Table 3-4: Project Charter - DOC by WT9OlU41


									                                           Project Charter

Project Title: Home Improvement
Project Start Date: 02/15/2005            Projected Finish Date: 04/26/2005
Budget Information: Each member will spend at least two hours per week to complete the project
successfully. Hakki Isik, the project sponsor and project manager has set aside $1,500.00 as an amount he
would be willing to spend to make changes to his living room.

Project Manager: Hakki Isik
                 (612) 250-1710

Project Objectives:
Hakki Isik has bought his house a year ago. He would like to make changes to his living room to make it
more enjoyable. He would like to replace the carpet with hardwood floor and make color adjustments to
the walls to make the place looks better.
Project management techniques learned in class will be applied to our project. Methods provided at the
end of the chapters will be employed to our case. Weekly meeting is held every Saturday to discuss the
progress of the assigned tasks.


       Visit the apartment to get better/real view of the condition.
       Plan to take pictures of before and after the project is done.
       Do research to get information of the companies providing this service and compare prices.
       Present status reports according to schedule published in the class syllabus.

First report
     Present one page status report, present a draft of the Project Charter, Team Contract,
        schedule/Gantt chart, Roles and responsibilities matrix, estimated assigned work hours.

              Name                               Role                        Responsibility
    Kathy Schwalbe                   Project Sponsor                  Monitor Project
    Hakki Isik                       Project Manager                  Sponsor, plan and execute the
                                     Project Team Member              Create the second status
    Asziliawati Ramli
                                                                      report. Plan and execute
                                                                      assigned project tasks
                                     Project Team Member              Prepare final presentation.
    Chad Harms
                                                                      Plan and execute assigned
                                                                      project tasks.
                                     Project Team Member              Prepare topic presentation.
    Nazimah Abdul Rahim
                                                                      Plan and execute assigned
                                                                      project tasks.
    Yilmaz Bayazit                   Team Webmaster                   Prepare final project report.
                                                                      Maintain the project website.
                                                                      Plan and execute assigned
                                                                      project tasks.
Sign-off: (Signatures of all above stakeholders. Can sign by their names in table above.)

Comments: (Handwritten or typed comments from above stakeholders, if applicable)

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