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					                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

   Niche keywords may be fewer in number but they have fewer competing web pages. If you have a web page that
   is based on niche websites you are going to have a greatly increased opportunity to land on the top rankings of
                                             the major search engines.
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                                               How to Promote your Website easily!
                                                                     By Chris

    How to Promote your Website easily! by Chris

    As you can see there is nothing between the two html
tags. So when the search engine spider or robot comes to the page it can not
find any information about this particular page and it will just go on. However
if you go in and add meta tags to your site it will provide information to help
the search engines index your site. The meta content is not something that is
visible to the viewer but is important to the search engines. There are a few
different tags that you can put in your meta content. Such as a ,
, and some others. The most important ones are the
title, description and keyword. So a properly formatted page might look
something like this:

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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

As you can see the title tag is a little different from all the others. Your
title tag should be formatted in this way:

Place you webpage title here

The next tag that you have is the description tag and it should be formatted in
this way:


Then you should also use the keywords tag. It needs to be formatted like this:

  As you can see there is a lot of typing involved to create
these and so a lot of webmasters use a simple tool called a meta tag generator.
There are thousands of these all over the web that you can use for free.

    Now the important thing about this is finding keywords that
do not have a lot of competition. For example the keyword "Free" is used on
billions of web pages and so it is not likely that you will become number one
for this term. So you want to find keywords that relate to your page and do not
have a lot of competition.

It used to be that meta tags were the only thing you needed to have on a website
and then amazingly enough you would get into a search engine. It was really that
simple 5 years ago. Search engines no longer use meta tags as heavily as they
used to. Now there are a lot of factors that go into ranking well for a keyword.
However if you do not have any meta tags on your website it is going to be much
harder to get into the search engines. Sure you hear weird stories about so and
so's website that is ranked number #1 in Google for this super popular keyword
and they did not even use meta tags. These are true stories however with
properly formatted meta tags you have built a strong foundation to getting top
rankings. It is honestly only the start and should be done before you even
submit your site to any search engine. So go ahead and start adding the meta
tags to your site. You can find a meta tag generator tool on my website. Also
look for future articles on my website for more information about marketing your

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                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

Chris Ryerson the webmaster of Crown Template and other websites wrote this article. To find out
more about website promotion, free webmaster tools and website templates check outCrown

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                                             Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                       Role of Website Design in Online Business
                                                          By Basant Behura

Website Designing is the art of designing a website with creative ideas and attractive looks. Now a
day’s website becomes the best and popular method for advertising and promoting the product or
service in market. So if you belong to business sector, then you must have your own website, where
you can advertise and promote your product. For increase the sales rate, product delivery amount,
service program and reputation in market, one professional play very important role. Because people
spend maximum time with Internet, where they visit many sites and try to get any new ideas. For
which, now a days, websites become so popular in market. Hence, you should have professional
website which can easily attract new visitors or get maximum attention. High quality and attractiveness
of a website design played a significant role for your online business.

In website design, you can present your ideas about the company, product and also the services. Your
website is the medium for providing identity in local or national or international market. For which you
must be careful about your web designing service and it becomes the reason for giving profitable
position in market. If your website does not look attractive, then people will skip your site and they
never take interest to proceed further. A professional and attractive website design is essential for your
business in the market.

Now Internet becomes one of the great sources of information where you can easily advertise and
promote your product with an affordable price. Before website designing, you must think about
planning and research of the market and the product, which you want to promote in online business. It
means that what you want from your site, what is the basic features and strategies of site and how will
the website looks after designing it and so many important things. You should focus on some points
before designing a website, such as:

Decide your goal when you are going for web designing: Before designing your website, you must
know the requirements or purposes of the website and you must think about both long-term and short
term goals. Which type of information is present in the website, what is the basic job of your business,
which type of clients do you have? These queries must have answers in your website.

Your website should stand for readers: your website should be user friendly in nature so that visitors
can easily get the required information. You must keep images and animations in website but those
images and animations must be significant and link with theme of website. And also you should always
try to follow important features of your website, such as: speed and simplicity.

You should give proper attention for website design and for which people will take keen interest to visit
again your website.

Basant Kumar is a professional author who writes about different aspect of web designing, web
development, web hosting and & link building services. For more information, Please visit

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                                              Presented by Daniel Toriola

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