MUNICIPAL SOLID WASTE

        Includes commercial and residential wastes generated in a municipal or notified
areas in either solid or semi-solid form excluding industrial hazardous wastes but including
treated bio-medical wastes.

       Sources of Wastes
           Households
           Commerce
           Hospital

Kinds of Wastes

       Solid Wastes :-

              Domestic and Commercial – Paper, Plastic, Cotton, Kitchen waste, Styrofoam
               containers, bottles, cans, scrap iron, E-waste, waste medicines, mercury
               thermometers, mercury lamps etc.
              E-waste – discarded electronic devices like computer, TV, music systems,
               cartridges etc.
              Plastic waste – plastic bags, bottles, buckets etc.
              Metal waste – unused metal sheet, metal scraps etc.
              Hospital solid waste – Human anatomical waste, waste medicines, bottles,
               mercury thermometers, syringes, infected cottons, body fluids, etc.

Classification of Solid Wastes according to their Properties
                    Can be degraded (plastics, bottles, old machines, cans, e-wastes etc.)

Further classified as :-

                     Garbage – Animal and Plant residue, mainly food wastes
                     Rubbish – Combustible and non-combustible portion of waste
                      excluding food wastes.
                     Trash – Combustible portion of rubbish.

Classification of Wastes accordingly to their effects on Human Health and the Environment.
Hazardous wastes

Substances unsafe to use
      Explosive
      Flammable liquids
      Flammable solids
      Oxidizing substances
      Poisonous substances
      Infectious substances
      Corrosives

Substances safe to use. Not having the above characteristics

Effects of Waste if not managed wisely.

      Affects our health
      Affects our socio-economic conditions
      Affects our environment
      Affects our climate

What should be done

Adopt an ecologically sound waste management system which includes :

      Waste Reduction
      More Efficient Collection
      Segregation at Source
      Recycling and Re-use
      Composting

       Management of Municipal Solid Waste of N.A.C Athmallik
Introduction :-

       The Solid Waste Management Department of the Athmallik N.A.C headed by one,
Zamadar, three drivers and 09 nos. regular & DLR Sweepress . The overall responsibility of
Solid Waste Management of the town vests with Executive Officer of the N.A.C. Besides the
above the Sweeping works of the town done through privatization

Waste Generation / Day / Athmallik N.A.C.

       At present N.A.C Town generates about 05 MT of Solid Waste per day. The per
capita waste generation is 0.4 Kg. / day. The source wise generation of waste is given

           Sl.No. Source                                       Approve
                                                               Qnty. In MT
             1      House holds                                       2.0
             2      Street Sweeps                                     2.0
             3      Veg, fish & Meat market                           0.5
             4      Hospitals and Nurshing homes                      0.5
                    TOTAL                                            5.0 MT
Sl.   Parameters                                     Description of Work
                           (a) Organising house-to-house / door to door collection of Municipal Solid Wastes
 1    Collection of            through community bin collection (central bin), house-to-house collection,
       Municipal               collection of regular pre-informed timings and scheduling by using bell ringing
      Solid Wastes             of musical vehicle (without exceeding permissible noise levels)
                           (b) Devising collection of waste from slums and squatter areas or localities
                               including hotels, restaurants, office complexes and commercial areas.
                           (c) Wastes from slaughter houses, meat and fish markets fruits and vegetable
                               markets, which are biodegradable in nature, are managed to make use of
                               such wastes.
                           (d) Collected waste from residential and other areas one transferred to
                               community bin by hand-driven containerised carts or other small vehicles.
                           (e) Horticultural and construction of demolition wastes generated are regulated.
                           (f) Waste (garbage, dry leaves) are not burnt.
                           (g) Stray animals are not be allowed to move around waste storage facilities or at
                               any other place in the town and managed in accordance with the State laws.
                           (h) The Executive Officer notified waste collection schedule and the likely method
                               are adopted for public benefit of Athmallik .
                       In order to encourage the citizens, Executive Officer have organised awareness
 2    Segregation of   programme for segregation of wastes and shall promote recycling or reuse of
      Municipal        segregated materials. The N.A.C Authority have undertake phased programme to
      Solid Wastes     ensure community participation in waste segregation. For this purpose regular
                       meetings at quarterly intervals have been arranged by the Executive Officer with
                       representatives of local resident, welfare associations and non-governmental
                       N.A.C have established and maintain storage facilities in such a manner as they do
 3    Storage     of   not create unhygienic and insanitary conditions around it.
      Municipal             Storage facilities are created and established by taking into account qualities
      Solid Wastes             of waste generation in a given area and the population densities. A storage
                               facility have been identified so placed that it is accessible to users.
                            Storage facilities are set up by N.A.C. & so designed that wastes stored are
                               not exposed to open atmosphere and shall be aesthetically acceptable and
                            Storage facilities or ‘bins’ are ‘ easy operate’ design for handling transfer and
                               transportation of waste. Bins for storage of bio-degradable wastes have been
                               painted green, those for storage of recyclable wastes are painted white and
                               those for storage of other wastes are painted black.

                               Manual handling of waste are prohibited. If unavoidable due to constraints,
                               manual handling are to be carried out under proper precaution with due care
                               for safety of workers.

                       Vehicles such as 3 nos. of Tractor, are being used for transportation of wastes.
 4    Transportation
      of Municipal         (a) The storage facilities set up by Municipality have daily attended for clearing
      solid Wastes             wastes, The bins or containers wherever placed are being cleaned before
                               they start overflowing.
                           (b) Transportation vehicles are so designed that multiple handling of wastes, prior
                               to final disposal is avoided.
Waste Disposal

        One landfill site have been earmarked comprising area 05 Acre of land situated at
ward No.03 of Athmallik N.A.C. which is 0.5km. away from habitation clusters for disposal of
residual solid wastes on land in a facility designed with protective measures against pollution
of ground water, surface water and cur fugitive dust, wind-blown litter, bad odour, fine
hazard, bird menace, pests or rodents, slope instability & erosion.

Use of Bleaching

        Disinfection of wells and toilets made by Municipality, Ghats of Municipal ponds,
disinfection of public placed during festival time.

Use of lime

        Lime is being used to clean the Municipal pond water periodically.

Putting Malaria Oil

        Malaria oil is used in various drains of N.A.C. area and places of water stagnation to
disinfect the breeding places mosquitoes and insects.

Use of Cesspool :-

       One cesspool has been used to clean the septic tanks of night soil and also used to
empty the water from collected pits.

Use of Fogging Machine

        One no. of Fogging Machine has been used to kill mosquitoes regularly in N.A.C

Water Tanker

       03 Nos. of water tankers are being used to supply drinking water at water scarcity
area during summer season & at the time of requirement of public in other seasons.

                                                                             Executive Officer
                                                                             N.A.C Athmallik .

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