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2   |   JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2011   MyHurlburt Life
MYHURLBURT LIFE   features                                                            in every issue
                                                                                      3	    It	all	comes	back	to…
                  5	    Exceptional	Family	Member	Program
                                                                                      10	   Children’s	Corner	
                  6	    Groundhog	Day
                                                                                      11	   In	The	Spotlight
                  8	    FOCUS	on	U	
                                                                                      16	   Faces	of	Hurlburt...
                  12	   Nature	Deficit	Disorder	
                                                                                      18	   Club	Happenings
                  23	   Landing	Zone
                                                                                      26	   Youth	Planet
                  24	   Shop	Smart,	Shop	Hurlburt
                                                                                      30	   telXpress	(Phone	Directory)
                  28	   Hurlburt	DFAC	Competes
                                                                                      30	   What’s	4	Lunch?

                                       It all comes back to…
                                      by Dianne Bitzes

                  Time	to	bid	farewell	to	Father	Time	and	welcome	Baby	New	Year—2011!	Many	people	direct	their	attention	to	the	
                  past	year	while	others	give	effort	to	the	coming	year.	Instead	of	reflection	or	resolution,	I’ll	take	a	chance	with	
                  a	 path	 less	 traveled—focus.	 For	 me,	 focus	 is	 about	 concentrating	 personal	 and	 professional	 effort	 and	 energy	
                  toward	a	desired	result	or	outcome.
                  	"Focus"	is	not	a	repackaging	or	marketing	of	the	tried	and	true	concept	of	beating	oneself	up	because	of	a	failure	
                  to	keep	a	resolution.	Focus	is	a	powerful	action	word	employed	by	life	coaches,	philosophers,	writers,	artists	and	
                  inventors	through	the	ages.	A	quote	from	BrainyQuote.com	highlights	this	principle:	
                                 The key to success is to focus our conscious mind on things we desire not things we fear.
                                  ~Brian Tracy
                  If	you	think	focusing	your	camera	is	easier	than	focusing	your	life,	you’re	not	alone.	Having	a	specific	theme	or	
                  two	makes	focusing	more	manageable.	As	with	a	camera,	it	is	difficult	to	focus	on	more	than	one	object	at	once.	
                  Remember,	the	objective	is	to	live	a	clear,	fulfilled	and	balanced	life.
                  My	 focus	 for	 2011	 is	 on	 service	 to	 country	 and	 career	 progression.	 That	 said,	 this	 is	 my	 last	 "About	 That"	 for	
                  MyHurlburt	Life.	I	can	honestly	say,	sharing	peoples’	stories	was	a	wonderful	way	to	"work"	every	day.	I’m	proud	
                  to	take	my	manpower	background	and	Recruiting	Service	Ops	Officer	tools	with	me	to	the	33	AMXS	as	their	Unit	
                  Program	Coordinator.	See	you	around!

                  The new kid on the block…
                  by Stephanie Hall

                  Hello	 Air	 Commandos!	 I	 am	 very	 excited	 about	 being	 here	 at	 1SOFSS	 and	 Hurlburt	 Field.	 I	 look	 forward	
                  to	 meeting	 many	 of	 you	 while	 I'm	 out	 and	 about	 gathering	 research	 for	 the	 magazine.	 I	 can	 be	 reached	 at	
                  heyFSS@hurlburt.af.mil	for	suggestions	and	feedback.

                  FSS Marketing Staff:                               Disclaimer: Contents of MyHurlburt Life are not necessarily the official views of, or
                                                                     endorsed by the U.S. Government, the Department of Defense, the Department of
                                                                     the Air Force, or 1st Special Operations Force Support Squadron. The appearance of
                  Melanie	Lerman,	Marketing	Director                 advertising in this publication, including inserts or supplements, does not constitute
                  Tom	Cason,	Commercial	Sponsorship	Manager          endorsement by the Department of Defense, the Department of the Air Force or 1st
                                                                     Special Operations Force Support Squadron of the products or services advertised.
                  Dianne	Bitzes,	Public	Affairs	Specialist           Please send any feedback to heyFSS@hurlburt.af.mil. Current as of: 12/10/10. Subject
                  Stephanie	Hall,	Public	Affairs	Specialist          to change without notice.
                  Barb	Fuller,	Visual	Information	Specialist         On the Cover: Host and local Chef Dominic Domiano and
                  Fran	Bussard,	Visual	Information	Specialist        (T)Sgt Sha'Erica Waters participate in industry training focused on
                  Katrina	Meyer,	Web	Master                          food presentation. (DoD photo by Reuben Garcia)
                  Barbara	Little,	Marketing	Assistant

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                It’s time to visit one of D.R. Horton’s compelling new-home communities designed with something for everyone.

                appointments to create the perfect place for you to call home.

                                                                                                 Model Homes Open Daily
                                                                                                  9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

                                    D.R. Horton Pays Up To $7500 Toward Closing Costs*
            1. Nature Trail- Beulah, FL                              2. Windsong - Cantonment, FL                                            3. Indian Lakes - Cantonment, FL                            4. Claridge Park - Pensacola, FL
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              Call: 850.995.1855                                         Call: 850.478.6131                                                        Call: 850.968.3168                                         Call: 877.786.0329
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              Call: 850.423.0070                                        Call: 877.786.0329                                                           850-384-1594                                             850-384-1594
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             a liated lender, DHI Mortgage. Buyer must qualify for a loan and close by 3/31/11 to receive the closing cost contribution. Not all buyers will qualify. Restrictions apply. Ask a D.R. Horton sales professional for details. Valid only in the
             Northern Gulf Coast Division of D.R. Horton.

                                                                                    Paid Ad. No federal endorsement of advertiser intended.
                                                                                    Paid Ad. No federal endorsement of advertiser intended.
4   |     JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2011 MyHurlburt Life
         JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2011 MyHurlburt Life
Exceptional Family Member Program
Gains New Family Coordinator Position
by Ruthy Srun, EFMP Coordinator

L    et’s	face	it,	being	a	military	family	
     can	be	challenging.	As	a	military	
     spouse	for	over	ten	years	and	having	
relocated	several	times	with	my	spouse	
and	children,	I	know	the	challenges	
                                              that	wherever	they	go,	their	families	
                                              will	be	able	to	receive	the	quality	care	
                                              and	services	they	need.	This	portion	of	
                                              the	program	is	housed	at	the	Hurlburt	
                                              Field	clinic	and	is	managed	by	the	Special	
                                                                                             How can the new Hurlburt Field EFMP
                                                                                             Coordinator help?
                                                                                             The	primary	goal	of	the	EFMP-FS	
                                                                                             Coordinator	is	to	serve	as	an	advocate	
                                                                                             and	ally	for	families	currently	enrolled	in	
military	families	face	firsthand.	We	all	     Needs	Identification	Assignment	and	           the	EFMP,	and	to	help	those	not	enrolled	
deal	with	deployments,	transfers	to	          Coordination	(SNIAC)	representative.		         navigate	the	process.	The	coordinator	
new	duty	stations,	family	adjustments,	       Authorized	family	members	for	                 ensures	families	receive	necessary	
losing	and	making	friends,	changing	          enrollment	are	the	spouse,	child,	             information,	resources	and	support	
schools	and	jobs,	and	new	surroundings.	      stepchild,	adopted	child,	foster	child	        services	such	as:	
These	circumstances	can	be	exciting	          or	dependent	parent	enrolled	in	DEERS	
and	stressful	at	the	same	time.	Add	to	       and	residing	with	the	sponsor,	unless	         •	 Support	Groups—upcoming	meetings	
that,	a	family	member	who	is	identified	      the	sponsor	is	on	an	unaccompanied	               Fri,	Jan	7	&	Fri,	Feb	4,	9:30-11:00	a.m.!	
with	an	ongoing	medical	or	educational	       assignment.	To	begin	the	enrollment	           •	 Community	childcare	and	youth	
special	need,	this	brings	added	challenges	   process,	the	sponsor	must	complete	DD	            activity	options	such	as	Respite	Care	
and	stress	to	the	family.	Headquarters	       form	2972	(EFM	Medical	Summary)	and	              and	Give	Parents	a	Break.
Air	Force	developed	a	new	coordinator	        DD	form	2972-1	if	applicable	(EFM	Special	
position	as	part	of	Airman	and	Family	        Education/	Early	Intervention	Summary).		      •	 Access	to	points	of	contact	for	local	
Services	Flights	around	the	world	to	help	    The	SNIAC	(881-5061)	determines	if	the	           programs	and	services.	
ease	stress	during	these	times.	              condition(s)	requires	enrollment.		
                                                                                             •	 Housing	and	community	needs	prior	to	
                                                                                                PCSing	to	the	next	duty	station.
What is the Exceptional Family Member         EFMP Eligibility Requirements:
Program (EFMP)?                               It	is	DoD	policy	that	family	members	          •	 Facebook	page:		Hurlburt	Field	&	
The	Exceptional	Family	Member	Program	        meeting	the	following	criteria	will	be	           Eglin	AFB	Exceptional	Family	Member	
(EFMP)	is	designed	especially	to	help	        enrolled	into	the	EFMP:                           Program	(EFMP).
families	working	with	a	special	need!	
Enrollment	in	the	program	is	mandatory,	      •	 Potentially	life	threatening	condition	
                                                                                             The	Hurlburt	Field	EFMP-FS	Coordinator	
but	it	is	important	to	mention	that	             and/or	chronic	medical/physical	
                                                                                             office	is	located	at	the	A&FRC	in	room	115.	
this	is	not	the	military	acting	as	“big	         condition	requiring	follow-up	support	
                                                                                             Office	hours	are	Monday-Friday,	
brother”.	The	intent	of	the	program	is	          (i.e.	chronic	migraines,	diabetes,	heart	
                                                                                             7:30	a.m.	–	4:30	p.m.		If	needed,	after	
to	ensure	that	service	members	know	             disease)
                                                                                             hour	appointments	are	available	upon	
                                              •	 Current	and	chronic	mental	health	          request.	For	appointments	or	questions,	
                                                 condition	(i.e.	bipolar,	personality,	      please	call	Ruthy	Srun	at	884-6830	or	
                                                 panic	disorder,	etc.)	                      884-5441	or	send	and	email	to	
                                              •	 Inpatient	or	outpatient	mental	health	
                                                 service	within	the	last	5	years
                                              •	 Intensive	(more	than	1	visit	a	month,	
                                                 for	6	months)	mental	health	services	
                                                 including	from	your	PCM
                                              •	 A	diagnosis	of	asthma	or	other	
                                                 respiratory-related	conditions
                                              •	 A	diagnosis	of	ADD/ADHD
                                              •	 Requires	adaptive	equipment	(i.e.	
                                                 nebulizer,	wheelchair,	home	oxygen	
                                                 therapy,	etc.)	
                                              •	 Has	developmental	delay	or	requires	
                                                 special	education,	as	specified	on	IEP	
                                                 (Individualized	Education	Plan)	or	IFSP	
                                                 (Individualized	Family	Service	Plan)

                                                                                                                       myhurlburt.com   |   5
Groundho g D a y
by Barbara Fuller
Groundhog	 Day	 -	 an	 annual	 holiday	                 You	may	choose	to	further	your	education,	            computers,	 1,200+	 DVDs,	 downloadable	
celebrated	 in	 Punxsutawney,	 PA,	 during	             learn	 new	 skills	 or	 take	 up	 old	 beloved	       audio	 books,	 e-books,	 music	 and	 more.	
which	 “Punxsutawney	 Phil”	 appears	 with	             hobbies	that	may	have	been	neglected	or	              From	 foreign	 language	 learning	 materials	
townfolk	 gathered	 around	 to	 see	 if	 the	           set	upon	the	back	burner.	There	are	many	             to	 popular	 fiction,	 the	 library	 offers	 a	
groundhog	 sees	 his	 shadow	 or	 not.	 If	 he	         facilities	available	to	you	on	Hurlburt	Field	        complete	range	of	services	for	all	ages	and	
does,	then	there	will	be	six	more	weeks	of	             at	which	you	can	pursue	either	a	new	skill	           interests.	The	library	has	a	print	collection	
winter.	If	he	does	not,	then	an	early	spring	           or	practice	old	ones.	                                of	 35,000	 books	 and	 over	 100	 magazine	
is	on	the	way.	There	is	another	Groundhog	                                                                    and	newspaper	subscriptions.
Day	 –	 some	 of	 you	 may	 remember	 a	                 For	 instance,	 to	 build	 new	 or	 strengthen	
popular	but	not	blockbuster	movie	in	1993	               current	 relationships,	 gather	 friends	 or	        Moreover,	there	is	something	for	everyone	
starring	Bill	Murray	as	a	self-centered	and	             office	 mates	 and	 try	 the	 Mongolian	 BBQ,	       on	Hurlburt	Field	in	respect	to	recreation.	
sour	 TV	 meteorologist,	 Phil,	 and	 Andie	             Wednesday	 Night	 Dinner	 Buffet,	 or	 a	            Whether	you	enjoy	woodworking,	ceramics,	
MacDowell	 as	 a	 new	 producer	 for	 the	               Sunday	Brunch	at	The	Soundside,	or	meet	             painting,	scrapbooking	or	sewing,	the	Arts	
television	 station,	 Rita.	 The	 plot	 is	 pretty	      at	The	Hooch	after	the	work	day	is	over	for	         &	 Crafts	 Center	 offers	 classes	 on	 these	
easy	to	figure	out.	                                     wing	 night	 or	 taco	 night.	 For	 active	 duty,	   subjects	and	much	more.	The	Auto	Hobby	
                                                         the	 Riptide	 offers	 comradery	 and	 The	           Shop	 is	 a	 convenient	 place	 to	 work	 on	
Simply	 stated,	 Phil	 has	 grown	 tired	 of	 his	       Reef	 offers	 Air	 Force	 dining’s	 only	 buffet	    your	vehicle.	It	has	eight	lifts	and	11	stalls,	
repeat	 assignment	 covering	 the	 annual	               filled	 with	 choices.	 The	 Spare	 Time	 Grill	     a	 paint	 booth,	 prep	 room,	 welding	 bay,	
Groundhog	 Day	 event	 in	 Punxsutawney.	                (inside	 the	 Bowling	 Center)	 or	 Velocity	        and	 free	 oil	 and	 filter	 disposal.	 Qualified	
Phil	 grudgingly	 gives	 his	 report	 and	 then	         Subs	(located	in	the	same	building	as	the	           mechanics	 are	 always	 on	 hand	 to	 assist	
attempts	 to	 return	 to	 Pittsburgh	 only	 to	          library	 or	 the	 Landing	 Zone)	 offer	 lunch	      you	 with	 your	 project.	 The	 Landing	 Zone	
have	a	blizzard	shut	down	all	the	roads	out	             time	specials	workable	into	any	budget.	Or,	         Airman	 Center	 is	 designed	 as	 a	 hangout	
of	 Punxsutawney.	 Phil	 and	 his	 team	 are	            take	a	trip	to	the	back	side	of	the	base	and	        for	 Hurlburt	 military	 members	 E-4	 and	
forced	to	stay	in	town	an	extra	day.	On	the	             lunch	at	the	Oasis	Cafe	at	Gator	Lakes	Golf	         below.	 This	 state-of-the-art	 facility	 has	 it	
following	 morning,	 Phil	 finds	 himself	 in	 a	        Course	where	you	can	choose	between	a	               all:	professional	pool	tables,	cyber	lounge,	
24-hour	time	loop	to	which	only	he	is	aware	            “never	been	frozen	beef	patty,	turkey	patty	          flat-panel	 television	 monitors,	 projection	
of	past	events.	Phil	eventually	realizes	he	             or	veggie	patty	with	a	myriad	of	toppings.	          screens,	 movie	 theater,	 Xbox	 360	 gaming	
can	use	this	“humdrum”	repetitiveness	to	                                                                     room	and	musician's	"jam"	room.	If	travel	
grow	 as	 an	 individual	 and	 emerges	 from	           The	 Hurlburt	 Education	 &	 Training	 office	        is	 a	 passion,	 then	 be	 sure	 to	 check	 in	
the	time	loop	a	different	person.	                      provides	 avenues	 to	 pursue	 a	 higher	             with	 Information,	 Tours	 &	 Travel	 (ITT).	
                                                        education	 at	 a	 college	 or	 university	 on	        ITT	is	a	full	service	travel	agency	offering	
Are	 there	 times	 when	 you	 feel	 you	 can	           base	or	online.	Airmen	&	Family	Readiness	            discounted	 vacation	 packages,	 college	
relate	 to	 Phil	 …	 do	 you	 feel	 as	 if	 you	 are	   Center	 offers	 marriage	 enrichment	                 and	professional	sports	tickets,	bus	tours,	
reliving	the	same	day,	over	and	over	again?	            programs,	parenting	education	and	more.	              hotel	 accommodations	 and	 even	 cruises.	
If	so,	you	are	not	alone.	At	some	point,	most	          The	Career	Assistance	Advisor	is	the	voice	           Brochures	 and	 tickets	 are	 available	 for	
people	 probably	 feel	 the	 same	 way.	 Just	          of	 reason	 and	 will	 assist	 the	 enlisted	         local	and	regional	attractions.
like	the	movie,	we	face	a	choice	each	day.	             force	 when	 it	 comes	 to	 making	 informed	
We	can	choose	to	continue	in	the	same	old	              decisions	 about	 your	 reenlistment	 or	             If	fitness	is	something	you	desire,	then	you	
ways	or	we	can	choose	to	take	a	different	              separation.	 The	 award	 winning	 Hurlburt	           have	 a	 wide	 array	 from	 which	 to	 choose.	
path	 and	 try	 getting	 to	 know	 our	 town’s	         Field	Library	staff	knows	it’s	a	multimedia	          To	 start,	 there	 are	 three	 fitness	 centers.	
people	 better.	 In	 this	 case,	 our	 comrades	        world	 and	 has	 the	 technology	 you	 are	           One	 fitness	 center,	 the	 Commando,	 is	
on	 Hurlburt	 Field	 or	 even	 our	 neighbors.	         looking	 for:	 wireless	 Internet,	 public	 use	      currently	 under	 renovation	 to	 improve	

6   |   JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2011   MyHurlburt Life
your	 fitness	 experience.	 Near	 the	 BX	 and	         on	site,	as	well	as	picnic	tables	at	each	pad.	      the	online	version	of	MyHurlburt	Life.	
Commissary,	you	can	take	a	Zumba,	Pilates,	             Fourth,	the	Marina	features	a	boat	launch	
step,	or	Sculpt	‘n’	Burn	class	at	the	Riptide	          ramp,	 temporary	 wet	 slips	 on	 a	 limited	        Upcoming January and February Events:
Fitness	Center.	The	Aderholt,	located	near	             basis	and	nightly	boat	trailer	parking	at	a	
the	Commando	Inn,	is	where	you	can	take	                minimal	charge.	Our	fleet	includes	a	series	         	    Come	watch	the	BCS	Championship	at	
cycling,	yoga,	or	a	martial	arts	class	like	Kuk	        of	 20-foot	 pontoons	 boats	 and	 several	                the	Landing	Zone	on	Mon.	Jan.	10.	For
Sool	Won	or	Hapkido.	Hurlburt	Lanes	is	a	               17-foot	 center	 consoles.	 The	 Marina	 also	             more info, see page 22.
12-lane	bowling	center	featuring	the	latest	            has	 water	 sports	 equipment,	 fishing	 gear	       	    Weight	 Warriors	 launches	 Wed.,	
electronic	 scoring	 system	 with	 selective	           for	 rent,	 bait,	 ice	 and	 gasoline	 for	 sale.	         Jan.	 19.	 Register	 now.	 For details, see
bumper	 capability	 so	 young	 people	 can	             Fifth,	 the	 Hurlburt	 Paintball	 Field	 offers	           page 9.
enjoy	 their	 bowling	 experience	 as	 well	 as	        terrain	 and	 bunkers	 to	 match	 your	 skill	
adults.	 If	 you	 are	 more	 of	 an	 outdoors-          level,	 and	 specializes	 in	 birthday	 parties,	       	 Enjoy	 Super	 Sunday	 at	 the	 Soundside	
person,	then	you	have	a	plethora	of	choices	            wedding	 activities,	 squadron	 functions,	                on	Sun.,	Feb.	6.	More details available
starting	with	Gator	Lakes	Golf	Course.	Golf	            etc.	 Sixth,	 the	 Hurlburt	 Field	 Rifle	 and	            on page 18.
is	a	game	for	everyone.	Whether	you	are	                Pistol	 Club	 provides	 a	 ten	 point	 45-yard	
a	 beginner,	 intermediate	 or	 experienced	            range	and	a	fourteen	point	200-yard	range	           	    The	Landing	Zone	hosts	The	Big	Game	
player,	 Gator	 Lakes	 offers	 a	 program	 for	         for	 recreational	 shooting.	 Finally,	 is	 the	           event	 on	 Sun.,	 Feb.	 6.	 More info, see
you.                                                    Hurlburt	Skeet	Range,	currently	closed	for	                page 22.
                                                        improvement	 with	 an	 estimated	 reopen	                  Come	 out	 for	 a	 Valentine	 Sunday	
Along	with	Gator	Lakes,	Outdoor	Recreation	             date	of	March	2011.

includes	 the	 Aquatic	 Center,	 Dive	 Shop,	                                                                      Champagne	 Brunch	 at	 the	 Soundside	
FAMCamp,	Marina,	Paintball,	Rifle	&	Pistol	             So,	 whether	 you	 arrived	 within	 the	 last	             on	Feb.	13.	See page 20 for details.
Club	 and	 Skeet	 Range.	 First,	 the	 Aquatic	         month,	 or	 have	 been	 here	 for	 five	 years	      	    Mark	your	calendars	for	the	ITT	Travel	
Center	 offers	 open	 swim,	 swimming	                  or	 more,	 Hurlburt	 Field	 has	 a	 wealth	                Show	 on	 Wed.,	 Feb.	 16.	 For more info,
lessons,	 competitive	 swim	 instruction,	              of	 choices	 for	 activities	 and	 recreation	             see page 15.
water	 aerobics	 and	 private	 pool	 parties	           whether	 you	 are	 single	 or	 have	 a	 family.	
during	 the	 summer.	 Military	 lap	 swim	 is	          Your	one	stop	choice	to	learn	more	about	
offered	year-round.	Second,	the	Dive	Shop	              any	of	the	facilities	or	programs	available	
offers	Nitrox	certification	as	well	as	Scuba	           to	 you	 on	 Hurlburt	 Field	 is	 MyHurlburt.
equipment	retail	sales	and	special	orders.	             com.	 You	 can	 sign	 up	 for	 a	 weekly	 email	
Third,	 the	 FAMCamp	 facility	 oversees	               (your	information	will	not	be	sold	to	a	third	
10	 tent	 sites	 and	 50	 trailer	 sites	 with	 full	   party	marketing	company)	and	get	regular	
water,	 sewage	 and	 30/50	 amp	 hookups.	              updates	 of	 what	 is	 coming	 in	 the	 near	
There	 is	 a	 bathhouse	 and	 laundry	 facility	        future.	 Additionally,	 you	 can	 subscribe	 to	

                                                                                                                                          myhurlburt.com   |   7
Our FOCUS is on U!
Many	of	you	may	have	heard	
the	old	adage	“the	customer	is	
king”.		Hurlburt’s	Force	Support	
Squadron	is	proud	to	announce	our	
new	customer	service	program:	
FOCUS	ON	U!	We	developed	this	
program	as	an	effort	to	promote	
constant	improvement,	encourage	
customer	feedback	and	enhance	
the	customer’s	experience	with	our	
                                                  What is the FOCUS ON U Program?                FOCUS ON U objectives:
                                                  Designed	with	customer	satisfaction	in	         •	 Education
                                                  mind,	FOCUS	ON	U	closely	resembles	                o	 Educating	and	informing	the	
                                                  a	frequent	shopper	program	(where	                    customers	of	Hurlburt	Field	
                                                  members	receive	benefits	for	registering	             about	the	programs	and	services	
                                                  to	receive	deals	from	specific	companies	             available	is	a	key	component	
                                                  like	grocery	and	department	stores).	Each	            of	the	FOCUS	program.	We	will	
                                                  month	2	benefits	will	be	announced	                   provide	information	to	every	
                                                  exclusively	for	FOCUS	cardholders	and	                cardholder	on	upcoming	events	
                                                  may	include	discounts,	freebies,	and	                 and	specials.
                                                  special	events	with	1SOFSS.	Further	            •	 Customer	Service
                                                  benefits	include	the	ability	to	participate	       o	 We	want	our	customers	to	
                                                  in	“Customer	Suggestion	Competitions”	                know	Customer	service	is	not	
                                                  and	periodic	prize	drawings.                          a	department,	it's	an	attitude!	
                                                  So	how	do	you	get	started?	A	simple	                  Our	goal	at	1SOFSS	Marketing	is	
                                                  3-step	process	that	only	takes	a	few	                 to	provide	excellent	customer	
                                                  minutes:                                              service	to	all	Hurlburt	Field	
                                                                                                        customers	and	prove	that	our	
                                                  1.			Register	beginning	January	10,	at	               FOCUS	is	on	you!
                                                       www.myhurlburt.com,	or	with	one	of	        •	 Feedback
                                                       our	roaming	registration	stations	(we	        o	 According	to	Donald	Porter,	Vice	
                                                       will	show	up	at	facilities	on	base	and	          President	of	British	Airways,	
                                                       offer	on-the-spot	registration).                “Customers don’t expect you to
                                                   2.			Take	the	FOCUS	card	and	keep	it	in	             be perfect. They do expect you to
                                                        your	wallet	or	another	safe	place.              fix things when they go wrong.”
                                                                                                        We	value	your	feedback	on	the	
                                                   3.	 Enjoy	the	exclusive	benefits	while	we	           programs	that	you	enjoy	as	well	
                                                       FOCUS ON U!                                      as	those	that	need	improvement.	
                                                                                                        Comments	and	suggestions	will	
                                                  Over	the	course	of	each	month,	you	will	              help	us	grow	and	ensure	we	
                                                  receive	an	email	detailing	upcoming	                  provide	you	the	right	programs	at	
                                                  events	and	programs	offered	here	at	                  the	right	time!
                                                  Hurlburt	Field.	The	program	will	evolve	
                                                  throughout	the	year	as	we	respond	and	         We	want	your	experiences	at	Hurlburt	
                                                  grow	with	your	feedback.	                      Field	to	be	memorable.	Let’s	start	2011	in	
                                                                                                 the	right	direction,	allow	us	the	privilege	
                                                                                                 of	focusing	on	you,	join	FOCUS	ON	U	and	
                                                                                                 be	more	than	a	face	in	the	crowd,	be	a	

8   |   JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2011   MyHurlburt Life
                                                           C ompetition
                      5th Annual

$50per person
                                              Riptide Fitness Center
T-shirts for participants                     January 19-March 16
Prizes during kick off
                                              Register Dec 27-Jan 14
Prizes for winning teams
End of program celebration                    Limited slots. First come, first serve basis!

                                                           Teams win
Weight Warriors is an eight week program
designed to enhance fitness and promote

                                                           CASH & PRIZES!
weight loss. It is open to Hurlburt men and
women 18 years and older. The eight week
program includes a full body assessment,
weekly meetings, team events and a grand
finale celebration.

                                  Riptide Fitness Center 881-5121
                                  Rules & restrictions may apply
                                        Current as of 9/29/10

                                                                                 myhurlburt.com   |   9
Hurlburt Field Children’s Corner
Youth Scramble                                                                 Word Search
LYFAMI                                                                          X   L   S   T   N    E   M   E   V   O    R   P   M   I
                                                                                E   X   C   F   I    N   A   N   C   I    A   L   B   V
                                                                                D   D   E   C   L    A   R   A   T   I    O   N   D   H
                                                                                U   N   O   I   T    A   N   I   M   R    E   T   E   D
REEGNY                                                                          T   S   V   L   D   G    Y   R   E   V    O   C   E   R
MOHE                                                                            I   Y   W   F   G    E   Y   T   I   C    A   N   E   T
                                                                                T   O   Q   R   E    E   T   N   U   L    O   V   J   Y
                                                                                R   J   U   P   X    F   N   O   L   E    F   I   L   T
GACEROU                                                                        O    N   F   O   R   G    A   N   I   Z    E   I   W   R
IRSTPI                                                                          F   E   C   N   A    R   E   V   E   S    R   E   P   O

PUSKN                                                                           N   O   I   S   I    C   E   D   Z   H    L   L   F   P
                                                                                D   A   R   S   I    N   C   E   R   I    T   Y   X   P
Unscramble each of the clue words above.                                        B   M   H   T   G    N   E   R   T   S    L   Q   K   U
Take the letters that appear in                    boxes and unscramble them   Q    O   Y   G   N    I   N   R   A   E    L   L   H   S
for the final message below.
                                                                               DECISION             TENACITY             FINANCIAL
                                                                               STRENGTH             ORGANIZE             RECOVERY
                                                                               FORTITUDE            LIFELONG             SUPPORT
                                                                               FITNESS              IMPROVEMENTS         DETERMINATION
                                                                               ENJOY                VOLUNTEER            DECLARATION
                                                                               SINCERITY            LEARNING             PERSEVERANCE

Color, Clip and Send: Valentine Bear




10   |   JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2011   MyHurlburt Life
in the

sp tlight                                                                                              by Stephanie Hall
                                                                                                       Photograph by Barb Fuller

Many	customers	are	fascinated	          takes	place	behind	the	scenes,"	 •	 9 Pin no Tap                              rent	a	lane	for	$7.50	per	hour	
by	 her	 ability	 to	 remember	         she	said.                            	 1st	and	3rd	Saturday                   and	$1	for	shoes
their	likes	and	dislikes,	favorite	                                          	 7:00	p.m.	$16	per	entry             •	 Xtreme Bowling
foods,	 and	 even	 the	 names	          Jessica	 is	 no	 stranger	 to	 hard-
                                        work	 as	 she	 oversees	 the	        •	 $0.75 Mania                        	 Saturday	 7:00	 p.m.	 to	 close	
of	 their	 children.	 	 Ms.	 Jessica	                                                                                 for	$6	per	hour	per	person.	
Olgaard	has	been	a	cook	at	the	         cooking	 for	 bowling	 center	 	 Saturday	1:00	-	4:00	p.m.	
                                        events.	 At	 times	 she	 has	 	 $3	 cover	 charge	 per	 person,	           	 Xtreme	 bowling	 is	 bowling	
Spare	Time	Grill	located	inside	                                                then	 $0.75	 per	 game	 and	          with	the	lights	out	with	laser	
the	 Bowling	 Center	 for	 the	         cooked	 for	 squadron	 parties	
                                        of	 over	 60	 people	 as	 well	 as	     $0.75	for	shoes.	Get	a	hotdog	        lights
past	 10	 years.	 	 Her	 customer	                                              French	 fries	 or	 a	 soda	 for	
                                        birthday	parties	which	are	held	                                           •	 Hook Up 2 Bowling
service	 skills	 repeatedly	 stand	                                             $0.75	each.
                                        on	 Saturdays.	 Tournaments	                                               	 $99	 per	 adult	 class,	 $69	 per	
out	above	the	rest	as	she	goes	
                                        and	 bowling	 lessons	 are	 also	 •	 Family Xtreme                            child	 (18	 and	 under	 still	 in	
above	 and	 beyond	 to	 get	 to	
                                        offered	at	the	bowling	center.       	 Saturday	 4:00	 -	 7:00	 p.m.          high	school)
know	her	customers.
Jessica	 was	 born	 in	 Holland	 as	    When	 discussing	 the	 New	
the	 daughter	 of	 an	 Air	 Force	      Year,	 Jessica	 said	 her	 focus	 is	
Tech	 Sergeant.	 As	 a	 military	       on	 "meeting	 new	 people	 and	
brat,	she	traveled	the	world	but	       continuing	 to	 develop	 the	
preferred	living	in	Germany.	"It	       customer	 relationships"	 she	
was	one	of	the	best	two	years	          has	 made	 throughout	 the	
of	my	life,"	she	stated.	A	repeat	      years.	 Eventually	 she	 would	
visit	at	the	age	of	12	confirmed	       like	to	go	to	college	and	pursue	
her	love	for	Germany.                   her	degree,	but	for	now	she	is	
                                        content	with	her	career	at	The	
Once	her	father	was	stationed	          Spare	Time	Grill.
at	Hurlburt	Field,	then	18-year-
old	 Jessica	 began	 to	 look	 for	     If	 you're	 feeling	 hungry,	 stop	
her	first	job.	She	quickly	landed	      by	The	Spare	Time	Grill	to	see	
the	cook	position	at	The	Spare	         Jessica.	 She	 recommends	 the	
Time	 Grill	 and	 has	 been	 there	     Club	 Sandwich	 and	 fries.	 You	
ever	 since.	 When	 asked	 what	        might	find	yourself	becoming	a	
she	enjoys	most	about	the	job,	         regular	for	2011.
she	 quickly	 answered,	 "I	 enjoy	     **The	 Spare	 Time	 Grill	 is	 open	
the	people	I	work	with	and	the	          Monday	 through	 Saturday	
customers	 that	 have	 become	           from	6:30	a.m.	–	9	p.m.	(closed	
regulars."                               Sunday,	 varies	 on	 holidays)	
A	typical	day	for	Jessica	begins	        and	 offers	 daily	 lunch	 specials	
at	 6:30	 a.m.	 when	 she	 arrives	      which	 change	 every	 month.	
at	The	Spare	Time	Grill	to	begin	        You	 can	 find	 these	 specials	
prepping	 the	 food.	 She	 cooks	        posted	at	the	bowling	center	or	
for	 the	 breakfast	 shift	 and	         online	 at	 myhurlburt.com.	 The	
then	moves	to	the	cash	register	         grill	closes	one	hour	before	the	
where	she	rings	up	her	regulars	         bowling	center	to	allow	ample	
at	 lunchtime.	 Routine	 cleanup	        time	for	cleanup.	               
follows	 before	 her	 shift	 ends	
in	the	afternoon.	"People	think	 HURLBURT LANE PROGRAMS
food	 service	 is	 easy,	 but	 they	 •	 Dollar Days
have	 no	 idea	 how	 much	 work	 	 Monday	 -	 Friday,	 noon	 to	
                                        4:00	p.m.,	$1	a	game	and	$1	
                                        for	shoes
                                                                                                                                  myhurlburt.com   |   11
by Dianne Bitzes                                                                                            Photographs by Reuben Garcia
 Did	 the	 2010	 holiday	 season	 leave	 you	        The	 Eglin	 Natural	 Resources	 Section,	         year,	 Oct	 1	 –	 Sep	 30;	 and	 fees	 are	 NOT	
 feeling	 overwhelmed,	 exhausted	 or	               locally	known	as	Jackson	Guard,	manages	          pro-rated.	 The	 2010-2011	 basic	 annual	
 mentally	 drained?	 Do	 you	 find	 yourself	        the	 property.	 In	 spite	 of	 the	 unspoiled	    recreation	 permit	 is	 $12;	 fishing	 permit,	
 saying,	“Back	in	the	day...”	more	than	you	         beauty	 and	 vast	 outdoor	 opportunity	          $20;	 hunting	 permit,	 $55;	 sportsman	
 recall	your	parents	speak	of	the	“good	ol’	         available	 at	 Eglin	 Reservation,	 it	 is	       permit	(combo	of	the	three),	$65;	and	the	
 days?”	 Possibly	 you,	 along	 with	 millions	      important	 to	 remember	 the	 area	 is	 an	       sportsman	 gold	 permit	 for	 active	 duty	
 of	 other	 Americans,	 are	 suffering	 from	        active	military	training	installation.	Used	in	   or	 retired	 military	 is	 $20.	 It	 is	 important	
“Nature	 Deficit	 Disorder.”	 This	 researched	      the	development	and	testing	of	munitions	         to	 note,	 these	 permits	 do	 not	 replace	
 and	 documented	 condition	 arises	 when	           (explosives),	 unexploded	 ordinance	 (UXO)	      and	 must	 be	 used	 in	 conjunction	 with	
 people	 spend	 little	 to	 no	 time	 outdoors	      is	 a	 serious	 concern.	 DO	 NOT	 go	 onto	      Florida	 Game	 and	 Wildlife	 Commission	
 connecting	with	the	natural	world	around	           the	 reservation	
 them.	Try	to	remember	the	last	time	you	            without	        first	
 were	outside—and	no,	jumping	in	and	out	            obtaining	        an	
 of	your	car	getting	to	work	or	going	to	shop	       access	 permit	
 doesn’t	count.	What	about	your	electronic	          and	keep	it	with	
 leash—when	was	the	last	day	you	turned	             you!	 Entering	
 it	 off?	 Purposely—forgetting	 to	 charge	         the	area	without	
 your	 phone	 doesn’t	 count	 either.	 The	          a	permit	is	illegal	
 prescription	 for	 this	 condition	 lies	 across	   and	 regularly	
 the	property	line	separating	Hurlburt	Field	        e n f o r c e d	
 from	Eglin	Reservation.                             (violators	 are	
                                                     fined).	          All	
A	 wealth	 of	 recreation	 activities	 lay	 just	    r e c r e a t i o n ,	
north	of	Highway	98	between	Navarre	and	             hunting	       and/
Niceville.	 Paddling	 down	 a	 creek,	 river	 or	    or	         fishing	
spring-fed	 stream	 is	 an	 excellent	 way	 to	      activity	 users	
reconnect	 with	 nature	 and	 refocus	 ones	         are	 required	 to	
inner	 self.	 Get	 upfront	 and	 personal	 with	     view	 the	 short	
some	amazing	wildlife	and	unusual	plants.	           UXO	video	when	
Observant	adventurists	can	see	wild	boar,	           p u r c h a s i n g	
otters,	 small	 alligators,	 white-tailed	 deer,	    recreations	permits.	                             Licenses	 for	 hunting	 and	 fishing,	
wild	 turkey,	 bobwhite	 quail,	 fox	 squirrel	                                                        www.floridasportsman.com/regs/.
and	a	variety	of	songbirds	while	enjoying	           Jackson	Guard	is	at	107	Hwy.	85	North	in	
the	 activity	 of	 their	 choice	 on	 Eglin	         Niceville.	 The	 office	 educational	 displays	   Directions	to	Jackson	Guard:	From	Hurlburt	
Reservation.	                                        promote	Eglin’s	rare	and	sensitive	natural	       Field,	 take	 Lewis	 Turner	 Blvd	 (FL-189)	 to	
                                                     communities.	Maps,	regulations	and	area	          John	 Sims	 Pkwy	 (Hwy-85).	 Turn	 left	 off     	
Approximately	 280,000	 of	 the	 464,000	            information	 are	 included	 with	 purchase	       John	Sims	Pkwy	at	Hwy	85	north.	Less	than	
acres	 of	 reserve	 are	 open	 to	 public	 use.	     of	permits.	Permits	are	valid	for	the	fiscal	     a	quarter	mile	up	the	hill	on	your	right	is	
                                                                                                       Jackson	Guard.	Signs	direct	visitors	to	the	
                                                                                                       Natural	 Resources	 Office,	 located	 in	 the	
                                                                                                       first	 parking	 lot	 to	 the	 right.	 The	 Natural	
                                                                                                       Resources	 Branch	 hours	 of	 operation	 are	
                                                                                                       Monday	 through	 Thursday	 7:00	 a.m.	 to	
                                                                                                       4:30	 p.m.,	 Friday	 7:00	 a.m.	 to	 6:00	 p.m.,	
                                                                                                       Saturday	7:30	a.m.	to	12:30	p.m.,	Sundays	
                                                                                                       and	Federal	holidays	closed.	For	additional	
                                                                                                       information,	 call	 Jackson	 Guard	 at	
                                                                                                       Before	 heading	 out	 to	 alleviate	 your	
                                                                                                       Nature	 Deficit	 Disorder,	 remember	
                                                                                                       Hurlburt	 Outdoor	 Recreation	 (ODR)	
                                                                                                       has	 everything	 necessary	 for	 safe	 and	
                                                                                                       enjoyable	 adventures.	 ODR	 is	 a	 great	
                                                                                                       source	 for	 information,	 backwater	
                                                                                                       paddling	 boats	 and	 camping	 gear.	 Skilled	
                                                                                                       instructors	 teach	 kayaking	 and	 canoeing;	
                                                                                                       classes	 are	 designed	 to	 build	 confidence,	
                                                                                                       teach	technique	and	reinforce	safety.	Call	
                                                                                                       ODR	for	rental	prices	and	class	schedules,	

12   |   JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2011   MyHurlburt Life
      Paid Ad. No federal endorsement of advertiser intended.

  Winter Special: 1/2 Off!
Watercraft rentals*
       thru march 31, 2011

                                                                myhurlburt.com   |   13
                                                                   Best Western
                                                                   8697 Navarre Parkway
                                                                   Navarre, FL 32566
                                                                   (850) 939-9400 Fax (850) 939-4040
                                                                   For Reservations Call: 800-807-2303

                                                                Meeting Facilities
                                                                 Wireless Access
                                                            Free Continental Breakfast
                                                                  Guest Laundry

                                                                      In Room:
                                                                     Coffee Maker
                                                                Area Attractions:
                                                              Gulf of Mexico 1 Mile
                                                               Navarre Fishing Pier
                                                           Airforce Armament Museum
                                                            Hidden Creek Golf Course
                                      Direction: 1-10/Exit 31, SR87 South to US 98 EAST (turn left)
                                           Motel 1 mile on right on the Intercoastal Waterway

                    20% OFF for Military friends and family.
                                                   Based on availability, coupon must be presented at check in.
                                                                Offer expires February 28, 2011

                                              Paid Ad. No federal endorsement of advertiser intended.
14   |   JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2011   MyHurlburt Life
myhurlburt.com   |   15
                                                   A Day in the Life o
1. Ashley Williams, 4th SOS Spouse                 1.
of Capt Sean Williams: How lucky can
some people be? The Williams’ have
called Soundside Housing home for five
years! “I think I’m lucky—most people
don’t think that way though.” Her two-
year old twins, Gabriel and Samantha,
live in the same house as they did since
coming home when they were born. As
for her 2011 Focus, without missing a step
or having to think twice, Williams firmly
stated, “Taking care of my kids; 100
Percent! There can’t be anything else.”                                                               6.

2. Tracee McHenry, NAF Human
Resources Specialist: “My focus for 2011
is on professional development, getting
healthier and mentoring—helping the
little ones. We have to help our youth.”
With a warm smile and twinkling eyes,
McHenry says the best part of her job
is working with the people, “My job is
always unique. Every day brings new                5.
challenges and new things to learn.”

3. Colonel (USAF, retired) Terry Jensen,
Retiree Activities Office Director: In 2011,
the "Retiree Activities Office will continue
to help and provide information to all
Retirees and Veterans.”                                                                               9.

4. Mr. Eric Straight, 1 SOAMS Aircraft
Metals Technician: Thanks to Air Force
training, welding is both a vocation and
leisure pursuit for Straight. While working
on his 1948 Chevy Coupe, the ninth car
he has restored, Straight took time to
assemble the Auto Skills Center newest
addition—a state-of- the-art Tungsten
Inert Gas Welder. Straight’s focus for                  game. Seriously, after retirement I’ll be a
2011, “I should finish my Bachelor Degree               full-time student finishing my degree in
in Industrial Engineering this year. I plan             computer graphic design.” For the long
to use my degree looking for quicker and                term, Smith plans to return to Alaska, his
faster building techniques. Eliminating                 wife’s home state.
waste and unnecessary movements
improves the manufacturing process.”                    6. Scott Halus, Recycling Technician and
                                                        Reservist, Duke Field: Halus has worked

                                                                                                           What is yo
 5. MSgt DeVandis Smith, 1 SOLRS:                       in Force Support as a civilian employee
“My focus for 2011 is to improve my                     since 2005. The 1 SOFSS Recycling Center
 handicap! I’m about on terminal leave                  is the latest of his NAF positions. Over
 and Florida is a great place to practice my            the years his focus has remained the

16   |   JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2011   MyHurlburt Life
on Hurlburt Field...
         Photographs by Barb Fuller and Dianne Bitzes
            Story by Dianne Bitzes and Stephanie Hall
                  4.                                                losing weight! Horton has worked at
                                                                    the Riptide DFAC for seven years. She’s
                                                                    noticed more and more customers
                                                                    are, “Health conscious and not just
                                                                    after the holiday. Customers are eating
                                                                    healthier year-round.” Horton says her
                                                                    more popular items with the fitness
                                                                    focused are the wraps, “We have garlic,
                                                                    peanut, spinach and tomato wraps that
                                                                    people eat a lot.”

                                                                    8. A1C Ray Cox, 1 SOFSS Food
 7.                                                                 Services: "Getting back into college is
                                                                    my focus for 2011. I have put off getting
                                                                    my degree long enough. I know the
                                                                    importance of education and that is the
                                                                    driving force behind this goal. Things you
                                                                    derive from a classroom environment and
                                                                    do not get in a work environment will
                                                                    help me be a better person."

                                                                    9. Michelle Underwood, Community
                 8.                                                 Readiness Specialist, Airman and Family
                                                                    Readiness Center: “My focus for 2011 is
                                                                    to be compassionate with myself and to
                                                                    be grateful for what I have.” Working
                                                                    with Hurlburt families has impressed on
                                                                    Underwood how important it is to take
                                                                    care of one’s self first. A main principal
10.                                                                 Underwood shares with her customers is
                                                                    that by loving and taking care of yourself,
                                                                    a person is better equipped to take care
                                                                    of their family and others.

                                                                    10. A1C Shannon Denhan, Redhorse
                                                                    Runway and Airfield Pavement and
                                                                    Equipment Operator: Sitting outside the
                                                                    Riptide is a great place to enjoy a meal or
                                                                    make use of the free wi-fi available at the
                       same, “Developing the best relations         consolidated dining facility and fitness
                       possible with customers—internal and         center, just ask one of Hurlburt Field’s
                       external to the organization.” Halus does    newest Airmen. “I am proud to be here
                       plan to promote recycling awareness          (at Hurlburt) and plan on making the Air
                       in 2011, “People need to know what we        Force a 20 year career. My parents are
                       recycle at Hurlburt, our hours and that we   Army, but they encouraged me to join the
                       always have a smiling face!”                 Air Force.“ As for Denhan’s 2011 Focus,
                                                                    more of the same—“2010 was pretty

our focus?
                       7. Maria L. Horton, Preferred Food           awesome. I want to just keep adding to
                       Technician, BRMS Contracting: It’s not       my accomplishments for 2011!”
                       surprising that working in food service
                       would make a person want to focus on

                                                                                            myhurlburt.com   |   17
             Happenings                       Hurlburt Field

                                                                 on w
                                                                12 F ur
                                                               Scr ot

                                                                          Mongolian BBQ

18       |          JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2011 MyHurlburt	Life
		18							|								JANUARY/FEBRUARTY	2011	 MyHurlburt Life
                                                                                                              Inside The Soundside Lodging
                                                                                                              Mon-Sat · 6am-12:30pm

                                                                                                              Inside the Landing Zone
                                                                                                              Mon-Fri · 10:30am-2pm

                                                                                                              menus @ MyHurlburt.com

              January 2011                                                         off       Find your name in the calendar and
                                                                                10 ing
The Soundside Events                                                           $ n
                                                                                             receive a $10 off dining certificate.

     Sunday            Monday            Tuesday           Wednesday              Thursday              Friday             Saturday
30                31                                                                                                  1
Sunday Brunch                                                                                                         CLOSED FOR
Seating Times:                                                                                                        HOLIDAY

2                 3                 4                  5                       6                   7                  8
Sunday Brunch                       Frederick                                  Taco Bar in
Seating Times:                      Bishop                                     The Hooch
10:30am-1:30pm                                                                 5pm
Reservations                                                                   $6, $2 Member
Recommended,                                                                   Discount

9                 10                11                 12                      13             14                      15
Sunday Brunch                                          Dinner Buffet           50¢ Wing Night
Seating Times:                                         4:30-8pm                in The Hooch
10:30am-1:30pm                                         $9.95 Soup/Salad only
                                                       $15.95 Full Buffet      5pm
Reservations                                           $11.95 Single Trip
Recommended,                                           $2 Member Discount
884-7507                                               FREE Kids 6 & Under

16                17                18            19                           20                  21                 22
Sunday Brunch     CLOSED FOR        Mongolian BBQ                              Taco Bar in
Seating Times:    HOLIDAY           4:30-8pm                                   The Hooch
10:30am-1:30pm                      $12.95 Non-Mbrs,                           5pm
Reservations                        $2 Mbr Discount                            $6, $2 Member
Recommended,                                                                   Discount

23                24                25                 26                      27             28                      29
Sunday Brunch                                          Dinner Buffet           50¢ Wing Night                         Sean Welsh
Seating Times:                                         4:30-8pm                in The Hooch
10:30am-1:30pm                                         $9.95 Soup/Salad only
                                                       $15.95 Full Buffet      5pm
Reservations                                           $11.95 Single Trip
Recommended,                                           $2 Member Discount
884-7507                                               FREE Kids 6 & Under

Office Hours/Cashier/Reservations   Complex Manager                            The Hooch
Mon - Fri · 8am-1pm/2-4pm           Tom Muscutt · 884-7507                     *Mon - Fri · 4- 9pm · Food available 5-9pm
884-7507                            Catering Manager                           NFL Season Special Hours
                                    Phyllis Pettigrew · 581-3110               *Sun · Noon- 9pm · Grill open 1 hour after opening
                                                                               *May open later for NFL games based on participation

                                                                                                                               myhurlburt.com   |   19
             Happenings                       Hurlburt Field


                                                               HURLBURT FIELD

	20							|									JANUARY/FEBRUARTY	2011	 MyHurlburt	Life
                                                                                                                   Inside The Soundside Lodging
                                                                                                                   Mon-Sat · 6am-12:30pm

                                                                                                                   Inside the Landing Zone
                                                                                                                   Mon-Fri · 10:30am-2pm

                                                                                                                   menus @ MyHurlburt.com

              February 2011                                                             off       Find your name in the calendar and
                                                                                     10 ing
The Soundside Events                                                                $ n
                                                                                                  receive a $10 off dining certificate.

    Sunday            Monday                Tuesday             Wednesday              Thursday              Friday             Saturday
                                       1                    2                       3                   4                  5
                                       Kristine Shook                               Taco Bar in
                                                                                    The Hooch
                                                                                    $6, $2 Member

6                 7                    8                    9                       10             11                      12
Sunday Brunch     Lunch Buffet         Lunch Buffet         Dinner Buffet           50¢ Wing Night
Seating Times:    “Southern”           “Louisiana”          4:30-8pm
10:30am-1:30pm                                                                      in The Hooch
Reservations      11am-1pm             11am-1pm             $9.95 Soup/Salad only
                  $9.95 Non-Members    $9.95 Non-Members    $15.95 Full Buffet
Recommended,                                                $11.95 Single Trip
884-7507          $2 Member Discount   $2 Member Discount
                                                            $2 Member Discount
Super Sunday                                                FREE Kids 6 & Under

13                14                   15                   16                      17                  18                 19
Valentine’s       Lunch Buffet                              Lunch Buffet            Taco Bar in                            Kelly Whipple
Brunch            “Oriental”                                “Italian” 11am-1pm
                                                                                    The Hooch
Seating Times:                                              $9.95 Non-Members
                  11am-1pm                                  $2 Member Discount      5pm
10:30am-1:30pm    $9.95 Non-Members
Reservations      $2 Member Discount
                                                            Mongolian BBQ           $6, $2 Member
Required,                                                   4:30-8pm                Discount
884-7507                                                    $12.95NM/$10.95M

20                21                   22                   23                      24             25                      26
Sunday Brunch     CLOSED FOR           Lunch Buffet         Dinner Buffet           50¢ Wing Night
Seating Times:    HOLIDAY              “Cookout”            4:30-8pm                in The Hooch
10:30am-1:30pm                         11am-1pm             $9.95 Soup/Salad only
                                       $9.95 Non-Members    $15.95 Full Buffet
Reservations                                                $11.95 Single Trip
Recommended,                           $2 Member Discount
                                                            $2 Member Discount
884-7507                                                    FREE Kids 6 & Under

27                28
Sunday Brunch     Lunch Buffet
Seating Times:    “Mexican”
10:30am-1:30pm    11am-1pm
Reservations      $9.95 Non-Members
Recommended,      $2 Member Discount

Office Hours/Cashier/Reservations      Complex Manager                              The Hooch
Mon - Fri · 8am-1pm/2-4pm              Tom Muscutt · 884-7507                       *Mon - Fri · 4- 9pm · Food available 5-9pm
884-7507                               Catering Manager                             NFL Season Special Hours
                                       Phyllis Pettigrew · 581-3110                 *Sun · Noon- 9pm · Grill open 1 hour after opening
                                                                                    *May open later for NFL games based on participation

                                                                                                                                    myhurlburt.com   |   21
     College BCS                                                                                                the

     Championship Party                                                                                         BIG
                                                                                                                Landing Zone Football Party

                                                                                                                 Sun, Feb 6
          Mon, Jan 10                                                                                             Open to Airmen
          Game at 7:30pm                                                                                          and spouses E1-E4
                                                                                                                  • Free food and drinks
         Come watch the game on the big screen                                                                    • Various games during the early
                                                                                                                    afternoon before the football
         while enjoying free food & drinks!                                                                         game–win prizes!
                                                                                                                  For information call: 884-5080 or
                          This event is open                                                                      Email: TheLandingZone@hurlburt.af.mil
                          to all ranks
                                           For information call: 884-5080
             Landing                       Email: TheLandingZone@hurlburt.af.mil
     Zone                                   myhurlburt.com                                                          Landing             myhurlburt.com/pages/landingzone.html
                  Airmen Center
                                               Current as of 11/18/10
                                          Subject to change witthout notice
                                                                                                               Zone    Airmen Center
                                                                                                                                                  Current as of 11/18/10
                                                                                                                                             Subject to change witthout notice

                                                                                         SALE Memphis Pre-loaded 12” Sub Box
                                                                                                  399                    00 (includes one 500 watt amp)

                                                                              WINDOW $
                                                                              TINTING                        30                  00
                                                                                                                                TWO FRONT

                                                                              WE NOW OFFER
                                                                              • Complete Custom Paint Department
                                                                                specializing in cars, trucks,
                                                                                motorcycles, and watercraft
                                                                              • Spectra Chrome: add that chrome
                                                                                look to just about any surface
                                                                              • SoftWheels Kiosk: preview new
                                                                                wheels before you buy them

Se Habla Español                                                              SPECIALIZING IN
                                                                              • Huge Selection of Wheels, Tires, Rims
606 Beal Parkway NW                                                           • Stereo and Speakers for Auto and
Fort Walton Beach                                                               Marine
                                                                              • Lift and Lowering Kits
www.sscustomsfwb.com                                                          • Tire Alignment, Rotation, and Balance
850.200.0838                                                                    of Any Size

                                                                              Paid Ad. No federal endorsement of advertiser intended.
 22							|									JANUARY/FEBRUARTY	2011	 MyHurlburt	Life
      Landing Zone                                                                                                   by Stephanie Hall
                                                                                                                     Photos by
                                                                                                                     Barb Fuller
Located	behind	the	Hurlburt	Library,	The	       Epps,	Community	Programs	Manager.	In	          the	importance	of	keeping	them	out	of	
Landing	Zone,	often	referred	to	as	the	         2011,	the	computer	room	will	face	a	major	     trouble	and	in	the	Air	Force.	“Offerings	at	
LZ,	is	a	great	place	for	airmen	E1-E4	to	       overhaul.	“Airmen	have	asked	for	a	quiet	      the	Landing	Zone	help	to	reduce	alcohol	
hang	out,	relax,	and	have	some	fun	after	       place	to	study	for	exams,	to	earn	their	       and	drug	related	incidences	while	helping	
hours	and	on	the	weekends.	Whether	             stripes	and	to	work	on	college	courses;	       to	increase	the	retention	of	our	airmen,”	
you're	into	sports,	music,	video	games,	                                                                                 Robert	said.
computers,	or	movies,	the	Landing	Zone	
has	something	for	everyone!                                                                                               The	Landing	
When	you	enter	the	Landing	Zone,	your	                                                                                    Zone	is	open	
eyes	are	drawn	to	the	4	pool	tables	and	                                                                                  7	days	a	week	
ping	pong	table.	Airmen	can	play	against	                                                                                 from	4-10	p.m.	
friends	or	compete	in	pool	tournaments.	                                                                                  Call	884-5080	
The	stage	is	surrounded	by	couches	and	                                                                                   for more
the	multiple	televisions	have	satellite,	                                                                                 information	or	
cable,	and	DVD	access.                                                                                                    stop	by	for	a	
In	the	music	room	airmen	are	encouraged	
to	bring	their	musical	talent	and	enjoy	
the	pianos,	keyboard,	drum	set,	and	
acoustic	and	electric	guitars	as	well	as	
bring	their	own	instruments.	In	2010	the	
music	room	“was	completely	revamped	
with	sound	proofing,	new	equipment,	
amps,	and	guitars,”	according	to	facility	
manager,	Robert	Scott.	“In	2011	we	plan	
to	turn	it	into	a	studio	with	full	recording	   and	that’s	what	we	plan	to	give	them	by	
                                                revamping	the	computer	room	into	a	            Kicking	off	the	New	Year,	the	Landing	
                                                study	room,”	stated	Robert	Scott.              Zone	is	gridiron	ready	as	it	hosts	a	College	
                                                                                               BCS	Championship	Party	in	January.	In	
                                                Featuring	a	15-foot	HD	1080i	screen,	the	      February,	the	LZ	hosts	The	Big	Game	
                                                movie	room	is	often	a	favorite	for	sports	     Football	Party.	See the opposite page for
                                                games.	Satellite,	cable,	and	a	Blu-ray	DVD	    more information.
                                                player	are	just	a	few	of	the	options	in	
                                                this	room.	DVDs	featuring	new	releases	        Other	upcoming	2011	events	include:	
                                                as	well	as	all-time	favorites	are	available	   •	 Open	Mic	Nights	
                                                to	rent	from	the	front	desk	at	no	charge.	     •	 Battle	of	the	Bands	Competition	
                                                Airmen	are	allowed	to	bring	in	their	own	
                                                movies	as	long	as	they	are	appropriate.	       •	 Poetry	Slam	Nights	
                                                In	2011	plans	for	the	movie	room	include	      •	 Game	Nights	
                                                adding	Netflix.                                •	 Pool	Tournaments	
                                                 As	front	desk	workers,	Robert	and	Jessica	    Airmen	are	encouraged	to	come	out	and	
                                                 are	here	to	meet	the	needs	of	the	Airmen.	    see	what	the	Landing	Zone	is	all	about!
                                                “Our	goal	is	to	provide	a	safe	alternative	
The	game	room	is	equipped	with	gaming	           recreational	avenue	for	our	Hurlburt	
systems	such	as	Xbox360,	Wii,	Playstation	       airmen,”	Robert	said.	
2	and	3,	and	internet	access	for	those	              As	a	prior	
with	an	XboxLive	account.	Plans	for	2011	           Army	NCO,	
include	networking	the	systems	and	                     Robert
adding	computer	gaming	with	42-inch	                   realizes	
monitors.	Airmen	can	bring	their	own	               that	these	
games	or	borrow	games	from	the	front	              young	men	
desk	at	no	charge.                                and	women	
                                                      have	the	
For	airmen	needing	to	send	emails,	                  potential	
check	sports	stats,	or	Skype	with	family,	           to be our
the	Computer	Room	includes	desktop	                future	first	
computers	connected	to	high-speed	                  shirts	and	
internet,	not	the	military	server.	“This	           command	
allows	for	a	little	more	free-reign	than	a	       chiefs	so	he	
government	computer,”	added	Jessica	              emphasizes	

                                                                                                                        myhurlburt.com   |   23
Shop Smart, Shop Hurlburt
by Melanie Lerman

D       id	you	know,	the	money	you	spend	
        at	 Force	 Support	 Squadron	 (FSS)	
        facilities	 on	 Hurlburt	 go	 back	
into	 programs,	 facility	 maintenance	 and	
improvements	 and	 equipment	 purchases	
                                                        The	 following	 was	 extracted	 from	
                                                        www.afsv.af.mil/main/welcome.asp,	 and	
                                                        is	a	great	explanation	of	how	our	funding	
                                                                                                           be	used	in	MWR	programs,	Congress	has	
                                                                                                           directed	 the	 grouping	 of	 the	 activities	 in	
                                                                                                           three	categories.	
                                                                                                                                The	 categories	 are	
right	 here	 at	 Hurlburt	 Field?	 Additionally,	       Air	 Force	 Services	 is	                                               grouped	       according	
purchases	 made	 at	 Hurlburt	 BX	 and	                 the	primary	choice	of	                                                  to	     their	    mission	
Shoppette	result	in	dividends	that	are	paid	
back	into	the	same	fund	that	helps	improve	
                                                        field	 commanders	 for	
                                                        combat	 support	 and	          "purchases made                          essentiality	 and	 ability	
                                                                                                                                to	 generate	 revenue.	
your	 quality	 of	 life	 at	 Hurlburt	 Field.	          to	 provide	 Air	 Force	
                                                        people	 with	 quality	
                                                                                      at Hurlburt BX and                        MWR	 activities	 that	
                                                                                                                                more	 directly	 support	
Events	 like	 the	 Sound	 of	 Independence,	
Family	 Fest	 and	 the	 Commando	 Cruise-               of	 life	 programs	 and	
                                                        services.	      Perhaps	
                                                                                      Shoppette result in                       the	warfighting	mission	
                                                                                                                                are	grouped	in	Category	
In	 are	 funded	 with	 money	 raised	 in	 non-
appropriated	fund	facilities	and	AAFES	right	           no	 accomplishment	         dividends that are paid                     A.	 These	 activities	
here	at	Hurlburt	Field.	Every	fundraiser	an	            speaks	 more	 to	                                                       are	 authorized	 100%	
organization	 holds	 in	 one	 of	 our	 facilities	      the	 importance	 of	          back into the same                        APF	 funding.	 Those	
                                                        what	 the	 Services	                                                    activities	 that	 are	
(Golf	 Course,	 Paintball,	 Bowling)	 not	 only	
results	in	profits	for	your	organization	but	           team	        contributes	  fund that helps improve                      essential	to	community	
                                                        to	 Air	 Force	 mission	                                                and	family	support	are	
it	pays	back	to	improving	the	facilities	and	
                                                        effectiveness	       than	   your quality of life at                    grouped	 in	 Category	
programs	for	you!
                                                        our	 involvement	 in	                                                   B.	 These	 activities	 are	
                                                        recent	       worldwide	         Hurlburt Field"                        authorized	a	significant	
                                                        deployments.	         We	                                               level	 of	 APFs	 (defined	
                                                        were	 there	 doing	                                                     as	 at	 least	 50%),	 but	
             AAFES Dividends                            what	 only	 we	 could	                                                  have	 the	 capability	 to	
             A Year In Review                           do:	 Feed	 troops,	 set	 up	 and	 manage	 tent	    generate	limited	funds	for	their	own	support.	
 December 2009                                $38,549   cities,	 operate	 field	 exchanges,	 attend	 to	   Category	C,	while	no	less	important	to	the	
                                                        fallen	comrades,	provide	fitness	activities	       Air	Force	quality	of	life,	contains	activities	
 January 2010                                 $39,974   and	off-duty	sports	programs	,	and	channel	        that	 have	 significant	 revenue-generating	
 February 2010                                $42,946   thousands	of	items	donated	by	American	            capability.	These	activities	are	authorized	
                                                        citizens	to	front	line	troops.	                    limited	APF	support.	In	general,	they	must	
 March 2010                                   $39,140
                                                                                                           generate	 enough	 income	 to	 cover	 their	
 April 2010                                   $39,353   Back	in	the	states,	we	are	on	the	job	every	       own	operational	costs.
                                                        day	meeting	community	needs.	Child	care	
 May 2010                                     $42,501   and	 youth	 programs	 help	 parents	 cope	
 June 2010                                    $40,384   with	daily	work	situations	as	well	as	being	       Relationship to AAFES
                                                        there	 during	 deployments.	 Librarians	           The	Army	and	Air	Force	Exchange	Service	
 July 2010                                    $39,629
                                                        keep	local	programs	humming	along	while	           (AAFES)	 is	 chartered	 by	 Congress	 to	 sell	
 August 2010                                  $42,041   providing	 special	 support	 to	 deployed	         products	 and	 services	 to	 Army	 and	 Air	
 September 2010                               $38,901   units.	 We	 expand	 food	 and	 lodging	            Force	members	worldwide	and	to	generate	
                                                        programs	 when	 reserve	 forces	 come	 in	         profits	to	operate	MWR	programs.	AAFES	
 October 2010                                 $39,573   to	 replace	 deployed	 forces.	 In	 short,	 we	    provides	approximately	25%	overall	savings	
 November 2010                                $41,911   meet	the	community	support	needs	of	Air	           compared	 to	 off	 base,	 and	 generates	
                                                        Force	 people	 everyday	 but	 are	 ready	 to	      profits	 that	 are	 split	 between	 AAFES	 (for	
 Total                                     $484,902
                                                        rally	special	support	when	needed	for	the	         construction	and	facility	renovations)	and	
                                                        deployment	mission.                                the	 Services	 for	 MWR	 programs.	 Bases	
                                                                                                           received	 this	 dividend	 in	 the	 form	 of	 a	
We	 strive	 to	 provide	 the	 Hurlburt	                                                                    lump	sum	payment	based	on	their	AAFES	
community	 first	 class	 facilities,	 programs	         Funding                                            store	annual	sales,	and	at	some	locations,	
and	customer	service.		Help	us	to	continue	             Services	 activities	 are	 funded	 with	           in	 the	 form	 of	 new	 facilities	 from	 the	
in	 our	 mission	 of	 providing	 you	 premium	          a	 combination	 of	 taxpayer	 dollars--	           central	NAF	construction	program.	AAFES	
programs	 at	 a	 premium	 price	 by	 making	            appropriated	 funds	 (APFs)	 and	 self-            has	 the	 primary	 right	 to	 provide	 resale	
us	 your	 preferred	 choice	 for	 shopping,	            generated,	nonappropriated	funds	(NAFs)	           operations	 on	 Army	 and	 Air	 Force	 bases.	
recreation	and	dining.			                               or	 troop	 dollars.	 The	 non-MWR	 mission	        Services	 activities	 may	 offer	 resale	 items	
                                                        essential	programs,	like	food	service,	troop	      when	 these	 operations	 are	 incidental	 to	
                                                        support	and	mortuary,	are	funded	entirely	         the	program	being	provided	(golf	balls	at	
                                                        by	 Congressional	 appropriations	 through	        golf	 courses)	 or	 does	 not	 compete	 with	
                                                        the	 Air	 Force	 budget	 with	 APFs.	 Lodging,	    products	and	services	provided	by	AAFES.
                                                        another	 mission	 essential	 program,	 is	
                                                        funded	through	a	combination	of	APF	and	
                                                        NAF	dollars.	To	distinguish	where	APFs	can	
24   |   JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2011   MyHurlburt Life
- But WHY Should I?
Use of NAFs                                          Patronage                                             Clubs
NAFs	 are	 monies	 generated	 through	 the	          Generally,	 all	 Services	 programs	 (except	         Clubs	 support	 the	 institutional	 value	 and	
sale	 of	 goods	 and	 services	 to	 Air	 Force	      dining	facilities)	may	be	used	by	individuals	        tradition	of	the	Air	Force	and	membership	
members	 and	 their	 families.	 They	 are	           who	contribute	to	the	Air	Force	mission.	In	          in	them	is	encouraged.	Air	Force	policy	is	
returned	 to	 the	 Air	 Force	 community	            addition	to	active	duty	personnel	and	their	          that	 separate	 officer	 and	 enlisted	 clubs	
to	 support	 programs	 and	 activities	 not	         families,	the	other	major	users	are	Guard	            should	 be	 maintained	 wherever	 possible.	
authorized	APFs.	Air	Force	and	DoD	policy	           and	 Reserve	 personnel,	 Air	 Force	 civilian	       When	separate	clubs	are	not	possible,	they	
are	 very	 specific	 on	 where	 NAFs	 may	           employees,	 and	 all	 categories	 of	 retired	        may	 be	 collocated	 or	 consolidated.	 Care	
be	 used.	 They	 are	 intended	 to	 support	         personnel.	Active	duty	personnel	and	their	           must	be	exercised	to	maintain	good	order	
the	 community	 as	 a	 whole	 rather	 than	          families	 have	 first	 priority	 when	 bases	         and	 discipline	 where	 they	 are	 collocated	
targeted	to	specific	individuals	or	to	short-        must	 limit	 use	 because	 of	 space	 or	 other	      or	consolidated.	
term	purposes.	                                      factors.	 For	 the	 most	 part,	 participation	
                                                     is	 rarely	 limited	 in	 any	 activity.	 Common	
                                                     exceptions	 include	 child	 care	 when	 there	
Fees and Charges                                     is	 a	 lack	 of	 space,	 golf	 tee	 times	 on	 the	
With	the	exception	of	Child	Development	
                                                     weekend,	 and	 in	 fitness	 centers	 during	
Center	fees	which	are	set	by	DoD,	the	Air	
                                                     peak	periods.
Force	 policy	 is	 that	 goods	 and	 services	
should	be	priced	to:	
  (1	 deliver	 value	 and	 encourage	
       customer	participation,	and	
  (2)	 cover	 operating	 costs.	 Charging	             "Help us to continue
      "what	 the	 market	 will	 bear"	 is	
                                                          in our mission of
Bases	 should	 set	 prices	 at	 the	 lowest	          providing you premium
level	 that	 will	 generate	 enough	 revenue	
to	 sustain	 operations	 over	 the	 long	 term.	
                                                      programs at a premium
A	 benchmark	 in	 congressional	 guidance	            price by making us your
is	 that	 prices	 should	 be	 set	 no	 less	 than	
25%	 below	 that	 off-base--consistent	 with	           preferred choice for
commissary	 and	 exchange	 savings.	 This	
policy	 discourages	 the	 "nickel	 and	 dime"	         shopping, recreation
charges	 (such	 as	 a	 fee	 for	 towel	 service	
at	 fitness	 centers)	 that	 are	 considered	 a	             and dining."
nuisance	by	the	customer.	

                                                                                                                                     myhurlburt.com   |   25
                                                                                             january 2011 EvEnts
                                                                                       PrE-tEEn (agEs 9-12)                tEEn (agEs 13-18)
                                                                                       CLOSED	for	New	Year's	Day           Pool	Tournament
                                                                                       Sat	•	Jan	1                         Sat	•	Jan	8	•	6pm
                                                                                       MLK	Domino	Art                      Bowling
         youth of the year                                                             Mon	•	Jan	3	•	5pm                   Fri	•	Jan	14	•	7pm	•	$10
                                                                                       Open	Rec	Registration	Drive         Rave	Movie	Night
                                                                                       Tue	•	Jan	4	•	4pm                   Sat	•	Jan	15	
Established	in	1947,	the	Boys	&	Girls	Club	of	America	(BGCA)	                                                              $3/person	+	$$	Movie	&	Food	
                                                                                       Ice	Skating
conducts	the	Youth	of	the	Year	Program,	giving	an	opportunity	                         Villages	of	Baytowne	Wharf          Guest	Speaker
for	young	people	with	exceptional	leadership	to	be	recognized.	                        Sat	•	Jan	8	•	4pm                   Petra	Ford,	Dental	Assistant
In	the	mid-nineties,	Hurlburt	Field	began	participating	in	the	Air	                    $3/sign-up	+	$12	+	Food             Tue	•	Jan	18	•	6pm
Force-wide	competition	which	is	open	to	Teen	Center	members,	
focusing	on	key	elements	such	as:	involvement	with	home	and	                           "The Color Purple"                  Pensacola	Ice	Flyers
family,	moral	character,	community,	school,	service	to	club,	and	                       Mattie Kelly Arts Center           vs.	Mississippi	Surge
life	goals.                                                                             NWFSC • Sun • Jan 16 • 2pm         Sat	•	Jan	22	•	Depart	5:30pm
                                                                                        Youth $25 • Adults $35
Zollie	Ford,	Teen	Center	Manager	encourages	all	teens	to	get	                                                              HS	Basketball
involved.	“The	Teen	Center	has	opportunities	in	volunteering,	                         CLOSED	for	MLK	Birthday             FWB	vs.	Crestview
public	speaking,	community	involvement,	and	other	areas	that	                          Mon	•	Jan	17                        Fri	•	Jan	28	•	Cost	TBD
will	help	teens	with	the	skills	and	experiences	they	need	for	                                                             Depart	6pm
                                                                                       Family	BUNCO®	-	Bring	a	Dish
Youth	of	the	Year.”	                                                                   Sat	•	Jan	22	•	Sign	up	by	Jan	19    Youth of the Year
                                                                                       All	Signup	cut-off	dates	are	the	   Packets due Tue • Feb 15
                                                    The	application	process	is	
                                                    simple:	Active	Duty	and	           Monday	before	all	weekend	
                                                    Retired	Dependent	teens	ages	      events
                                                    14-17	must	be	enrolled	in	high	
                                                    school	and	a	member	of	the	
                                                    Hurlburt	Field	Teen	Center.	
                                                    The	teen	should	complete	an	
                                                    application	form	and	submit	             fEbruary 2011 EvEnts
                                                    an	essay	before	moving	onto	       PrE-tEEn (agEs 9-12)                tEEn (agEs 13-18)
                                                    the	panel	questioning.	Once	       Family	Souper	Bowl	Game             Madden	2011	Super	Bowl™
                                                    the	panel	has	questioned	all	      Kids	vs.	Parents                    Teams	Tournament
                                                    the	applicants	a	winner	will	be	   Bring	your	favorite	soup            Sat	•	Feb	5	•	6pm
                                                    announced.                         Sat	•	Feb	5	•	4pm                   Dance	Theatre	of	Harlem
                                                    The	Youth	of	the	Year	             Valentine	Party                     Tentative	•	Mon	•	Feb	7	
                                                    representative	from	Hurlburt	      Fri	•	Feb	11	•	$7	•	Sign-Up	Now     Contact	for	Details
                                                    Field	will	then	compete	in	        Harlem Globetrotters                Mardi	Gras	on	the	Island
                                                    the	Florida	Youth	of	the	Year	     Pensacola Civic Center              Sat	•	Feb	12	•	Departs	9:45am
                                                    Competition	to	be	held	in	         Sat • Feb 12 • Depart 5pm           $3/person	+	$$		Food	
                                                    Sarasota,	Florida.	The	winner	     $20 Each
                                                    of	the	State	Competition	will	                                         Community	Service
                                                    move	forward	to	the	next	          Mardi	Gras	Party                    Volunteer	at	Bob	Hope	Village
                                                    round,	a	Southeast	Regional	       Tue	•	Feb	15	•	4pm	                 Sat	•	Feb	19	•	Depart	1pm
                                                    Competition.	The	winner	           Bowling	Trip	•	$6                   Rave	Movie	Night
                                                    of	Regional	will	compete	in	       Sat	•	Feb	19	•	1pm                  Sat	•	Feb	26	
                                                    National	Competition	and	a	        CLOSED	for	President's	Day          $3/person	+	$$	Movie	&	Food
                                                    chance	to	win	up	to	$50,000	in	    Mon	•	Feb	21
                                                    scholarships.	Awards	are	given	
                                                    at	each	round	of	competition	      Wolf	Preserve	Trip
                                                    and	typically	include	a	plaque	    Sat	•	Feb	26	•	4:15pm
                                                    and	scholarship	money.             9-11	yrs	$15	•	12	yrs	$20

                                                    The	application	deadline	for	      All	Signup	cut-off	dates	are	the	
                                                    Youth	of	the	Year	is	Tuesday,	     Monday	before	all	weekend	
                                                    February	15,	2011.	Please	stop	    events
                                                    by	the	Teen	Center	to	pick-up	
                                                    an	application	packet	or	call	
                                                    884-6063.                          For more information about:
                                                                                       Youth	Center	&	Open	Recreation	(Pre-Teens):	884-6355
                                                                                       Teen	Center:	884-6063
26   |    JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2011   MyHurlburt Life
                                                                       10% MILITARY
                                         your running and walking specialists

                                                                                                 We offer custom fitting
                                                                                                      and gait analysis
your running and walking specialists
                                                                                                 We carry these brands
                                                                                   • New Balance         • Asics
                                                                                   • Nike                • Saucony
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                                                                                                         • Vibram 5 Fingers
   your purchase.                                                                            142 Miracle Strip Parkway
        Offer expires March 31, 2011
                                                                                                 Fort Walton Beach • FL
Join us for our Weekly Tuesday 6pm Runs!                                                850.243.1007 • RunWithItFL.com
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                                                                                                                   myhurlburt.com   |   27
Hurlburt DFAC Best In AF?
               GAME ON!!!                                                    by Melanie Lerman
The	1st	Special	Operations	Force	Support	Squadron	(1SOFSS)	is	       attitude	on	behalf	of	the	base	to	excel	and	become	a	
proud	to	announce	that	the	Hurlburt	Dining	Facilities	(DFACs),	      winner.
The	Reef	and	The	Riptide	were	selected	by	Air	Force	Special	
Operations	Command	(AFSOC)	to	represent	the	command	in	              The	John	L.	Hennessy	Trophies	are	an	annual	set	of	
the	multiple	facility	category	for	the	2011	John	L.	Hennessy	        awards	presented	to	Air	Force	installations,	in	single	
evaluation.	The	team	is	expected	to	travel	to	Hurlburt	during	the	   and	multiple	facility	categories,	having	the	best	
first	week	in	February.	                                             foodservice	programs	in	the	United	States	Air	Force.		
                                                                     Special	recognition	is	also	paid	to	both	the	Air	National	
The	following	description	of	the	Hennessy	competition	was	           Guard	and	the	Air	Force	Reserve	for	the	unwavering	
extracted	from:	 www.hennessyaward.org,	Dec.	2010.                   commitment	to	the	total	Air	Force	mission.		These	
                                                                     awards	are	based	on	the	entire	scope	of	an	installation’s	
     “The	Hennessy	Trophy	Awards	Program	has	continued	              program.		
     since	it	was	first	conceived	in	1956,	with	the	first	team	
     traveling	in	1957	chartered	to:                                 To	win	-	operations	must	exhibit	sustained	excellence	
                                                                     in	foodservice	management,	force	readiness	support,	
     Promote	excellence	in	customer	service	and	food	                food	quality,	employee	and	customer	relations,	resource	
     service	support	within	the	Air	Force	through	quality	           conservation,	training,	and	safety.
     improvements,	recommendations	and	information	
     exchange	with	industry	partners.                                The	John	L.	Hennessy	Trophies	have	been	awarded	
                                                                     annually	since	the	awards	program	inception	in	1956.		
                                                   Inspire	high	     As	this	program	has	grown	and	evolved,	so	have	the	
                                                   morale,	          actual	trophies	and	associated	individual	awards.		These	
                                                   motivation,	      trophies	represent	the	history	and	evolution	of	the	Air	
                                                   mission	          Force	and	reflect	its	growth	and	change	around	the	
                                                   support,	and	     world.		To	be	nominated	as	an	annual	winner	by	a	cadre	
                                                   a	professional	   of	respected	peers	from	within	the	hospitality	industry	is	
                                                   image	through	    truly	an	honor.		
                                                   an	annual	
                                                   spirited	         This	program	is	possible	only	through	the	selfless	
                                                   competition	      involvement	of	individuals	from	premiere	industry	
                                                   selecting	the	    associations	who	volunteer	to	travel	with	Headquarters	
                                                   "Best	of	the	     Air	Force	Food	Service	staff.		The	alumni	of	past	travelers	
                                                   Best"	within	     make	up	the	Hennessy	Travelers	Association	(HTA)	
                                                   Air	Force	Food	   and	the	Hennessy	Travelers	Association	Educational	
                                                   Service.          Foundation	(HTAEF),	committed	to	providing	continuing	
                                                                     educational	opportunities	to	Armed	Forces	Foodservice	
                                                                     professionals	that	they	recognize	during	their	
                                                                     evaluations.	“
                                                 The	Annual	
                                                 Trophy	Awards	
                                                 reflects	the	
     pride,	and	fellowship	of	the	civilian	food	service	industry	
     and	the	Air	Force	in	improving	the	Air	Force	way	of	life.	
     The	annual	Hennessy	program	also	allows	the	sharing	
     of	valuable	information	between	the	sponsoring	
     association’s	travelers,	recognized	leaders	in	the	
     civilian	food	service	industry,	and	Air	Force	Food	
     Service	personnel.		Achieving	success	in	the	Hennessy	
     competition	is	a	reflection	of	pride,	commitment,	
     and	motivation	to	be	the	best.		The	tools	of	success	
     include	superior	customer	service,	astute	management,	
     command	support	of	food	service	operations,	and	the	

28   |   JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2011   MyHurlburt Life
                                         • Birthday parties
                                         • Wedding activities
                                         • Bachelor/bachelorette parties
                                         • Private games
                                         • Squadron team building
                                         • Fundraisers

      More info, call:
Outdoor Recreation, 884-6939
           Current as of: 12/7/10
      Subject to change without notice

                                                                myhurlburt.com   |   29
           tel                        xpress                                                                       wHat’s 4 lUNch??
Facility                                                                Bldg. No.                     Phone No.

Airman & Family Readiness Center ....................... 90213........ 884-5441/5442                               Oasis Café
                                                                                                                   Inside	Gator	Lakes	Golf	Course	•	Bldg.	91300,	403	Walk	Up	Way	•	881-5731	
Airman Leadership School .................................... 90221..................884-6268                      M–Th:	6am–3pm	•	F–Sa:	6am–4pm

Advertising/Sponsorship ...................................... 90327..................884-2189                     JAN & FEB LUNCH SPECIALS · 10:30am - 1pm
                                                                                                                   M: BAKED	ZITI
Arts & Craft Center                                                                                                      Baked	ziti,	small	salad	and	bread	roll	$6.95
Auto Hobby Shop .................................................... 90612...................884-6674              T: 		 FAJITA	OR	TACOS
Frame	Hobby	Shop	 ................................................. 90612...................884-5868                     Choice	of	chicken	fajita	or	3	tacos	served	with	Spanish	
Multi-Crafts	Center .................................................. 90612...................884-6942                  rice	and	refried	beans	$6.95
Plaque	&	Trophy	Shop ............................................. 90612...................884-5294                W:			KOREAN	BEEF	BULGOGI	
Wood	Hobby	Shop................................................... 90612..................	884-7244                      Korean	beef	bulgogi,	fried	rice,	cucumber	kimchee,	
                                                                                                                         spicy	soy	sauce,	egg	roll		$8.95
Barber Shop (Commando Cuts)............................. 90320..................581-0115                           Th:			COUNTRY	FRIED	STEAK	LUNCH
Bowling Center                                                                                                           Country	fried	steak,	mashed	potatoes,	pepper	gravy,	
                                                                                                                         green	beans,		$7.95
Hurlburt	Lanes ......................................................... 90231...................884-6941
Spare	Time	Grill ....................................................... 90231...................884-6470          F:		 US	OPEN	BURGER
                                                                                                                         choice	of	side	$5.50
Child Development Center (CDC) .......................... 90353..................884-6664                          All meals include a 20 oz. beverage. No substitutions on specials. Prices are subject to
                                                                                                                   change without notice.
Club Facilities                                                                                                    _________________________________________________________________________
Rickenbackers .......................................................... 90918...................884-7507
The	Soundside ......................................................... 90918...................884-7507           Rickenbackers
Velocity	Subs ........................................................... 90337...................884-7365         Inside	The	Soundside	•	884-7507
                                                                                                                   Mon-Sat:	6am–12:30pm
Community Programs ........................................... 90337..................884-5080
Education Center .................................................. 90220..................884-6724                Proudly Serving:
                                                                                                                   Espresso	Beverages,	Gourment	Coffees,	Tea	&	Cocoa,	Fruit	
Employment (NAF HRO) ....................................... 90327..................884-6464                       Smoothies,	Muffins,	Pastries,	Biscuits,	Bagels,	Fresh	Salads,	
                                                                                                                   and	Deli	Sandwiches	prepared	cold	or	hot	pressed.
Family Child Care (FCC) ......................................... 90509..................884-4300                  _________________________________________________________________________

Fitness Centers
Aderholt	Fitness	Center........................................... 90517...................884-6884                Spare Time Grill
Commando	Fitness	Center ...................................... 90232...................884-4412                    Inside	Hurlburt	Lanes	•	Bldg.	90231	•	884-6470
Riptide	Fitness	Center ............................................. 91007...................881-5121              Breakfast:	M–F:	6:30–10:30am	•	Lunch/Dinner:	M–F:	10:30am	‘til	close

Golf                                                                                                               JANUARY LUNCH SPECIALS
Gator	Lakes	Golf	Course .......................................... 91300...................881-2251                M:        Bacon	Swiss	Burger,	$6.25
Oasis	Café .................................................................. 91300 ................... 881-5731
                                                                                                                   T:        Philly	Chicken	Wrap,	$6.50
Information, Tickets & Travel (ITT) ........................ 90229........ 884-6795/5699                           W:        Philly	Steak	Sandwich,	$6.50
Library .................................................................. 90337..................884-6266         Th:       Hot	Dog	Combo,	$5.00
                                                                                                                   F:        Chicken	Salad	Sandwich,	$5.25
Landing Zone Airman Center
(LZ	—	E4	&	Below) ................................................... 90337...................884-5080
                                                                                                                   FEBRUARY LUNCH SPECIALS
Commando	Inn ........................................................ 90509...................884-7115             M:        Grilled	Chicken	Sandwich,	$5.50
Soundside	Lodging .................................................. 91360...................884-7115              T:        Grilled	Ham	&	Cheese	Sandwich,	$5.00
                                                                                                                   W:        Chicken	Basket,	$6.75
Military Dining Facilities
Reef	Dining	Facility .................................................. 90326...................884-4970           Th:       Philly	Steak	Wrap,	$6.50
Riptide	Dining	Facility .............................................. 91007...................881-5127            F:        Tuna	Salad	Sandwich,	$5.00
Flight	Kitchen ........................................................... 91007...................881-5128        All specials include fries and drink unless noted. *No fries included.

Outdoor Recreation                                                                                                 _________________________________________________________________________

Beachside	Recreation	Center .................................. 92473...................884-6939
Aquatic	Center	(Base	Pool) ...................................... 90300...................884-6866                 Velocity Subs
Dive	Shop.............................................................. RV	Lot	3...................881-1576        Inside	the	Landing	Zone	•	Bldg.	90337	•	M–F:	10:30am–2pm	•	884-7365

Paintball....................................................................................... 884-3501/6939     LUNCH SPECIALS
Rifle	&	Pistol	Club .................................................... 99535...................884-6939          M–Th:                 Taco	Salad,	$6
Skeet	Range ...........................................................................................884-6939    T:                    2	BBQ	Sandwich	&	Chips,	$6
Recycling Center ................................................... 91360..................884-7577               W:                    Meatball	Sub	&	Chips,	$6
                                                                                                                   Th:                   Taco	Salad,	$6
Youth Programs
                                                                                                                   F:                    Philly	Cheesesteak	&	Chips,	$6
School	Age	Program	(SAP) ....................................... 90304...................884-6355
                                                                                                                   All specials include a drink. Regular menu items, soups of the day & desserts also
Pre-Teen	Open	Rec	(ages	9–12) ............................... 90304...................884-6355                     available.
Teen	Center	(ages	13–18) ........................................... 90318 ................... 884-6063
                                                                                                                   Lunch specials are current as of: 07.29.10. Prices are subject to change without notice.
Youth	Sports ............................................................ 90304...................884-6355

30							|										JANUARY/FEBRUARTY	2011	 MyHurlburt Life
30       |          JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2011    MyHurlburt	Life
    17FB                                                     189FBS
SALE $9,990*                                              SALE $11,490*
  UVW 2395                                                  UVW 3146
  *plus tt&l                                                *plus tt&l

Paid Ad. No federal endorsement of advertiser intended.
                                                                      myhurlburt.com   |   31

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