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					Core Value 3 – Passion

At the very core of our being is a love for patients – a passion for patients. A passion to see
everyone WELL. Not just some of your neighbors and friends – all of them. We want nobody left
out. We love people and have a passion for their natural health. You want to see your community
able to stop taking so many drugs because they are YOUR patients and they are now getting
regular chiropractic care and they are now allowing the one who made the body to heal the body.
 Drugs and surgery become the last resort instead of the first. We want to see adults reach old
age and still be able to move and function – not losing all of their mobility because they didn’t take
care of their musculo-skeletal system. We want to see them able to play with their kids and grand
kids. You have a passion for changing the health of the town where you have been planted. You
believe you can do it if you have the love and passion to do it.

You love patients! You can’t see too many! You can’t be too busy! You are always wanting one
more. You think about it all the time! You love to hear the phone ring. Why? Because every time
you hear the phone ring you think it must be a new patient! You are on a mission for getting 80%
of your community under chiropractic care. You want to see every baby start their health care
naturally with chiropractic. Kids grow up experiencing so many falls and bumps and bruises - You
want no child left behind. You want all kids taking care of their structural system so they have a
healthy one when they become adults. Whenever you meet a new patient you immediately have
the need to meet and see every one of their family members – and you won’t stop until you see
all of them. You look for people to tell about chiropractic. Places to get into. You want to meet
and know all the leaders in the community – you want them to be under chiropractic care. You
look for ways you can dominate the community and make your clinic FAMOUS! You want your
clinic to be the star of the community. You want to get to know the mayor, the city council, the
board of education, the principals and teachers, the police and fire departments. You want to
know your elected officials. You are on a mission – you have a passion for patients. Are they
getting chiropractic care? Have they been to your clinic? Why not? You want everybody!

You learn the HTSY class so you know what to say to people. You want to be able to give it at
any time to any group or individual. You want to know how to explain to people why their entire
family needs to come in and get care. They have no idea. The only way they will ever know is if
you tell them. Maybe you have an iPad and you could put the presentation on your iPad and be
ready to share at any time. But as long as you know the information that is all you really need to
pass it long to others. You may keep tickets to the HTSY class in your purse so you can give
them to people that you meet and talk to and invite them to the class when you are out in the
community. In the office you make sure that all the new patients have taken the class and if they
haven’t – it is your passion to get them there. Why? Because that class is the education they
need to STAY with their recommendation of care. It’s what they must know to understand why
they will become lifetime wellness patients and it is exactly what they need to understand WHY
their entire family needs to be under chiropractic care. And that is your objective as well – to get
their entire family under care. The class is the KEY to everything we are trying to accomplish.

Call Them on the Phone!
When you haven’t seen a patient in a while – you pick up the phone and give them a call to check
on them. Set a goal of reactivation calls that you will make every week. Have a system in the
office where you know how to get names and phone numbers and call those 25 patients a week.
Get them back. Let’s get them under regular care! Perhaps you send them a text message. You
text all the time for goofy stuff – why not make your text messages count for something good! I
have found people read and respond better to text messages than voice mail.

What about Facebook?
Maybe you are a big Facebook person – message them on Facebook. Put lots of good news on
your Facebook. Tell everybody what a great day you are having seeing people get well – maybe
some cases you saw without using names. Put all your office events on there. Tell everybody
how excited you are about it. After the event is over – give everybody a report on how great it
went. Create excitement about your clinic on your Facebook.

Keep your eye out for patients when you go out to eat or go grocery shopping or anything else
you are doing in the community. Make sure you see – recognize and speak to them. Try to be
aware if you have seen them lately or not – maybe do a reactivation right there!
A passion for patients is not a part time value or a part time job. You are always
representing the practice no matter where you are – it is a 24/7 representation and mission and
value! If you only do the things I am talking about at work or “when you think about it” – you lose
the true impact of the value. You must wear the magnificent gems – the core values – 24/7. You
know what I am saying – don’t you? The core value of a passion for patients must be a constant
purpose. You must also make your passion for patients the plan for doing your job.

A systematic plan so you know it gets done – a number of phone calls. A number of text
messages and calls and reactivation activities. This must become a lifestyle – that is what makes
it a passion – a passion for patients. When someone cancels an appointment – you are crushed –
you do everything you can to keep them there. You don’t want anybody to miss – even once. 20
out of 21 visits aren’t enough. They must be at all of their treatments and all of them on the day
they are supposed to get them. It is a passion. It is a core value passion.

I admit this isn’t the way a normal practice functions and it isn’t the value or mindset of the normal
staff. A normal practice has no passion – much less a passion for patients. The staff likes it being
slow – it makes their work easier. In fact, a cancelation means a possible break! They don’t want
to work at getting new patients or keeping them on their schedule – they want patients to come in
with no effort like an entitlement program. They want them to make all of the appointments just
because they are supposed to – with no effort on your part. That is what makes a passion for
patients such a rare gem. This is what makes you stand out!
Front Desk: When you answer the phone – you say, “Can I make an appointment for you?” Why
do you ask that? Because that is the reason you answered the phone – you want new patients
and you want to keep the patients you have. You don’t have to be told to answer the phone by
the third ring. Why? Because you would answer it before the patient even has a chance to hear it
ring on their end of the phone if you could. You can hardly wait to answer the phone. You are
excited that it rang. You don’t want anybody going to voicemail. But believe me, this isn’t the
way a normal office functions. Just call any other office – If they answer the phone they answer it
like a bored stiff robot.

You say, “wait a minute, my job is billing and collections. A passion for patients isn’t in my job
description. If anybody has a passion for
New patients it should be the practice representative – that is their job – she is supposed to go
out and meet the leaders of the community and look for places to have lunch and learns. She is
supposed to get all the new patients. Not me!” The truth is – most practices just sit around
waiting and hoping for people to come in to see them. Nobody has a passion for patients. Most
practices have no practice representative. They make little or no effort at all. They like to act like
it is beneath them to want patients. Most chiropractic offices sit around and criticize the ones
who DO work to get new patients. They are actually just lazy and uncaring.
They don’t want to have to work or have passion – they just want to wake up and make a nice
living without effort. It is an entitlement mindset instead of a crown gem of passion for patients.
The Integrity office has a passion for patients as a core value.
When you have your core values in place – everyone on the team is LEADING the charge to
PROMOTE chiropractic and get new patients. We want to change heath care and we know we
can do it. Everybody has a passion for patients – the front desk, the billing and collections, the
therapy and PT’s, it doesn’t matter where you are located in the office - it’s a core value. Patients
are the purpose. It’s kind of like the teacher who said teaching would be great if it weren’t for the
students. Hey wait a minute – there would be no teachers if it weren’t for the students. Students
are the only reason they are there. Patients are your purpose – the reason you are there.
Patients mean job security. You are thrilled when there is a last minute new patient that gets
scheduled. It means you just got one more of the community and when you get that one- that
one will help you get 10 more – you can be sure that one person know at least 10 other family
and friends. So one always means ten and we are excited – sure it is after closing time – and we
are thrilled because it is worth it – it is part of the purpose. You hope you have to come in early to
accommodate another new patient.

One more thing…
Your passion for patients never ends, even after they complete their stabilization care. Even
when they are on regular wellness care. It’s is just like parenting – you think after they get a
certain age – like 18 - that they no longer require or need parenting – your job is over and you go
back to life as if you had no kids. Not so fast my friend. The Joke is on you – it’s not going to
happen. It doesn’t work that way. Parenting is permanent. In fact, most of the time the problems
your kids face are much bigger after 18 than they were when they were 10. You never lose the
love or need to help. And so it is with your patients. They may have gotten out of pain – but your
responsibility doesn’t end there. They need to be lifetime patients and it is your job to get them
there and keep them there. You never lose the love or need to help them. You can even lose that
lifetime patient if you don’t keep the passion for them – keep encouraging them. Keep checking
on them. Your passion has to continue with them forever or they will fade on you – inspiration is
permanent. So is passion – you can never lose it – it is a CORE value!!!

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