Job Description for Foundation Year 1 Post in Endocrin/Urology by srH59X9


									   Job Description for Foundation Year 1 Post in Endocrin/Urology/Upper GI

 Specialty:        Diabetes, Endocrinology and General Medicine

  Hospital:         St James’s University Hospital, Leeds

 Brief Description of Department:

 This is a well equipped specialist Endocrinology and Diabetes Centre providing Out-
 Patient and In-Patient services to the community and tertiary referral expertise to the
 region. The In-Patient workload consists of General Medicine and Endocrinology.
 Furthermore, patients are regularly admitted for short stay investigative/diagnostic tests.

 The firm consists of 3 Consultants, 4 Specialist Registrars, 3 Senior House Officers and 3
 Foundation Trainees.

 Responsibilities of Foundation Trainee

 To take history and examination of patients with appropriate management under senior
 guidance of acute medical take. To provide continuing care to Ward Patients (including
 daily reviews, requesting investigations and simple management) and to perform
 procedures when appropriate for the level of a FY1 trainee

 Educational Opportunities: (including clinical, x ray, pathology meetings)
 There is a programme of events, including:
 X-ray meeting once a month     Weekly Foundation Teachings
 Weekly Grand Round             Medical Student Teaching
 Weekly Departmental Meeting

 Out of hour’s commitments and responsibilities:

 Full shift rota covering full take and on call responsibilities of the acute general medicine
 and specialities rota.

Specialty: Urology

Hospital: St.James’ University Hospital, Leeds

Brief Description of Department’s Service

Urology services to the population of Leeds: Uro-oncology, Female urology and Reconstruction,
Andrology, Urolithiasis and Endo-urology.

Departmental Staffing (please record appropriate numbers)

Consultants                [7      ]        Specialist Registrars        [5   ]
SHOs                       [4      ]        FY2                          [2   ]
FY1                        [4      ]        Other (specify below)        [4   ]

        Research Fellows contribute to SHO rota.

Duties of Foundation Trainee

Team based working.

In-patient care of acute and elective urology patients.

Contribution to pre-assessment of urology patients.

Acute admissions in Urology

Contribution to the on-call rota of PRHOs in general surgery.

Self-education and career advancement:

                                   Ward Work

                                   Ward and A/E Procedures

                                   Learning opportunities in theatre

Educational Opportunities (e.g. Departmental Educational Meetings, X-Ray Meetings etc)

Journal Club Wednesday am
X-ray meeting Monday lunch
MDTs; Oncology Tuesday am
       Oncology Friday lunch
       Urolithiasis Tuesday am
Monthly Audit meeting

Out of Hours Commitments (please include details of shifts/rotas and out of hours

Full-shift (one-in-six).

There are two PRHOs , first and second on-call provide acute care and ward care respectively


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