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					    Hindu Cultural Center of Connecticut, Inc (HCC)
         Registered Tax-Exempt Non-Profit Religious & Cultural Organization, IRS-ID # 04-3752474

                   HCC Senior Center
Vision: To provide a platform for social, physical and spiritual enhancement for our
         Senior community and to foster community outreach programs

Eligibility: Serving members of the Indian American community 50 years and older

Membership Dues: $25/year payable to HCC will cover ancillary costs of supplies, any out-
trips, special speakers may require additional fee for that event to offset the cost.
Programs: The Senior Center Group meets every second Saturday of the month from
10:30 am to 2:00 pm. It is a social networking group, who participate in entertainment, cultural
and social events, discussion groups, out trips with their peers, as well as Yoga and meditation
classes and religious events of their choice.
Members are notified of events via emails and postings on our website. Please see the current
event section of the HCC website for the most current program. Dates of meetings are:
March 10, 2012, April 14, 2012, May 5, 2012 (please note date), June 14 2012, Sept 8,2012,
October 13,2012, November10,2012, December 10,2012

Meals: Lunch is usually a catered meal for a small fee OR can be sponsored by any member if
desired to celebrate a special day or event.

Transportation: The committee strives to make this center a place of gathering and understands
need for providing transportation to who needs it and makes every effort to arrange rides. We do
not want our members to stay away for this reason.
Please Call Harshida Shah: 203-915-9298 to arrange for a ride to the center.
Please call Renu Vij for any information at 203-257-4243 or email

HCC Tel: 203-375-9898 ( website) (email)

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