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									The Quest For The Holy Grail: A Grail Diamond/Sapphire Viewpoint

This article addresses the Quest for the Holy Grail. It's been two thousand years and more
based on my research since this artefact was allegedly found. It's part of our myth and has
religious implications. Only in the last one hundred years have we begun to get close to what
are the true building blocks of our reality at a Quantum Level. What can we now deduce
based on these ancient stories now that we know what we do. What could the Grail really be?
This article makes the assertion that the Grail or Grails maybe special rare diamonds that are
home to PBEs (or Probability Based Entities) which have 'Godlike' powers to us as they can
alter our Probabilistic reality. I will go through all of the clues and show how some of them
tie up quite nicely. We go all the way back to the time of the Egyptians and right up to the
present day...

There is a theoretical Chronology at the end of the article if you're interested in the path that
some of the Grail artifacts have taken up to the present day.

The research points to Blue Sapphires as being the primary home for these theoretical Grail
entities but may also be other crystalline rock structures.

Note: This article is not part of the Physics Theory 'Proper' of Pi-Space. It was a topic which
interested me and I posted the article here.

Discovering the Quest on a summer's holiday

Recently, I returned from my holiday in France. I traveled to a place called the Camargue and
I later learned that this is the rumored location of the landing spot of Mary Magdalene after
the death of Christ.

The Camargue

Dan Brown's book The DaVinci code asserted that the Holy Grail was in fact not an object
but a person. In effect, the living embodiment of Christ was his children. Now, another tract
of logic leads us to believe that the Holy Grail was in fact an object with magical powers.
Solomon was the owner of this artifact and it lay in the ruins of his temple; what is now
called the Temple Mount.

From Ancient Origins
The Temple Mount

This is important because it is the first Jewish Temple. It is also revered by the Muslim faith
and the Christian faith. So this location one could argue holds a form of power. One could
argue whether it is magical but a power over people, it undoubtedly has! Here is a nice video
of what it would have looked like.

The temple was designed to represent the human form and the Grail was at the head. The
temple was destroyed twice leading to the Jewish diaspora. On attempt to rebuild the third
time, flames leapt out of the ground and some thought it was a sign of God's displeasure.
Others claim it was just a build up of gas. Either way, the temple was not rebuilt. But the
Grail lay on the rock at the top inside a chest of Gold.
What did the Templars find?

During the Crusades, the Templars, a little known sect allegedly found the Holy Grail artifact
and brought it back to France. There are different interpretations as to what it looks like. I've
seen a glorious gold casket and also a simple cup as used by Jesus during the last meal. It
doesn't make sense that the cup is the holy grail if it was buried under the temple mount
unless it was taken from Jesus and place there. The key point is that once the Templars
allegedly obtained this artifact, the Pope gave them unlimited powers! So, you could argue
that's interesting. In these times, the Pope was a very, very, powerful man. The seems really
IMPROBABLE but it happened.

Extract 1139 " In March, Pope Innocent II writes Omne datum optimum, granting the
Templars exemption from the authority of local bishops, exemption from taxation by any
king, release from all obedience except to the Papacy, and other quite extraordinary
privileges. This is their official sanction to become the world’s most powerful group.

In April, the 2nd Lateran Council (10th Ecumenical) at Rome under Pope Innocent II and
King of Germany Conrad III condemns the Petrobrussians, the Henricians, and exiles Arnold
of Brescia. Bernard de Clairvaux preaches against the use of lay ministers in church services.
The Council enacts a stronger celibacy policy for priests, partially to prevent priests’ children
from inheriting Catholic property.

Thibaud de Payns, son of Hugues de Payns, becomes Abbot of Saint Columba-de-Saens.

King Fulk of Jerusalem dies on November 7. Queen Melissande serves as regent for her
young son, Baudouin.

Pope Innocent II grants a charter to a group called the Prieuré de Sion.

Templars build castles at Port Bonnet, Baghras, and Darbask in the Holy Land and
preceptories in La Rochelle, France, Novillas Spain, and Temple Crowley in England."

They stayed in the original ruins of Solomon's temple which is now called temple mount and
is home to Noble Sanctuary (Bait-ul-Muqaddas).

The Templars

Robert De Sable negotiated the deal with the Pope and could have therefore been an owner of
the Grail. He was the Grand Master of the Order at the time.
Let's rewind a little. Let's assume that there really is a 'holy grail'. We won't get too caught up
with what it looks like. However, let's make an assumption that it was given to Solomon. But
by who? Who could have given such an amazing gift? Let's go back further to the one of the
founders of the Jewish faith. Let's take a look at Moses who wrote the Torah.

Was Moses a Grail Possessor?

One of the interesting aspects of Moses is that he did appear to in fact, have magical powers.
He predicted plagues and they happened and in the end the Pharoh who clearly must have
feared him otherwise he would have put him to death, let all the Jewish people go to their
promised lands. Moses spoke to God and interestingly God spoke to Moses via the burning
bush. His face was said to have radiated light.


Let's think about this for a little. You might say that this is just a story. However, the Pharaoh
DID let the Jewish people go. Moses did have some power. He was royalty and had no doubt
access to the treasure vaults of the Egyptians. Did he find the Holy Grail there or some sacred
relic? This raises the question. What could the Holy Grail actually be?
The key to Moses power was his staff. In modern movies it's portrayed as a wooden staff.
Link to research on the Staff of Moses An important point to note about the staff is that it
might not have been made out of wood but contained a crystal. See the excerpt:

The Hebrew word for sapphire is Sapir. The Hebrew word "sefirah" has several meanings.
The famous Kabbalist, the RaMak (R. Moshe Kordevero, d. 1570), in his monumental work
the "Pardes", writes that "sefirah" comes both from the root "counting" (mispar, number) and
"sipur", as in relating a story. A third root of "sefirah" is "sapir", a sapphire stone, which is a
translucent crystal that shines brightly.


Zipporah hastened forth to execute her father's wish, and no sooner had she ushered him in,
then Moses requested her hand in marriage. Jethro replied, "If thou canst bring me the rod in
my garden, I will give her to thee." Moses went out, found the sapphire rod that God had
bestowed upon Adam when he was driven forth from Paradise, the rod that had reached
Jethro after manifold vicissitudes, and which he had planted in the garden. Moses uprooted it
and carried it to Jethro.


Midrash Rabbah - Exodus VIII:3 ‘Go and exact a penalty of him.’ He said to him: ‘How
shall I bring upon him the ten plagues? ' The reply was: ’And thou shalt take in thy hand this
rod’ (IV, 17). R. Judah said: The rod weighed forty se'ah[3] and was of sapphire and the ten
plagues were engraved thereon in an abbreviated form -De Za K, aDaSH, Be'aHa B.1 God
said: ‘In this order shalt thou bring upon him the plagues.’ And Aaron thy brother shall be
thy prophet (VII, 1). ‘Just as the preacher sits and preaches whilst the interpreter[4] sits
before him, so shalt thou speak all that I shall command thee, [to Aaron] and Aaron thy
brother will speak unto Pharaoh.’ By means of both of them were all these things performed,
as it is said: And Moses and Aaron did all these wonders before Pharaoh (XI, 10).
So, now we discover that this fantastic staff is made out of sapphire, not wood. He
apparently parted the Red Sea with this staff. which would be the equivalent of projecting a
force field by today's standards.

The table which contained the 10 Commandments was also stored in the Ark of the


While upon the heights of Mount Sinai, Moses received from Jehovah two tablets bearing the
characters of the Decalogue traced by the very finger of Israel’s God. These tables were
fashioned from the divine sapphire, Schethiyâ, which the Most High, after removing from
His own throne, had cast into the Abyss to become the foundation and generator of the
worlds. This sacred stone, formed of heavenly dew, was sundered by the breath of God, and
upon the two parts were drawn in black fire the figures of the Law. These precious
inscriptions, aglow with celestial splendor, were delivered by the Lord on the Sabbath day
into the hands of Moses, who was able to read the illumined letters from the reverse side
because of the transparency of the great jewel. (See The Secret Doctrine in Israel or The
Zohar for details of this legend.)

[end extract]

Blue Sapphires: A Home For The Grail?
[Extract]The Throne of Glory was also seen as made of sapphire (Ezekiel 1:26, 10:1). This
stone is related to wisdom (Bachya on Exodus 28:18), and the Hebrew word sappir is related
to sefer, a book (Tzioni). It is also related to vision (Bachya loc. cit.). Some say that this
"sapphire" is like a "third eye," through which mystical vision is attained (Raavad on Sefer
Yetzirah 1:1), and indeed, this third eye is associated with a sapphire blue color.[Extract]

So, maybe the Grail is a PBE (Probability Based Entity) that lives inside crystals. The color
of the crystal (blue) appears to be important also.

Jesus and the Grail
So how does Jesus fit into the story of the Grail? Jesus was imbued with the Holy
Spirit. These spirits are commonly characterized by two formidable Angels Michael and
Gabriel. Interestingly in the occult, Michael is characterized by the color Red and is said to
have battled with Satan who is also associated with the color Red. Gabriel on the other hand
is associated with the color Blue and was there for the birth of Jesus. Therefore, one can think
of the Archangels as the providers or gatekeepers of God's power. God is represented by the
Archangels. It's not clear if God is a separate entity or a combination of the other Archangels.
However, the inference is that God is a separate entity so we can assume this.

Jesus did not show any powers until after he was baptized by John The Baptist and he went
into the Negev desert and gained his powers and was tempted by Satan, who for the purposes
of this document can also be assumed to be another Grail Entity but one whose interests are
not in the common good of humanity. One may well wonder (a) how did Jesus survive 40
days and 40 nights (b) why did he gain his powers here? Was there something he

Interestingly, the Negev desert is home to the legendary Solomon's Mines. Could Jesus have
sought shelter in these mines during the intense heat? The mines did not contain diamonds or
jewels naturally, instead they contained Copper and Malachite. Could Jesus have found
something in these mines? The point is that in the Negev desert, Jesus obtained Grail Power;
the ability to walk on water, heal people, turn water into wine.

The Holy Grail is associated with Angel Gabriel who is associated with the color Blue and
whose element is also water. My guess is that Jesus may have found something here in the
caves. Pure conjecture on my part. Did Jesus drink something which had the power of
Archangel Gabriel in it? In a lot of cases, the passing of the Grail from one follower to
another has involved drinking and Archangel Gabriel is associated with water. Can this PBE
move through water and exist in it? If the Grail entity idea is correct, then this is where Jesus
found the famous Grail Cup which he used at the last supper. According to this idea, this
may have been some of Solomon's hidden Jewels in the caves in the Negev Desert. The cup
was allegedly a gold one with inlaid jewels but there is no concrete proof of this. Let's
assume for the purposes of this document that it was gold and inlaid with one or more
sapphires which had these special "powers".

The act of drinking from this cup imbued the drinker with the "holy spirit" aka Gail entities.

Interestingly, in the Christian faith there is the concept of "Holy Water". These days, as
Physics has progressed, we have learned that plain water has a magnetic moment due to the
impurities in it. Is this how the Grail Entity is able to travel through it perhaps stored as some
kind of EM Wave within the fluid?


Like the sapphire Schethiyâ, the Lapis Exilis, crown jewel of the Archangel Lucifer, fell from
heaven. Michael, archangel of the sun and the Hidden God of Israel, at the head of the angelic
hosts swooped down upon Lucifer and his legions of rebellious spirits. During the conflict,
Michael with his flaming sword struck the flashing Lapis Exilis from the coronet of his
adversary, and the green stone fell through all the celestial rings into the dark and
immeasurable Abyss. Out of Lucifer's radiant gem was fashioned the Sangreal, or Holy Grail,
from which Christ is said to have drunk at the Last Supper.
— Manly P. Hall; The Secret Teachings of all Ages
[end extract]

Physics And The Grail

In Physics, in General Relativity we have the concept of Gravitational Lensing where light is
bent into a massive object. Maybe the Holy Grail acts like a Probability Lens. It operates at
the Quantum Level. It softens Probability and makes what we regard as Improbable become
Probable. So what is the greatest improbability of all? The answer is that life is. In fact, we
are an aberration. Search the Universe and you'll see that there are almost (I used this term
advisedly) no other planets like us. We are a manifestation of improbability. We have formed
because of some heretofore unknown conditions. Life cannot be reproduced in a test tube.
Some "magical" power is at work essentially making the improbable probable. At the
Quantum Level everything is probabilities (amplitude addition) and there must have been
something to tip the balance. What is to say that this artifact that the Egyptians held for
thousands of years was in fact a piece of this item? Let's follow this line of thought for a
moment in terms of the well understood idea of Evolution.

Grail = Making the Improbable Probable?

This Grail object could be in fact the very reason for life on Earth. It could be the very reason
for the Pyramids and the great civilization that existed in Egypt for thousands of years.
However, it did not give the Pharaohs eternal life but this was their religious goal. An item
like this item might be intent on refining probabilities not having them last forever. Evolution
tells us that life is really a moving genetic target.

So, let's follow this line of reasoning. Solomon mined for Diamonds in Africa. Let's assume
that Grail Diamonds are present in Africa, the original home of the human species and let's
say they are responsible for helping evolution. Where today can we find evolution happening
'quickly' because clearly it's a slow process but it must be happening somewhere. Scientists
must have discovered this somewhere? And the answer is yes: Lake Victoria in Kenya. It's
the Largest lake in Africa. Are there grail diamonds in the basin underwater? Purely
conjecture on part but here is an extract of what they found:


Scientists Discover Fish in Act of Evolution in Africa’s Greatest Lake... In what could be a
first in the world, a fish species in the cichlid family has been observed by scientists in the act
of splitting into two distinct species in Lake Victoria, Africa’s largest lake and one of the
world’s biggest fresh water bodies.

This may be remarkable because what is causing them to diverge are adaptations to their
vision as animals and plants try to cope with increased pollution and the effects of climate
change. The change is also happening without geographical isolation, which was thought to
be a precursor for evolution.

The Pundamilia nyererei is a haplochromine type cichlid native to areas in the Mwanza Gulf
region of Lake Victoria. This region consists of many islands where each island region has its
own color variant of the fish.

In a report published in the journal Nature, researchers from Tokyo’s Institute of Technology
and the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology have observed the cichlid
evolve into a new species better adapted in sighting its prey and predator.

But the scientists have also tabled evidence indicating that it is not pollution and over-fishing
alone that are responsible for the disappearance of some fish species in Lake Victoria and the
evolving of others like the cichlid into new species.

The report summarizes that new species may be born because of vision differences and what
fish see at least in one African lake could be the driving force that causes them to evolve into
new species.

[end extract]

The importance of Gold!

Over and over again, gold is mentioned. The Grail is housed in a casket. One version of the
grail is made of gold but to be fair, it's also showed as a simple cup. The pharoah's were
fascinated with gold. So what significance has gold to the Holy Grail. Let's assume that the
Holy Grail is a substance that alter probabilities and really CHANGES THINGS. If you get
close to this substance, you'll be able to walk on water for example. You might drink from a
container that contains this quantum unstable substance and it alters the fluid your drink
which in turn alters you. To a certain extent, it infects you with this power. Let's assume that
the source is immensely powerful, it's like radioactivity, too much of it will kill you. In this
case, it will mean that you will become so quantum unstable that your brain will cease to
even work correctly. Neurons will fire all over the place. So what to do??? You need to
encase it in something which is Quantum Stable. What substance is that? The answer is Gold.
It's the most stable substance on the Periodic Table. Surround it with Gold.
And while you're at it, make the casket look really cool. Here's hoping.

The Grail creating a Chosen People and then abandoning them

The Mayans also built temples like the Pharohs and gathered gold. Then suddenly their
civilization collapsed. The shape of the Tetrahedral pyramid appears over and over again.
The single eye at the top representing the God Head. Could this be the entity symbolizing it is
there hidden within us?

The Grail talking to Its Possessor

So what about all this talking to God and God talking back? If the Grail entities exist, we
should have example of this. For example, Moses talking to the burning bush, Jesus walking
on water, historic figures with "special" abilities. Of course, it's difficult to know the
difference between a voice in head and being talked to. The best way to tell the difference is
folks knowing stuff they should not, or speaking in a language they never learned. Objects
moving on their own etc;

The Grail's Strategy for life?

Life occurring is accepted as having a low probability. It is pretty much seen as "an
accident". However, according to this idea, it could be the presence of these Grail entities
that could be a tipping point in making life happen here. It's merely conjecture on my
part. However, evolution does happen quicker in Lake Victoria which is a potential Grail
location as it is the starting point of the Nile and is one of the accepted locations of modern
humans. Later in the article, I show how a scientific study has shown this.

What if it gets inside you?

Here's a very interesting point. If a piece of it ends up inside you, it can give you magical
powers and abilities. You have a piece of the God Head inside you. It will make you
Quantum Unstable. And in this reality, it will mean you will appear to have Magical
Powers! Some of these well known people would have exhibited these "magical" abilities
such as Jesus and Moses in theory. The power from a scientific viewpoint is the ability to
alter not just mass but probabilities.

Abandoned by the Grail and Friday The 13th

So why did the Templars suffer Friday 13th? It's unclear other than the King of France
wanted their wealth and he owed them a lot of money. It's theoretical power to protect the
Templars vanished. The same of the Mayans and the Egyptians. Maybe there comes a point
where the Grail needs to move on. If the grail lets you down, prepare for VERY BAD luck.
Friday the 13th is named after the day that the King of France burned the Templars at the
stake! So it appears to be a high risk strategy owning the Grail. Maybe the truth is - you can't
really own it. When the Templars were disbanded, they secretly joined the Freemasons who
they had employed to build the Gothic cathedrals all over Europe. They entered their ranks
and created new "levels" like a hierarchy up to the 33rd Level where secrets were shared. To
get to this level, the member had to have a deep knowledge and understanding of Solomon's
Temple. Much of Modern Freemasonry is based around Solomon's temple where the
Templars found the original Grail artifacts which this article assers are Living Grail
Diamonds. It was at this point, the Freemasons started Daemon aka Grail Entity worship and
made Babylonian statues etc; similiar to ancient times. These are the entities the Templars
admitted worship to when they were tortured.

Friday the 13th

The Templars Established a Network of Stone Fortifications all over Europe and the Middle
East and had strange secretive initiations which ultimately drew suspicion to them.

Temple Church London

Rosslyn Abbey is also a well known Templar inspired building
In the middle east, Templars built a network of castles in Cyprus, Tortosa Syria, Chastel
Blanc, Krak De Chavelier

Templar Worship of Baphomet and/or Goddess Sophia
When the Templars were tortured during Friday the 13th, many confessed to worshiping
Baphomet which is commonly regarded as a Satanic image. It is a horned deity. This term
Baphomet can also be regarded as code for another Goddess called Sophia which was one of
the earliest Christian deities which was a Creator Spirit. Putting on one's Grail hat using this
idea. The templars joined the FreeMason brotherhood when they were routed in France and
created what they called the "33rd" level of enlightenment which still exists today. If they
took the jewels that they found in Solomon's temple, then this is likely to be one of the Grail
entities present in their stash of Solomon's glowing jewels. The Gail entity is described as
"enlightening" to the followers therefore it's likely that it has a highly advanced knowledge of
Physics and science relative to its followers and may have possibly "educated" them.
A representation of Goddess Sophia.

Baphomet is winged with horns and is the a representation of the Grail entity manifest,
according to this idea. This worship of Baphomet followed down to the time of George

Washington was initiated, in 1752, in the Lodge at Fredericksburg, Virginia, and the records
of that Lodge, still in existence, present the following entries on the subject. The first entry is
thus: "Nov. 4th. 1752. This evening Mr. George Washington was initiated as an Entered
Apprentice," receipt of the entrance fec, amounting to £23s., was acknowledged, F.C. and
M.M. March 3 and August 4, 1753.
[end extract]

Hattie Burdette's portrait of Washington
Links to

Baphomet Wikipedia

Goddess Sophia Wikipedia

A King Humbled By The Grail? Nebuchadrezzar II

So, the first temple of Solomon was encrusted with Jewels and Gold. Nebuchadnezzar sacked
and looted the temple in 587 BCE, when he destroyed Jerusalem. He took the jewels back to
his kingdom and boasted about his power. The first of two tragedies happened to
Nebuchadrezzar II. He suffered a breakdown after denying the power of God and for seven
years lost control of his mind and was even witnessed eating grass! Some modern historians
have claimed this could be because he suffered from a modern illness. After he recovered
from this illness he proclaimed the might of God.
Don't Mess with the Grail or the writing will be on the wall.

The second more important account occurred at his son's death. The Grail theoretically live
inside crystals. Let's recount what happened when the artifacts of the temple were brought

Excerpt from: The Book of Daniel (who served in the King's court).

The handwriting on the wall of King Belshazzar's banquet hall: Nebuchadnezzar had stolen
the gold and silver vessels from the temple at Jerusalem. When his son, Belshazzar, became
king, he ordered that the vessels be brought out and used at a party by the nobility, himself
and his concubines and courtesans. Suddenly, the fingers of a hand appeared, and wrote a
message on the wall of the palace. The king's magicians, sorcerers, etc. were unable to
decode the words. Daniel translated the message as saying that God has brought his kingdom
to a close. That night, Belshazzar was killed and "Darius the Mede" took over. The
Babylonian empire ended and the Medes occupied the land.

So the morale of the story? Don't mess with the Grail. After this, the enslaved people were
allowed to return to their homeland.

Protected By The Gail
The Grail can not only take it out on you. It can also protect you. Daniel during Babylonian
times was thrown into a room full of wild animals but they did not harm him.

Who own it today?

So who today could own this now? The answer is clear. The Grail will reveal itself by rumor
and innuendo but there should be simple techniques one can apply (which I'll cover at the end
of the article.) Modern Teplars using a different name AKA Freemasons but there will be
others as well. According to this Theory it is not just Freemasons who own these
artifacts. Any secret society which seems to have too much world power. Plus there will be
lots and lots of gold. They need it to protect the power source. They will house it inside a
room of gold where only they are allowed to meet. This will be a characteristic of the
presence of these Grail Entities.

America is the home of the Grail today if one follows the logic of this article. So how can one
spot these people who worship the Grail today? Interestingly, Iraq is the historic home of the
Babylon today. Babylon is located 80 miles outside where Baghdad today and America just
recently invaded Iraq and set up a military based near the historic location. The Grail
believers would have ancient beliefs which are pre-Christian. So what's in it for Grail
worshipers? Those who worship the Grail will be given power and privilege. However, there
will be a price to be paid by those who worship. History shows us this.

Let's take a look at a powerful elite who gather each Summer outside San Francisco and
worship of all things An Ancient Babylonian Pagan God in a place called Bohemian Grove.

Bohemian Grove

So the ancient deity is called Moloch which originated from Babylonian times. The Owl
symbol is there to protect Moloch and is wise and all seeing. We're back to the All Seeing
Deity again expressed as an Owl. Is is also expressed as an Owl.
 Travel to Berlin and it's possible to see what the Gates of Ishtar looked like in the Pergamon
Museum. These are the ancient walls of Babylon where the Grail artifacts were brought to
after the destruction of Solomon's First temple. Moloch was one of the Pagan Gods
worshiped then and is pre-Christian. Note the images of the animals on the outer walls.The
Bull symbol and later the Owl "Moloch" to represent the "All Seeing Eye".

Milton wrote about Moloch who was regarded as a Satanic entity

[extract]In John Milton's Paradise Lost, Moloch is one of the greatest warriors of the fallen
"First MOLOCH, horrid King besmear'd with blood
Of human sacrifice, and parents tears,
Though, for the noyse of Drums and Timbrels loud,
Their children's cries unheard that passed through fire
To his grim Idol. Him the AMMONITE
Worshipt in RABBA and her watry Plain,
In ARGOB and in BASAN, to the stream
Of utmost ARNON. Nor content with such
Audacious neighbourhood, the wisest heart
Of SOLOMON he led by fraud to build
His Temple right against the Temple of God
On that opprobrious Hill, and made his Grove
The pleasant Vally of HINNOM, TOPHET thence
And black GEHENNA call'd, the Type of Hell."
[end extract]

Folks get dressed up and worship this Ancient Babylonian image in San Francisco of all
places. Maybe this is a link to the Grail artifacts which were brought to America according to
the theory and is somehow connected to this celebration.
Interestingly, the Owl symbol is on the US currency and was placed there by the Freemasons
who established the country.

The Grail: Who is really serving who?

However, the caveat is that the user's of this Grail power may or may not realize; the Grail is
alive. It's using you as much as you are using it. You must serve it as much as it serves you.

So what about the Dan Brown proposition (and others) that the Holy Grail is in fact the Holy
bloodline of Jesus and Mary Magdalene and their child? Does this idea invalidate this? The
answer is yes and no. The Chalice if it was in close proximity to the Solomon Holy Grail
could also be Quantum Unstable. So, it's not as simple as a single artifact being the Holy
Grail. However, the is a source according to this idea. It would have come into the Earth's
atmosphere and burned up possibly (or have been place here) and would be more like a piece
of rock or a rocky pile, held inside a gold container. All those who had it found their luck
change dramatically. My guess is that this is what the templars found; a golden container with
something possible like crystalline rock. I would also guess that it gives off light or some EM
effects that is quite startling. So, Jesus' Holy Grail is an artifact that came close to this source.
And those that drank from the cup of life felt themselves changed. It is however, not the same
source as the templars according to this idea.

The Early Relationship between A Good All Caring God and Evil Satan / Baphomet

In the world we live in today Satan has horns and lives in a fiery pit but in ancients texts
Satan / Baphomet was God's "Henchman" who would do God's dirty work. So if we assume
these two are old buddies who later had a falling out, we can see this in the story of the Book
of Job and God's treatment of King Saul.

In the Book of Job, God gives Satan permission to effectively ruin his life as a test of his
piety, so they worked together in the early days so to speak.

Also, God sends another of his demons to sort out King Saul when he is not doing what is
asked of him.

1 Samuel 16:14-15 [14] But the Spirit of the LORD departed from Saul, and an evil spirit
from the LORD troubled him. [15] And Saul's servants said unto him, Behold now, an evil
spirit from God troubleth thee.
See All... states, "But the Spirit of the LORD departed from Saul, and an evil spirit from the
LORD troubled him. And Saul's servants said unto him, Behold now, an evil spirit from God
troubleth thee."
[end extract]

He was forced to play a Harp to ward off the Evil Spirit which for the purposes of this
document is a Grail entity. As to why a Harp would work, maybe it's because the harmonics
disrupted the PBE which operates in a wave form. So sound waves may disrupt the presence
of a PBE. Pure conjecture on my part.
Diamonds Are A Grail's Best Friend

So let's explore this idea a little further. Let's say an asteroid thumped into the Earth several
hundred million years ago and it contained this Grail life form. This was before life was
nothing more than a copy of Mars. There was no vegetation but there was water and rock.
The color of the Earth's atmosphere was different and there was no oxygen. Then the magic
moment; life begins! It starts as simple refinements but the point to note is that these
refinements are highly improbable. Yet they happen.

So what is the form of the Grail here? What is its host? It's inside the strongest substance
known to man. It's inside diamonds which are almost fortress like except that diamonds
shatter and can break up. So diamonds house the grail but it's been broken into dozens of
pieces and spread across the globe. The question would be where did the asteroid hit?

You could argue that life starts where the grail starts - in Africa possibly. Diamonds in Africa
under the ground. So a piece of the grail is found. It wants to be reformed with the other
pieces. Who was an owner of the grail if this idea was true? The answer could be that
Solomon built the first Temple Mount and he had a passion for diamonds. Ever hear of King
Solomon's famous Mines? They mined for diamonds in Africa. Was Solomon grail hunting?
Or was the Grail that he possessed theoretically encouraging him to be a grail hunter? Was it
like the Ring of Power in The Lord of The Rings whispering ideas into his mind?

Was Solomon a Grail Possessor?

King Solomon

Solomon was incredibly wise. He is regarded as a Prophet. Many regard him as having talked
to God. Did he really have mines? The fictional story began the adventure and captured the
imagination. Did he seek out more of these Gail entities by mining for them around the
known world?
King Solomon's Mines

Solomon's ancient Ring To Control Demons

Solomon in myth was the apparent owner of a powerful ring. Yes, I know this sounds pretty
dramatic! It's like wandering onto the set of the Lord of The Rings. Let's consider the idea of
the diamond containing the Grail entity which is a probabilistic based entity which can make
the unlikely likely. You can either have very good luck or very bad luck. So certain diamonds
contain this entity. But let's wait a second. Maybe there is more than one entity. Maybe there
are good entities as well as bad entities. The mines have produced some results. However,
not all are welcoming or co-operative. The bad entities are commonly called demons. Now,
if you have a Grail Diamond, you'd better watch out. They seek each other out I would
imagine. You know, catch up on old times and ponder the future of life treating it like a giant
chess board. So if you're Solomon you're going to need something to keep them in check and
let them know you are in charge! So he needed some kind of super-powerful ring to keep
them under control.

Hokum pock um you say! Poppycock! Nonsense.

Well take a look at this.

Jewish Encyclopaedia: Solomon Seal Ring

[Extract Begin]

The legend that Solomon possessed a seal ring on which the name of God was engraved and
by means of which he controlled the demons is related at length in Giṭ. 68a, b. This legend is
especially developed by Arabic writers, who declare that the ring, on which was engraved
"the Most Great Name of God," and which was given to Solomon from heaven, was partly
brass and partly iron. With the brass part of the ring Solomon signed his written commands to
the good genii, and with the iron part he signed his commands to the evil genii, or devils. The
Arabic writers declare also that Solomon received four jewels from four different angels, and
that he set them in one ring, so that he could control the four elements.
[Extract End]

So Solomon had an alleged ring. Ok it might just be legend but the early form of the Grail
could be there in this historical Ring of Power. It might not be just diamonds on it but
emeralds. Now, in the Kaballah there is the concept of the Evil Eye. People who practice this
ideology (such as Madonna incidentally) wear a red piece of string to avert the so-called Evil
Eye. Let's consider these probabilities existing in colored emeralds also; not just diamonds.
The emeralds act as a form of light filter.

From a physics viewpoint, red is the longer wavelength. So, in theory if these probability
based entities exist then they may exist as within different wave lengths. In Quantum
Mechanics, light can be characterized by probabilities which can change position within
Space Time and whose probability value is dependent on the Schrodinger Equation. The rate
of change of the probability is a function of its wavelength and time. A longer wavelength
has a longer clock tick.

Ancient Gems that glowed

In theory the Grail Entity jewels could be ones that glow without any obvious power source.


Therefore the restored city of Zion (Isa. liv. 11, 12) will be founded and beautified with
precious stones (comp. Rev. xxi. 18 et seq.); even the vision of God's glory recalls the glow
of gems (Ezek. i. 26, 27). They were in use as ornaments at a comparatively early period (in
the crown of the Ammonite monarch: II Sam. xii. 30; on robes and canopies: Ezek. xxviii. 13;
Apocr. Esther iv. 6; on golden vessels: Ecclus. [Sirach] 1. 9-10).
[end extract]

So what would something look like if this probability based entity left its crystal home?
Depending on the wavelength it existed in, it would emit electromagnetic energy; what we
commonly call light; glowing and shimmering. It would appear to the uninformed like it was
on fire but would not consume the object.

The Burning Bush

To the uninformed it would appear that the object was "on fire". Maybe this is what Moses
saw? Conjecture on my part but the theory points to this.

Burning bush

Physics aside, once could consider the emeralds or diamonds as a home to many of these

Signs of the Grail today?

So how can you find the Grail. I guess the question is do you really want to find it? The best
path in life is to make your own luck through hard work. Also, wishing for things is only a
way of not having to earn your way. With the Grail, there are no free lunches I'd
imagine. They're probably a bit tired of folks asking them for unlimited power and wealth
and playing tricks on them.

Life inside a Crystal

So let's play a game for a moment where you are an entity living inside a crystalline structure.
One's mind goes back to Superman living inside his Crystal fortress full of knowledge.
Imagine you are a proabaility based entity; what would the geometry look like? It would look
like lots of triangles within geometric configurations such as circles.

Ancient Kaballah Jewellery

The oldest symbol of all?

Is the reason why the Pentagram is one of the the oldest symbols because these entities are
communicating with us and this is the world seen through their eyes? Think about the way a
bee is supposed to see our world as these tiny windows combines.

The Pentagram

Is the Pentagram and The Star of David, just ways of trying to symbolize life inside a Crystal

The Entities Religion: The Tree of Life?

Maybe these entities have their own religion and have passed it onto us in the Trees of Life
form. Who knows really but the religion is very much based on the idea of the nature of
Reality and how one must look behind one's eyes etc; So this seems like a good view of
something not of this place but trying to impart wisdom. I guess you call call it a form of

Tree of Life
The Most Famous Grail Diamond? The Hope Diamond?

If it's true that a diamond can be a Grail diamond where could there be one today? The
answer comes clearly in the story of the Hope Diamond. One cannot own a Grail Diamond,
one can only share some time with it... and buyer beware!

Louis and Marie Antoinette owned this diamond and lost a kingdom. Later, the fabulously
wealthy Evelyn Walsh McLean owned this diamond and this is her account of what happened
when she tried to have it blessed! Evelyn's account. Okay, you might argue she was looking
for the publicity but did she really need it? She had money beyond belief.
Evelyn's account of trying to have it blessed. "... But when Mummie died, within the year,
Evalyn decided to call on the aid of a higher power. "We went to the church of Monsignor
Russell. 'Look Father,' I said to him, 'this thing has got me nervous. Would you bless it for
me?' He put my bauble on a velvet cushion, and as he began his blessings, a storm broke!
Lightning flashed. Thunder shook the church... I don't mind saying various things were
scared right out me! ..."

FreeMasonry and the All Seeing Eye

In FreeMasonry, the Grail is signified by a pyramid with an eye. In it, an entity is drawn
inside. The American currency shows this symbol as many of the founding fathers were
FreeMasons (which was their choice!). However, looking beyond all the stuff that is written
about FreeMasons, why did they choose this symbol? The answer is pretty clear if one adopts
a Grail Diamond viewpoint. The atomic makeup of a diamond is a tetrahedral structure. You
can see a cross post of mine on Alexander Graham Bell's tetrahedral kite. So if a Grail entity
exists inside a Grail diamond,
this is the Perfect Symbolism. Also, reading between the lines, the uber Grail
diamond if you want to think of it - or the Grail Diamond which the templars may
have found could have been shaped like a Pyramid as opposed to a pear shaped diamond.
That's conjecture on my part.
A New America and A New Home For The Grail

One of the founding fathers of America was Benjamin Franklin who was a Polyglot and a
Freemason Master. In the 1700s while America was fighting the war for independence, he
was dispatched to France to the court of Louis XVI as a diplomat to help them raise support
the American cause. Without French help, they would not be able to defeat the English and
his place in Versailles was very important to the fledgling country. He even taught Marie
Antoinette some French! This is where the link to the Grail diamond is clear. Marie
Antoinette was the owner of the majority of the Hope Diamond. Franklin was loved by the
courtiers and he did experiments on electrical charge. Therefore, Franklin was in the presence
of the Grail diamond. It was Franklin who later returned to America and with John Adams
who created the famous logo on the American currency we have come to know as 'The All
Seeing Eye'.
However, here is a very interesting coincidence, Evelyn Walsh McLean owned the Grail
diamond and lived in 1825 Phelps Place N.W. Washington. This building is currently The
Russian Cultural Centre, Built in 1895, an early American occupant was Evalyn Walsh
McLean, Washington socialite who owned the Hope Diamond and Washington Post.
However, what is even more strange is that for nearly half a century it was the home of the
Benjamin Franklin Pilson family. The three Pilson children are Founders of the FRCC.
Therefore the Grail Diamond ended up in the home of the Franklin's home fifty years later!

The Philosophers Stone - Another name for a Grail diamond?

Alchemy played a big part in the early part of our world. The basic idea was to transform one
substance to another. Now, using traditional Chemistry we know what can and can't be done
today. In earlier times, the idea was to turn lead into Gold and get rich. Even Isaac Newton
dabbled in Alchemy.

The Philosoper's stone apparently had magical powers capable of transforming one substance
into another.

Excerpt from Wikipedia: Alchemists once thought a key component of the stone was a
mythical element named carmot. The element is no longer believed to exist according to
modern scientific knowledge.[2][3] This legendary stone was thought to help amplify
transmutations while doing alchemy. It was also thought to have had a dark red tone.

Once more, there is the dark red tone, maybe this is a Grail diamond perhaps?

Another extract from the Wikipedia: He states that this "stone of stumbling" and "rock of
offence" is the creative-sexual energy, which in Kabbalah is Yesod ("foundation")
So there is the Kabbalistic concept of Yesod: In Christian kabbalah it is compared to the
'Holy Spirit', that aspect of God that descends upon the earth and sanctifies it, and it occupies
a point on the central pillar, along with Keter ( God the Father ), and Tiphereth ( God the Son
). Occultists compare it with the idea of 'Ether', from the traditional elements, and it is the
cross-over from consciousness to matter. For that reason, some occultists compare it with the
modern-day concept of a quantum field, pointing to the different theories suggesting that in
quantum mechanics, human consciousness plays a vital role in physical processes.

The important note here is that of a reference to a Quantum Field. Therefore, this may be an
oblique reference to lifeforms that exist in a Quantum Reality and surface through these
ancient ideas.

Evil Eye? Let's get Scientific and analyze this thing!

Now, let's get scientific. Kaballah talks about the evil eye, you wear a red band to ward it off.
So, if the entity exists, it's a fair guess to that it emits a red hue right? And therefore, the
diamond should in theory emit a red hue. Read, this article on a study done on the hope
diamond in 2005.

Scientific Study of the Hope Diamond

See text, "The Hope Diamond was known to have an unusual reddish-orange long-lived
phosphorescence - i.e. when illuminated with ultraviolet (UV) light and observed in a
darkened room, the Hope diamond would glow for many minutes after the light source was
turned off, appearing like a hot coal from a fire. While this phosphorescence had been
photographed, it had never been studied scientifically. Such phosphorescence, particularly
with an intense red color, is a rare phenomena in natural diamonds."
The Hope Diamond is a Blue Sapphire surrounded by dazzling clear diamonds. Take a look
at this photo of it "glowing".

[extract] The intense orange phosphorescence of the Hope Diamond is only visible in a dark
room after exposure to ultraviolet light. One of the diamonds surrounding the Hope is
phosphorescing blue. Photograph by John Nels Hatleberg.

Hey are you freaked out yet or still skeptical? I think there's something to these diamonds that
we don't quite understand. Are they evil? Are they good? Are they a little of both? Well,
owning the hope diamond is not good for your health. However, are all the diamonds like
this? Which ones are good, which are bad... ?

The Millennium Star - A new Grail diamond?

The Millennium Diamond found as recently as 1992 weighted 777 carats (before being cut), a
highly magical number in Kaballa, see 777 And Other Qabalistic Writings of Aleister
Crowley. It's a rare blue like the Hope Diamond. There was an attempt to steal it as recently
as 2002 in the UK in a James Bond style robbery. I'm not making this up! See The Scotsman

The diamond was found in the Congo. Here's an extract: "Back in Mbuji- Mayi the diamond
pickers and traders carry on searching for the next Millennium Star despite the fact that the
fate of the two men who discovered the original remains unknown. According to De Beers
they were lucky and shared their money with their village. According to local rumour, the
stone was cursed and the prospectors were kidnapped and murdered by an army general loyal
to the deposed former dictator of Zaire, President Mobutu Sese Seko. What is certain is the
men have disappeared off the face of the Earth and their £ 4.2 million remains nowhere to be

The number 666 as a wavelength

Watching The Omen, the number 666 is bestowed with evil. What if 666 was actually a
wavelength. What color would it be?
So 666 nm lies within the Red Spectrum. When people draw pictures of evil faces, they paint
them glowing red. A coincidence perhaps?

A Planet Made of a Diamond?

This sounds like Science Fiction, doesn't it? A planet which is really a giant diamond at its
core? Take a look at this BBC article. Could this be the home of Grail entities? A diamond is
the natural evolution of matter. It represents matter compressed over time.

[begin extract]

Twinkling in the sky is a diamond star of 10 billion trillion trillion carats, astronomers have discovered.
The cosmic diamond is a chunk of crystallized carbon, 4,000 km across, some 50 light-years from the Earth in
the constellation Centaurus.
It's the compressed heart of an old star that was once bright like our Sun but has since faded and shrunk.
Astronomers have decided to call the star "Lucy" after the Beatles song, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.

[end extract]

A Diamond Star

Sirius: An Ancient Home world For The Grail Diamonds?

According to this idea, the Grail Entities helped influence the Egyptian rulers to create the
Pyramids to point to Sirius, and establish the Egyptian eye symbol which is now used on the
US Dollar, placed there by the founding fathers of the US some of whom were
Freemasons. Let's take a look at the eye and then understand why Sirius as opposed to our
own Sun was chosen as the worship point. Once more there is a diamond link.

Diamonds can be as old as 6.5 billion years old. The Universe itself is estimated to be about
13 billion years old. So some, diamonds are half as old as the Universe itself. So, let's assume
the Egyptians gave Moses (or he took for himself in the vaults) a Grail diamond which helped
him lead the Jewish people to their promised land. Were the Egyptian Pharoahs also
influenced by the grail diamonds. Were the Grail diamonds guiding them to build pyramids
or tetrahedral structures to mirror their hidden world?

A clue lies in the God and what they worship. The Egyptians worshiped the stars.. In
particular, they worshiped Sirius. See the following extract:

The goddess Sopdet was the personification of the "dog star", known to the Greeks as Seirios
(Sirius). Sopdet was the most important star to the Ancient Egyptians, and was known as a
decon. Together with her husband Sah (Orion), and her son Soped, Sopdet formed part of a
divine triad which paralleled that of Osiris, Isis and Horus.

So what's the significance of Sirius? It's a White Dwarf star. See the WikiPedia article: Most
white dwarf stars are extremely hot; hence the bright white light they emit. This heat is a
remnant of that generated from the star's collapse, and is not being replenished (unless the
white dwarf accretes matter from other nearby stars). However, since white dwarfs have an
extremely small surface area from which to radiate this heat, they remain hot for a long
period of time. Evidence suggests that their interiors slowly crystallize as they cool and age,
ultimately settling into a diamond-like configuration; astronomers know of at least one
"diamond white dwarf" already. So were the Egyptians worshiping a Grail diamond
home world?

Civilizations Build Around Pyramidal Structures

The Mayans worshiped the stars and gold. They were some of the earliest civilizations.
Babylon had the hanging gardens. The egyptians had the pyramids.

Sirius: Homeworld to Return To

The Egyptians originally believed that when the Pharaoh died, he was transported to Sirius (a
belief later transposed to the constellation of "Sah" -- Osiris/Orion), where he "became a star"
and passed into the next life, to join the gods in their abode. To facilitate this (obviously
"Hyper dimensional") transformation to a higher plane of existence, they apparently made
sure that one of the so-called "air shafts" in the "Queens Chamber" pointed directly toward
this crucial "star-gate" -- Sirius.
Mono-Atomic Gold and ingesting The Grail

So what happens when a Grail entity is placed in the presence of Gold? The Gold breaks
down and forms what is called Mono-atomic gold. An interesting fact about mono-atomic
gold is that is does not look like Gold. In fact, it looks like a white powder and is allegedly
one of the prized artifact of the Philosopher's Stone. One could replace the term Philosopher's
Stone with Grail Diamond and see that it produces Mono-atomic Gold when it is in the
presence of it for some time; namely when placed inside a Golden Casket of some kind.

Extract: Recently there has been much written about Mon-atomic Gold. Ancient cultures such
as the Egyptians and Sumarians used it to feed their light body and encourage spiritual
transformation and enlightenment and promote optimum health. Recent advances in modern
science and tireless investigation by credible researchers have started to confirm that this
fascinating substance indeed has "exotic" properties and can literally, according to lab data,
alter space, time and gravity. :End-Extract

Quantities are found in Arizona Phoenix naturally occurring where there is a crater from a
cosmic body. The Crater is known as the
Barringer Crater.

This is also an area which has strong UFO activity.
Is it possible that these Grail entities are known to Alien lifeforms, maybe even form the
basis of one of their religions? Whatever the truth, there are diamonds around there...

The Temple of Luxor in Thebes

It would have been the job of the High Priests to manufacture the mono-atomic gold but they
would have also had to have possession of the Grail Diamonds. The temples were known as
"Solar Temples" and the guiding of the light into the temples may have been directed onto the
Grail Diamonds who would later produce the gold which was used to ingest. The High Priests
were in many cases more powerful than the Pharoah himself.

Here we see the famous BenBen stone which was mounted on top of a Solar Temple and the
link to Orion is here. As we see, this is really an embodiment of the "All Seeing Eye" which
is everywhere.

This is rumored to be a meteorite. The home of the High Priests was Karnak, in Luxor which
was part of Thebes. Today it's mostly ruins but a great place to visit.
 Below is the Sun Temple with the BenBen stone on top which would direct light into the
temple and possibly activate the Grail Diamonds so that they would glow and theoretically
receive "energy". This was a closely guarded secret of the High Priests power in theory.

Extract:For a meteorite of its size, the impact melted surprisingly little rock, though it
produced high enough temperatures and pressures to transform carbon minerals into
diamonds and lonsdaleite, a form of diamond found near the crater in fragments of Arizona's
Canyon Diablo meteorite.:EndExtract

Each Egyptian Pharoah had to ingest a bread supplied by the high-priests which contained a
mono-atomic gold and was produced by them.

The excavators have found, on the island of Elephantine, the exact dimensions of the Temple
of Solomon, where the foundation was and where the Ark of the Covenant was kept. In the
temple of Luxor they recorded all of the loot and all of the plunder that was taken from the
Temple of Solomon by Thutmose II, was then returned when he became pharaoh and looted
the temple. But there's no Ark of the Covenant because they already had that. And in that
plunder they list all of the items that they got, and they're all identified as being golden, and
then silver and then copper. But under the golden items, under the shewbread, here is this
elongated pyramidal shape that is "The Bread of the presence of God". It's the very same
symbol, that I told you earlier, that is always shown as depicted in the sacred ceremony, with
the king offering the "bread", the "white bread", to the symbol of the Ark of the Covenant,
with the black Anubis sitting on top of it. Well the Anubis represented the digestive system,
and here's the king offering, and it says "keeper of the secret", but it's the white powder of
gold being offered to the digestive system, which is the transformational process you go
[end extract]

Where did the "Fallen Angels" come from? Nibiru, Brown Dwarfs and Planet X

In the Biblical texts, the Angel's are typically explained as having "fallen". In modern
parlance, we think asteroid and meteorites. Throughout the ages, there have been collisions
with the Earth. The dinosaurs were wiped out by an Asteroid and the moon is known to have
been part of the Earth until there was a "collision." In modern times, the Mayan Calendar
refers to 2012 as the end of the world but in their texts they as well as the Ancient Sumerians
believed there was a twelveth planet known as Nibiru which housed some kind of
extraterrestrial life. The planet is theorized as having a orbit of 3600 years. At the heart of
this group of stars is a "planet x" and they orbit around a brown dwarf. Interestingly a brown
dwarf is known to be the home of blue diamonds.

Taurus brown dwarfs are indicated by filled black squares, UppSco ones by filled red circles.
Included for comparison are T Tauri stars from Pascucci et al. (2009) and Herbig Ae/Be stars
from van Boekel et al. (2005). (b) Fpeak vs. the large-grain mass fraction. (c) Fpeak vs. the
crystalline mass fraction. Blue diamonds indicate Cha I brown dwarfs from Apai et al.
(2005). (d) F11.3/F9.8 vs. the large-grain mass fraction. (e) F11.3/F9.8 vs. the crystalline mass
[end extract]

Astrophysics connection to Blue Diamond.

The accuracy of the "end of days" is typically grounded around astronomical calendars where
two star systems meet (our one and the Nibiru system). So the Biblical passages passed by
"the angels" may simply be extraterrestrial Grail Entities telling us about a planetary
collision. Could this be the place where these Grail entities could have come from? Could
this be their "home". Maybe the Grail entities that are on Earth were either "left behind" to
do some task or "fell out" with the beings from this Nibiru system and became "fallen
angels". If there is any truth to the 2012 conspiracy then it will unfold in time. We should
see weird weather, large solar storms and tsunamis and polar shifts. It may be a normal cycle
but only seen every three thousand six hundred years. It would explain how the Grail entities
got here but it's only theoretical.

If there is truth to this then the Grail Entities will know how and when it will happen and
what the truth is behind the overall plan. It would be interesting to see if the "good" Grail
entities would try and help those on Earth or not if the Nibiru approach is true.
Nibiru is referred to as the twelfth planet. It can theoretically only be seen from the Southern
Hemisphere and is in the direction of Orion which is where the Ancient Egyptians
worshiped. Were they unwittingly worshiping this place?

 The Brown Dwarf has its own group of planets and come periodically in contact with Earth's
solar system in theory according to conspiracy theorists. Some claim that the government
know about the approach and have blocked out sections of Google Sky where this
astronomical event should be approaching from so there is no panic but they are secretly
preparing. I really don't know if there's any truth to this but from a research point this could
be where the Grail Entities came from and would appear like multidimensional beings to
us. They would theoretically have been here since the universe was created and are very,
very old.
In 2007, the US government funded the development of the South Pole Telescope which was
constructed in several large pieces and then assembled in the South Pole. This would be the
perfect location from an Earth perspective to monitor any approaching objects beneath our
planar ecliptic in the direction of Orion. Many conspiracy theorists assume it's a "planet x

Notable Southern Hemisphere Events And Unusual Weather Patterns

Note: These are not "proof" but notable because they are happening on the planetary scale.

2010 - Respected physicist Michio Kaku predicts violent solar storms in 2012 preparing
general population for the "event".
2010 - Gulf stream changes course. Europe experiences Siberian weather
2011 (Jan) - Australian Queensland floods on record scale, before there were fires in 2010
2011 (Feb) - Southern Island of New Zealand experiences earthquake. Christchurch in ruins.
2011 (March) - Japan experiences 8.8 earthquake, largest on record followed by
Tsunamis. Widespread devastation. Nuclear reactor explosion.

Nibiru Approaching: Possible Clue: Two Suns In The Sky
If this theoretical Grail world / solar system is approaching one of the give aways will be two
Suns appearing in the sky. This should only be visible at certain times in the Southern
Hemisphere. Here is an image of two suns seen in recent times (but could be fakes
also). However it was shown on China state TV which should be kosher as it is very much

These are twin suns seen in China on March 1st 2011

Spacial Co-Ordinates

Download Google Earth

The alleged spacial co-ordinates of Planet X are 5h 53m 27s, -6 10' 58.

Open up Google Sky (Earth is the default) but you can change this to the view of the
Sky. Planet tool bar button has a "Sky" option.

Enter "Orions Belt" (which is what is visible in the Northern hemisphere). Note: There is a
different view of Orion in the Southern Hemisphere.

This should return 5h 36m 11.45s Dec -1'12'00.00"

So Sirius and the "alleged" Nibiru are no so far apart. Maybe the Pharaohs were pointing at
this location perhaps?

The Kaballah Band?
How do material colors work?

The Kaballah band is supposed to ward off the evil eye. If it is supposed to ward off evil then
why is it red? If however one however understands the way materials work, the color one
sees is the color one reflects, so the material is warding off red light.

Strange Rituals that could be Grail Worship

Most induction ceremonies to either religions tend to involve some kind of ceremony or oath.
For the most part, these rituals involve the core beliefs of being a member which stretch back
to how they were originally formed. Here is a documentary on becoming a Free Mason and
them experiencing the light and finding the secret stone... Could this be a Grail initiation rite?
Is this what the Templars found, secret stones amongst bones AKA glowing diamonds and
sapphires giving them unlimited powers? Or maybe it's just interesting terminology.... maybe
the glass means a crystal... Who knows.

Not just Blue Diamonds but also Blue Sapphires
So this research theoretically points to PBEs existing inside both Blue Diamonds and
Sapphires. Moses staff had a Sapphire. Solomon's seal ring also had diamonds and Sapphires.
We as humans are drawn to Sapphires and Diamonds. The richest and most powerful people
on the planet all adorn themselves with these jewels. Personally, I have never seen the
attraction but then again I'm not so wealthy I could buy whatever I want. Blue Sapphires, like
diamonds, have been worn by Kings and even in recent times Princess Diana.
Famous Blue Sapphires

# Elizabeth Taylor owns a 20 carat sapphire engagement ring.
# One of the most famous blue sapphires of modern times is the gem that Prince Charles gave
to Lady Diana for their engagement.

Diamonds and Sapphires bringing good and bad luck.

OK, this is not a new idea! In India and the East there is already a lot of belief about the
power of crystals.

-extract Amongst the ancient myths associated with the importance of the Sapphire gemstone
is what the Persians believed. According to them planet earth rested on a giant sapphire, the
reflection of which is the blue sky. Other legends claim that kings wore Sapphire jewelry to
protect them from any harm that could come their way. In India, Sapphire is considered to be
an antidote against poison.

When buying Sapphire jewelry it is important to keep an eye on the color of the gemstone.
This is a more significant parameter than the gems clarity to measure how superior and
genuine it is. In India Sapphire is jewelry is mainly worn if recommended by an Astrologer or
Gemologist. And the most popular is the blue sapphire, which maybe set in gold or silver
metal and further adorned with either diamonds or pearls. The Yellow Sapphire is another
highly recommended gemstone. It is said to have multiple beneficial aspects for the wearer.
These include wealth, fame and success.

Indians usually invest in Sapphire jewelry as it is considered to be a symbol of truth,
genuineness and loyalty. It is believed that it attracts positive vibrations of protection and
enhances one’s intuitiveness, clairvoyance and sharpness. Many spiritual seekers also wear it,
as it is regarded to have the power of enabling one to focus on their destination. According to
the Buddhists, Sapphire brings one onto the path of prayer, taking them closer to the stage of
enlightenment. -end extract

So, how'd you find other grail diamonds/sapphires?

It's a substance which makes the improbable probable.

Check out the location where it was last seen and search for statistical aberrations.

e.g. A record for something which has never been done before. Incredible wealth gained from
something simple. Incredible luck. Sign of the Grail? Perhaps, perhaps not.

For example, why wasn't Switzerland invaded during WWII? It houses all the worlds gold
and gems. Wouldn't this be a good place to control? What made it so untouchable?

Templars and Switzerland

Where is the Grail today?

On a recent weekend break, I traveled to the Dubrovnik in Croatia which is commonly called
the Jewel of the Adriatic. Beside Dubrovnik is the island of Lokrum which was once the
place where Richard the Lionheart stayed. He funded a Byzantine monastery which was
never fully built. Today, the island is a nature reserve and on some beaches there are
naturists. However, this Island could also be justifiably be called a Grail location. Richard the
Lionheart regularly dressed up as templars while he was in Jesuralem and sold the Island of
Cyprus to them. How did they pay him? Did they give him some grail jewellery? Byzantine
Monasteries are closely linked with the Grail. Maybe there is a grail connection to Dubrovnik
closely connected to Lokrum. It sits off the coast of the famous city, resplendent in the sun.
Walk the walls of Dubrovnik and you will see it. Here is a picture I took of the Island from

Extract about the Island "From the port of Dubrovnik it is just a pleasant ten-minute boat
voyage to LOKRUM. An arm's stretch away from the Old City this favorite excursion spot
also takes you far back in the Middle Ages. For two of us it has been the remembrance of the
early days of marriage some 47 years ago. By some miracle Lokrum was spared of any
devastation or destruction during the siege and bombardment of Dubrovnik. Several
incendiary grenades hit the island but fire wouldn't start - not even a spark got hold on the
soil covered with dry foliage or splinter. Was he a Saint's who held his protecting hand over
this Island? The first mention of Lokrum in writing came in 1023, in connection with the
founding of the Benedictine abbey and monastery. According to legend, the Richard the
Lion-Heart was cast ashore here after being shipwrecked in 1192 while returning from the
Crusades. The vow he made to build a church on the spot where he came ashore should he be
saved was kept at least in part. Although he came ashore in Lokrum, at the request of the
people of Dubrovnik, he agreed to have the church built in the City itself.

In 1839 Maximilian Ferdinand of Habsburg, the then owner of the island, came to Lokrum
and had a mansion built in the shape of a tower. The mansion has been surrounded by a
marvelous garden with a lay out of crisscrossing pathways. "
Also, you could travel to Washington DC and visit the Hope Diamond which is on display to
the public. The only man which was not adversely affected by exposure to the diamond was
Harry Winston who promoted the idea of 'diamonds are a girls best friend' but off loaded it to
the Smithsonian.

Travel to Golconda and this is the origin of the Hope diamond

The Order Of The Golden Fleece

European aristocracy created the Order of the Golden Fleece would proudly display their
diamonds. Here is a rare blue. Putting on one's conspiracy theory hat, this might be the Grail
diamonds 'hidden in plain sight'. One notable feature of modern diamond making is that the
diamonds are cut in such a way to emit light. A European fleece could be seen therefore as a
projection of the possible grail energy within the fleece itself. By this theory, the wearer
would be influenced by the fleece itself. A little known fact is that Ireland achieved its
independence while the Russian crown jewels were in the property of the fledgling Irish
government. The newly formed Russian Communist county used the jewels to raise badly
needed cash and they were later returned.

What Do Grail Entities Possibly Look Like?
What could Moses have seen when the Grail Entities appeared to him in theory? When the
US led the invasion into Iraq, they saw strange lights in the Sky near Baghdad. Baghdad is
the historic home of Babylon where "the writing was on the wall".

Here is some footage seen by US soldiers.

Basically, Grail entities would appear as light vibrating on the electromagnetic spectrum and
should be slightly different colors to indicate their slightly different EM components/make
up. They would make an object look like it was 'on fire' to someone unfamiliar with them.

In a recent sighing in Jerusalem above the Dome of the Rock, a glowing ball of light was
seen. This "could be" a modern sighting of a Grail Entity or some kind of UFO. The key
point is that they would not seem solid in the way we understand it but look like pulsing
Here is a link to the YouTube video which has pretty great
footage. The location is
pretty important to the Grail Theory as it's the place where many of them were theoretically
housed in the past.

The Vatican
If the Grail idea is true then the Vatican is an obvious Holy Grail location. Pope Constantine
took many of Jesus' religious artifacts and stored them in what today is The Vatican.

What's interesting about the Vatican is that it is built on top of what was once an ancient
Pagan and early Christian graveyard deep beneath its foundations.

Extract Begin
A tour of the graveyard may not be a good idea for many. But if you have the inclination,
head for Vatican. Going by the reports from Rome, visitors will soon be able to descend into
an ancient world of the dead. Vatican is showcasing a newly unveiled resting place that used
to be a graveyard in the days of yore.
Extract End

What's more, the bones of St. Peter himself, one of the the founders of the Christian faith are
alleged to be buried deep beneath the dome. St. Peter drank from the Holy Grail Chalice at
the Last Supper so theoretically he contained this Grail Energy and is still in his bones.
Also in the quarters that the Pope lives in there are adjoining rooms full of treasures passed to
the Popes over their two thousand year reign. Many could be Grail Entities but they are
shrouded in secrecy. Conjecture on my part.

Grail And Pyramids
In Paris,France one can find The Louvre where at the end of the Da Vinci code, Brown
surmises that the Grail which is the bones of Jesus' descendants are underneath a pyramid like
structure and ties in which the Tetrahedral shapes I have been discussing. The Louvre is a
place worth a visit and a likely place for some Grail artifacts.

The Meaning of Boaz and Jackim and The Letter 'G'
Freemasons wear a symbolic letter on their apron which is the letter 'G'. What could this
mean? There are many interpretations ranging from the male organ to a mythical
gateway. According to this theory, the letter G represents the gift which was given to the
masons by the Templars.
Therefore G = Grail or Graal.

Another point to note is that Freemason are the folks who built Solomon's temple as well as
all of those fantastic cathedrals which we see all over medieval Europe. However at the 33rd
level and below of being a Freemason there is worship of two pillars which have the name
Boaz and Jachim. Huh? What's so special about two pillars for crying out load. They were
at the front of Solomon's temple. See diagram.

 So they were positioned in front of the main entrance. So what? Well they're worshiped by
Freemasons today. New members are placed between these pillars and added to the fold. It's
the way to do it. Why? One way wonder. Let's understand the original ones. They were tall
and wrapped in Copper which is an electric conductor.

Again, what's the big deal? This is where and how new members are added. It's part of an
initiation rite to be placed between these two large electrical conductors. Well hang on for a
minute. What are we not seeing? What is inside these pillars? Were they hollow? The
answer is "yes".

[begin extract from freemason lit]
It is universally conceived that the two pillars were cast in one piece, and this common belief
is expressed and emphasized in the Fellow craft lecture, which informs us that the pillars
were cast of a hollow nature and to function as repositories. This explanation is only partially
correct. For from a foundry man's viewpoint they may have been cast a handbreadth, or four
inches in thickness, not only to reduce the weight, but also to simplify the casting.
[end extract]
"To function as repositories". To hold what? If one follows the logic of this article, then the
pillars contain one or more Grail artefacts / sapphires / diamonds and this is where they could
possibly be hidden in plain sight.

If these entitites do exist, the pillar acts as an electrical conductor or some sort and may
interact the person in the middle in some way. Like charged conductors one sees in physics
experiments today. Interestingly the father of electricity is Benjamin Franklin who was a
Freemason master. The Freemasons call this becoming attunded to the frequencies. Again
this goes back to the idea of Grail entities operating on a quantum level of some sort but
being alive as we understand it.

Lady Di's Famous Diamond Ring

Here is the Blue Sapphire diamond ring Lady Di once wore.

White gold princess Diana cluster ring with diamonds, featuring oval shape blue sapphire,
surrounded by round diamonds.

The Order Of The Golden Fleece
Also travel to Goa to find the place where the diamonds were shipped.

But watch out hunter, the Grail serves no one! History tells us this!

Or maybe the Grail is just a myth :)

Theoretical Chronology

      Diamonds / Sapphires discovered in Africa along Northern Rift Valley containing
       theoretical "Grail Entities", Brought Up the River Nile
      Given to the then rulers of Egypt.
      "Holy" sapphires have a special property that they glow in the dark after being
       subjected to sun light / UV similar to Hope Diamond
      Embedded in Gold with other special sapphires and possessed by High Priests
      Begin Golden Age of the Pharoahs where they start to worship Diamond star Sirius
       and build today's Pyramids
      2686-2181BC; OLD KINGDOM: Dynasties III-VI
       The king was considered the incarnation of the god Horus and from the 5th Dynasty,
       the son of Re, the sun god. KhufuThe first major stone building in the world, the
    famous Step Pyramid, was constructed at Saqqara for Djoser, one of the kings of the
    3rd Dynasty. During the 4th Dynasty, a number of large pyramids were built,
    including Khufu's (Cheops) Great Pyramid at Giza - one of the Seven Wonders of the
    Ancient World, and the only one still standing.
   Experiment with mono-Atomic gold in temples
   Each Pharoah routinely eats a "holy bread" containing mono-atomic gold produced by
    glowing Jewels
   Gather lots more Sapphires and Diamonds
   1170 BC Moses becomes part of Egyptian royal family
   Discovers Moses Staff in treasure rooms which contains "magical" Blue
    Sapphire. He uses it against the Pharaoh Rameses, feeling injustice against his people
   "Grail entity God" produces Plagues and pestilence
   The exodus to what is now Israel
   On the way, goes onto Mount Sinai and is visited by "a fiery light" which in theory is
    a Grail Entity emerging from Moses Staff Blue Sapphire
   Jewish people find promised land and settle it.
   970 BC: Later, Solomon becomes King of the Jews and discovers Staff of Moses
   Communicates with what are called Genii which is another name for Grail Entities
   Becomes enlightened and wise
   In return, gathers together and seeks out diamonds, jewels and sapphires to find more
    Grail Entities
   Not all entities friendly. Some are "angels" some are "daemons".
   957 BC : Builds Solomon's temple to store them. Place of worship. Gets a Seal ring
    to control the entities.
   Stores them in the Ark of the Covenant. They glow. Gold contains the energy.
   Inside casket monoatomic gold produced by the diamonds
   Some ingest the powder from the equivalent "Philosophers Stone" similar to the
   Two large pillars on entrance to temple called Boaz and Jachim. More jewels stored
    in them.
   Worshipers pass between pillars and become "attuned" to the frequencies
   Solmon passes
   586 BC: Babylonians destroy temple and takes its Jewels
   Grail entities take revenge on King "Writing on Wall" Jewels and Jewish people
    returned to lands
   516 BC: Second temple built
   70 AD: Romans destroy second temple
   Priest take some Jewels and hide them underneath the temple
   Some write maps with a coding system where the Jewels are hidden
   Roman kill and loot.
   Jewish Diaspora
   Christian crusaders
   1118: Templars stay in ruins of temple. Grail "give them dreams"
   Templars find maps and dig for the Jewels
   They take them back to France/Europe
   Show one to the Pope.
   They demonstrate the power of the Grail similar to Moses to Pharoah
   1139: Pope is terrified,amazed and gives them unlimited power
   They give him a gift of one. Stored in the Papal vault. Secret. (Conjecture on my
   Templars grow in power. Become "enlightened". They worship relics and see
    winged daemon Baphomet which is Grail entity.
   The build modern banks. Take over Europe.
   1309 : Friday the 13th and Templars are routed. Admit to "daemon"
    worship. Crucified.
   Jewels taken secretly to England by boat and then Scotland.
   Templars join the FreeMasons and "Enlighten" them. Create the additional 33rd level
    and copy Solomon temple.
   Worship of Baphomet/Grail Entity renews. Templars are gone but have new
    FreeMason home.
   1446 - : Artefacts temporarily stored in Abbey in Scotland Rosslyn Abbey
   Artefacts then taken over to America.
   1775-1782 : American War of Independence
   1778 First Grand American Freemason Lodge in Virginia
   "Enlightened" Freemasons free themselves from English rule
   Freemason Symbol on new currency.
   Birth of a "Grail influenced" free country inspired by Freemason beliefs based on
    Science and Equality born
   Capital city modeled with lots of Freemason symbols.
   New FreeMason members under go initiation rite "attuned to Gail frequencies"
    between pillars similar to what happened thousands of years ago while entering
    Solomon's temple
   New "Promised Land" found and settled.

     An important point to note about this theory is that this is just one of the paths of
    these Grail Entities. In this idea there are many sapphires with these properties and
    they are not all owned by the Freemasons. They may have some of those owned by
    Solomon but not all. Many, for example, could be Crown jewels and so on. Also
    interestingly, it could be related to any religious group that may worship pieces of
    crystalline rock regarded as having special powers and is venerated. This may be
    indicative as to the presence of one of these theoretical entities.
    There is also the question of measuring how "powerful" one grail entity is versus
    another. There are numbers assigned to each one and how one can determine the
    strength or otherwise of a Grail entity.
    This would require some "Grail Math".
    List of well known Grail Entities / Elohim
    These may have been gathered together in the Ark of the Covenant and since
    separated thus explaining their apparent "brotherhood" referred to in many
    texts. Some may have also been from Babylon and later joined the others.
    The associated elements for example could indicate how they prefer to "travel"
    outside of crystals. The color could indicate the wavelength it consists of. Blue is a
    shorter wavelength therefore higher energy.
     Michael,element fire, color blue
    Gabriel, color red, element water
    Raphael, element air
     Baphomet, color: red, associated number 666
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