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Import iPod to iTunes


iPod to iTunes Transfer can help you import iPod to iTunes very easily and quickly.

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									Import iPod to iTunes
Question: How to import iPod to iTunes more quickly? I’m trying to import iPod to iTunes from a folder on my computer. Well, I click import and the default folder that opens up is “My music” but that’s not where my music is. So I have to go through and find the correct folder. Then I can only import one song at a time (shift button and ctrl button do nothing). I have to keep repeating this process, which gets quite tedious as I tend to import iPod music to iTunes bunches at a time. Is there any way to solve this question to speed up the process? Thank you for any advice. Answer: Download iPod to iTunes Transfer to help you to resolve the above mentioned question. It is the best program to help you transfer iPod podcasts, playlists and ratings etc back to your iTunes library and backup iPod video/audio files to computer without erasing anything. With iPod to iTunes Transfer, you can import iPod to iTunes, import from iPod to iTunes, playlists from iPod to iTunes, backup iPod to iTunes, import iPod songs to iTunes, import iPod music to iTunes on your computer with completely fast speed and high quality. iPod to iTunes Transfer is very easy to use and has friendly user interface, it only needs few steps to import iPod to iTunes. Step1. Connect your iPod to your computer. Step2. Launch and run iPod to iTunes Transfer. Step3. Select music, photos, videos, or any other files that you want to backup. Step4. Click on “Start Transfer” button, select an output path to transfer and import. Step5. Run iTunes, click “File”, click “Add Files to Library…” or “Add Folder to Library…”, select the songs in folder on computer where you have backup the iPod. Or simply run iTunes, Drag your files in your computer to your iTunes music Library. For Windows OS user: Download iPod to iTunes Transfer for windows For Mac OS user: Download iPod to iTunes Transfer for Mac Similar Questions: How to import iPod songs to iTunes? I have an iPod nano and I had all my songs on my iTunes until my mom’s computer got cleaned out and all my songs were cleared out. Now I want to get my songs import from iPod to iTunes without erasing my iPod songs. I can’t seem to do this. Does anybody know how to do that? It will be a great help if you do.

How can I import playlists from iPod to iTunes? iTunes crashed and deleted my library and playlists. I can import all my music back to iTunes, but I need to import my iPod playlists back to my iTunes so the iPod doesn’t delete all the music when I sync it. I spent a lot of time in creating playlists and they’re very important for me. I really need to import playlists from iPod to iTunes. Anyone know any programs can do that? How do I backup iPod to iTunes? I have some songs on my iPod. I want to backup iPod to iTunes but I’m not sure how to do that. I have dial up internet so if I have to download some software that can import iPod to iTunes. I am very appreciated if someone suggest something fast? Is there a way to import songs from iPod to iTunes? Is there a way I can import iPod songs to iTunes? My computer has been reformatted and I need to put all my iPod songs back to my iTunes so I can import more songs. I heard there are some programs or something that can import from iPod to iTunes.

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