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									                                Graphic Designer


   To drive all marketing activity both print and electronic throughout the
    organisation overseeing all projects from conception to launch.
   To develop and drive the Medisafe and Valisafe brand, ensuring continuity and
    consistency of our products.
   To co-ordinate between sales and marketing functions.
   To facilitate workflow between marketing team members and UK /
    International sales teams.

The Department: leading corporate branding and design for all organisational
communication material.

   Create and maintain a House style for all materials for release to distributors
    and customers.
   Create and maintain a House style for all web based media.
   Implement the use of this House style across all publicly released materials
    and produce internal documents in house style.
   Maintain the H drive "new product info and images" file to ensure only
    relevant information is kept and old/irrelevant information is archived.
   Creating and designing eshots, advertorials, product launch packs, working
    with the appropriate sales team member for wording
   Work with International Sales & Marketing Manager to create press releases,
    brochures, adverts, flyers and leaflets and ensure that the House style is
   Proof read all documents prior to release
   Set up literature ready for print and provide accounts with details of print job
    going to tender in order for them to obtain competitive quotes
   Knowledge of print process a must
   Ensure downloadable product information is made available on the web site
    and FTP. Ensuring all content is up to date and distributing when new material
    has been created.
   Organising Mailshot templates and literature
   Producing Adobe flash and videos for product promotion
   Arrange product photo shoots, photograph products internally and externally
   Working knowledge of using an SLR camera
   Strong retouching skills and image manipulation.
   Pass information regarding new products to the Sales team (via liaison with
    the technical teams)
   Obtain marketing materials from our suppliers in order for it to be produced in
    the House style before distribution
   Work with development in order for the Medisafe/Valisafe brand to continue
    across all products
   Maintain relationships with the media and printers
   Co-ordinate smooth work flow of busy in house marketing team ensuring
    priorities and deadlines are met especially when end result is print based and
    being shipped abroad.
   Work on numerous projects at one time, balancing workflow
   Arrange effective distribution of marketing material
           Help organise and possibly attend events and exhibitions. Develop effective
            working relationships with exhibition organisers and other relevant bodies, as
           Involvement with eternal exhibition designers, ensuring the brand is identified
            in a 3d large scale format (branding of exhibition stand)
           Design smaller POS
           Look at competitors to keep up with current healthcare trends
           Follow procedures for keeping old material and new material current.

Job Requirements

Skills & Abilities:

           A good degree (2:1 or higher) in Graphic Design or Illustrator
           Excellent photography skills and photo manipulation
           Conversant with Mac or PC
           Superb working knowledge of Photoshop, and Illustrator
           Supremely organised, with a meticulous eye for detail
           Proficient use of design and artwork processes
           Keen interest in online marketing
           Be able to discuss / communicate rationally and professionally.
           Competent reading, writing, and arithmetic skills required
           Word and Excel to a competent level
           Be prepared to travel overseas.


Personal & Interpersonal

           Renowned for your creativity and innovation
           Passionate about good design and working in a great team
           Forward thinking with ability to multi-task.
           Ability to work well under pressure.
           Sharp understanding of time management
           Keen eye for detail with market awareness
           Good organisational and communication skills
           Strong customer focus with a high level of professional integrity
           Capable of working unsupervised
           Strong Completer finisher to ensure all jobs started are finished

Working conditions are normal for an office environment. Work involves frequent visual display
screen and telephone duties

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