Notes from a Meeting held on Tuesday 31 July 2012 in the Committee Room at the Village
Hall to discuss how the Neighbourhood Plan should be progressed.

1.0 Present: Rachel Carnell, Stefan Frontczak, Sandy Goodall, Keith Jackson, Jill Jackson,
    Peter Hunt, Brian Charlton, Warren Meads, John Murphy, Elaine Shirtliffe, David Winter.

2.0 Apologies: Jeff Newton, David Thomson, Ian McBride, Chris Newsome.

3.0 Resignations: Ken Stevens, Steve Morritt, Stephen Thompson.

4.0 Minutes: The minutes of the meeting held on the 10 July 2012 were approved with one
correction to the non attendance apologies record (D Thomson).

5.0 BSPC web site update: A discussion was held on a draft proposed update to the Boston
Spa PC web site tabled by DW at the meeting. The object of the proposal was primarily to
keep residents informed of developments and to bring relevant information as to the purpose
of N Plans on to the main web site. The proposal was capable of further updates as matters
progressed. It was agreed that a discussion should be held Warren Meads/DW to resolve
how best to update the independent web site entry put together by Warren.
It was agreed that the paper should be circulated to all members for consideration and early

6.0 Topic Groups: Following discussions/’brainstorming’ session of ideas at the last meeting,
a working group had met on the 19 July 2012 to consolidate/agree the composition and remit
of five Topic Groups. These proposals had been circulated to members by e mail on the 20
July 2012.
Following further discussion it was agreed to go forward with these proposals recognising that
there would inevitably be some overlap between each group.
The specific Topic Groups and members at the meeting ‘electing’ to take part in these were
as follows;

Housing/Developments – John Murphy, Peter Hunt, Sandy Goodall.

Infrastructure & Environment – Jill Jackson, Rachel Carnell.

Business & Local Employment – Keith Jackson, Warren Meads, Sandy Goodall, Brian
Charlton. In addition it was felt that the other members of the current High Street Working
Group (Mark Yeadon, Robert Wivell) would be agreeable to taking part in these discussions.
Keith Jackson agreed to make the appropriate contact.

Community Support – Stefan Frontczak, Elaine Shirtliffe.

Local Amenity Provision – Brian Charlton.

6.0 (cont’d)

It was agreed that DW would circulate the forgoing information to other members by e mail in
order to hopefully finalise the composition of each Group. Meetings of each Group would be
via agreement between each of respective Group members noting that the Committee Room
could be made available with prior notice.

7.0 Sustainability: Some concern was expressed by members regarding the extent, meaning
and methodology to be adopted by each Topic Group. It was accepted that clarification by
Leeds CC would be helpful and that further training would be needed to establish a firm policy
(noting that the Dawlish N Plan proposal had been criticised by the independent Inspector in
this respect). Various external organisations were offering training (including CPRE) which
could be arranged and the matter would be raised with Leeds CC at a forthcoming meeting.
The meeting was advised by John Murphy that in his occupational Project Management role
they were well versed in undertaking sustainability assessments. As an initial way forward he
kindly offered to facilitate a training session for all members – date to be agreed.

8.0 N Plan Group Constitution: Whilst members were reasonably relaxed about proceeding
without a formal constitution (as per the extensive documentation published by N Plan Groups
elsewhere), it was nevertheless felt, to avoid potential future questions, that certain matters
should be agreed and recorded in meeting minutes.

In particular, it was suggested that such matters as a members register of interests (property
etc), voting powers, quorum requirements, frequency of meetings etc should be set down and
formally agreed. DW undertook to prepare a one page proposal paper prior to the next

9.0 Programme/Timescales: As a follow on to the last meeting, a further discussion was
held in respect of a flip chart presented by DW setting out broad time scale headings for
development/finalisation of a N Plan noting that there was flexibility in the timing of a future
referendum date. It was agreed to proceed with the production of a Gantt chart for discussion
at the next meeting.

10. Reports:

A meeting attended by David Thomson/DW had been held with representatives of the Clifford
N Plan group on the 26 July 2012. DW reported that the meeting had gone well and that the
respective N Plan groups were of like minds on most issues and particularly the question of
maintaining the existing green belt between respective settlements. The prospect of large
scale developments in the area (Thorpe Arch etc) were viewed with equal concern in terms of
overwhelming local services. It was agreed that respective groups would maintain regular

It was further reported that a meeting had been arranged with Leeds CC planners for the 3
August 2012. Notes of the meeting would be circulated in due course.

11. Future Meetings: It was agreed that a ‘fixed’ date should be set for future meetings to
assist member diary requirements. Accordingly, it was agreed that meetings would be held on
the second Tuesday of each month (Village Hall committee room), the next meeting being
scheduled for Tuesday 11 September 2012.


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