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					Dear Vendor

Once again winter is on the wane and it is time to start planning summer and fall festival attendance.

The Cranberry Festival Board invites you to submit your application to the Arts and Crafts Juried exhibition and
sale to be held in Bala from Friday, October 14th to Sunday October 16th 2011.

You are asked to fill out the enclosed application (both pages) and include your cheque, five or six photographs
of your work and your booth , along with a self-addressed and stamped envelope for the return of your
photographs and return them to:

                                      The Arts and Crafts Juried Exhibition
                                          The Bala Cranberry Festival
                                                     Box 72
                                               Bala Ont. P0C1A0
                                             Attention: Judy Webb

The application due date is April 30th 2011. Notice of acceptance or rejection will be mailed out after June 1st,

Those applicants who are not accepted by the jury will have their cheques returned with their photographs.

Thank you for your interest in the Bala Cranberry Festival and we look forward to receiving your application.

Judy Webb     Director   Ph. 705-762-0145               e-mail: judy_webb@sympatico.ca
                               2011 Arts & Craft Market
                                            Juried Show
                               EXHIBITOR CONTRACT APPLICATION
                                Friday, October 14   9:00a.m.- 5:00p.m.
                                Saturday, October 15 9:00a.m.- 5:00p.m.
                                Sunday, October 16   9:00a.m.- 4:00p.m.

                                       PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY


BUSINESS NAME___________________________________________________________________



VENDOR PERMIT #___________________________POSTAL CODE_________________________

BUSINESS PHONE #___________________________FAX #_________________________________

HOME PHONE #__________________________E-MAIL____________________________________

INSURANCE CO.____________________________________________________________________

POLICY #_______________________________EXPIRY DATE_______________________________

Booth Rent: 10x10 space is $400.00+$52.00 (HST)=$452.00
Tables (6’) are available at $10.00 per table. Tables required:____(X$10) Total:_$_______________
SHARED electric (20amp breaker) will be available for LIGHTS ONLY. Bring an extension cord.

Your cheque and liability insurance certificate MUST accompany your application. If you are not accepted, your
cheque will NOT be deposited, and will be returned with your pictures. Only one medium or craft and one vendor
per booth. We will attempt to fill booth location request.


Return both signed pages to :
Judy Webb, BCF. Arts and Craft Market, Box 72 Bala, Ont. P0C1A0 Phone -705-762-0145
                                  2011 Arts & Craft Market
                                                Juried Show
                                 EXHIBITOR CONTRACT APPLICATION


   1. Each vendor may only exhibit one medium or craft and there will only be one vendor per booth.
   2. Each vendor will bring sufficient inventory for the (3) three day sale and agrees to stay for the full time
        of the show.
   3. Each vendor will be set up and ready by opening time of each day.
   4. Please send 4 – 6 pictures of your recent work or products and include a price range for them.
   It is necessary to include a photo of your booth to assist in the site placement. Back, side and floor covering
   is required in all booths.

   Please enclose a self addressed, stamped envelope with sufficient postage affixed for
   return of your photos.
   5. Your parking permit will be included with your exhibit acceptance. You will adhere to all parking rules
      and will not block entry to the arena. Please be considerate of other vendors and their vehicles.
   6. Vendors offering food samples, must have a Health Department Certificate.
   7. Applications will not be considered unless proof of liability insurance for a minimum of one million
      dollars ($1,000,000.00) is included.

                         Deadline for Entries: APRIL 30th, 2011
                                  HOLD HARMLESS AGREEMENT
I, the Lessee shall indemnify and hold harmless the Bala Cranberry Festival, their members, agents and
employees from any and against all claims, demands, losses, costs, damages, actions, suits or proceedings by
any third parties that may arise out of, or may attribute to all operations performed or carried out by lessee, his
agents, employees or anyone for whose actions he may be held liable, howsoever caused.

_________________________________                     ______________________________

Vendor’s Signature                                      Bala Cranberry Festival Signature

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