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Question: How to copy music from iPhone to iTunes? I had to clean out my whole computer, and I forgot to copy my music from iTunes to a USB plug-in or a flash drive. Fortunately, all my songs are in my iPhone 3g, so now I need to copy songs from iPhone back into iTunes. I’ve found many programs that enable me to do this, but they are some defect that can’t achieve my goal. I need a program that can copy iPhone music back into iTunes as long as it doesn’t have the defect that I came across. Can you tell me one? Thanks so much! Answer: Download iPhone to PC Transfer to help you to solve the above mentioned question. It is the tool to help you backup all your files from your iPhone with losing or missing nothing. Using iPhone to PC Transfer, you can copy music from iPhone, copy songs from iPhone, copy music off iPhone, copy song from iPhone, copy songs off iPhone, and copy iPhone music to your computer with pretty fast speed and completely original quality. iPhone to PC Transfer is very easy to use and has friendly user interface, it only needs four steps to copy music from iPhone to PC. Step1. Connect your iPhone to PC. Step2. Launch and run iPhone to PC Transfer software – iPhone to PC Transfer. Step3. Select music, photos, videos, or any other files that you want to backup. Step4. Click on “Start Transfer” button, select an output path to transfer and copy. For Windows OS user: Download iPhone to PC Transfer for Windows For Mac OS user: Download iPhone to PC Transfer for Mac Similar Questions: Can I copy music from iPhone to my PC? I recently had to do a system restore on my laptop and copied my music to a portable hard drive. It says it needs formatting so I would think it’s pretty much had it. I need to copy songs from my iPhone to my pc. I have looked for on the internet but all the software seems to have a limit on it is there any free full versions? How do I copy iPhone music to my computer? Everything got erased off of my laptop, including all of my music and the only copies of the files are on my iPhone. Not all of them are from the iTunes store so I can’t transfer purchases and I’m absolutely clueless when it comes to computers so I don’t

want to take any risks. I just need to know how to copy music from iPhone onto my laptop again. Thank you. I am glad to receive answers that I want to need. Is there a way to copy songs from iPhone back to computer? Is there a program that will allow me to copy songs from iPhone back to my computer, rather than the traditional way of uploading music from computer to iPhone? How can I copy all my music and videos to my iTunes from my iPhone?

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