Planner Scholarship by WT9OlU41


                   2011 SGMP National Education Conference (Norfolk, Virginia)

       SGMP’s Gilmer Institute of Learning provides National Education Conference (NEC)
       scholarships to planners to provide financial assistance to meeting planner members in order to
       increase planner attendance at the NEC. This scholarship is intended to improve the return on
       investment for our SGMP supplier and planner members through additional educational and
       networking opportunities during the NEC.

     These scholarships are intended for planner members who might not be able to attend the NEC
        without financial assistance.
     Planners whose agency or chapter would otherwise provide full funding for them to attend are not
     Evaluation of applications is based on volume of meeting planning experience, not on activity in
     Applicants who have never attended the NEC will be given preference.
     A planner member who has received a Planner Development Scholarship in the last three years can
        apply, but might not be considered depending on the number of applications submitted.

Responsibilities of Recipients During and After the Conference:
    Must attend all general sessions and workshops during the conference (verified by signing in for CEUs
      during each session)
    Must attend the Exhibition (verified by signing in)
    Must participate in a Reverse Trade Show with sponsors and be available for all appointments in that
    Must provide information about the conference experience that will be included in an article for
      Government Connections magazine

    Answer each question thoroughly; if it is not applicable, enter “N/A”
    Responses will be based on meeting planning activity for the period of Jan. 1 – Dec. 31, 2010
    In section III, question 4, you must provide the phone number of the property and name of the contact
       person even if they are no longer at the property (may be verified)
    In section III, question 11, your supervisor must sign (original signature) attesting to the accuracy of
       the information regarding meetings planned (may be verified)
    Nomination must be an electronic document sent to and received by
       December 10, 2010, at 5pm Eastern time
      Do not register for the NEC or make airline reservations prior to receiving notification regarding your
       scholarship application (if selected, those arrangements will be handled by SGMP staff)

Section I:

I am seeking ___ partial / ___ full financial assistance:
       ____ # nights lodging
       ____ airfare
       ____ conference registration

Section II:


Membership Type:       Government Planner_____        Contract Planner _____

Member number: ________ Chapter(s): ______________________________________

Length of membership with SGMP: __________________________________________

E-mail address: ___________________________________________________________

Agency/company: ________________________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________________________

City/State/Zip: ___________________________________________________________

Phone number: ___________________________________________________________

Immediate supervisor’s name & title: _________________________________________

Supervisor’s phone number: ________________________________________________

Supervisor’s e-mail: _______________________________________________________

Section III:


1. Number of meetings planned onsite and offsite (maximum 25 points): _____

2. Level of decision-making responsibility at meetings: Choose all that apply (maximum 15 points):
       ____ Plan logistics                          ____ Coordinate event
       ____ Select site                             ____ Support on-site
       ____ Recommend site                          ____ Authority to sign contracts
       ____ Negotiate contracts

3. Number of attendees at the largest meeting planned during 2010 (maximum 10 points): _____

4. Provide the following information on the services you utilize at your largest meeting (number of attendees
   and/or amount of money spent) in 2010 (maximum 20 points):
      ____ Meeting space and sleeping rooms
      ____ Meeting space, catering and sleeping rooms
      ____ Meeting space only
      ____ Sleeping rooms only

       Property used: _______________________________________________
       Contact at property and phone (must be included and may be verified):
       Is the property a member of SGMP? (5 bonus points) ________________
       Duration of meeting: __________________________________________
       Total sleeping room nights utilized: ______________________________
       Amount spent on food/beverages (if allowed to purchase): ____________ (max 5 bonus points)

5. Total number of room nights for all meetings in 2010, inc. #4 above, (maximum 30 points): _____

6. Percentage of your off-site meetings placed in SGMP properties (max 10 bonus points): _____

7. List the names of any new planner members you recruited during 2010 (maximum 5 points):
       _______________________________ _____________________________
       _______________________________ _____________________________

8. Have you ever attended an SGMP NEC? (20 bonus points for 1st time attendees)
      ____ Yes ____ No

9. Have you ever received a national scholarship to the NEC?
      ____ Yes ____ No If yes, what year(s)? __________

Supervisor verification:

I confirm that the information included in this document factually represents the meeting planning
responsibilities and activities of this applicant during 2010. I further confirm that I will approve time away
from work for this person to attend the conference.

Supervisor’s Signature: ____________________________________________
Section IV.

Write a paragraph on why you should be selected. NOTE: If your answer is over 150 words, your
application will not be accepted. (maximum 10 points)

Write a paragraph on how attending the NEC will help you in your meeting planning activities. NOTE: If
your answer is over 150 words, your application will not be accepted. (maximum 10 points)

Write a paragraph on the most valuable aspect of your SGMP membership. NOTE: If your answer is over
150 words, your application will not be accepted. (maximum 10 points)

             Nomination must be an electronic document sent to
          and received by December 10, 2010, at 5pm Eastern time, or it will not be accepted

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