Notes from a Meeting held on Tuesday 10 July 2012 in the Committee Room at the
Village Hall to discuss how the Neighbourhood Plan should be progressed.

1.0 Present: Rachel Carnell, Stefan Frontzak, Jill Jackson, Chris Newsome, Ken Stevens,
    Sandy Goodall, Keith Jackson, Jill Jackson, Judith Scott, Peter Hunt,
    John Murphy, Emily Perkins, Elaine Shirtliff, David Winter.

2.0 Apologies: Mark Yeadon, Brian Charlton, Steve Morritt, Jeff Newton. David Thomson

3.0 The meeting opened with a general introduction by DW.

4.0 The N. Plan authorities under the Localism Act 2011 and the National Panning Policy
    Framework issued March 2012 were reviewed. Recommended that group members
    take some time to read. Also relevant were the various Leeds C. C. planning documents
    although these were currently being revised (thus the ‘local’ plan referred to in
    Government papers was not yet available, hence any housing impositions was unclear).

    Action: DW to cc details of web site info for relevant documents.

5.0 Members expressed concern regarding the various figures being talked about in terms of
    housing numbers and their timescales. DW advised that the BS Parish Council were
    arguing that the Church Field development should be set against any future allocation for
    Boston Spa.

   Action: DW to try and obtain further clarity on this issue.

6.0 It was suggested that an overall ‘objective’ or ‘purpose’ statement and constitution
    arrangements for the Steering Groups endeavours should be considered for wider
    publication (Web site?) and that terms such as ‘vision’/ ‘mission statement’ are probably
    best avoided.

   Action: Future agenda item.

7.0 A concern was expresses by DW regarding the impact that lack of proper attention
    to ‘Sustainability Assessments’ could have long term but was somewhat reassured by
    the definition contained in the preamble to the National Planning Policy. It was suggested
    that further training/guidance was needed to establish a straightforward working
    methodology that could be applied in a consistent way.

   Action: Training options/external input to be researched.

Notes of 10 July 2012 meeting contd.

8.0 A flip chart setting out a proposal for five topic groups was presented for discussion
    (this included the three groups suggested at the previous meeting). It was agreed to
    leave further debate re specific elements under each heading pending a pooling of
    specific member concerns.
9.0 A flip chart setting out suggestions for an overall project timescale leading to a public
    referendum was presented for consideration and ‘digestion’ by group members. A two
    page paper setting out a condensed distillation of key actions contained in the CPRE
    model programme issued at the training session was distributed to members for

   Action: Future agenda item to finalise.

10.0 A presentation was given by Keith Jackson using sketch map diagrams to illustrate the
     ‘hub’ value of B Spa to surrounding conurbations in terms of services, shops and road
      links. This emphasised the effect of any further development in the area, in particular
      the massive potential impact of the proposed trading estate development at Thorpe
      Arch, and the adverse effect of the changes to motorway junctions at Bramham and

11.0 A ‘brainstorming’ session was conducted to identify primary concerns/aspirations for
     the village. It was suggested that some elements of the plan could be expressed as
     a general principle although any proposal for change would require more specific
     proposals otherwise an unsatisfactory solution could be imposed. A summary of the
     ideas arising from this session are annexed to these notes.

     Action: A working group of Rachel Carnell, Keith Jackson, John Murphy, Emily Perkins
             and David Winter to meet 19 July 2012 to ‘merge’ ideas into topic groups.

12.0 The meeting was advised that the N Plan representative from Clifford had made contact
     to suggest a meeting to discuss areas of common interest. It was agreed that a meeting
     should be arranged with a small delegation from B Spa (to include D Thomson for

     Action: Progress meeting arrangements.

13.0 Similarly, the LCC planning representative Steve Wilkinson, was apparently keen to
     meet in the near future (he reports to the head of planning Ian Mackay). Agreed that
     a small delegation should meet the LCC planners and report.

     Action: Contact LCC to arrange a convenient date.

14. Their was an urgent need to appoint Secretarial support for the N. Plan Group if anyone
    has any suggestions.
15.0 Next meeting provisionally arranged for Tuesday 31 July 2012 commencing 7.30pm
     providing sufficient members can attend (holidays etc).


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