Renaissance and Reformation by lo047q


									Renaissance and Reformation
     Chapter 19 (Blue Book)
     Chapter 15 (Teal Book)
        1. Martin Luther
• German priest who
  started the
• Wrote the 95
           2. John Calvin
• Christian reformer
• Taught about
          3. humanism
• The study of history,
  literature, public
  speaking, and art that
  led to a new way of
  thinking in Europe
         4. Michelangelo
• Designed buildings,
  wrote poetry, and
  created sculpture and
• Sculpted the David and
  painted the Sistine
     5. Catholic Reformation
• The effort of the late 1500’s and
  1600’s to reform the Catholic
          6. Reformation
• A reform movement
  against the Roman
  Catholic Church that
  began in 1517
• It resulted in the
  creation of
  Protestant churches
• A Christian who protested
  against the Catholic Church
     8. Johann Gutenburg

• Developed a printing press
  with movable type
       9. Leonardo da Vinci
• Painter, sculptor,
• Painted the Mona Lisa
  and the Last Supper
• Built models of aircraft
  400 years before first
         10. Renaissance
• The period of rebirth
  and creativity that
  followed Europe’s
  Middle Ages
   11. William Shakespeare

• English Renaissance writer
  and playwright
           The Renaissance
• Florence, Italy was the birthplace of the
  Renaissance during the 1400’s
• The Renaissance was a time of renewed interest
  in art, science, education and culture of Greece
  and Rome
• What led to the rebirth was the growth of
  markets which led to people becoming more
• This new prosperity led to people wanting finer
  things including luxurious homes and art to
  decorate the homes
      Art in the Renaissance
• Unlike medieval art, Renaissance artists
  portrayed people and nature realistically
• They mastered the art of perspective
  which puts people, buildings and other
  things in proportion to one another
• Famous artists of the time were
  Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci
       Revolution in Science
• Renaissance thinkers thought that people
  should use reason and the scientific
  method to understand how the world
• Copernicus wrote down his ideas that the
  earth was not the center of the universe
• Galileo spoke out in favor of Copernicus’
  findings and became the first person to
  point his telescope toward the sky
     Renaissance Inventions
• The movable type printing press allowed
  books to be printed quicker and cheaper
• Watch invented in 1500’s
• Single lens microscope invented 1670’s
• Optical telescope invented in 1608
• Air thermometer invented in 1592
  The Need for Church Reform
• The Church became wealthy and corrupt
  during the Middle Ages
• The Church began accepting money for
  indulgences-pardons from punishments for
• Most vocal critic was Martin Luther
• He also objected to the idea that the pope
  or church officials were the only ones who
  could interpret the Bible.
   The Need for Reform(con’t)
• He wrote is objections in the 95 Theses
• He was excommunicated or expelled from
  the Church for his ideas
• These events led to the Reformation
  because people wanted reform
• Christian church split into Catholicism and
  Protestantism(protested against church)
• Counter Reformation was called by the
  Catholic church against the Reformation

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