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									           Web Services
           (Instructors: Ashraf Memon, Prof. Ramon Arrowsmith, Ghulam Memon)

 1:00 pm Logistics

 1:15 pm Science Story: Web Service and LIDAR
         (Prof. Ramon Arrowsmith)

 2:00 pm Overview and establishing a foundation for web services
         (Ashraf Memon)

                      The need for web services
                      Service-oriented architecture (SOA)
                      Core technologies
                            o XML with examples
                            o     The Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP)
                            o     The WSDL

 2:45 pm Break (15 minutes)

 3:00 pm Creating Web services [hands-on training]
         (Ashraf Memon, Ghulam Memon)

                      Writing service classes in Java
                      Generating web service from a class
                      Deploying web services with Apache Axis
                      Generating client files and testing them


 5:00 pm Instruction ends

 8:30 am Creating Data Access Web services [hands-on training] (cont'd)
         (Ashraf Memon, Ghulam Memon)

                      Creating a web service for data access (ASCII files, Database)
                      Creating a web service from an existing program/command line tools (implementing algorithm or

            ascii.zip, database.zip and tools.zip

10:00 am Break (15 minutes)

10:15 am Hands-on training on tools to consume existing web services from WSDL (may include fledermaus)
         (Ashraf Memon, Ghulam Memon)

                      Creating a web service client using wsdl2java tool
                      Testing the generated client


11:15 am Advanced topics, pointer to references, closing remarks
         (Ashraf Memon, Ramon Smith)

                      Tools for Web Services (Eclipse 3.0, others, etc.)
                      Overview of Web Services Security
                      Examples of Web Services in other languages
                      Online tutorials
                 Discussion and reading material
                 Closing Remarks

12:00 pm Lunch (1 hour)

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