Spa Fairy Paperwork Envelope by 8gobJ6


									                   Spa Fairy Paperwork Envelope
In this envelope you will find some helpful documents and forms to get your business
                  started! Please continue to use your 4 resources:
         1. Your recruiter, 2.Your director, 3. BeautiControl, 4. Other Spa Girls!
We wish you great success in your new business…Congratulations and Welcome! 

  1. Spa Script
  2. Checklist Before a Spa
  3. Thank you notes
  4. Spa Party Breakdown
  5. Qualifying Recruits
  6. Inventory Form
  7. 100 Ideas to Build Your Spa Business
  8. How to book Office Spas
  9. Office Spa Order Form
  10. Freedom Plan At a Glance
  11. Order Form—Non Spa (Use for telephone orders)
  12. Corn Flake Picture
  13. Face Pictures x 3
  14. Microderm Hands picture
  15. How to Order a Spa Now Case
  16. Hostess Letter

  I hope you find these forms and documents helpful! I will also get you a CD with
  electronic versions of all of these forms that you may tweak however you would
  like! Happy Spa-ing! 

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