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									                                    MWLL Board Meeting
                                    Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I.     Call to Order
       Motion: Mike Milliken
       Second: Chris Lauck

II.    Attendance (sign in sheet): Tom Pryzbys, Wayne Fishburn, Staci Redman, Craig Bernier, Chris
       Lauck, Karen Bossert, Doug Tice, Kristina Tice, Scott Stephens, Brian Witmer, Mark Feldman,
       Matt Bossert, Mike Milliken, Scott Johnson, Bob Paloskey, Butch Dietrich, Jay Mathieu, Tom
       McCartney, Mike Edmonds, Jack Bruni

III.   Approval of Minutes
       Motion: Mike Milliken
       Second: Karen Bossert

IV.    Reports
       a. Treasurer (Doug Tice)
              i. Our current balance is $8,135. Future expenses: end of season trophies, stand

       b. Coaching Coordinator (Chris Lauck)
              i. Looking for help for the upcoming tournaments.
             ii. 7&8: June 30 – July 3. Will start early so that we are not playing on the 3rd.
            iii. 9&10: July 7-11
            iv.   Fees will be $100 a 3 baseballs. (This is what both State College and Milesburg are
             v.   In-Season 7 & 8 Tournament will finish this week.

       c. Information Officer (Kristina Tice)
              i. No report.

       d. Player Agent (Brian Witmer)
              i. Post-Season players will be selected this evening. More information below.

       e. Umpire Coordinator (Mindy Stephens)
             i. No known issues. Make sure any cancellations are communicated.
            ii. Our young group of umpires have been doing well and will benefit us in the future

       f. Safety Officer/Equipment Manager (Mike Milliken)
              i. All of our injuries have been reported to Williamsport

       g. Field Coordinator (Mark Feldman)
               i. We are well-stocked with field dry. Let Mark know if we need supplies
              ii. We have the painting supplies (in shed) and are looking for someone to paint the
                   dugouts before District games. Scott suggested that a field maintenance day is
                   scheduled with the all star players.
             iii. Mark will check with Tru Green as to what their recommendation is for our fields.
                   Matt Bitner may be able to assist with this as well.
       h. Parent’s Auxiliary/Fundraising (Cherish McAulay)
              i. All money has been turned in.

       i. Parent’s Auxiliary/Concessions (Karen Bossert)
               i. Not currently restocking
              ii. District – every kid gets a hot dog, soda and bag of chips.
             iii. 9&10 will run stand for 11&12 home games and vice versa
             iv.   We will have someone help with softball so those parents can help as well

       j. Softball (Tom Przybys)
              i. Tom will set up meeting with softball parents to review first year, make suggestions,

V.     Items For Action/Discussion
       a. All Stars
               i. Players cannot be notified until June 15 due to insurance reasons
              ii. Tryout for Minor level will be Thursday 6/10 at 6pm
             iii. Scrimmage – we can only scrimmage Bellefonte or PV because those are teams we
                    play during regular season. No uniforms allowed and it must be considered a

       b. Trophies
              i. Scott will get all trophies (awaiting name plates) and 12 year-old trophies to
             ii. Trophies will be ready for pick up at Stephens between 7 & 8 pm Thursday 6/10

       c. End of Season Picnic
              i. Walker Township is booked
             ii. It was decided that each team will have their own end of season party.
            iii. It was decided that the league (with help from Giant) will each have a $40 voucher
                   at Giant North Atherton to use towards the party.

       d. Board Elections
             i. Will be announced at the next meeting. Current members need to let Scott know if
                  they are still interested.

VI.    Announcements
       a. Next meeting will be September 8, 2010

VII.   Other (comments, suggestions, community input, etc.)
       a. We need sponsors for the All-Star teams. This is the responsibility of the coach.
       b. Butch is going to donate a bunch of equipment that is no longer used.
       c. We will research a way to keep the batting cage netting from blowing in

VIII. Adjourn
      Motion: Karen Bossert
      Second: Jack Bruni

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