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									Core Value 4 - WOW Service

The Integrity Clinic Considers WOW Service a Core Value!
The problem with doctor’s offices all across the country is this: If you have been in one doctor’s
office you have been in them all. It’s almost like there is a reward for being medical clones. We
answer the phone the same – we greet patients at the front desk the same. We dress the same.
The smells are the same. We act the same. No creativity. No imagination. No personality.
Nothing outside the box. The only thing different is the name on the outside of the clinic. We
should be called Stepford Healthcare Clinics. You would think the government is handing out
$44,000 grants to all practices that look – act – sound – smell – bore the same. I get sleepy just
thinking about this.

There IS good news in all of this!
What is the great thing about so much sameness? It is easy to provide WOW! Standing out in
this crowd of health care offices is a piece of cake. The bar is set so incredibly low. Nobody in
health care even has a desire to be awesome – they pride themselves in being boring and
average. In fact, they call boring and average – “professional”. I’m thinking there must be a big
award ceremony for keeping patients waiting. The longer you wait the more important and the
better the doctor must be. It is like an unwritten code. Do you know what I have always
wondered? If they weren’t going to be able to see you until 2:30 – why did they make the
appointment at 1:00? They disrespect the public like their time is worth nothing.
I think insurance has also hurt the service mindset in healthcare. It is like – since it is covered by
insurance anyway – what do you care if we are good in service or not – it is free to you anyway
so what does it matter if you need the service or understand it. What does it matter if we provide
wow service or mediocre service? So we lower the bar of service expectations because you
aren’t going to be paying much out of your pocket anyway – it is coming out of the insurance
pocket – so don’t complain - whatever you get can be sub par because you are paying sub par.
This paid for mindset has made all of health care very average and mediocre. It is better when
business including health care must be earned and worth it.

Let’s Do It Anyway!
What would happen if we stepped it up? What would happen if we EARNED their coming in for
care – in other words, they would do this if there were no insurance – because in fact, there may
be no insurance. In this day of high deductibles – this is truly what we are facing! Our core value
must be - Anything worth doing is worth doing WOW. In other words – everybody does
procedures – but it is not what you say - it is how you say it – you must do everything with a
WOW! A WOW greeting instead of a same old same greeting. A WOW answer of the phone.
You would blow everybody away with this core value – and it would be so easy! They are so
used to the boring and mundane answer of the phone that if you answered with enthusiasm and
excitement – they would fall off their chair! What would happen if within the same minute that
they turned in their paperwork on the first day – they IMMEDIATELY started getting service?
They would go into shock.

Now the medical doctors have started using deceptive service – and it hasn’t worked –
particularly in emergency rooms. It used to be that when you turned in your paperwork that you
sat in the reception room for another hour before being called back. Now they call you back
immediately – and you get all excited - but they put you in a treatment room so you can sit
THERE for an hour and see nobody – and now they can charge you for being in a treatment room
– but you still wait just as long – it just LOOKED like you weren’t going to have to wait. This is no
good. We don’t follow this model. When I say you call them back – I mean their CARE
immediately begins! They go on the Integrity WOW tour. And you make it a wow tour not just by
what you say but by how you say it. They meet everybody in the clinic. The staff takes time to
meet them and is thrilled to see them. They are wowed by the office itself. They watch the
Integrity Orientation DVD. And then within moments they meet the doctor. It is non-stop service.
They are being cared for form the moment they walk in the door until they leave. And not only
that – we make all of their visits as short as possible. They have jobs and work to do- it should be
no longer than an hour from start to finish on that first day.

Let’s talk about some ways to set you apart with WOW service.
Now I am not saying you have to do this – but let’s throw out some new thoughts outside the box
just to get your imagination and creative juices flowing. This might give you staff meeting
discussions. We stayed at the Ritz-Carlton for a Top Flight seminar. Let me tell you what I saw
there. They have somebody there – in fact, usually 2 people there to open the door for you when
you come in to the hotel – every time. They would always say Welcome back and they usually
called us by name! They would offer their services by saying – “Is there any way I can help you?
– Directions, something to drink, answer any question?”. While we were there it started raining
just as we were going out to the pool. I watched the staff as they started running out to the
guests with umbrellas and walking them to a place where there was shelter. They helped them
grab their stuff and carried it for them. Now, let’s just think about this for a moment.
What happens when it rains at your clinic? Do they come in soaked and you just say, “Is it raining
out there?” Or “Boy, you sure got wet. Tehe.” Have you ever ran out there and walked them into
the clinic with an umbrella? Have you ever walked them out to the car? How many times do you
open the door for your patients to come in? What about senior adults filling out the paper work?
Could you help them with it and do you help them fill it out? I’m just wondering if there are some
things we could do to prove our core value of WOW service. I wonder if it shows like a million
dollar necklace.

Treating Patients During Lunch
If all other chiropractic offices are closed 2 hours for lunch – what if you aren’t? What if the
easiest time for your patients – who also work during the day – was during their lunch hour so
they didn’t have to take off work to come to your office 3 times a week. So you keep a full
schedule during lunch to accommodate your PATIENTS instead of you. Did you set those patient
hours with your patients in mind? Or you? What would a core value of WOW service do? I’m just
In other words, Most office obsess over themselves – they worry about what will make it easiest
for the clinic – when they set the hours for the office – they don’t set it based on what is best for
the patient – they set it based on the hours THEY want. They close the office two hours for lunch
– the two hours that most patients would love to be able to come in. Do your patients like you
closed from 12 until 3? Is that what is easiest for them? Or did you just set them where all other
chiropractic offices were set. Clone Chiropractic.

Should You Adjust Your Hours?
Just think about this for a moment. What time do you open? Is that because that is what is best
for your patients? How late do you stay open? Is that after you polled your patients to find out
when it would be easiest for them to come for 21 times over the next two months? Would your
patients like to come in before work? After work? You know, if you want them to come in for 2 or
3 times a week and they work – they need some times that will benefit them. When your core
value is WOW service and you make all decisions with THAT in mind – you set yourself apart
from ALL chiropractors. NOBODY does that – they all think of themselves only.
If you have associates in your practice – why wouldn’t you be open longer hours? All of you
multi-doctor clinics should be open longer hours than the “normal” practice – simply because you
CAN – by alternating hours. Just start thinking with the patient in mind – to best service them –
just to provide WOW service.

Answer the Phone!
When is it easiest for patients to call your office? Well, most people work. And most people
including yourselves – can’t make personal phone calls while they are working. That means they
need to make their personal calls on the lunch hour. So what do we do? WE put our phones on
voice mail from noon until 2. The only time they can call – we don’t answer the phone. Was that
because our core value was the patient or our core value was us? Who are we thinking about?
When our core value is WOW service – we figure out a way to answer the phone during those
times when our patients or those trying to become new patients can actually call us. We are
there for them. We have a passion for making patients happy!
Can they email you if they cannot call you? Does this make you accessible 24 hours a day? Is
there a way to text you? Do you answer your emails promptly?
Search for ways to make it easier for them to become your patient and stay your patient!
Search for a way to make them say, “WOW”!

Know Your Patients!
What if you learn – know and call kids by their names? What if you remembered birthdays –
anniversaries? What if you had “stuff” on hand at the office – little gifts or cards or whatever to
give out to patients on special occasions of theirs or accomplishments? What if you remembered
something that they were going to do in a week and you called them to see how it went? That
would be a WOW!
You know – it is much harder for your patients to miss appointments – or quit coming – or let you
down – when they feel like you really know them and you are looking for them and expecting
them. If you don’t really know them – they definitely feel like they can miss and it is no big deal. If
they get a call or text within 15 minutes of their appointment because they are not there – it
communicates a message!
For instance, when we have been asking doctors lately how many patient files they have –
nobody knows – they say it is hard to tell because a lot of their patient files include people who
have died or moved away. Well shoot, if you don’t even know if they are alive or not – it is hard to
say you know them so well that they feel like that you miss them and are wondering where they
are at. I think they know they can stop coming and you will never know and you won’t really care
– as far as you know they could be dead – you have already moved on to another group of new
patients - but you say you are about their wellness. But if you KNOW them – and you are
LOOKING for them – and you CARE whether or not they show up – the pressure is on and they
will be much me apt to STAY with your chiropractic care. What do you think? What would WOW
service do?

What About Financial Services?
Why have many doctors and practices gone to what is called “All CASH” practices? Is it because
of a passion to please the patient and provide them with the best in financial service? Now I am
not saying you are bad if you have an all cash practice. I am aware you were led down that path
by other doctors – but how did they lead you down that path? Did you want to go all cash
because – your patients are begging for the privilege to file insurance for themselves? They have
insurance and they were hoping they could pay you all the money up front and then go home and
file insurance – do the billing themselves – make the phone calls – work the collections. This is
something THEY want to do? This is something you converted to because of your core value to
provide WOW service? You want to let them have the fun of doing it – You made this “all cash“
decision because it will make it easier for them? Or were you enticed by this program by “cows”
attracting you with “making practice easier for you”. Is it because your core value is YOU. YOU
don’t want to have to mess with insurance – you don’t want to collect. You don’t want the
headache. You are thankful for some seminar guy giving you all the LINES to give to the patient
so you can feel justified in unloading all the service headaches on the patient. You don’t want to
bill or make the calls. You don’t want to wrestle with insurance companies – you just want the
money and you want the money without having to work for it – you want to be handed the
money. So when I come to you as a patient and I have insurance – you are actually telling me – I
don’t care if you have insurance or not – I just want my money – you pay me the money up front
and I’ll let you worry about the insurance. Does that sound like an all service clinic to you? A
crown jewel?

Most office decisions and most chiropractors make decisions based on what requires the least of
your office time and effort regardless of what it means to the patient. It’s all about you. Our
Integrity Core Value is WOW service – it is all about them! That is why it is so easy to stand out.
When you accept our core value of WOW service – it catapults you above all others and makes
you stand out in the health care field like a 30-carat diamond in a drawer with all cheap glass.
Our core values are different from the rest – we say Obsess over the patient – Put the patient first
and provide WOW service.

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