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									                                  Registration and Logistics

Session 1, The South: The Way of the Hero is the beginning of the Medicine Wheel
wisdom teachings where you learn to shed your attachment to your personal past, the same
way Mother Serpent, Sachamama, sheds her skin. This is an intensive personal
development training that is rooted in the luminous healing traditions of the Laika,
Earthkeepers of the Andes. The Yanachaqui process will empower three stones that will
become part of your Mesa, and you will receive four initiation Rites.

The South Makeup Session is an opportunity for you to join the 16 people who completed the
South Session in February. This makeup session will be limited to 8 persons. Admission to
the South Makeup Session will be contingent on a one-on-one mutual interview; please call
Tomas at 805.798.5648 to arrange this.

Dates & Times for South Makeup Session
May 11 through May 13, 2012
Session begins at 8:30 am on Friday, May 11, 2012
Session ends at 6:30 pm on Sunday, May 13, 2012

Tomas Bostrom, Four Winds Society staff teacher.

Tuition Cost and Registration
The full program consists of four sessions. Tuition for the South Makeup Session will be
$400. Tuition for the remaining sessions is $495. Tuition fees do not include lodging or
meals. A non-refundable deposit of $150 will hold your space in the session. Payment for
each session is due 20 days prior to the beginning of the session.

You may register by filling out the Application Form at the end of this document and mailing
it to:
              Inka Medicine Wheel
              509 Drown Avenue
              Ojai, CA 93023

Tuition may be paid online with credit card or PayPal; or by check made payable to Inka
Medicine Wheel, mail to address above. Registration is not processed until payment is
received. Please contact us at or call (805) 798-5648 with
any questions about tuition cost or registration.

The South Makeup session will be held at a private residence in Ojai. The address will be
given upon registration.

For the South Makeup Session, Ojai has a wide variety of hotels. If cost is an issue, or if you
have difficulty finding lodging, please contact me and I’ll do my best to assist. There will be a
2 hour lunch break on Friday so you can check in if you are staying at a hotel.

For the remaining sessions, on-site lodging is available at the Ojai Foundation for $40 per
person per night in shared yurts with communal bathroom facilities. We encourage

Dates: South Make-up: May 11-13; West: June 22-25; North Oct 11-14; East: Jan 17-20, 2013
participants to immerse themselves in Nature and the Medicine Wheel experience by staying
at this beautiful land. Lodging reservations may be made directly with The Ojai Foundation
by contacting Diane Kelly at (805) 646-8343 extension 123, or by emailing her at . Their website is . If you are commuting
from Ojai or nearby, there will be no commuter fees charged.

Tuition does not include meals. For the South Makeup Session, Saturday and Sunday will be
working lunches, so we'll be ordering in for those 2 days. Please be prepared to pay cash or
check for what you order. Ojai has a wide variety of high quality restaurants for other meals.
You may bring your own pre-made meals and store them in the kitchen.

For the remaining sessions, freshly prepared organic meals will be served during the
scheduled meal breaks for a reasonable price. We recommend that participants stay and eat
on campus in order to maintain immersion in the work, and to create community with
classmates. Meal package options for the remaining sessions will be announced.

What to Bring to South Makeup Session

 Clothing

       Outdoor clothing: come prepared to do evening fire ceremonies and outdoor
       explorations. Plan according to the time of year. You might need to bring a coat or
       jacket, boots and rain gear.

       Comfortable clothes for the course, as some of our course work is done indoors on
       the floor.

       Ceremonial evening clothes (nice dress, or slacks and shirt).

       We respectfully ask that participants refrain from wearing scented products during the

 Blanket or foam pad for floor work.

 Flashlight - All participants must bring a flashlight or headlamp.

 Three stones – each stone should fit easily into your hand and move you or speak to you
in some way. The stones are the beginning of your mesa.

 A small ceremonial cloth to hold your stones – approximately 18” x 18”.

 Rattle or small drum if you have one.

 Two small gifts – you will receive rites of passage in the Laika tradition. It is customary to
gift the person giving the rites with a small token of your appreciation.

 Journal and pens for your notes.

Dates: South Make-up: May 11-13; West: June 22-25; North Oct 11-14; East: Jan 17-20, 2013
Seating Chairs and some pillows will be provided for seating. Please bring any special
seating you may need.

What’s In a Day
Generally, each day will include morning breathing/meditation, teaching segments,
demonstrations, practice sessions and processing time. Evenings find us in ceremony.

Cancellation and Refund Policy
Written request for cancellation received up to 14 days prior to event: tuition paid will be
refunded, minus deposit, minus $50 cancellation fee. Written request received after 14 days
prior to event: tuition paid will be refunded, minus deposit, minus $100 cancellation fee. Due
to the high fixed costs of producing the event, no refunds will be given for those who do not
attend or cancel in writing prior to 1 day before event. Exceptions may be granted at our
absolute discretion depending on circumstances of the situation.

Dates: South Make-up: May 11-13; West: June 22-25; North Oct 11-14; East: Jan 17-20, 2013
                            Inka Medicine Wheel
                                 Ojai – 2012
                                 Program Application

Name: ____________________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________


Telephone: Day (      ) _____________________

       Evening (      ) _____________________

E-mail: __________________________________________________________

Occupation: _______________________________________________________

1. Please list any Shamanic or alternative healing work that you have done:

2. Please tell us about yourself and your interest in this program:

3. Please let us know if you have any limitations that might affect your participation:


                          Please include additional pages if needed.

Dates: South Make-up: May 11-13; West: June 22-25; North Oct 11-14; East: Jan 17-20, 2013

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