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									                                      PTO Meeting
                                       May 9, 2008

The May PTO meeting was held on May 9, 2008 at 9:00. Twenty eight people signed in.

President’s Report – Sherri Ehrenberg and Julie Erwin
       Julie thanked the following committees;
            Blotter (Diane Collins)
            Staff Appreciation Lunch
            Have a Ball
            BH Idol (Lisa Zippin and Roberta Goodman, raised approximately $5,000,
               DVDs are still available)
            Community Service (Mrs. Mengwasser’s class brought in the most snacks
               for the double snack day and the Math-a-thon raised approximately $4,000
               for St Jude’s).

       Julie discussed some recent PTO expenditures;
            Artist in Residence is helping the 3rd grade with a musical titled Vacation
               to Mars.
            1st grade is going to Symphony Hall to see Max and Ruby.

       2nd grade went to Storrowtown. This was not paid for by the PTO.

       Sherri mentioned that PTO paid $100 for new balls for the playground.

       Noiel Fontaine, a parent at BHS, asked his company to donate $200 to the PTO
       for a second year in a row.

       The nominees for next year’s PTO Executive Board were introduced.

       There was a lengthy discussion regarding whether or not the PTO should pay for
       school supplies for next year. People on both sides of the issue spoke and then it
       was decided that a vote would be taken to decide the issue.

       Sherri discussed the other expenditures that would be voted on;
           maps for 1st grade
           maps for 5th grade
           United Streaming videos
           Artist in Residence

Teacher Liason – Mrs. Johnasen
      Mrs. Johansen spoke about the success of the Math-a-thon. We may do it again
      next year but focus on a different subject, such as reading.

       The 4th grade is inventing a plant or animal.
       The 5th graders are meeting with people from the Jewish Geriatric Home and are
       getting a lot out of it.

       The 3rd graders are preparing to perform a musical, Vacation to Mars.

       The 5th graders are getting ready to go to Beckett.

       The 5th graders shared poems with the younger grades and dissected owl pellets
       with the 2nd graders.

       Longmeadow received a “green” award and now the schools are getting more
       active in this area.

Vice President’s Report – Tina Cunningham and Tory Duca
       The Vice Presidents asked Laura Fitzgerald, co-chair for Have a Ball, to speak.
       Laura spoke about the upcoming Have a Ball tennis/golf/social event. It will be
       held on June 2nd. She encouraged everyone to attend the social, regardless of
       whether or not you will be playing golf or tennis. The social will feature
       entertainment by Frank Manzi, great food, and some wonderful raffle and silent
       auction items. She thanked the platinum, gold, silver, and hole sponsors. She
       also thanked the members of her committee.

Treasurer’s Report – Suzanne Leocopoulos
       Suzanne reviewed the budget.

Open Forum
      Gwen Bruns, candidate for School Committee, introduced herself to the PTO and
      gave some background information about her life.

       Joanne Brunell talked about the candidates for the Williams Middle School
       Principal’s job. She encouraged everyone to attend the upcoming “meet and
       greet”. Joanne also asked us to send in Campbell’s Soup labels. An additional
       500 points would allow us to purchase double the amount of jump ropes for the

Secretary’s Report – Kelley Bergin
       The minutes from the April PTO meeting were approved.

Voting Results
      The following people were elected to the PTO Executive Board for 2008-2009.
             Presidents – Tina Cunningham and Tory Duca
             Vice Presidents – Laurie Flynn and Jean Coyle
             Treasurer – Debbie Levin
             Secretary – Ann Aquista
The PTO will not be paying for school supplies; however the PTO will coordinate
the purchase of supplies.

Maps will be purchased for 1st and 5th grades. The cost is $4,000.

United Streaming Video will be purchased for next year. The cost is $1,100.

Artist in Residence will be paid for next year. The cost is $3,600.

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