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									                                                                                        The Archdiocese of Cardiff
                                                                                        FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGN

                                                                                       Pledge Card

Thank you for agreeing to make a              Your Title (i.e. Mr, Mrs, Miss, Dr):
donation to the Archdiocese of Cardiff
as part of our “Embracing the Future”         Your Family Name:
Fundraising Campaign.
                                              Your First Name (s):
Please complete this pledge card and return
it in its entirety to:                        Your Home Address:

The Archdiocese of Cardiff
Archbishop’s House
41-43 Cathedral Road
                                              Your Postcode:
Cardiff CF11 9HD
Please mark “Campaign” on the envelope.       Your Contact Telephone Number:

                                              Your Email Address:

                                              Your Parish:

                                                     Ways you can donate
                                                                     MAKE A FIVE-YEAR PLEDGE
                                                               By Standing order or By Payroll Giving
                                                                                     GIVE A ONE-TIME GIFT
                                                                                                 By Cheque
                                                                                        LEAVE A LEGACY
                                                                          By notification to the Archdiocese

                                                For further details on these alternatives,
                          consult the brochure or contact your Parish Campaign Leader.
I wish to support the Archdiocese’s “Embracing The Future” Fundraising Campaign by making the
following donation(s):

  TYPE OF DONATION                           AMOUNT                                                                                          OFFICE USE ONLY

                                                                                Cheque enclosed
 One time donation of:                £                                         Cheque to follow                                           £

                                                                                by standing order
 A 5-year Pledge of:                  £                                                                                                    £
                                                           Per month            by payroll giving

 a Legacy of:                         £                                         already in my/our will(s)                                  £
                                                                                to be included in my/our will(s)

                                                                                                                       TOTAL GIFT £

I would like my donation to be used for (please tick accordingly):
    UNRESTRICTED (At the discretion of the Archbishop)                                       THE CLERGY RETIREMENT FUND

   THE PASTORAL STRATEGY FUND                                                                THE CATHEDRAL RESTORATION FUND

    Gift Aid Declaration (please tick to increase your donation by up to 28%)
To qualify for Gift Aid what you pay in income or Capital Gains tax must be at least equal to the amount we will claim in the tax year.
For further information about Gift Aid please contact your Campaign Parish Leader.
I would like this donation, and all future donations to this Campaign to be subjected to Gift Aid. I will inform you when I no longer
pay income or capital gains tax.

Signed:                                                                                              Date:
If you have any further queries, please contact your Campaign Parish Leader or call the Archdiocese on 02920 22 04 11 or email

Please advise us if you would prefer not to receive additional information relating to this campaign. Please be assured that your details will not be passed to third parties.
All information received is managed under the terms of the Data Protection Act.

The Archdiocese of Cardiff ’s Registered Charity no is: 242380

Standing Order Instruction
To the Manager
Bank / Building Society
                                                                                                               Post Code
Please Pay: The Archdiocese of Cardiff - Bank of Ireland, 17 Cathedral Road, Cardiff CF11 9HA
Account No: 80400900 Sort Code: 30-15-17
The Sum of: £                                         Amount in words:
Each Month, Starting From:
Until Further Notice or until (delete as relevant and specify an end date if you wish to)
Your Bank Name and address:

Your Account No:                                                       Your Sort Code:

Your Signature:                                                                                              Date:

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