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									International Conference on Integrated(2nd) and Bioenergetic(5th) Medicine
Foundation for East-West Medicine                   Scientific Program Committee
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Kaneohe, Hawaii USA 96744                           Taipei City 100, Taiwan
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                                                                                19 April 2005
Dear Prof. Chang-Chih Lee,
     The Organization Committee of the International Second Integrated Holistic Health
Care & Fifth Bioenergetic Information Medicine Conference would like to reconfirm the
invitation to you to be the speaker for the Honolulu site of the conference to be held July
21-24 at Hawaii Convention Center.
     The scientific Program Committee would like to remind you for the topic your agreed
to speak on “Chinese Traditional Health-Keeping Exercise”. This and the related subjects
will be arranged on July 22nd (Fri.). We would appreciate to receive your
acknowledgement at your earliest convenience. Besides, please also kindly send your
actual title and abstract (about 400 words in English) of your speech with a passport sized
photo and brief biography sketch (in English) by E-mail before May 16th.
     As we have offered in our initial invitation, your room expense for 5 days and
registration fee will be provided by the conference. Please notify us your confirmed date of
arrival so that proper arrangement could be made. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely yours,

Julia J. Tsuei, M.D., F.A.C.O.G.

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