercise:
General realisations:

Use “Copy and paste” to insert the above for every meditation. If you want, you may already
insert information that changes rarely into the pattern before it is copied. This is normally a
good idea for Place or Meditation Posture.)

Ritual Reports

Please use the scheme for ritual reports.

Position: (If there were other participants.)

Personal impressions:

Opening and closing of the Quarters:

Course of Action in General:

Astral perception/meditation / Meditation:

Summary of this Month
Please write a short summary of this month! (What was especially important to you in this
month/diary? Is there any special connection to your life?)


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