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									 Ferndale High School
        Job Shadow
     Permission Slips


Return these completed forms
    to Mr. Adams! ASAP!!
                                                                                   Return to the
                                      FERNDALE HIGH SCHOOL                          Mr. Adams
                                          JOB SHADOW

                              JOB SHADOW ENROLLMENT FORM

       Job Shadow experience is a wonderful way to complete a Health Class

Student Name
Health Class Period:              Grade Level:                       Birth Date:
Student E-mail Address:

Parent/Guardian Name:
Mailing Address:
Home Telephone:                                  Work Telephone:
Parent/Guardian E-mail Address:

What is a JOB SHADOW ?
A Job Shadow is your opportunity to see how a job works! Your Job Shadow may last a half day or a
full day. It is an excused school activity…if you turn in a completed Planned Absence form—24 hours
before your Job Shadow. Your Job Shadow opportunity is a graduation requirement, so have fun
discovering your future.

What do I do?
    Fill out all the paperwork….don’t forget all those signatures!! 
     Please use blue or black ink—this is a contract!
    Find a potential Job Shadow host—must over 21 years old
    Schedule your Job Shadow ASAP!
The FHS Career Center is available to assist you find a Job Shadow placement…if you need us.
Forms to turn in BEFORE Job Shadow—all forms in this packet:                          Return to the
                                                                                       Mr. Adams
 Job Shadow Enrollment Form
 Permission to Participate
 Request for Waiver of Accident Plan Coverage
 Student Driving Authorization and Consent
 Job Shadow Profile—this is not due until you have actually found a placement for your Job Shadow
If student is permitted to drive to their Job Shadow, also provide:
 Copy of Proof of Insurance
 Copy of Driver’s License

Assignments to turn in AFTER the Job Shadow—samples provided in student
 Job Shadow Reflection….online—
 Thank you letter to Job Shadow host
 Employer evaluation from Job Shadow host
Employment Résumé, Academic Résumé and Career Plan for your
WOIS portfolio:

You will find templates and examples of these three documents at: Use these templates and the information you learn on to complete these documents Our WOIS Site Key is gfh737; Log-in Name: your
first name + last name with no spaces. Password: your student number. See the Career Center website for
further instructions…if you encounter difficulties.

Career Pathways—Where do you think you are headed?
Remember, this is not a decision that is “set in stone.” You are looking for something
you love to do…never settle for anything less! Then…you create a personal plan to get
there. Remember: “Most people don’t plan to fail; they fail to plan.” ~ John L. Beckley.
Let’s begin the exciting process of discovering your very successful future!

    Arts & Communication
    Business & Marketing
    Technology & Industry
    Health, Education, & Human Services
    Science & Natural Resources
                                           FERNDALE HIGH SCHOOL                                 Return to the
                                               JOB SHADOW                                        Mr. Adams

                                      PERMISSION TO PARTICIPATE
I hereby give permission for my son/daughter to participate in the Job Shadow project. I accept full responsibility
for the cost of treatment for any injury that my child may suffer while taking part in the Job Shadow. We assume
all risks, hazards, and injuries incident to such participation and do hereby waive, release, absolve, and agree to
hold harmless the Learning/Work Site, Learning Site Supervisor, the Program Coordinator, the Ferndale School
District, School District personnel and School Board members from any claim arising out of an injury to my child
except where the injury is caused by the negligence of either party, school district or learning/worksite.

There are inherent risks in any work-based learning experience. Parents are strongly advised to discuss their
concerns about possible risks with their child and to ensure that the student has adequate accident insurance
coverage. Students must receive permission from their parent/guardian to shadow the potential host before
scheduling or participating in the Job Shadow.

I understand that there is no state industrial insurance coverage for Community and Work-Based Learning
Programs where no wages are involved. Our signatures below indicate we have read, understand and agree to
abide by the foregoing.

   Parent/Guardian Signature                       Print Name                                 Date

        Student Signaure                           Print Name                                 Date

I understand that my son/daughter cannot participate in the Job Shadow project unless the School Accident
Insurance Coverage Plan covers him or our family furnishes proof of sufficient medical coverage; this waiver
indicating adequate coverage will suffice.

          Student Name                            Grade Level                              Birth Date

I have insurance coverage equivalent to or better than the School Accident Coverage Plan, which I will continue
to keep in force throughout my son/daughter’s Job Shadow and, therefore, I do not wish to enroll
                             in the School Accident Coverage Plan.
      Student Name

Insurance Provider
Policy Number

Parent/Guardian Signature                                               Date

NOTE: Insurance is available through the School Accident Coverage Plan. Please ask the Athletic
Secretary for a brochure explaining the plan or call her at 383-9249.
                                           FERNDALE HIGH SCHOOL                                   Return to the
                                               JOB SHADOW                                          Mr. Adams

Does the student have permission to drive to their one-day Job Shadow?

            No— I will be responsible for their transportation to their learning site.

                        Parent/Guardian Signature                                      Date

            Yes—Please complete this entire consent form.

Ferndale School District offers a Job Shadow project as a means of providing relevant learning and training
experiences for students. In order to participate, the student and parent must accept the following responsibilities:

 Provision for transportation to and from the learning/training site and school or home will be made by the
  student and parent. If a student is permitted to drive, transporting another student is not permitted.

 Regular student attendance will be maintained. The student will arrive to the learning site on time and return
  to the school or his/her home on time.

 All learning site placements should be within Whatcom County. If necessary for the student to travel
  outside Whatcom County, parent/guardian will be required to complete a PARENT PERMISSION FOR
  STUDENT TRAVEL form available in the FHS main office.

  The district is not directly supervising, controlling, or providing the student’s transportation, the student and
 his/her parents or guardian(s) will defend and hold harmless the Ferndale School District and the Work-Based
          Learning Site from any and all claims and losses resulting from student travel between sites.

 Does the student have a valid Driver’s License?                                      Yes         No
 Has the student had any moving violations in the past three years:                   Yes         No
    If yes, please explain:

 Is the student covered by insurance in the minimum amounts of $100,000/$300,000 bodily injury/liability,
  and $100,000 property damage, or $300,000 combined single limit?             Yes        No
 Is automobile in safe, good working order and with operable seat belts?              Yes         No
    My student has permission to drive the following insured family vehicles:

 The student understands they are to obey all traffic laws relative to the operation of their vehicle and that I
  am required to wear a seat belt when the vehicle is in motion.                      Yes         No

Parent/Guardian/Student Signatures on back! Don’t forget! 

 The undersigned parent(s)/guardian(s) hereby consent or agree that their child (student) is permitted to enroll
and participate in the Job Shadow project and hereby agree to the terms and conditions set forth in this Driving
  Authorization and Consent Form. Current automobile liability insurance will be in force at all times during
 program participation. Your insurance will be the primary coverage in the event of any liability arising out of
  this activity. It should be further understood that the district’s coverage may or may not respond, but, in any
event, only in excess of any valid collectible insurance; and the district’s insurance will not respond to damage
                                    to the vehicle itself under any circumstances.

          Our Signatures below indicate we have read, understand and
                        agree to abide by the foregoing.

Student Signature                                                                  Date

Parent/Guardian Signature                                                          Date

Home Telephone                                           Work Telephone

Alternate Contact Person

Home Telephone                                           Work Telephone

           Please attach a photocopy of your driver’s license
              and automobile insurance card to this form.
                               Job Shadow Profile
     Give this completed form to Mr. Adams BEFORE your Job Shadow. This is
                      REQUIRED for school liability reasons!

       This form provides FHS with the verification that your parent/guardian
       knows where you are and approves of your Job Shadow site and

                Student Name                                     Job Shadow Date

             Health Class Period                          Grade level              Birth Date

           Job Shadow Host Name

           Job Shadow Host’s Title

           Job Shadow Company

           Company Address

           Company Telephone


Our signatures below indicate that we have discussed the Job Shadow host listed above and agree
that the Job Shadow host and location of the Job Shadow are acceptable:

               Student Signature                                        Date

           Parent/Guardian Signature                                    Date
 Ferndale High School
     Job Shadow

                                      FERNDALE HIGH SCHOOL

                                      FERNDALE HIGH SCHOOL
                                          JOB SHADOW

 Brainstorm: how to find a Job Shadow site
      Ask parents, teachers, and other adults
      Think about jobs that are part of your Career Pathway
      Health care—ask your own health care providers first
      Look in the Yellow Pages
      Check with the Career Center for ideas
 Begin:
       Call the business and schedule a time—see script.
       Turn in your signed Job Shadow Profile to the Career Center. Please use blue or black ink.

      Sample Telephone Script:
      “Hello, my name is _______. May I speak with your HR person, please? (Pause and wait for
      call to be redirected) Hello, my name is ___________. I am a student at Ferndale High
      School looking for someone in your business to host me for a day or a half day in a Job
      Shadow. I am interested in learning more about (specific career or career field). If there are
      privacy issues, we can do an interview, instead. Do you know of anyone who would be
      willing to host me for a Job Shadow?”

      If they hesitate: “To give you an idea of how this works, I will come to you during a school
      day. I have some general questions to ask my host about schooling and experience
      requirements necessary for the job. I just really want to see if ______ (career) is where I want
      to work. This will help me plan my schooling or training.

      If they say No: “I really appreciate your taking the time to speak with me. Would you mind
      recommending another individual or company that I might try?”

      If they say Yes, “I really appreciate your agreeing to host me for the Job Shadow. May I
      schedule a date for the Job Shadow, now, please? I am available (days/times). What is the
      most convenient time for you? (Pause and schedule) What is your acceptable dress code?
      (Pause) When would you like me to arrive? (Pause) Do you have any other special
      instructions? (Pause) Great! I will see you on _______ (date) at _______ (time). Thank you,
      again. Good bye.”

 Write out some questions to ask
         o Research this so your questions are relevant
 Request for Planned Absence completed to the Attendance Office
 Confirm your appointment

       Sample Telephone Script: “Hello (Mr./Mrs. ____________), this is (your name) from Ferndale
       High School. I am calling to confirm my Job Shadow appointment with you on (day and date) at
       (time). Will this appointment time still work well for your schedule? I appreciate your taking this
       time for me. Thank you. I will see you then.”


        Review your questions

        Bring paper and pencil/pen

        Bring Employer Evaluation form

        Show up on time—10-15 minutes early.

        Notify your host if you need to reschedule—illness or family emergency

        Enjoy your day!

        Leave Employer Evaluation

        Write and mail a thank you letter: (See
        Complete the student Job Shadow Reflection sheet— . Turn it in to Mr. Adams.
        Employer Evaluation—see that it has been turned in to Mr. Adams.
                                                FERNDALE HIGH SCHOOL
                                                    JOB SHADOW
                                              EMPLOYER EVALUATION

 We appreciate your hosting a Ferndale High School student for a Job Shadow. Please take a few minutes
 to share your assessment of the Job Shadow experience and sign the evaluation. Thank you!
                      Please return evaluation ASAP. Students receive credit
                                for evaluations returned promptly.

 NAME OF STUDENT:                                                        DATE OF JOB SHADOW:

 JOB SHADOW HOST:                                                       TITLE:

 COMPANY:                                                               ADDRESS:

 TELEPHONE:                                                             Email:

 Using the following scale of 1-4, please rate the student in the following areas:
          4 - Exceeded Expectation 3 - Met Expectation 2 - Below Expectation           1 - Needed Improvement
 1. Punctuality:
          - Reported to Job Shadow at appropriate time                                    4      3       2      1

 2. Professional appearance:
          - Dressed appropriately                                                         4      3       2      1
          - Groomed appropriately                                                         4      3       2      1

 3. Professional Conduct:
          - Confirmed appointment in professional manner                                  4      3       2      1
          - Behaved in a professional manner at the work site                             4      3       2      1

 4. Communications:
        - Related well to host and others                                                 4      3       2      1
        - Asked appropriate questions                                                     4      3       2      1
        - Demonstrated interest in the experience                                         4      3       2      1

 5. Overall evaluation:
          - Student seemed to benefit from the experience                                 4      3       2      1

 6. Do you have any suggestions for improving our Job Shadow program?

 7. Would you be willing to host another student in the near future?

 8. Comments: (Please feel free to offer any additional comments on the back of this form).

 JOB SHADOW HOST’S SIGNATURE:                                                                    DATE:

Please return to:   Mr. Steve Adams, Ferndale High School, PO BOX 428, Ferndale, WA 98248
                  Job Shadow Reflection
             Name _______________________________

Why did you choose this particular job for your Job Shadow assignment? List at
least three reasons.

Describe what you and your host did during your Job Shadow.

What did you learn about requirements for working in the field you chose to

Was your Job Shadow experience a positive or a negative one? How?

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