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Radiology Publications

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                         BIDMC Radiology Staff and Trainees: 113

Abramson RG, Rosen MP, Perry LJ, Brophy                 Brophy DP, Bloomgarden DC, Sheiman RG,
DP, Raeburn SL, Stuart KE.        Cost-effectiveness    Haskal ZJ. SCVIR annual meeting film panel
of hepatic arterial chemoembolization for               session: diagnosis and discussion of case 2.
colorectal liver metastases refractory to systemic      J Vasc Interv Radiol. 2000 Apr;11(4):522-6.
chemotherapy. Radiology. 2000 Aug;216(2):45-1.        PMID: 1077214
PMID: 1024575
                                                        Brophy DP, Sheiman RG, Amatulle P, Akbari CM.
Alsop DC, Detre JA, Grossman M.                         Iatrogenic femoral pseudoaneurysms: thrombin
Assessment of cerebral blood flow in Alzheimer’s        injection after failed US-guided compression.
disease by spin-labeled magnetic resonance              Radiology. 2000 Jan;214(1):27-2. PMID:
imaging. Ann Neurol. 2000 Jan;47(1):3-100.             10644137
PMID: 10632106
                                                        Burstein D, Bashir A, Gray ML.
Baird AE, Lovblad KO, Dashe JF, Connor A,               MRI techniques in early stages of cartilage disease.
Burzynski C, Schlaug G, Straroselskaya I, Edelman       Invest Radiol. 2000 Oct;35(10):622-38. Review.
RR, Warach S. Clinical correlations of diffusion and    PMID: 11041156
perfusion lesion volumes in acute ischemic stroke.
Cerebrovasc Dis. 2000 Nov-Dec;10(6):441-.              Chalela JA, Alsop DC, Gonzalez-Atavales JB,
PMID: 11070374                                          Maldjian JA, Kasner SE, Detre JA. Magnetic
                                                        resonance perfusion imaging in acute ischemic
Baird AE, Lovblad KO, Schlaug G, Edelman                stroke using continuous arterial spin labeling.
RR, Warach S. Multiple acute stroke syndrome:           Stroke. 2000 Mar;31(3):60-7.
marker of embolic disease? Neurology. 2000 Feb          PMID: 10700504

                                                                                                               Radiology Publications
;54(3):674-. PMID: 106002
                                                        Chan AJ, Prasad PV, Priatna A, Mostafavai MR,
Benotsch EG, Lutgendorf SK, Watson D, Fick LJ,          Sunduram C, Saltzman B. Protective effect of
Lang EV. Rapid anxiety assessment in medical            aminophylline on renal perfusion changes induced
patients: evidence for the validity of verbal anxiety   by high-energy shockwaves identified by Gd-DTPA-
ratings. Ann Behav Med. 2000 Summer;22(3):1-          enhanced first-pass perfusion MRI. J Endourol.
203. PMID: 11126464                                     2000 Mar;14(2):117-21. PMID: 10772502

Boiselle PM, Ernst A. Airway imaging. In: UpToDate. Choi JR, Kruskal JB, Rosen MP, Davis RB.
Rose BD, editor. Wellesley, MA. 2000. In press.     How to create an effective scientific exhibit: analysis
                                                    of award-winning exhibits from the 1998 RSNA
Boiselle PM, Ernst A, Karp DD.                      meeting. Radiographics. 2000 Jul-Aug;20(4):105-
Lung cancer detection in the 21st century:          72; quiz 110-10, 1112. PMID: 100365
potential contributions and challenges of emerging
technologies. AJR 2000 Nov;175(5):1215-21.          Choi JR, Levine D, Finberg H. Luteoma of
Review. PMID: 11044010                              pregnancy: sonographic findings in two cases. J
                                                    Ultrasound Med. 2000 Dec;19(12):877-81. PMID:
Boiselle PM.                                        11127014
MR imaging of thoracic lymph nodes. A comparison
of computed tomography and positron emission        Diaz Candamio MJ, Lee VS, Rofsky NM,
tomography. Magn Reson Imaging Clin N Am. 2000 Krinsky GA, Weinreb JC. Pelvic arteriovenous
Feb;8(1):33-41. Review. PMID: 10730234              malformations: gadolinium-enhanced three-
                                                    dimensional MR angiography findings. Eur Radiol.
Boiselle PM, Morrin MM, Huberman MS.                2000;10():1257-60 PMID: 10345
Gemcitabine pulmonary toxicity: CT features.
J Comput Assist Tomogr. 2000 Nov-Dec;24(6):77- Dodd GD 3rd, Soulen MC, Kane RA, Livraghi
0. PMID: 11105721                                  T, Lees WR, Yamashita Y, Gillams AR, Karahan
                                                    OI, Rhim H. Minimally invasive treatment of
Brasch RC, Li KPC, Husband JE, Keogan MT, Nee- malignant hepatic tumors: at the threshold of a
man M, Padhani AR, Shames D, Turetshek K. In vivo major breakthrough.Radiographics. 2000 Jan-
Monitoring of Tumor Angiogenesis with MR imaging. Feb;20(1):9-27. Review. PMID: 10682768
Acad Radiol 2000; 7: 12-13

                                                                           Key: Radiology Staff, Trainees
                         Dupuy DE, Hong R, Oliver B, Goldberg SN.                 Goldberg SN, Gazelle GS, Compton CC, Mueller
                         Radiofrequency ablation of spinal tumors:                PR, Tanabe KK. Treatment of intrahepatic
                         temperature distribution in the spinal canal. AJR        malignancy with radiofrequency ablation:
                         Am J Roentgenol. 2000 Nov;175(5):1263-6.                 radiologic-pathologic correlation. Cancer. 2000 Jun
                         PMID: 1104401                                           1;(11):2452-63. PMID: 1061420

                         Fitzgerald J, Parker JA, Danias PG. F-1           Goldberg SN, Gazelle GS, Mueller PR.
                         fluoro deoxyglucose SPECT for assessment of        Thermal ablation therapy for focal malignancy: a
                         myocardial viability. J Nucl Cardiol. 2000 Jul-    unified approach to underlying principles,
                         Aug;7(4):32-7. PMID: 10521                     techniques, and diagnostic imaging guidance. AJR
                                                                            Am J Roentgenol. 2000 Feb;174(2):323-31.
                         Front D, Bar-Shalom R, Mor M, Haim N, Epelbaum Review. PMID: 10658699
                         R, Frenkel A, Gaitini D, Kolodny GM, Israel O.
                         Aggressive non-Hodgkin lymphoma: early             Goldfarb JW, Prasad PV, Griswold MA, Edelman
                         prediction of outcome with 67Ga scintigraphy.      RR. Dynamic three-dimensional magnetic
                         Radiology. 2000 Jan;214(1):253-7. PMID:            resonance abdominal angiography and perfusion:
                         10644133                                           implementation and preliminary experience. J Magn
                                                                            Reson Imaging. 2000 Feb;11(2):201-7. PMID:
                         Gazelle GS, Goldberg SN, Solbiati L, Livraghi T.   1071355
                         Tumor ablation with radio-frequency energy.
                         Radiology. 2000 Dec;217(3):633-46. Review.         Gonzalez-At JB, Alsop DC, Detre JA.
                         PMID: 1111023                                     Cerebral perfusion and arterial transit time changes
                                                                            during task activation determined with continuous
Radiology Publications

                         Goldberg SN, Keogan MT, Raptopoulos                arterial spin labeling. Magn Reson Med. 2000
                         V.       Percutaneous CT-guided biopsy:            May;43(5):73-46. PMID: 1000040
                         improved confirmation of sampling site and needle
                         positioning using a multistep technique at CT      Griswold MA, Jakob PM, Edelman RR, Sodickson
                         fluoroscopy. J Comput Assist Tomogr. 2000 Mar-     DK. A multicoil array designed for cardiac SMASH
                         Apr;24(2):264-6. PMID: 107520                    imaging. MAGMA. 2000 Jun;10(2):105-13.
                                                                            PMID: 1073200
                         Goldberg SN, Kruskal JB, Oliver BS, Clouse
                         ME, Gazelle GS. Percutaneous tumor ablation:       Hall FM. The case for more U.S. medical students.
                         increased coagulation by combining radio-          N Engl J Med. 2000 Nov 23;343(21):1573-4;
                         frequency ablation and ethanol instillation in     discussion 1574-5. PMID: 1114753
                         a rat breast tumor model. Radiology. 2000
                         Dec;217(3):27-31. PMID: 1111050                  Hall FM. Clinical breast examination for detecting
                                                                            breast cancer. JAMA. 2000 Apr 5;23(13):167;
                         Gervais DA, McGovern FJ, Wood BJ, Goldberg         discussion 16-. PMID: 1075540
                         SN, McDougal WS, Mueller PR. Radio-frequency
                         ablation of renal cell carcinoma: early clinical   Hall FM. Language of the radiology report: primer
                         experience. Radiology. 2000 Dec;217(3):665-72.     for residents and wayward radiologists.
                         PMID: 1111026                                     AJR Am J Roentgenol. 2000 Nov;175(5):123-42.
                                                                            PMID: 11044014
                         Goldberg SN, Raptopoulos V, Boiselle PM,
                         Edinburgh KJ, Ernst A. Mediastinal                 Hall FM.
                         lymphadenopathy: diagnostic yield of               Follow-up of probably benign breast lesions.
                         transbronchial mediastinal lymph node biopsy       Radiology. 2000 Oct;217(1):303-5. PMID: 11012463
                         with CT fluoroscopic guidance-initial experience.
                         Radiology. 2000 Sep;216(3):764-7. PMID:            Feig SA, Hall FM, Ikeda DM, Mendelson EB, Rubin
                         106670                                           EC, Segel MC, Watson AB Jr, Eklund GW, Stelling
                                                                            CB, Jackson VP. Society of Breast Imaging
                         Goldberg SN, Solbiati L, Halpern EF, Gazelle GS. residency and fellowship training curriculum. Radiol
                         Variables affecting proper system grounding for    Clin North Am. 2000 Jul;3(4):15-20, xi. PMID:
                         radiofrequency ablation in an animal model. J Vasc 104326
                         Interv Radiol. 2000 Sep;11():106-75.

                         Key: Radiology Staff, Trainees                      10
Hall FM, Longmaid HE 3rd. Megapixel digital            Keogan MT, Johansen HK. Vaccines for preventing
camera. AJR. 2000 May;174(5):1462-3. PMID:             infection with Pseudomonas aeruginosa in people
10714                                               with cystic fibrosis. Cochrane Database Syst Rev.
                                                       2000;(2):CD001399. Review. PMID: 10796780
Hall FM.Focal fibrosis of the breast in diabetes.
AJR Am J Roentgenol. 2000 Mar;174(3):70-1.            Keogan MT. Radiology of urinary diversions.
PMID: 10701645                                         Curr Opin Urol. 2000 Mar;10(2):117-22.
                                                       Review. PMID: 10785853
Hatabu H, Stock KW, Sher S, Edinburgh KJ, Levin
DL, Garpestad E, Albert MS, Mai VM, Chen Q,            Khalkhali I, Villanueva-Meyer J, Edell SL, Connolly
Edelman RR. Magnetic resonance imaging of the          JL, Schnitt SJ, Baum JK, Houlihan MJ, Jenkins
thorax. Past, present, and future. Radiol Clin North   RM, Haber SB. Diagnostic accuracy of mTc-
Am. 2000 May;38(3):593-620, x. Review. PMID:           sestamibi breast imaging: multicenter trial results.
1055264                                               J Nucl Med. 2000 Dec;41(12):173-. PMID:
Hatabu H, Tadamura E, Prasad PV, Chen Q,
Buxton R, Edelman RR. Noninvasive pulmonary            Krinsky GA, Lee VS, Nguyen MT, Rofsky NM,
perfusion imaging by STAR-HASTE sequence.              Theise ND, Morgan GR, Teperman LW, Weinreb
Magn Reson Med. 2000 Nov;44(5):0-12. PMID:           JC. Siderotic nodules at MR imaging: regenerative
11064417                                               or dysplastic? J Comput Assist Tomogr. 2000 Sep-
                                                       Oct;24(5):773-6. PMID: 11045701
Hochman M, Reed MH. Features of
calcaneonavicular coalition on coronal computed      Krinsky GA, Nguyen MT, Lee VS, Rosen RJ,

                                                                                                              Radiology Publications
tomography. Skeletal Radiol. 2000 Jul;2(7):40-12. Goldenberg A, Theise ND, Morgan G, Rofsky
PMID: 1063427                                       NM. Dysplastic nodules and hepatocellular
                                                     carcinoma: sensitivity of digital subtraction hepatic
Israel O, Keidar Z, Rubinov R, Iosilevski G, Frenkel arteriography with whole liver explant correlation. J
A, Kuten A, Betman L, Kolodny GM, Yarnitsky D,       Comput Assist Tomogr. 2000 Jul-Aug;24(4):62-34.
Front D. Quantitative bone single-photon emission PMID: 1066200
computed tomography for prediction of pain relief in
metastatic bone disease treated with rhenium-186     Kruskal JB. The role of the radiologist in delivery
etidronate. J Clin Oncol. 2000 Jul;1(14):2747-54. and evaluation of gene therapy. JVIR Supplement
PMID: 10475                                       2000; 11(2):76-5

Kamel IR, Goldberg SN, Keogan MT, Rosen MP,            Kruskal JB, Thomas P, Nasser I, Cay O, Kane RA.
Raptopoulos V. Right lower quadrant pain and           Hepatic colon cancer metastases in mice: dynamic
suspected appendicitis: nonfocused appendiceal         in vivo correlation with hypoechoic rims visible
CT—review of 100 cases. Radiology. 2000                at US. Radiology. 2000 Jun;215(3):852-7. PMID:
Oct;217(1):15-63. PMID: 1101243                      1031710

Kamel IR, Raptopoulos V, Pomfret EA, Kruskal           Lang EV, Benotsch EG, Fick LJ, Lutgendorf S,
JB, Kane RA, Yam CS, Jenkins RL. Living adult          Berbaum ML, Berbaum KS, Logan H, Spiegel
right lobe liver transplantation: imaging before       D. Adjunctive non-pharmacological analgesia for
surgery with multidetector multiphase CT.              invasive medical procedures: a randomised trial.
 AJR 2000 Oct;175(4):1141-3. PMID: 1100017            Lancet. 2000 Apr 2;355(214):146-0. PMID:
Kane RA. Intraoperative Ultrasound. In: Bluth
EI, et al (eds). Ultrasound – A Practical Approach   Lee VS, Rofsky NM, Ton AT, Johnson G, Krinsky
to Clinical Problems. Stuttgart - New York; Georg    GA, Weinreb JC. Angiotensin-converting enzyme
Thieme Verlag, 2000, p. 64-664.                     inhibitor-enhanced phase-contrast MR imaging to
                                                     measure renal artery velocity waveforms in patients
Karp DD, Mulshine JL, Henschke CI, Boiselle PM, with suspected renovascular hypertension. AJR
Ernst A. Non small cell lung cancer: Screening, new Am J Roentgenol. 2000 Feb;174(2):4-50.
imaging and preventions. American Society of Linical PMID: 1065731
Oncology 2000 Educational Book; American Society
of Clinical Oncology; 47-502.
                                                    11                   Key: Radiology Staff, Trainees
                         Lee VS, Martin DJ, Krinsky GA, Rofsky NM.                  Li W, Brophy DP, Chen Q, Edelman RR, Prasad
                         Gadolinium-enhanced MR angiography: artifacts and          PV. Semiquantitative assessment of uterine
                         pitfalls. AJR Am J Roentgenol. 2000 Jul;175(1):17-        perfusion using first pass dynamic contrast-
                         205. PMID: 102274                                        enhanced MR imaging for patients treated with
                                                                                    uterine fibroid embolization. J Magn Reson
                         Lee VS, Lavelle MT, Rofsky NM, Laub G,                     Imaging. 2000 Dec;12(6):1004-. PMID: 11105042
                         Thomasson DM, Krinsky GA, Weinreb JC. Hepatic
                         MR imaging with a dynamic contrast-enhanced                Li W, Zhang M, Sher S, Edelman RR.
                         isotropic volumetric interpolated breath-hold              MR angiography of the vascular tree from the
                         examination: feasibility, reproducibility, and technical   aorta to the foot: combining two-dimensional
                         quality. Radiology. 2000 May;215(2):365-72. PMID:          time-of-flight and three-dimensional contrast-
                         10760                                                   enhanced imaging. J Magn Reson Imaging. 2000
                                                                                    Dec;12(6):4-. PMID: 11105026
                         Levine D. Reply to Gadolinium-enhanced MR
                         Imaging in the differential diagnosis of placenta      Livraghi T, Goldberg SN, Lazzaroni S, Meloni F,
                         accreta and placenta percreta. Radiology, 2000;        Ierace T, Solbiati L, Gazelle GS. Hepatocellular
                         216:610-611.                                           carcinoma: radio-frequency ablation of
                                                                                medium and large lesions. Radiology. 2000
                         Levine D. Ectopic pregnancy. In: Callen PW, editor. Mar;214(3):761-. PMID: 10715043
                         Ultrasonography in Obstetrics and Gynecology. WB
                         Saunders, 2000.                                        Mai VM, Knight-Scott J, Edelman RR, Chen
                                                                                Q, Keilholz-George S, Berr SS. 1H magnetic
                         Levine D. The role of computed tomography and          resonance imaging of human lung using inversion
Radiology Publications

                         magnetic resonance imaging in obstetrics. In:          recovery turbo spin echo. J Magn Reson Imaging.
                         Ultrasonography in Obstetrics and Gynecology. PW 2000 Jun;11(6):616-21. PMID: 1062060
                         Callen, editor. Philadelphia: WB Saunders; 2000.
                                                                                Mai VM, Chen Q, Bankier AA, Edelman RR.
                         Levine D. Ectopic pregnancy. In: Ultrasonography       Multiple inversion recovery MR subtraction imaging
                         in Obstetrics and Gynecology. PW Callen, editor.       of human ventilation from inhalation of room
                         Philadelphia: WB Saunders; 2000.                       air and pure oxygen. Magn Reson Med. 2000
                                                                                Jun;43(6):13-6. PMID: 10610
                         Levine D, Barnes PB, Korf B, Edelman RR. Tuberous
                         sclerosis: second trimester diagnosis of subependymal Mai VM, Chen Q, Bankier AA, Zhang M, Hagspiel
                         tubers with fast MRI. AJR 2000; 175:1067-1069          KD, Berr SS, Edelman RR. Imaging pulmonary
                                                                                blood flow and perfusion using phase-sensitive
                         Levine D, Mehta TS, Min KK, Hulka CA, McArdle          selective inversion recovery. Magn Reson Med.
                         CR. Technical factors influencing sonographic          2000 Jun;43(6):73-5. PMID: 106172
                         visualization of fetal echogenic intracardiac foci.
                         J Clin Ultrasound. 2000 Nov- Dec;28(9):479-84.         Mai VM, Chen Q, Li W, Hatabu H, Edelman RR.
                         PMID: 11056025                                         Effect of respiratory phases on MR lung signal
                                                                                intensity and lung conspicuity using segmented
                         Levy-Reis I, Casasanto DJ, Gonzalez JB, Alsop DC, multiple inversion recovery turbo spin echo (MIR-
                         Glosser G, Maldjan JA, French J, Detre JA.             TSE). Magn Reson Med. 2000 May;43(5):760-3.
                         Cortical reorganization in linear nevus sebaceous      PMID: 1000043
                         syndrome: a multimodality neuroimaging study.
                          J Neuroimaging. 2000 Oct;10(4):225-. PMID:           McAdams HP, Hatabu H, Donnelly LF, Chen Q,
                         11147403                                               Tadamura E, MacFall JR. Novel techniques for
                                                                                MR imaging of pulmonary airspaces. Magn Reson
                         Lieberman GB, Abramson R, Volkan K, McArdle            Imaging Clin N Am. 2000 Feb;(1):205-1. PMID:
                         PJ. Tutor vs. computer: A comparison of teaching       10730243
                         methods. Academic Radiology. In press.
                                                                                Mehta TS, Raza S, Baum JK.
                                                                                Use of Doppler ultrasound in the evaluation of
                                                                                breast carcinoma. Semin Ultrasound CT MR. 2000
                                                                                Aug;21(4):297-307. Review.
                                                                                PMID: 11014252
                         Key: Radiology Staff, Trainees                      12
Morrin MM, Kruskal JB, Hochman MG,                      Rabkin DJ, Lang EV, Brophy DP.
Saldinger PF, Kane RA. Radiologic features of           Nitinol properties affecting uses in inter-ventional
complications arising from dropped gallstones in        radiology. J Vasc Interv Radiol. 2000 Mar;11(3):343-
laparoscopic cholecystectomy patients. AJR 2000         50. Review. PMID: 10735430
May;174(5):1441-5. PMID: 1070
                                                        Rofsky NM, Adelman MA.
Morrin MM, Farrell RJ, Kruskal JB, Reynolds K,          MR angiography in the evaluation of atherosclerotic
McGee JB, Raptopoulos V. Utility of intravenously       peripheral vascular disease.
administered contrast material at CT colonography.      Radiology. 2000 Feb;214(2):325-38. Review.
Radiology. 2000 Dec;217(3):765-71.PMID:                 PMID: 10671577
                                                        Rosen MP, Sands DZ, Kuntz KM.
Morrin MM, Farrell RJ, Raptopoulos V, McGee             Physicians’ attitudes toward misdiagnosis of
JB, Bleday R, Kruskal JB. Role of virtual               pulmonary embolism: a utility analysis.
computed tomographic colonography in patients           Acad Radiol. 2000 Jan;7(1):14-20.
with colorectal cancers and obstructing colorectal      PMID: 10645453
lesions. Dis Colon Rectum. 2000 Mar;43(3):303-11.
PMID: 10733110                                          Rosen MP, Levine D, Carpenter J, Frost L, Hulka CA,
                                                        Western D, McArdle C. Diagnostic accuracy of remote
Morrin MM, Farrell RJ, Kruskal JB.                      vs. on-site ultrasound interpretation. 2000 Year Book
Virtual colonoscopy. N Engl J Med. 2000 Mar             of Diagnostic Radiology. Mosby - Year Book, Inc.
;342(10):73; discussion 73-. PMID: 10712124
                                                        Rosen MP, Sheiman R.

                                                                                                                Radiology Publications
Nakatsu M, Hatabu H, Itoh H, Morikawa K, Miki Y,        Transhepatic mechanical thrombectomy followed by
Kasagi K, Shimono T, Shoji K, Shimada Y, Imamura        infusion of TPA into the superior mesenteric artery
M, Konishi J. Comparison of short inversion             to treat acute mesenteric vein thrombosis. J Vasc
time inversion recovery (STIR) and fat-saturated        Interv Radiol. 2000 Feb;11 (2 Pt 1):15-. PMID:
(chemsat) techniques for background fat intensity       107163
suppression in cervical and thoracic MR imaging.
J Magn Reson Imaging. 2000 Jan;11(1):56-60.             Rosen MP, Sands DZ, Longmaid HE 3rd, Reynolds
PMID: 10676621                                          KF, Wagner M, Raptopoulos V. Impact of
                                                        abdominal CT on the management of patients
Pandori MW, Sano T.                                     presenting to the emergency department with acute
Photoactivatable retroviral vectors: a strategy for     abdominal pain. AJR 2000 May;174(5):131-6.
targeted gene delivery. Gene Ther. 2000                 PMID: 10701
Dec;7(23):1-2006. PMID: 11175311
                                                        Rosen MP, Mehta T, Levine D, Davis RB.
Patel MR, Caruso PA, Yousuf N, Rachlin J.               Indications for pelvic sonography-Do patients
CT-guided percutaneous fibrin glue therapy of           and doctors agree? J Clin Ultrasound. 2000
cerebrospinal fluid leaks in the spine after surgery.   May;2(4):16-74. PMID: 10751737
AJR 2000 Aug;175(2):443-6.
PMID: 101561                                      Rosen MP, Sands DZ, Morris J, Drake W, Davis
                                                    RB. Does a physician’s ability to accurately assess
Perry LJ. Percutaneous biliary drainage in patients the likelihood of pulmonary embolism increase with
with nondilated bile ducts: use of a transjejunal   training? Acad Med. 2000 Dec;75(12):11-205.
approach. AJR 2000 Jul;175(1):26. PMID:            PMID: 11112722
                                                    Rabkin DJ, Lang EV, Brophy DP.
Prasad PV, Goldfarb J, Sundaram C, Priatna A,       Nitinol properties affecting uses in interventional
Li W, Edelman RR. Captopril MR renography in a radiology. J Vasc Interv Radiol. 2000 Mar;11(3):343-
swine model: toward a comprehensive evaluation      50. Review. PMID: 10735430
of renal arterial stenosis. Radiology. 2000
Dec;217(3):13-. PMID: 111104

                                                        13                   Key: Radiology Staff, Trainees
                         Rizi RR, Ahn S, Alsop DC, Garrett-Roe S,                 Sodickson DK, McKenzie CA, Li W, Wolff S,
                         Mescher M, Richter W, Schnall MD, Leigh JS,              Manning WJ, Edelman RR. Contrast-enhanced
                         Warren WS.      Intermolecular zero-quantum              3D MR angiography with simultaneous acquisition
                         coherence imaging of the human brain. Magn               of spatial harmonics: A pilot study. Radiology. 2000
                         Reson Med. 2000 May;43(5):627-32. PMID:                  Oct;217(1):24-. PMID: 1101245
                                                                                  Stephane M, Folstein M, Matthew E, Hill TC.
                         Roberts DA, Rizi RR, Lipson DA, Aranda M,                Imaging auditory verbal hallucinations during their
                         Baumgardner J, Bearn L, Hansen-Flaschen J,               occurrence. J Neuropsychiatry Clin Neurosci. 2000
                         Gefter WB, Hatabu HH, Leigh JS Jr, Schnall MD.           Spring;12(2):26-7. PMID: 11001614
                         Detection and localization of pulmonary air leaks
                         using laser-polarized (3)He MRI. Magn Reson            Strain JP, Hill TC, Parker JA, Donohoe KJ,
                         Med. 2000 Sep;44(3):37-2. PMID: 1075             Kolodny GM. Diffuse, intense lung uptake on a
                                                                                bone scan: a case report. Clin Nucl Med. 2000
                         Saini S, Sharma R, Baron RL, Turner DA, Ros PR, Aug;25():60-10. PMID: 1044015
                         Hahn PF, Small WC, Delange EE, Stillman AE,
                         Edelman RR, Runge VM, Outwater EK.                     Sun Y, Sugawara M, Mulkern RV, Hynynen K,
                         Multicentre dose-ranging study on the efficacy of      Mochizuki S, Albert M, Zuo CS. Simultaneous
                         USPIO ferumoxtran-10 for liver MR imaging. Clin        measurements of temperature and pH in vivo using
                         Radiol. 2000 Sep;55():60-5. PMID: 10047           NMR in conjunction with TmDOTP5-.NMR Biomed.
                                                                                2000 Dec;13():460-6. PMID: 11252031
                         Saldinger PF, Reilly M, Reynolds K, Raptopoulos
                         V, Chuttani R, Steer ML, Matthews JB. Is CT            Suojanen JN, Brophy DP, Nasser I. Thrombus
Radiology Publications

                         angiography sufficient for prediction of resectability on indwelling central venous catheters: the
                         of periampullary neoplasms? J Gastrointest Surg. histopathology of “Fibrin sheaths”. Cardiovasc
                         2000 May-Jun;4(3):233-7; discussion 23-. PMID: Intervent Radiol. 2000 May-Jun;23(3):14-7. PMID:
                         107605                                               10213

                         Sano T, Cantor CR. Streptavidin-containing           Vitellas KM, Keogan MT, Freed KS, Enns RA, et al..
                         chimeric proteins: design and production. Methods    Radiologic manifestations of sclerosing cholangitis
                         Enzymol. 2000;326:305-11. PMID: 1103664             with emphasis on MR cholangiopancreatography.
                                                                              Radiographics. 2000 Jul-Aug;20(4):5-75; quiz
                         Sheafor DH, Hertzberg BS, Freed KS, Carroll BA, 1108-9, 1112. Review. PMID: 10903686
                         Keogan MT, Paulson EK, DeLong DM, Nelson
                         RC. Prospective comparison of non-contrast helical Vitellas KM, Keogan MT, Spritzer CE, Nelson RC.
                         CT and sonography in the emergency evaluation of MR cholangiopancreatography of bile and pancreatic
                         patients with renal colic. Radiology 2000;           duct abnormalities with emphasis on the single-shot
                         217:72-7                                          fast spin-echo technique. Radiographics. 2000 Jul-
                                                                              Aug;20(4):939-57; quiz 1107-8, 1112. Review. PMID:
                         Tyler DS, Onaitis M, Kherani A, Hata A, Nicholson E, 100365
                         Keogan M, Fisher S, Coleman E, Seigler H.
                         Positron Emission Tomography Scanning on Weinberger SE, Rosenblatt M, Kressel HY. The
                         Malignant Melanoma. Cancer 2000; :101-1025 effect of managed care on medical education. N
                                                                              Engl J Med. 2000 Apr 13;342(15):1140-1.
                         Sheiman R. Arterial Doppler US: disturbing
                         conservation of erroneous terms. Radiology. 2000 Wong G, Levine D. Preterm delivery. In: Bluth EI, et
                         Dec;217(3):1-20. PMID: 1111067                    al (eds). The Practice of Ultrasonography. New York,
                         Sheiman RG, Reynolds K, Raptopoulos V. Alterations Thieme Publishers, 2000, p. 102-111.
                         in hepatic perfusion resulting from venous luminal
                         compromise due to pancreatic carcinoma. AJR Yam CS, Zamenhof RG. Computational
                         2000;175:105-.                                    validation of the stereology principle applied to the
                                                                            microdosimetry of boron neutron capture therapy.
                                                                            Med Phys. 2000 Mar;27(3):54-57. PMID: 10757606

                         Key: Radiology Staff, Trainees                      14

Number of Publications by
BIDMC Radiology Staff and Trainees: 135

                2001 Publications
                                                                            Chalela JA, Kasner SE, McGarvey M, Alsop DC, Detre
                Aepfelbacher FC, Johnson RB, Schwartz JG, Chen L,           JA. Continuous arterial spin labeling perfusion magnetic
                Parker RA, Parker JA, Danias PG. Validation of a            resonance imaging findings in postpartum vasculopathy.
                model of left ventricular segmentation for interpretation   J Neuroimaging. 2001 Oct;11(4):444-6.
                of SPET myocardial perfusion images. Eur J Nucl Med.
                2001 Nov;28(11):1624-9.                                     Chan V, Boiselle PM, Karchmer AW, Parker JA, Hunt
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78    Names = Faculty/Staff; Names = Trainees
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80    Names = Faculty/Staff; Names = Trainees
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                                                                        Names = Faculty/Staff; Names = Trainees       81
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82    Names = Faculty/Staff; Names = Trainees
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