Ibiza Castle by HC12100322327


									A brief piece of Spanish Military History…
Military constructions by Spanish engineers have
     always been a supreme example of their
skills. Here is a photo of a fortress that was built
         in Ibiza (before the night clubs).

It is based on the Castle of St Philip of Cartagena
of the Indies, where Blas de Lezo culminated his
    glorious campaign against Perfidious Albion.
  The Island of Ibiza, because of its strategic
 position in the Mediterranean was throughout
 history an important military and commercial

 So, in 1554, Prince Felipe, the future Felipe II,
commisioned the construction of a new fortress.
The original project by Calvi was taken up many
  years later by the Italian engineer Fratín and
   remained until the 18th century without any
              significant alterations.
The Photo:

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