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                                 Computer Memory is an Essential Part of the Computer
                                                           By James Hunt

   Computer memory is an essential part of the computer because it allows it to store vital information
that you will need. Whether the information is in the form of pictures, data or sounds, a computer with
a lot of memory can store it for you. There are three basic types of computer memory and you will
need to know a little bit about each to ensure your computer is running effectively.

Random access memory or RAM is the same thing as your computer memory. RAM is the main
memory center, so essentially, it is the most important. Your RAM is used almost every second you're
on your computer each day. The reason RAM is so crucial is that it is used to store your files and
programs and it affects many other computer aspects as well.

DDR computer memory can be bought to increase the amount of memory you have, but first you will
want to learn a little more about your computer. Understanding how it works will help you work better
with your computer.

The more RAM computer memory your computer has, the faster it will work for you. If you find that
you're computer has been very slow lately, you might want to look into buying some DDR for it. If you
aren't sure what to buy or how to install it, it's best to let a professional do it this time around. You will
find that all electronic stores that sell RAM will offer optional installation services for a small fee. If you
choose this option, it would be a great idea to ask them exactly what they did so you can do it yourself
if the need ever arises again.

But, if you know a little something already about computer memory, why not install your DDR program
yourself? It will save you some time and money and your computer will be back to working at optimal
speed in no time. Either route you choose, don't neglect the health of your computer. If it starts
working differently than it ever has, get it checked out or troubleshoot the problem yourself. This will
ensure that it stays working great for years to come.

James Hunt has spent 15 years as a professional writer and researcher cover ing stories that cover a
whole spectrum of interest. Read more at www.computer-memory-central.info

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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                         How To Upgrade Your Computer's Memory
                                                               By Garry Neale

Upgrading computer memory involves increasing the RAM of your computer, so the first thing you have
to figure out is the type of RAM the system uses, how it's configured, and how many RAM slots you
have available. A memory upgrade usually requires that you first check the computer's user manual, or
the manual for the motherboard. Find out if the memory is parity or non-parity. You can also check the
website of your computer to find out the memory you need for computer memory upgrades.

 Now, find out what the speed of the PC memory is. When dealing with computer memory, you have to
know this information. Next, does your computer use single in-line memory modules (SIMMs) or dual
in-line memory modules (DIMMs)? When conducting an upgrade, it's also key to figure out if the
computer uses regular, FPM, EDO, or Synch DRAM. How many pins are on the motherboard? 30, 72,
or 168?

 Computer memory upgrades require that you remove the cover from the computer so that you can
determine the number of open RAM slots available. See if you can find between two and eight parallel
sockets of the same size on the main circuit board. In most cases a minimum of two sockets contain
RAM memory. You'll recognize RAM because it looks like ruler-shaped circuit boards with chips on one
or both sides.

 Buy more memory to match the specifications you currently have for your computer. There are plenty
of guides online that will give you the detailed ins and outs of how to install the RAM memory
specifically - it's not very difficult and almost anyone can do it if they learn how. There's no point in
purchasing a whole new computer if all you have to do is carry out a computer memory upgrade. Also,
if you don't want to do this all on your own it's possible to hire a computer expert to make the
installation for you.

Take note that in most cases you have to install SIMMS in pairs.

 A great tip is that you can check how much PC memory you have installed in your computer currently,
before carrying out upgrades, by checking your My Computer properties in Windows, or selecting
About This Macintosh from the Apple menu (depending on which computer system you own).

 Installing new computer memory is different when it comes to laptop memory for one main reason -
with laptop memory you can't open the computer yourself, so you'll have to have the upgrade installed
by a professional or purchase a new computer. Notebook memory and desktop memory differ in this
way. Again, notebook memory is inaccessible to the general public, while desktop memory can be
installed by anyone with a basic knowledge of computers.

 However you carry out these upgrades, make sure you know what you're doing beforehand. If you
can't complete the process independently, consider having the memory installed by someone with
more experience with computers.

To learn more about Upgrading Computer Memory, check out the Free Consumer Review Web Site @

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