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									                                   ILT Meeting
                               Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Meeting starts 4:15pm – Ends at 5:45pm

Yrarrazaval           Hollenbeck               Padilla         Silva            Lloyd
Oberreuter            Collins                  Lee             Corradino        Ruff
Gabaldon              Orabona                  Harper          Valdez           Rozema
Consolida             Padilla                  Pilon

   1. Minutes
          a. for last ILT meeting are approved
   2. Reflection on Tumbling Schedule
          a. Robin – concerned about time to implement this, it would be a good idea to wait until
          b. Collins – has a friend who had this same Schedule, and the district did not like that lunch
             was considered instructional minutes.
          c. Patrick – the concept of teaching some of the kids and not all of the kids is not a problem,
             Dawn Miller saw it as punishing the kids who are failing as opposed to rewarding the
             kids who were doing well. We need the summer to build buy in, we are not ready to
             jump in.
          d. Kathy – a lot of times we have jumped in and not had a clear plan.
          e. Michael – there’s no problem with keeping the schedule of keeping the students for 25
             minutes of tutoring, if we can release them next year then great.
          f. We need parental and student input. If we don’t need a vote maybe we need to bring in
             the student and parent voices.
          g. It is better to be sure that the teachers are on board first.
          h. At least we are showing the effort of transformation.
          i. If Fred’s schedule sits as it is which will free up instructional minutes for …, if the kids
             are doing well, why are we changing the schedule. We need documentation of the
             improvement. We are going to need the time.
          j. Patrick – we have an election on Monday morning, but if we have the feeling we are not
             going to get buy in to do this schedule maybe we don’t have to.
          k. Can we all agree to keep the whole class and keep tutoring?
          l. There is a problem because it is difficult to focus on a few kids.
          m. Should we separate the issues, because it is very confusing for the staff.
          n. Monday take a hand vote on separate issues?
                    i. tumbling – All support a tumbling
                   ii. advisement – Not all support, some with adjustment
                  iii. when should we start it
                  iv. tutoring in the day – all support
                   v. extend the day -
                  vi. evaluate the 90 minutes on Monday and impact on instruction on Mondays – do
                       you feel the late start Mondays were a valuable use of our time?
          o. Voting how? hands? stickers? paper? survey?
          p. Term in the grant – operational flexibility
     q. We need to vote on flex minutes to buy out 90 minutes of collaboration time. Who
        organizes the vote for flex minutes? Darren, John, Brian. He will ask about these votes.
     r. Can the district support a portion of it?
     s. Advisement – need a clear plan – what are people’s vision? college support, relationship
        building, point person, what we talk about with the students would be “life 101”, there is
        no real structure.
              i. size of homeroom classes – 22 and change – call parents to get them involved,
                 build a bond with the kids and family, plus counseling,
             ii. There are many advisement models grade level specific
           iii. Who would support advisement? 3 thumbs down
            iv. Stand alone would help Sped Ed teachers who can meet with their case loads
             v. The personalization – need uniform approach, there would be two days in which
                 talking points would be provided by counselors and the other two teachers would
                 focus on college and career planning.
            vi. JoAnn – connects with everyone in her classes, Santa Ana Advisement – grade
                 checks, checked their units, college and career planning. Linn could go for that.
           vii. Teri – stand alone – adds 15 minutes to the day which takes minutes away from
                 class time. How are students chosen? P – they need to be grade specific.
          viii. Administrators did not hold up their part of the deal – Carolyn – we need to focus
                 on instruction
            ix. Advisement one day a week?
             x. 9th grade stay in village, 10-12 – move to advisement – have students for 3 years.
     t. We need to reflect on the flex minutes how have they been used?
3. Elections and MOU
     a. MOU – whoever is elected will be the Department Chair, math, ELA, Counseling, SS,
        SPED, election all are at large elections. Everyone gets to vote for everyone. We need to
        get ourselves reelected. We need some stability. No VAPA, CTE, FL, in MOU.
     b. Can P commit to a point of appointing CTE, FL. He can’t commit to it he will make a
        thoughtful decisions about who will make some changes here at Valley.
     c. We will continue to build consensus
     d. If you are not elected, P would like you to be on our ILT
     e. Have other PLAS schools had a complete wipe out? Century, Willard have also had
        major changes.
     f. Are we doing something wrong as a school?
     g. Can we get a list of the nominees?
     h. Can we all politic for each other? Yes.
4. In House
     a. Can’t fund in house with FTE – P will support it with other people’s money.
     b. P feels the effectiveness of the program is questionable – on some kids it is bound to
        work but not on others. Some teachers abuse it. Robin asks if it is common or just a few
        teachers, P says not sure.
     c. Several teachers support in house.
     d. All agree we need to pursue in house with OPM.
     e. How do you deal with the tier III kids – in house has not dealt with them.
     f. Century administrator eliminated in house – the way they are dealing with those three
        kids is arc. The kids are bused to arc everyday.
     g. How we divide up discipline will be among all administrators – more support from the
        administration. He is willing to make home visits. when he was at Carr there was a
        major spark in suspensions.
       h. Michael – discipline we don’t do a good job of social emotional for our tier III students,
          OCDE will give us a mental health worker, all approve.
       i. Kathy what would the referral services would be? Gloria – they could do group
          counseling, supervision,
       j. What happens when the money goes away?
       k. Gloria – counselors need more support that are beyond their abilities. They need one on
          one once a week. They don’t have the background to diagnose disorders where they can
          continuously see the students.
       l. Shalana Wilson splits her time between us and Grisset, last year, she is only in her second
          year. She has done a great job. Someone else will replace her who speaks Spanish.
          Tahara Russ
       m. IEPs – provide students more psychological support
5. PD
     a. Professional Development for the summer – 2 and half buy back days. District will
        conduct PD on ___
     b. There is a TA in place – saying we want to make the buy back days not be buy back
        anymore, 185 days we have to work – 3 duty days, then 2 more days for staff
        development and if you miss it, if you call in sick it’s no big deal – we don’t have to
        make it up on a Saturday or some other time. Tuesday is mandatory, Monday is District
        led, Friday is
     c. Students start school on 8/24, 8/23 is a duty day for a staff meeting and to prepare
        classroom, Monday 22 would be staff development
     d. There is a presenter on Monday 22 – Rick Morris – specialty classroom management
        student engagement, you need to walk out of his presentation with a tool box of stuff that
        can be used immediately used in the classroom. All thumbs up.
     e. So Friday 19th off.
     f. Can we use the PD days to develop chunking plans?
     g. Leaders – lead the members to create a plan for Curriculum – what are we teaching
        Instruction-how are we going to teach it? Assessment-how are we going to assess it? I
        propose to meet on these days with these people and this is what we will develop – CIA –
        Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment.
     h. Jeff will come up with a document for dept chairs to fill out and turn in
6. Proposal for PD -
     a. Classroom Management/Student Engagement Mon. 22
     b. 17th and 18th
     c. How to deal with tier III students - ? Find presenter
     d. marrying cte and regular curriculum – how do the core classes and interface with high
        school Inc? 3 hours of CTE and 3 hours of literacy? All agree.
     e. 19th can be a day for planning.

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