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									Seventh Grade Mathematics
Benjamin A. Smith
Woodlawn Beach Middle School
Contact Information
       Email:
       Mr. Smith’s web site:
       Phone: 850-934-4010x305 (call between 1:50-2:30 on school days or leave a message – but
        email is preferred)
       Textbook’s web site, including the complete textbook in PDF format, tutoring videos, and more: (select Florida from drop-down menu)

Grading Policy
Grading Categories                                        Grading Scale
    40%     Tests                                              A:   90-100%
    40%     Quizzes                                            B:   80-89%
    10%     Class Work/Daily Assignments                       C:   70-79%
    10%     Quarterly Exams                                    D:   60-69%
                                                               F:   Below 60%

Extra credit work is provided only to students who finish their work early in class. Extra credit
assignments are not to be done at home.

Required Supplies (students should bring to school)
       Spiral Notebook or Composition Notebook
       Two-pocket Folder (to organize worksheets, study guides, returned quizzes and tests, etc.)
       Pencils (preferably mechanical)

Course Materials (provided by WBMS)
       WBMS Student Planner
       Textbook: Big Ideas Math 7 by Ron Larson and Laurie Boswell (sent home during the first week)
       Record and Practice Journal which accompanies the textbook (this will remain in my classroom)
       FCAT Reference Sheet
Classroom Procedures

Students should participate in WBMS’s HERO program, according to which students will Help,
Encourage, and Respect Others.

Being a HERO in math class means working hard 100% of the time you spend in class. It means using
every opportunity in class to memorize vocabulary, try another problem, check your work, explain an
idea to a classmate, complete every assignment, and even finish extra credit assignments. My basic rule
is: NO WASTED TIME. Come to class ready to work.

Students should write every day’s agenda in their planners at the beginning of each class meeting.

Students are expected to complete every assignment, as I do not assign “busy work”. All assignments
are designed to be useful, productive, and indispensable. Students who do not complete work will face
consequences as outlined below.

Discipline Plan
For students whose behavior is not HEROic, the following consequences may be expected, in this order
(excepting serious offenses):

    1. Opportunity for student to “problem solve” his/her inappropriate behavior based on a warning
       or redirection during class.
    2. A second opportunity to “problem solve” the behavior based on a one-on-one conversation
       with me (which will be documented).
    3. Parent contact regarding the behavior (also documented).
    4. Referral to Dean of Students (documented)

Parent/Teacher Conferences may be appropriate in some circumstances.

Course Outline
The pacing of the course is rigorous, designed to teach 100% of the course content before FCAT in April.

       1st Quarter                 2nd Quarter                   3rd Quarter              4th Quarter
 Chapter 1: Operations      Finish chapter 3: Unit       Chapter 6: Surface      FCAT
  on Integers and             Conversions and               Areas of Solids         Catch-up on course
  Absolute Value              Variation                    Chapter 7: Volumes of    content
 Chapter 2: Operations      Chapter 4: Percents           Solids                  Enrichment
  on Rational Numbers         and Simple Interest          Chapter 8: Graphs
  and Solving Linear         Chapter 5: Similarity,        and Samples
  Equations                   Scale Drawings, and          Chapter 9: Probability
 Begin Chapter 3:            Translations
  Rates and Proportions

My web site will contain a record of each day’s topics, activities, and assignments. It will also notify you
of upcoming quizzes and tests:
Tuesday Tutoring
Because the pacing of seventh grade math is rigorous, WBMS’s seventh grade math teachers have
decided to provide weekly tutoring for struggling students. This is in addition to the regular tutoring
provided by the school, which is on Wednesdays for seventh grade.

Tuesday Tutoring will be computer-based practice held from 1:25-2:20 every Tuesday (excepting
holidays). Tuesday Tutoring will begin in September, once student accounts have been created on the
school computer network.

Parents must be responsible for students’ transportation after tutoring. Students must be picked up
promptly or they will not be allowed to attend.

About Mr. Smith
This is my fifth year as a mathematics teacher and my fifth year at Woodlawn Beach Middle School.
I hold a M.Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction, as well as B.A. and M.A. degrees in Interdisciplinary
Humanities, from the University of West Florida. I believe that mastering middle grades mathematics is
necessary for basic literacy in the modern world, and I am constantly searching for new and better ways
to teach seventh graders.

Parent involvement is an indispensable part of every child’s education, so I encourage you to work with
your student on math. Please communicate with me about any difficulties your student encounters in
my class during the school year.

Sign below to acknowledge that you have read Mr. Smith’s Policies and Procedures:

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